Naruto Manga 433 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 434

Chapter 434 is out.  Click here to read it.


First and foremost I’d like to ask for an apology for disappearing the way I did.  College + work is rough my friends.  Just after one week we’ve already read whole books and written papers.   But enough about me, let’s talk about what went on in this week’s semi-awesome chapter.

Is it me or did this chapter end in a heart beat?  The dialogue was on the short side, but the visuals definitely delivered.  So last time we left off we saw a chakra depleted Naruto; A perfect opportunity for Deva  Path to attack.

Kage bushin never fails.

Kage bushin never fails.

I’m sure many of you suspected a backup plan from Naruto and the gang.  To think that Pa frog and Naruto planned all this out before going into battle is extraordinary.  Who would of thought folks?  Naruto didn’t just carry that scroll on his back because it was cool.  There was more to it as we found out that he had two clones back in Myobokuzan.

As Fukasaku explained, before coming to Konoha Naruto had infused both clones with Sage chakra so that in the case that he runs out of it, one of the clones can be summoned to replenish the chakra being lost.  Clever don’t you think?  Kishi is good at coming up with material nobody even suspected.  Just last week we thought Naruto left a clone in Gamabunta’s mouth.



Just as Deva Path is about to ram Naruto with a sword(?), Sage mode is activated and Naruto karate chops it into pieces.  I don’t know exactly what it was, but it was a sharp weapon nonetheless.  Up to that point Deva had still not recovered from the Shira-Tensei.

Naruto goes on the offensive and lays some punches and kicks that Deva can’t avoid.  This sets up the Rasenshuriken which has Deva crapping his pants.

This bastard ruins the moment...

This bastard ruins the moment...

I’m over here thinking, “Sweet, Deva got his butt handed to him and he’s about to get ripped to shreds by the Rasenshuriken,”  but to my disillusion Preta Path absorbs the energy attack with ease.  That Nagato character is a clever fella.  As many of us suspected,  Naraka path was kept safe so he could revive the Paths.

That’s 1 out of 4 rasenshurikens so far.  As I recall with 2 clones Naruto is able to use 4 rasenshurikens so this brings his count down to 3.

Totally did not expect this

Totally did not expect this

Naruto spawns two clones and uses two rasengans to create another cloud of smoke.  He shoots a “rasenshuriken” at Deva which initially I thought was stupid until Naruto revealed himself and speared Preta Pain into oblivion.  So again Preta Pain looks to be incapacitated.

This diversion led to the actual ransenshuriken which was shot out from smoke and was headed straight for Deva Path, but we all know what happened.  Deva recovers from the shinra tensei and he repels the attack.  This leads to my poll question.

Naruto seems to have an answer for everthing.  Although he failed to take out Deva, he does manage to lay the pwn on Naraka Path which is incapacitated by two rasengans.  As we can see, Naruto’s two clones prove to be very useful in this battle.

No more reviving for Nagato.

No more reviving for Nagato.

I’m going to cut it a little short today seeing as the next chapter is right around the corner, but let’s look at the situation right now.  All the Paths have been taken out except for Deva Pain.  It is very much possible that Naruto defeats Deva and Nagato’s face is finally revealed.  Maybe not in the actual battle, but at the location he resides.  I hope to be on target with the next chapter so tune in.

-ron “broken1i”


Can't wait to see the actual animation 😀


~ by broken1i on February 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Naruto Manga 433 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 434”

  1. cant wait for the animation either

  2. me either,but unforntunately it will be a long wait.

  3. i saw a spoiler showing kakashi, warping god realm into a nother dimension :O not sure if its real or not.. that could be how kakshi dies casue in the pic he already looked like he was dead.. maybe he used to much chakra, and keels over, i don’t know how kishi could kill off such an important character though

  4. Kakashi makes me a sad panda.

  5. person where did you see that spoiler with kakashi? the spoiler up onthe top of the page, i wonder what pain means by saing “capture of kyuubi, mission complete

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