Preta frog + Naruto captured?! // Naruto Manga 435 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 436

Chapter 436 is out! Click here to read it.  Check back at around noon for a new post.  Enjoy!

Talk about ugly..-.-;;

Talk about ugly..-.-;;

Sup guys and gals,

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t expect anything that happened in this chapter.  Once again, Kishi manages to amaze me with his twists and turns.  For those who haven’t read the chapter yet, you can read it here; credit to One Manga.  I’ll be posting a little earlier now so I’d hate to spoil it for anyone.  So let’s talk a little about what happened in this chapter.

I’m sure many of us expected Naruto to break out of Preta’s hold by either summoning his last clone for a quick boost of Sage chakra or by having Shiba and Fukasaku perform their genjutsu.  Something to that effect.  All this time, poor Preta was absorbing natural energy which as a result turned him into an ugly ninja turtle frog.  As Fukasaku mentioned in the past, those who can’t control natural energy will meet the fate of turning into a frog.  Click here.  Aside from that, those who turn into frogs will also turn into stone as you can see in the picture above.  Here’s another visual.  Click here.

Shizune's dead! *Gasp*...sarcasm

Shizune's dead?! *Gasp*...sarcasm

I’ll be sure to update the visuals once One Manga has a better copy out.  The scene takes a turn to the village again where Ino, Inoichi, an Anbu, and a deceased Shizune meet up with Shikamaru’s group.  This officially confirms her death for a second time.

I’m actually more interested to see what Tsunade’s reaction will be when she finds out.  This may sound cruel, but the way she died was pretty cool.  Click here.  I’m curious to know the fans’ opinion because although I was saddened a bit I didn’t really care, but maybe I’m just saying that cause Kakashi was a bigger deal at the time.  I’ll pose the question.

So apparently the mammoth frogs Deva sent flying with his Shinra Tensei are still alive, but are very injured.  I’m sure many of you caught that panel that had each mammoth frog laid out on the mountains, desert, and lake.  Gamabunta also claims that Deva smashed all the bones in his body, which I find hard to believe.  Then again, frogs are pretty fragile if you think about it.  Click here.

Anyway, the scene reverts back to the village where Inoichi and Shikaku are discussing the possibility of tracing Nagato.  Inoichi had attempted to trace him before, but failed because as he mentioned Nagato is constantly switching chakra frequency which makes him virtually untraceble.  Where are you Nagato?!  I’m super curious to see what he looks like in the present part of the manga.



The scene reverts back to the battle field where Deva uses his gravitational powers to pull Fukasaku into his sword.  WTF!?  This was a *gasp* moment seeing as he stabbed Fukasaku in the freaking chest.  Not cool.  This happened just as Fukasaku and Shima were about to perform their genjutsu too :(.  Nagato has gone down as the biggest a-hole in my book for this ridiculous act.  Why couldn’t he just blast him away or something?  And then he starts swinging him into Naruto as if Fukasaku were a doll.  What a jerk.

He goes on to throw Fukasaku onto Naruto.  Then he pulls Naruto with his gravitational powers to slam him into the ground.  I hate to say it folks, but I think Fukasaku is on the verge of dying.  If he does die I think we can expect some nine-tails action in the upcoming chapters.  As if Jiraiya and Kakashi weren’t enough.  What does it take to push Naruto to the edge?

Ouch Jesus Christ...literally

Ouch Jesus Christ...literally

Ah yes, that dreaded sword or whatever it is.  Deva used it to stab Naruto in his hands!  It seems every Path carried this sword.  Back when Jiraiya fought Pain he was stabbed by a similar sword carried by Animal Path.  Click here.  Apparently once it penetrates your skin Nagato can make your chakra go crazy.  I’m guessing it’s made out of the same material he uses to control the other bodies.

Naruto and Deva exchange some words shortly afterwards.  Something about Pain’s reasoning for what he does yadda yadda.  Who cares?  Deva answers with a stupid philosophical answer which I won’t even bother to point out.  Hopefully there will be a flashback in the next chapter where we figure out where things went wrong for Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan after Jiraiya let them go off into the big world.

Hmm...he's on to something.

Hmm...he's on to something.

The scene reverts back to Shikamaru and the gang where Inoichi discovers something we don’t have any idea about.   Seeing as the last words say, “To stop pain! Without delay!,” I’m guessing he’s found a weakness that doesn’t require an examination of Nagato’s incapacitated bodies.   The only hard part is getting that information to Naruto or perhaps it doesn’t require Naruto at all and they have to do it, who knows.

It baffles me how the words ‘carrying bodies’ can trigger Inoichi’s brain with such an amazing idea.  Kishi’s on to something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I pose this question out of curiosity.  Feel free to laugh at the answers, but in turn I’d like to read your thoughts in the comments section.

