Naruto Manga 431 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 432

Face off!! *snap*snap*snap*snap*...It's on like Donkey Kong!

Face off!! *snap*snap*snap*snap*...It's on like Donkey Kong!

Sup guys and gals,

What better way to splash into the New Year than with a magniverous manga chapter from the all popular Naruto series?! It took “them” long enough to release this chapter, but the wait was definitely worth the excitement. First off let me say that this chapter had my jaw dropping  with the flip of each page. Last time, we found our heroes facing off against the six pains. Asura Path/Bean Pain received a one-way ticket to hell as he was singlehandedly destroyed by Naruto’s all more powerful rasengan.


Yeah I'm calling the shots!

Tsunade received the biggest break of the day as she was on the brink of death. Naruto immediately ordered Gamakichi to take her to safety. Wow, what a guy…Showing off with a cape from the frog gods and giving orders to mammoth frogs like he’s the godfather. Naruto is definitely sporting a new swagger; something I thought we’d see later down the line. Anyways, before Gamakichi took off, an energy-depleted Tsunade entrusted Naruto with Katsuyo who held info on the weaknesses to each Pain.  So yeah, Naruto tosses the slug in his pocket and gets to business, but before he does we find out that he can sense everyone’s chakra through the use of natural energy.  Well what good does that do him?


Pandora's box in full effect!

KAKASHI NOOOOO!!!!  YOU CAN’T BE DEAD!!!  This matter has been lingering for the past two months.  Is he dead or is he holding on to dear life by a fleck of hope?  Well folks, I hate to say it, but I think the man is dead.  Now before you go off beating your pillow or destroying your valuebles let’s put our thinking caps on and analyze the situation.  Why would Kishi kill off an awesome character that has yet to have his full story told?  The guy is probably the most popular character in the whole series and you’re gonna have him die saving the fat  kid that was always last.

Two words.  Sham-WOW!  Yes, the most terrible tag-line in the history of mars. You’ll be saying “wow” every time.  Aside from the Kakashi Gaiden there is definitely more to be told.  Like what the hell happened to Rin and can we put the Tobito theory to rest for good now?  It all revolves around Kakashi and he should be alive for the flashback panels to even make sense!  Ok back to the scene.  I’m sure many of you anticipated Tsunade to age as soon that seal on her forehead disappeared.  Wrinkles start to show and the flat chest Jiraiya always joked about is revealed.  So what happens next?  I’ll let you decide.

So the battle begins and Animal Path is the first Pain up for a can of frog pwn.  She summons a Rhino, a Bull, and a Clifford to the scene.  Naruto grabs the Rhino by its horns and tosses it into outer space.  Credit to Jake for pointing that out.  At first I thought he pulled out a scroll and smacked him with it, but I was totally wrong.  Naruto was showing off his super new awesome strength.  I was actually at home when I saw that thing entering Mar’s atmosphere…*tough crowd*  Kinda reminded me of Hancock when he threw the whale miles into the deep blue sea.  Anyway, the next scene had me calling the WTF!? hotline when Naruto used kage-bushin to summon two shadow clones for the creation of two humongous ransengans. They looked similar to Jiraiya’s Ultimate Rasengan, but more powerful.

    WTF!? This kid is pulling crazy stunts in short amount of period. I want what he's having >.<

WTF!? This kid is pulling crazy stunts in short a amount of time. I want what he's having >.<

Ma frog and Pa frog use their jutsu to paralyze the animals and the clones plunge into the air to deliver the Sage Tech(nique) Rasengan.  By now I’m sure you’ve seen the pwnage visual.  If not, click here. Soon after, Pa frog orders the mammoth frogs to deliver the final blow to Animal Path’s circus animals.  Although no physical damage was done to Animal Path, I’m pretty sure she was crapping her pants.

Next up, Preta Path.  This bastard gave Jiraiya such a hard time because he is able to absorb techniques.  Too bad Katsuyo had his number.  Don’t you wish you had a slug giving you the right answers during a math test?  This slug is bad ass.  Ok, let’s not get sidetracked >.<  Amazingly, Naruto just blows by him with a single punch that knocks him out cold.

I wish he was my dad.

Deva: I wish he was my dad.

Even Deva Path was left wondering wtf happened.  Pa frog explains that naruto deliberately missed the punch because the natural energy he had acquired before they tangoed was the result of a massive punch that wasn’t visible to anyone.

]Too strong, too soon?

Too strong, too soon?

