In the chapter of the television series The Adventures of Pete and Pete named “Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas”, a curious alien boy now living on Earth reveals that the signal of the proclaimed Greatest Game Ever between the Colts and the Giants in 1958 has reached his home planet some 40 years after its initial television broadcast here on Earth. The startling revelation this historical series makes is significant for a reason. It tells us that everything we broadcast here on Earth; TV Shows, radio signals, cell phone calls, Internet, and all forms of media and entertainment, all float aimlessly through space, revealing their information to whatever they may come in contact with.

The Miracle on the Hudson, Superbowl XLII, Obama’s nomination, even signals of the games you play on Xbox Live will eventually reach out great distances and be seen by beings far beyond our imagination.

So what does WordonMars have to do with all this? Well see, as the alien beings receive our information, it would be impossible to make sense of all of it. Imagine suddenly discovering Britney’s Breakdown, seeing an episode of WWE Smackdown, and finding a Naruto episode all at once, and not having any background or explanation for anything. Sounds pretty confusing, right?

We here at WordonMars consider it our duty to report, discuss, and give opinions on anything and everything that is important to us and the world. Whether it be video games, anime, wrestling, sports, current events, music, or movies; it is our duty to lay it out and discuss it so that when our broadcast signals reach that red planet 250 million miles away, they will know everything they need to about what will, in 40 years time, be the word on Mars.


~ by BigRedNY on January 16, 2009.

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