Is this the end? // Naruto Manga 434 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 435

Chapter 435 is out.  Click here to read it.

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished!

Sup guys and gals,

My apologies for last week’s post.  It came out super late for legit reasons, but it was posted if you’d like to read it.  Expect my posts to come early from now on so be sure to read the chapter before you tune in.  I’d hate to ruin it for everyone by spoiling it.  For those of you that have read this chapter, boy did this chapter deliver?

Naruto set off to kill Naraka path and he did just that as you can see in the stunning visual above.  The blood adds an extra flagrance to the visuals which surprises me because Kishi isn’t big on gore.  Now that this guy’s out the way Nagato can’t revive his puppet paths.  One, two, three, four, fiv…wait nevermind.

That's number 5!

Preta got lucky Deva saved his butt. Otherwise it would of been ugly.

Just as Naruto was about to take out the fifth path Deva interfered and used his gravitational powers to repel Naruto’s attack.  I was kind of hoping Naruto connected that punch just to see the resulting visual.  Weren’t we all? Preta Path’s jaw would of been clobbered into pieces.  I really thought Naruto had incapacitated Preta with the spear he gave him in the last chapter, but apparently not.

It’s two versus one at this point and Naruto’s running out of options.  He briefly discusses the game plan with Katsuyo and Fukasaku now that he can’t use ninja techniques nor physical attacks to penetrate Deva’s defenses.  Again I must praise Nagato for using Deva’s gravity tech to save Preta.  We can all agree that this battle would of turned out differently had Deva never used Shinra Tensei to destroy most of Konoha.



Just at they’re discussing the game plan Gamaken, Gamahiro, and Gamabunta decide to fight Deva alone.  This made me a sad panda, but it managed  to make me a laugh a little bit.  As you saw, Deva used his Shinra Tensei to send them flying across the battlefield.  These mammoth frogs had it coming for trying to be heroes; priceless moment nonetheless.  This attack had them all flying out of the village: Gamabunta crashing into the woods, Gamaken crashing into the mountains, and Gamahiro falling into a lake.

Well now that these guys are eliminated nobody can really distract Deva.  I totally lied when I said it was two versus one.  These battle toads played a big part in Naruto’s success so let’s not forget to credit them.  As of now it’s three versus two.  You have Shima, Fukasaku, and Naruto going up against Preta and Deva.


Aww Hinata cares 😀

So Kishi decides to take a break from the battle scene and show his readers what’s going on in village.  I was hoping he’d show another panel of Kakashi showing signs of life, but it didn’t happen.  Instead we got Kiba and Choji praising Naruto from afar.  How cool is that everyone?  Ah yes, let’s not forget about Hinata.  This chick obviously has some love for Naruto so I must pose this question.

From what I’ve read and seen, this topic has been very controversial so I had to do it.  Not that I care >_>, but a lot of people argue about these things.  When Naruto was creating the rasenshuriken, Sakura came to watch over him which makes her a legit candidate.  In the panel I just showed you above, Hinata blatantly shows signs of care for him as well.  She also appears in the third to last panel if you pay close attention.  I threw Ino in there because anything can happen in the world of Naruto.

Ok everything's set!

Ok everything's set!

Ok let’s get back to the battle scene -_-;; phew.  Fukasaku and Naruto devise this plan where Naruto attacks Deva in the 5 seconds he is vulnerable.  At the same time, Fukasaku will perfom a genjutsu (illusion technique) that will throw him off and allow Naruto to do more damage.  Before they set off to do anything, Fukasaku reminds Naruto that if he summons the one clone back in Myobokuzan he will only be able to use sage mode for 5 minutes.

Naruto had originally infused the two clones in Myobokuzan with Sage chakra as backups, but to also help him concentrate his own Sage chakra.  Confusing much?  Put it this way, when he summons any of those two clones that we saw meditating in Myobokuzan he has a lower possibility of staying in Sage mode.  Sure they serve as backups, but as Pa Frog explains, once that last clone is summoned he’ll only be able to stay in Sage mode for 5 minutes.

Come over here!

Come over here!

This is where it gets a little scary.  Deva Path uses his Bansho Tenin to pull Naruto right into one of Preta Path’s punches.  Preta manages to hit Naruto in the gut, but it doesn’t phase him at all seeing as he’s in Sage mode.  He presumes to grab Naruto from behind as Deva renders him motionless.  This doesn’t look good at all folks.

Is this the end?

Is this the end?