This chapter was definitely a shocker because of the major changes in Naruto.  I’ll name the ones we saw in this chapter as a reminder.  He had a solid entrance into the scene.  No more slipping on a banana peel or messing up a rasengan technique.  His attacks are very precise and on target.  He’s giving out orders like a bad ass.  The level of his techniques are much higher..

All of this is way beyond what I expected to be honest.  In a way it seems like Kishi is moving too fast, but when you think about it we’re 431 chapters into the plot.  What throws some people off, including myself, is how fast Naruto was able to achieve this level.  It’s like, where’s the room for improvement if this guy became a god overnight?  And now he’s not even done yet.  The kid has yet to reveal his new move!   I know one thing, Naruto will no longer be regarded as the one hit kage-bushin wonder or the clumsy ninja he has been known to be.  Tune in for the next issue!  Discuss.

So I went back and did a little research on this new jutsu Naruto is about to do.  I credit gustavo for finding this panel. Click here.  Now it’s clear in that visual that naruto is using his wind chakra to slice up mountains of grass.  The visuals I’m about to show you came way before he learned how to use his wind chakra effectively so it’s totally different.  I hope that made sense.


Here Jiraiya is talking about a different jutsu that Naruto performed the 3 years they trained together.  So what I’m saying is that the jutsu Jiraiya is talking about is different from the one Naruto performed in the panel I linked you to.  Why?  Because he didn’t know how to use his wind chakra effectively until he was learning how to use nature manipulation.  So for the next issue I’m expecting either of these jutsus to come about.  Here’s a visual to when Jiraiya speaks about “that” jutsu a second time. Click here.


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73 Responses to “Naruto Manga 431 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 432”

  1. Hey everyone,

    Hope you enjoyed the post. I’ll be doing this weekly. Don’t be shy to comment on anything or start a discussion. I’m looking forward to it.


  2. his new move he is already doing the hand seal for kage bushin whay will all of his clone do???

  3. i thing that naruto do a futon:odoama rasen shuriken jajaja that will be cool men

  4. futon: odoama rasen shuriken

  5. Well he already performed a rasengan with two clones so he has to do something different. And if it’s new then it can’t involve the ransen-shuriken. Maybe have each clone use natural energy to lay a pwn on all the pains?

  6. i dont think he is moving to fast. since madara is still stronger than pain. naruto still has a long way to go without using sagemode to reach jirayas level. aside from that there is him mastering the kuibii. like killerbbe did.

  7. You’re right. Makes you wonder how powerful Itachi was when he said that Madara was a shell of his former self.

  8. ok this was the 1st time we seen naruto use clones to actually attack wit rasengan. against kazuzu he used a clone to carry rasenshuriken but not attack. i think his new tecniques waves of rage will be a whole army of clones wit fuuton rasen shurikens, and dont forget its a insanely powerful move

  9. I’d like to see how Naruto responds to rasenshuriken if he indeed does go through with it. Last time he used it he suffered a fracture in his arm. Maybe he’ll be able to control it with natural energy. Who knows.

  10. god damn it, naruto is obviously GOING to pwn each and every one of pain’s bodies. Judging from the way it looks, i doubt naruto will be using Odama rasen-shuriken once again(that was a taboo yeah). But nonetheless, we might look forward to a grand hell voucher for another pain =)

  11. I’d like to put that theory to rest, but it’s definitely a possibility. Personally I’d like to see something new that we’ve never seen before, I mean who wouldn’t. Maybe some sort of teleportation technique that has his clones pwning Deva Pain from all angles?

  12. I’m already bored from Naruto(I think character)…
    All he can do is:

    -Some sort of hiding jutsu in episode 1.
    -Shadow Clones
    -Harem Jutsu is not a jutsu by itself…it’s only an perverse combination of transformation and shadow clones.
    -Substitution Jutsu(I’m not 100% sure about this.)
    -Summoning Technique(Toads,Shurikens.)
    -Rasengan(Great Ball Rasengan is Rasengan held with 2 clones.)
    -Flying Swallow
    -Senjutsu(Hmm this seem to be very strong.)
    (Notice me if I forget something.)
    But I’m bored from Naruto’s lack of chackra control and techniques.A lot of his friends are already chunin or jonin but he is still an stupid genin.
    Without Nine-Tailed Demon Fox I think he is weaker than his peers.Some kind of long ranged fuuton jutsu would be nice.(Something like Great Fireball Technique but with wind.)