This question is very broad, but I had to ask it because too many things can happen.  Inoichi’s got something going and Shima can very well pull off that genjutsu by herself.  I’m very saddened by Fukasaku’s death if in fact he really is dead.  Kishi’s killing off too many good characters!  I won’t even bring up Kakashi because it saddens my panda heart.  For the next chapter I expect Deva path/Nagato to reveal his past.

These last chapters have been really good so far.  Don’t you agree?  So many twists and turns that it makes my head explode sometimes.   Until next time guys and gals, tune in for the next post!

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on February 18, 2009.

35 Responses to “Preta frog + Naruto captured?! // Naruto Manga 435 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 436”

  1. Wow… I was pretty amazed by this chapter too! I look forward to your reviews!

  2. First pain explain how and why he plain this and talk with him a little comparing himself and nagato to naruto and saskue. After the talk the between him and naruto the sword begins to make naruto chakra fluctuate and cause him to switch chakra for example one moment he may be the kyubiu and the next he may be in sage mode, or normal this could be an advantage or a disadvantage for him. Inoichi plan involves reaching pain through idk yet but will once I read it 3 more times sorry for the true spolier

  3. There is definitely a parallel between Naruto/Sasuke and Nagato/Yahiko. My take is that Nagato killed Yahiko at some point in time.

  4. By now it should be known to all that Pain is being controlled by Nagato. A man who possess the most powerful bloodline limit known in the shinobi world, the Rinnegan. As far as his ability to control dead bodies is concerned, i think hes only able to control six at a time. This is supported by the fact that God Realm revived five bodies prior to fighting Jiraiya. If it was possible to control more than six, surely he would have taken many more to assist him in the capturing of Naruto?! Also, as far as the “chakra receivers” are concerned, i think it isnt Nagato who supplies the bodies with chakra, but rather they draw chakra from every living thing around them. This could be why its impossible to track the “source” i.e. Its not coming from one place but rather from everywhere (a bit like Natural energy used in Sage Arts).

    How is this done? Well thats already been told… The five bodies draw in chakra and supply God Realm with it. He then charges up and can carry out numerous “Shinra Tensei’s” until his chakra runs out. As for Nagato, i think his technique involves seeing through the eyes of each “puppet” and talking through them. As long as Nagato lives so do the bodies (in the sense that they will still look alive while Nagato lives). Nagato searches for highly-ranked shinobi with special bloodline limits and uses them as part of his 6-man crew. Right now he has created the ultimate team. A reviver, an absorver, a summoner etc etc (but lets not forget the “gravity manipulator” lol). He has kept these bodies for many years preserved and has never been defeated. That can explain why hes never had to change them.

    To stop Nagato the village needs to somehow create a device that interfers with his chakra receivers. Thats the only way in my opinion. But that may sound too far fetched to some. Well who knows, we will have to see.

  5. Actually it sounds logical i couldn’t figure out what Inoichi was up but with your explanation seems like Inoichi has a device that can do just that and he realize that they already had to use it, maybe it could be a new prototype or even a possible justu

  6. Great analysis syshock I hope to hear from you and everyone again. 🙂

  7. I think the carrying of bodies has something to do with the guys carrying bodies in Amegakure. I remember Hidan and Kakuzu going to a morgue at some point, and guys carrying bodies talking about Pain’s actual bodies in a tower. I think Inoichi is going to have follow those leads to get to true Pain.

  8. syshock teory is good but it seems impossible because if the chakra receivers make nagato control the bodies and receive chakra from every life form surounding the receiver, naruto would figured out that already ’cause “he can fell everyones chakra” and another thing, if the sword is the same as the receivers, the sword will giv som natural energy to naruto and he could come back to sage mode…

  9. Fukasaku is not dead!! It is part of his Jutsu

  10. Idk man I think he’s dead unless he’s used to taking it in the chest.

  11. Now that there’s only one pain maybey inoichi found the path to nagato

  12. Good collection!

  13. where in hell is sasuke!!!!!!

  14. Maybe the Real pain is among the dead bodies and is pushing chakra through them to change its frequency. The only thing that could support this theory is that inoici said thats it when they were talking about studying the dead bodies. It would be the perfect cover. If you hide among the dead bodies no one would notice you. They would just over look you not knowing if you were supposed to be there or not

  15. “Fukasaku is not dead!! It is part of his Jutsu”–Anonymous
    “Idk man I think he’s dead unless he’s used to taking it in the chest.”–Killerbee

    Idk either, of course, but thought anons idea made sense. Obviously by ‘part of his jutsu’ he didn’t mean that getting stabbed in the chest was part of his technique, but rather that deva is already trapped by shima’s illusions. However, I think there are two problems with this theory: a) Pain says same technique won’t work twice on him, implying he recognized that the frogs were getting ready for genjutsu, as they did w/ ero-sennin, and b) if the sword thing is at all related to the chakra transmitters/sensor, I’d think he’d notice if he wasn’t actually stabbing naruto.

  16. I think sasuke will soon be infused with the 8 tailed beast and soon come into the picture and become the new largest threat. a more permanent threat probably.