Naruto can’t move and this idiot Preta is draining his chakra.  You can see his eyes start to lose the Sage glow as they return back to normal.  Not a good predicament to be in.  I wouldn’t count Naruto out yet though.  Let’s not forget that he still has that clone back in frog land.  Fukasaku and Shima are still working on that genjutsu so that’s another reason to not worry.  Thing is, even if Naruto summons that clone he’ll only be able to use Sage mode for 5 minutes.

To be honest, I think this battle is far from over.  The nine-tailed fox has not been captured just yet Deva.  Perhaps we will see a conclusion to this battle in the next chapter…Not.  Knowing Kishi this battle will probably drag on for another two chapters.  I’ll leave you all with the million dollar question.  Until then folks, tune in for the next post!

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on February 6, 2009.

24 Responses to “Is this the end? // Naruto Manga 434 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 435”

  1. as for power that itachi gave him, his probobly ganna use it when fightnig saskue. I think the last clone in the frog land is aqually naruto, plus i don’t think real pain is here. Or mayby he’s colne is going to explode and the last one come back. THen again i think in the end he is going to relay on nine tails power to save the world.

  2. Zukia Tojiro will came up and kill pain, he is a former ninja god, hes the one that created the kyubi, he got banned from “the gods place” after creating them. that was way before the story of naruto began, the only one that would have been able to kill him was minato, but Zukia Tojiro and Madara Uchiha set the trap with the kyubi in order to get rid of him. they then formed the akatsuki organisation in order to get all the 9 kyubi’s power, they let all their “members” do the job.

    for more info just tape is name in google

  3. how many of u wish that itachi comes back n help naruto sasuke fight pain madara.

  4. not ganna happen

  5. Kyuubi action

  6. the way i see it its the fogs genjutsu to make them lower their guard

  7. In sage mode he might be able to control the nine tails power

  8. those r 2 diff powers its liike in bleach have ichgos hollow powers controlled by his swords powers
    wat he needs to do is put them together somehow that it would b like supa badass awesomeness

  9. Naruto has not actually been hit, so i think the real naruto is on the frog mountain

  10. the real naruto couldn’t be in frog mountain when deva pain used shinra tensei you see the clone explone and the real naruto doesn’t so the real ones on the battlefield. Now naruto said he can make three clones in battle while the clone in fukasaku, and so far we have only seen two others at a given point so the naruto that was captured could be a clone, but i think it was the real naruto that got caught and during the smoke screen from 433 a clone began to tunnel underground and will pop up soon, muhahahahahahaha, that’s just another way of saying i have no idea what’s about to happen but it will be sweet

  11. The frog genjutsu will allow naruto to get away long enough to summon the last naruto clone. Hopefully the genjutsu will be powerful enough to give naruto enough time to do some damage to one of the last two pains. That said i think that the real naruto is in the battle field and that the genjutsu hasn’t had enough time to be put into effect.

  12. Possible Predictions
    1- Pa toad Illusion jutsu catches Pain and Naruto can be saved.
    2- All konoha ninja that are left help Naruto.
    3- Naruto’s clone that was left comes back to Naruto.
    4- Enough Chakrea is drained from Naruto that Kyuubi Chakra takes over.
    5- Sasuke comes to Konohana and saves Naruto
    6- Sasuke comes to Konohana to help Pain
    7- Hinata tries to help Naruto and gets Badly hurt.

  13. I think it’s very possible that Preta path absorbs the kyuubi’s chakra and explodes. Just a thought. 🙂

  14. lol taht would be AWESOME

  15. hehe, that would be funny, i think that that was naruto clone, it would be cool if it explodes and kills him

  16. one posibility of saving naruto is Danzo. He was traing to stop naruto from returning so akatsuki won’t get nine tials, but now he has to do something to help naruto not get cuptured. maby ambu root will come handy. and what about yamato, and sai ?

  17. There is a confirmed spoiler here

  18. Heh, I don’t understand the need to analyze Hinata’s actions. It’s been blatantly obvious throughout the series she likes Naruto.

  19. where did that come from about hinata?

  20. the hinata spoiler was a fake spoiler that was out there before the real one came out

  21. Post coming up in about an hour. Stay tuned 😛


  23. Goku shows up by instant transmission and blows Preta away with a warp kamehameha. Then with his back turned to naruto, goku turns his head and with a smile on his face gives naruto a thumbs up. Goku then disappears with instant transmission and from that day forward, naruto aspires to be as strong as goku. There you go.

  24. wow this is one of the best episodes. More fighting in the episodes and I had so much fun. Thanks for the breakdown!

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