Naruto Manga 432 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 433

Chapter 433 is out.  Click here to begin reading it.

Destructo Disc!

Destructo Disc!

Sup guys and gals,

So last off  Naruto was about to unveil his new move.  So he pulls out some clones and makes a huge rasenshuriken.  Surprised anyone?  I was more surprised at how he used it because this fox is known for close-range attacks and seeing him throw that thing totally threw me off.  After seeing him cut up that grass in frogland I was expecting some heavy gore in this chapter, but that wasn’t exactly the case although I did manage to crap my pants.  Wait till you get to my conclusion ;).  Anyways, Naruto fires that thing directly at the pains and

Duck, duck, goose.  You're it Human Realm.

Duck, duck, goose! You're it Human Realm!

at first I’m thinking, ok the rasenshuriken made contact with Human Path so maybe it’ll cut off one of his arms and/or limbs.  But then the radius of the rasenshuriken expands by 10 times and it ends up cutting his body in half.  In Human Path’s effort to avoid the blast he manages to save Animal Path.  Naraka and Deva Path avoid the blast completely and watch as Human Path is incapacitated.  Nagato must of thought, “It’s ok if you destroy those guys.  I need Naraka path to revive them later.”  That and he sacrificed Human Path for Animal Path to keep an offensive front.  Ma frog and Pa frog are on the sideline completely bewildered by Naruto’s attack because they had never seen him practice it during their training.  Well of course they weren’t going to see it; Naruto was developing it on his own while Pa frog was still sleeping.  Click here.

I’m over here looking through this panels realizing that Naruto’s taken out 3 of the 6 Pains!  Pretty amazing if you think about it.  Had Jiraiya have been prepared with more knowledge about Pain then he probably would of taken out most of them as well.  It’s only right that Naruto avenges him though.  He is the “destined child” afterall.


Poor Shikamaru wants in 😦

So much for being Chuunin, right Shikamaru?  Click here.  It’s clear, in my opinion, that Naruto has gone beyond the ranks of a Chuunin and perhaps even a Jounin.  Where would you rank him?

Soon after Human Path is incapacitated, Animal Realm summons an ugly bird that attacks Naruto and the multi-headed Clifford dogs from before return to attack the mammoth frogs.  Before I continue, let’s take a trip down memory lane when Jiraiya fought the Pain.

Do any of you remember one of Pain’s weaknesses?  All the Paths can share the same field of vision thus allowing them to see from each other’s vantage point.  Click here.  The only way to combat that is by singling out each pain.  Precisely why Pa frog ordered Ma frog to create a huge cloud of smoke in the middle of the battle field.

Get in my belly!

Deva:Where is Animal girl!?

The cloud comes into play just as Naruto jumps into the air after raping the ugly bird Animal Path summoned.  I honestly did not know where Naruto and Animal path had disappeared to until I flipped over the pages a second time.  I thought, ok cloud of smoke, now naruto can corner Animal Path and rape her with his rasengans.  No pun intended.  Anyway, Naruto and Animal Path emerged in Gamabunta’s belly which appears to be incredibly huge!

Say goodbye to your zoo!

Stop summoning animals B*#$%!

Naruto knew exactly what to do now that Animal Realm was vulnerable.  He took advantage and completely frog pwned her with two ransengans.  Yes folks, no more ugly animal summons!  Cheers to that.

One, two, three, four…that’s four down and two to go.  Woah is this for real?  But wait!  Naruto’s no longer in Sage mode?  Woah not good!  No more awesome pwnage from the frog gods.  He’s practically human now.   Uh oh, panic attack! Time for another poll!

On the brightside the huge Clifford dogs disappeared and he has the frogs to back him up, but are they enough for these two Paths?  Something tells me Naraku will revive at least one or two of the incapacitated bodies, but let’s not jinx it, heh.

He no frog no more.

Deva: He no frog no more.

I don’t like that look on Deva’s face.  I fear the worst for Naruto now that he’s not in sage mode anymore, but I’m sure something awesome will happen.  Either Pa frog comes up with a backup plan or Naruto’s pretty much toast unless he somehow uses the nine-tails’ chakra or something.  Who knows, Team Guy has been observing the battle this whole time.  Just a possibility… I can dream.  I don’t know if you’ve caught on, but I love making fun of Deva Path.  Don’t ask.