  17. I think team guy will arrive, because its been 7 chapters already since they notice that konoha is in trouble and head back to konoha from a mission. I think its guy and lee is pein’s match, because might guy can fight without looking on his opponent, and lee can use 8 gate.

  18. well i have a feeling now is going to be at least to filler episodes. Samething hapen when jiraja was fighting pain. sasuke is not going to arive, he needs to recover still after killerbee

  19. […]       arxeza has no status set. arxeza Ninja from beyond the sea Re: Naruto Manga 436 Predictions / 435 Discussion WHOOPS WRONG LINK, HERE’S THE ONE I MEANT TO GIVE YALL Preta frog + Naruto captured?! // Naruto Manga 435 Discussion ? Prelude to Chapter 436 // Update #1 … […]

  20. Although I’m not sure if it Inoichi’s *full* plan, I’m confident that that he’s thinking about the memory he saw in dead Animal Path’s head. Remember?

    Naruto Chapter 424, Page 6: It’s the Hidden Rain Village, and the people are bringing in all corpses to a particular “memorial” tower. A tower that nobody, not even the corpse’s relatives, are allowed inside. A tower that’s rumored to be the home of Pain himself. He unzips the corpse bag to check the body and… it’s the girl corpse that Pain uses later for his new Animal Path! He’s bringing it to the tower, and thereafter it becomes one of Pain’s 6 bodies. And then Konan herself arrives from inside, telling him to hurry up and bring the next one too.

    If this memory doesn’t scream “PAIN LIVES HERE!!!”, I don’t know what does. xD

  21. the way nagato looks was totally unexpected !!!! AWESOME

  22. Apparently Nagato is out of power which is unusual because he’s supposed to be some sort of god. It baffles me that he’s supposed to be this god yet in the spoiler he’s seen running out of breath. Nagato and Yahiko definitely had some sort of conflict going on. My guess is that Nagato killed Yahiko and took his body because Yahiko most likely rivaled his own power.

  23. but you gotta look thought pain was sending chakra through 6 bodies plus the new animal realm that makes 7 bodies to control while managing to keep his body in that condition oh and i can’t forget killing shizune, killing Jiraiya, killing the fat kid dad, killing kakashi, defeating the man that the sennin couldn’t beat, took the bijun out of garra,and blowing up konoha with a shrina tennin you have to understand to do all that while not once letting up to take a break he’s either a god or has power of at least strong as a bijun

  24. […] Preta frog + Naruto captured?! // Naruto Manga 435 Discussion ۞ Prelude to Chapter 436 // Update #… Chapter 436 spoiler 100% confirmed.  Enjoy!  Credit to Fahim00717. Sup guys and gals, Let me start off by saying […] […]

  25. I agree with sam_i_am. nagato is defenitly super strong jiraiya was only able to kill his 3 bodies, and most of the strongest ninjas in konoha had no chance of fighting him, even tsunade. But that also shows how powerfull naruto become

  26. sdfgsgsdg (banned)

  27. che za nah s kommentsmi? (banned)

  28. What is it with kids spamming now a days? lol…

  29. Remember that in the beguining of the Naruto vs Pain fight Konan told Pain not to focus too much on God Relm because it uses too much chackra. So therefore, with great power comes great risk. God realm gives the best results in the fight however the amount of energy Nagato had to put into was enormus. The fight against Naruto has definetly taken its toll even if God realm until now seems without a scratch.

  30. Pain should of have a different body maybe a younger one so the battle could be more interesting because i am dying to know what kind of justu does Nagato have. We already seen the statue that he summon, the power to use only 20 percent of a person chakra, and since he has the renningan he can use all justu i wonder can naruto or whoever will stand a chance against pain. I also think that if naruto defeats god realm nagato will die or maybe has a few moments to talk with konan before he dies.

  31. I’m a pain fan but i want your opinion do you think they should of made a pain vs sasuke match if so tell tell me how it would end and who the victor would be. if your idea are interesting I will try to make a fan animation out of it not one of those funny ones but one of the great ones like the kakashi gaden v2.0 on youtube if you haven’t seen it you should. Maybe they could make a new ninja world with new characters and other stuff.

  32. so hes totally going to go kyubi.And he cant get captured because if they extract the Fox he’ll die and he has to become hokage.But i just realized something … in one of kishis interview he says the 8 tails will attack konoha, so anyways that pretty much means sasuke will somehow acquire that thing and thus attack konoha. Also kishi said it will be the year of sasuke and kakashi so naruto might just get captured lol.

  33. Pain is far from konoha. Like when kakashi dueled itachi with a subsitute body pain reproduce them to use. Itachi and his side kick was far away from kakashi. Its kind of like what orichimaru had going taking over bodies using their tekniq but from a distance his real body is elsewhere.

  34. bye beee

  35. I like that part where Naruto changes from one character to another. But I agree that it may be an advantage or disadvantage. Thanks for the breakdown!

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