  13. I think is Itachi’s gift, Itachi killed his clan for Konoha, and Naruto is protecting Konoha, isn’t he? Or i’m wrong and he’s after Sasuke right now -.-”

  14. And for SasukeDestiny, The Kyuuby is really powerfull and naruto can control a bit of him.

  15. as you could see in the previous manga’s was that naruto did some kind of technique splitting the rocks in frog land… i think its his shuri-rasengan but in a throwable way or something..

  16. A long range attack would be nice.

  17. Pretty Nice!

  18. I think this new technique could be a combination of rasengan with a new element lik fire or something….

  19. Well I’d say water rather than fire because Naruto’s mom was a water type or so I assume because she came from the Whirlpool country.

  20. i agree with you…if he has a new element is probably water not just because of his mom but because he is like the opposite of sasuke and sasuke is fire…and by the way i really lik your job here i ussualy read them after the manga lol 🙂

  21. Thanks man I really appreciate it. I’ll be doing it weekly so stick around 😛

  22. maybe naruto can use all the elements..
    maybe some rasengan with fire or wind..
    when he was training in sage mode in the frog city,he was training in some technique moving the clouds or something without showing it to fukakasu..
    manga chapter 421 page 10..
    i think there is something with that..

  23. I think that naruto is going the same tecnike. As the forth
    Hikage. With a massive shadow clone attack combine
    With teletransportation with rasengans. Or with the power
    Itachi gave.

  24. Ah, god. This part of the manga is making me very mad. I know Naruto is supposed to be so absurdly strong, but the way everything was put together in this chapter really made me think that he overshadowed pretty much every other character in the series but Sasuke. He acquired Sakura’s and Tsunade’s super strength (though in a completely different manner) and now he can sense chakra. Aw, come on! What’s next? Naruto’s froggy eyes shoot reality-destroying lasers? But I SWEAR I’ll stop reading this manga if naruto EVER, EVER, EVER, gets close to using genjutsu.

  25. I KNOW THE JUTSU!!!!!!
    NARUTO MANGA 418 PAGE 10..
    in that page naruto its training on the jutsu..
    aaaaand on chapter 421 page 10 he did it!!!!
    answer me people!

  26. He said that he has to make sure no one see it..
    maybe itachis power…


  27. Not a bad find. Here’s the visual for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

    If I go by that picture I’m guessing he’s going to do a rasen-shuriken that he can actually throw and not have to be in close range to attack. I’m not 100% set on it, but good find nonetheless.

  28. Yeah it seems like a long range attack, It also seems hit multiple points raather than one concentrated area like rasengan . I can’t wait!!!

  29. nah u guys are wrong it has to be something that no one knows which means a new technique which will be more powerfull than anyother because he is in sage mode. remember this is naruto who has surpassed jiraya in sage mode. naruto completed the whole training something that even jiraya couldnt do so he is obviosly strong. also the technique that itachi gave to naruto we wount see until he fights with Sasuke because the technique will onli activates its self if it sees sasuke or his new sharingan. just like sasuke activated amaretsu when he saw madara n his sharingan as proof that he is from teh uchiha clan n he is who he sais he is. as of right now i think naruto is pretty srtong . obviosly madara got more skills than naruto for now because madara hsa been in more fights and he is older which means he is more skilled. me personally i think naruto will master his fathers technique the speed of light thin. and than he will be just as his father. SASUKE GOT NTTN ON NARUTO even if he got the new sharingan still naruto got sumthin for him too from itachi and pluz sage mode and new moves we havnt seen yet.. naruto will woop ass so thats it thats what i think.

    get bck if u thinkk im on the right track

  30. guys also if u kno naruto you know there is always something in all his fights that goes wrong because with naruto there is always something that goes wrong.. he is unpredicable just like kakashi said and iruka sensei. pluz i odnt think that kishi is gonna make this fight so short 😉

  31. Well the whole teleportation technique Minato used required special kunais so I think that’s out of the question. Let me put it this way, unless Naruto found out his bloodline limit on his own, if he has one, then I don’t see it happening. A lot of people anticipate a blooper out of Naruto, but I don’t see where there’s room for error in this fight. It’s all or nothing or he’s done for if they kidnap him.

  32. This chapter is an epic ass kicker!!!! That pervy Naruto has completely changed!!!!

    I think Sir Kakashi is dead kinda sad but don’t forget the old slug, I think he will resurrected like what chiyo basama of the sand did to Gaara. Well, it is not impossible for the old slug to have a technique like the old toothless chickass of the sand. Hopefully, Sir kakashi would not be just a memory for he has become one of the most exciting character in the manga and pretty obvious one of my favorite character.