On a side note, the next chapter can very well involve a race of who can recharge the fastest.  Let’s not forget that Deva’s Shinra Tensei depleted much of Deva’s chakra so he’s not completely recharged; well Nagato’s technically.  Had Naruto  fused with Pa and Ma like Jiraiya did, they could constantly feed him Natural Energy, but let’s not forget that the Kyuubi won’t allow it.

Nagato definitely made Deva and Naraka Path his number one priority seeing as one is super powerful and the other can revive dead bodies.  If I were Gamabunta I’d gobble up the incapacitated Paths and wait till I got back to frogland to borrow some reading material while I sit in the heavenly frog le’toilet.  Ok, so remember what I said in my intro ^_^.  Well…I didn’t really crap my pants, but I just made reference to it!  Yeah my co-writer thinks I fail at jokes,but whatever…Until next time guys and gals.

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on January 23, 2009.

61 Responses to “Naruto Manga 432 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 433”

  1. I think that naruto is going to use the old reference of kakashi wisdom , “look left and right at the same time using shadow clones !!”, naruto is therefore going to use clones to regain enough natural energy to return to sage mode.

  2. Hopefully the toads can stall enough for him to return to sage mode.

  3. I think Sasuke will enter and kill Pein 😀

  4. I think Sasuke will enter the fight and kill Pein 😀

  5. I am ABSOLUTLY shocked at how many clueless people on other forums are, THEY still don’t realise that naruto cannot collect natural energy while moving! It really anoys me, plus it seems all of them dont know that he uses a shadow clone to collect his natural energy. Hence he can LOOK RIGHT AND LEFT AT THE SAME TIME (they did not include that quote in the manga for nothing
    and it anoys me how lil people pay attention lol

  6. kishi announced that naruto will releas his seal!

  7. So many things can happen now but i think naruto will use the “Look right and left at the same time” which means he’ll use shadowclones to receive natural energy and go to sagemode again….anyways i wanna see how naruto will fight pain without the sage thing…..and what about kakashi? what a stupid way to die ( if he’s dead…) well let’s see but dont forget we still have the skills that itachi gave to naruto and i hope he gets something from his father ( i know naruto already did a better rasengan but come’on he’s the SON of the GREATEST NINJA OF ALL TIME……he should be faster as his father was or something….)
    that’s it…..


  9. Sage mode is nice but in the end naruto is as weak as he was before.
    First i thought sasuke stand no chance against him but now. Sasuke is in “noraml mode” that strong and naruto only in sage mode. Like pedru said, naruto should normal be more like his father, more powerful and sage mode should be only an ace.

    @This chapter
    I think that his friends will join the fight, slow pain down till naruto recovers enough energy for his sage mode and finish pain.

    Naruto, ckose to the end, foxpower, kick pains ass.



  10. he should do fox form

  11. You understand my idea anonymous but we cannot forget that sasuke got the sharingan so is cool naruto got something so strong as like sage mode but i’m still waiting to see naruto control nine tails lik the guy with the eight tails control the eight tails….one day we’ll see naruto sit on nine tails head eating ramen LOL lets wait…

  12. Wait… you said you don’t like that look on Deva’s face? How is that look different from any other look he has shown so far?

  13. In this sitzation that look was equall with: “Kick your ass, boomshakalakaboom” ^^

    at pedru
    Sure would it be nice to see naruto control the nine tailed but he always said that he want to be the strongest without the fox power.

    I want him to be strong without any stance. Hes grown, for sure but the future will show how much.


  14. I believe Naruto has more planned. He wanted to kill at least one more before leaving sage mode, like he knew it was going to happen. Also, because he was in Bunta’s mouth he could have kage bunshin inside and left the clone in bunta to gather natural energy. That is what I would do if I were him. Talk a little bit of smack to pein while my bunshin was sucking up all the natural energy it could. but since he can’t gather energy while moving he would need more than one bunshin to keep using the energy. Doesn’t he have to dispel bunshin to get the experience of it?


  15. Thank u everybody . i hear all ur comments and have to the conclusion that naruto will will not be able to finish off Pain in this ark but will leave him seriously injured

  16. That’s a good observation Lee. Very clever. Naruto can pull the biggest bluff to buy some time if that were true. And yes he needs to clones to gather natural energy.

  17. come on u ppl remeber kakashi training “look left and right at the same time” same thing said by the frog “is like looking left nn right at the same time” n then naruto said “! ” oh yh so he will be using shadow clones to regain natural energy with out no time
    one fights n other regain natural energy. once again not Surprised.

  18. i do hope that he has a backup plan even if he get his natural energy depleted.I trust that kishi has alot more surprises for us.. I don’t wanna mention this again but, kakashi is dead. 😦
    click here for spoilers !–>
    or maybe like he said “he was seriously injured”.
    Naruto gave me tons of surprises just from the throw-able FS and the double rasengans haha.. I have confidence thtat prbably the next chapter we’ll see some more kick-pain-ass motion from the hero- Naruto koryeeee…..

  19. Good find serenious. The bloodline spoiler intrigues me the most. Maybe Naruto reveals a bloodline limit.

  20. yeah! The eyes was big opened when i read this. you mean naruto is gonna find out about his dad? cool man.

  21. hmmmm it’s possible that it isn’t naruto but a shadow clone :]. imagine deva beating naruto’s assss and then (poof) no naruto wtf? 😀

  22. the worst thing is that the fight gonna last for like two months… i’m impatient just like cartman in southpark when he was trying to freeze himself because he couldn’t wait for the new nintendo wii to come out 😀 it’s still goddamn winter so i think i should try it… i just need to find butters 🙂

  23. 😀 guys you are right but ı dont think that these are will happen cos till this time kishi have always suprised me and ı dont thing this ability of him will change:D

  24. well he’s obviously sennin… if he has surpassed the 3 legendary sennin… which means he is the strongest in konoha



  27. i think gaara will appear in the next chapter then both naruto and gaara will kick pain ass……what do you think???rememember the old chapter gaara saying that he owe naruto one…..hahha have fun

  28. I’m willing to bet money that the Naruto that emerged from Gamabunta with Animal realm is just a shadow clone and the real Naruto is still inside Gamabunta, recovering his sage chakra. The mysteriousness of what happened inside Bunta and the overwhelming importance Fukasaku placed on “cutting off the connection to the Rinnegan” in that situation makes me believe that the old frog had this plan set up to counter the weakness of Sage mode.

    My prediction, the clone and Pain exchange more talk, fight for a bit, and Naruto gets wounded in a serious area (likely the heart area) and before Pain can cackle at his success *poof. Enter a fully recharged Sage Naruto from a smiling Gamabunta’s mouth and a shocked God Realm.

  29. Maby Naruto gets injured and use tsunades summoning to heal himslef.

  30. That can totally happen, but what is Naraku’s role in all this? I’m almost certain he’ll revive at least one of the paths. The only way I see Naruto recharging back into sage mode is if Naraku is help off somehow. Otherwise, we’ll see a repeat of the last 2 chapters.

  31. Hey maybe naruto doesn’t has chakra anymore but don’t forget KATSUYU

  32. well No matter what I don’t want to see a Sasuke appear in this fight.

    For me I think one of two things will happen. Either Naruto is collecting chakara inside the frogs mouth and the bunshin came out with animal realm or Naruto is going to release the seal of Nine tail and able to control it somehow.

    Oh. It seems that Naruto has surpassed Jiraiya and Fourth, so at least he is in higher level than both, so clearly he is the strongest ninja right now in village. By surpassing the frogs won’t mean just in sage mode but overall, so he clearly is in a different level than all the jonins in the village. So don’t know how much help the Guy team will be even if they were to show up.

    Lastly I am hoping this big fight is not the end of Naruto series as he is clearly in kage level.

  33. I want spoiler!

  34. i cant wait till they make a naruto game from all of his new jutsu he learns in the manga……….

  35. Even though I think that naruto is going to use shadow clones somehow to regain enough natural energy to return to sage mode. It still would be cool if he could somehow show some unexpected sage techniques that were derived from the two years of Jiraya training.

  36. that jutsu will save the day. thunder step any one

  37. I donno guys, I’ hopin for some kyuubi ass kickin

  38. I think that the Scroll on Naruto’s back was either Naruto transformed or a clone transformed into the scroll. And thats how he’s gathering natural energy. It would be cool if the worn out Naruto turns out to be a clone and the scroll goes puff, And there stands Fighting fit Naruto ready to pawn the last two Pains.