  33. i think new naruto techneques is 100 copies of him each one has
    raseen shorekn

  34. i think naruto just usues clons to do wind rasnagan
    p.s naruto ends at 463

  35. i think granny will give her life to kakashi(same as chiyo to gaara). and i think this time hell be able to throw rasenshurikens! by the way, you can watch fillers and you will see how naruto was trainingg with jiraiya. i bet fillers will also show how he became this strong!

  36. Remember everybody: The real pain is not there , even i naruto kills all 6 of the pains,the real pain is yet to be revealed! This fight is far from over.

  37. Who do you think is real pein?

  38. Nagato is the real pain. Anyhow, I went back and did some research on this new jutsu. I’ll update the post in an hour or so.

  39. It’s true than Sasuke will arive in manga 432?

  40. that*

  41. Updated!

  42. From what volume is that scene?

  43. I think that Naruto have a lot of secret jutsus but he can’t perform them ’cause they need a lot of chackra to perform and when he try it the kyubi chackra will start leaking out from Naruto’s body.I don’t believe that Naruto train with one of the Legendary Sannin for two and half years and don’t learn anything…

  44. That scene is from volume 41 btw.

  45. listen naruto will have sum sort of technique thats gonna kill it all. we gonna be like dammm….. maib its the same one that he used against kazuma but it can actully fly on its own and completed fully.

  46. WTF….why would the writer “kill” all the Pain in just one shot?
    if he do that…then pain is just like normal akatsuki that will be defeated in 3-4 episodes? i think he’ll use his new technique not to kill all the pain, i think it’s for a defense so that no one in the village will be affected…like a barrier or something ?

  47. Two spoilers are out. The first one seems fake and I’m reading the second one as I type this. Here’s the link.

  48. False Alarm! These are all fake IMO. Sounds believable, but I’m not persuaded.

  49. Nice spoiler at the top.I think that’s true spoiler.

  50. Nice spoiler at the top.I think that’s true spoiler.

  51. The real spoiler is out. Def talked about this happening before. Here’s a quote.

    “If I go by that picture I’m guessing he’s going to do a rasen-shuriken that he can actually throw and not have to be in close range to attack. I’m not 100% set on it, but good find nonetheless.”

  52. as expected! he can throws rasenshus! i saw this when he was training with pa frog, when the mountains were cut. anyway til the next issue, ill have m y prediction!

  53. 😉

  54. is something new? 🙂

  55. suiton : rasenshuriken no jutsu

  56. katon : rasen shuriken
    raiton : rasenchidori

  57. uhh when u said that naruto used a scroll, he caught the rhino by its horn and flung it, he never used a scroll…

  58. Totally right. Had to look at it a second time. Wow I feel like a fool heh. Edited and credited. Thanks Jake.

  59. naruto kan kill all the pains except god realm because all the other realms are all weak so they easy to kill

  60. ya np sorry if i sounded like a jerk 😦 didn’t me too! thnx for all ur hard work btw 🙂

  61. It’s np at all. 😛

  62. o i think it says jade not jake hahaha

  63. I gotcha another messup haha.

  64. haha its only cuz naruto is so insane u cant concentrate ><

  65. Forget it man. I stayed up putting this blog together, making the background, changing the colors, and writing the blog. It’ll get easier down the road.



  67. i want to see naruto use that yellow flash technique like the fourth, that was after all one of the reasons he was so feared

  68. I’m still wondering where in the world is Nagato

  69. I was hoping that naruto killed all 6 pains and then the real pain nagato would make his appearence.

  70. wow naruto is way above kage level compare to the way that the 3rd hokage performed in battle with oro. If Naruto succeeds in defeating Nagato (T-PAIN-CC which stands for The Pain’s control centre). The only person who could possibly challege Naruto would be Tobi/Madara. I think Sasuke would still be able to stand toe-to-toe with newly improve Naruto if and only if he could use Susano’o technique for main defensive and attack. And he doesn’t have his cursed seal no more so probly his stamina is also greatly reduced which is hard luck for him. I hope Kakashi is not dead and I hope Team Gai returns and I hope Neji sees how strong Naruto compare to him where he is a Jounin while naruto is a Genin only hahahah

  71. where’s sasuke anywy..

  72. This spoiler is confirmed, hop to it!

  73. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that

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