  39. Kyuby Sage Mode >:)…just dreamin’ sage mode consumes natural chakra…or the nine tail will accept ma and pa frog to fuse with naruto only if naruto fuses with the fox too

  40. This theory is actually plausible. All credit goes to Yon on the manga helper forums.

    “ok how about this & please focus,my theory is that naruto made a kagebunshin inside bunta but he left animal realm body inside bunta’s mouth & used henge to transform himself into animal realm body & just lied on the ground gathering energy while his kagebunshin & the frogs give him sometime,ok here is the thing if you go back to ch 430 first pain body was defeated had his eyes open while lying on the ground

    ch 431 second pain body defeated had his eyes open while lying on the ground

    ch 432 third pain body defeated with FRS probably totally destroyed & forth pain body defeated had her eyes closed while lying on the ground

    now the point is does henge can even transform your eyes to match a byakugan, sharingan & rinnegan ? if not this gives a reason why her eyes is closed coz naruto can’t transform his eyes as well & if yes then my theory is blown away.”

  41. Woah, pretty coo if he did that

  42. A spoiler has been put up. I’m not going to ruin it so I suggest that all those waiting to see if their theories were right check it out. Some of you will be surprised but many of you will be pleased to note that their theorys were partially right

  43. don’t know that there is a hokage in konoha????maybe tsunade will come to the rescue and die trying…

  44. Yeah definitely check it out only if you’re curious. Like myself ;P.

  45. Wait cant he just creat shadow clones and get the energy like in training (dono if they showed that but when he pa frog said its just impossible it like looking left and right at the same time it probly reminded naruto of when he was training with kakashi for rasensurikin0

  46. i think that naruto will use some special summon

  47. i think at the end naruto will have to use nine tails chakra, or complytly transform into him, who knows , and then where did the paper girl go?

  48. manga spoiler vid shows that naruto is still at myobokuzan, sitting in the toad oil, not sure if its real tho, or it could be a shadow clone, sitting in the toad oil

  49. From my understanding, Naruto has two clones sitting in myobokuzan charging for sage mode. Apparently Naruto’s clones are as powerful as Konan’s in that they can travel very long distances without disappearing. So Pa frog orders one of the clones back to Konoha, which is fully charged, to fight pain while the other stays in myobukuzan charging as a backup. This is possible through the contract written on that scroll Naruto carries around. You guys following me lol cause even I’m losing it haha. So the battle resumes and Naruto calculates that he can use 4 rasenshurikens because of the clones he has. So basically he must use them wisely. Apparently he can use as many Rasengans as he wants seeing as how he used two on what seemed to be Pain’s clones. The rasengan is becoming a huge turn-off >.<. I don’t expect this next chapter to be all that, tbh. I’m quite disappointed.

  50. […] 433 Predictions / 432 Discussion OH MY GOSH!! CONFIRMED SPOILER OUT!!! HERE IS THE LINK!! Naruto Manga 432 Discussion ? Prelude to Chapter 433 // Update #1 Spoiler Confirmed Word On Mars Naruto still owns […]

  51. Why do so many people call Naruto’s new power “Senin” mode its “sage” mode!! I’ve seen this mistake many times and it’s pissing me off!! LOL seriously it’s just silly.

  52. it’s called senin in japanese language.

  53. I thought Oro , Jiraya, and tsunade are all legendary “Sennin” but only Jiraya is a “Sage” there allways seemed to be a difference to me between the two terms

  54. You’re talking about the legendary sannin which is the title given to the members of Team Sarutobi, namely Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. Sennin is the Japanese word for sage. Jiraiya’s nick name is Ero-Sennin. I don’t know what the Ero implies, but sennin is sage.

  55. oh cool

  56. Ero means perverted! Remember how Naruto thot Jiraiya was a pervert!? Look who went and created Harem No Jutsu! lol

  57. when is 433 discossion will be up?

  58. Yes coming up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay everyone. Have been very busy with the first week of college again. Already they’re making us read and write like crazy. Tune in tomorrow with a spoiler and everything. Take care.

  59. it’s okay i guess

  60. broken1i you suck

  61. Hi im rosemary

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