Nagato Revealed in Shocking Chapter Naruto Manga 436 Review ₪ 437 Predictions

Naruto Manga 437 is out.  Click here to read it.  Tune in for a breakdown soon!

Where did it all go wrong :X

Where did it all go wrong :X

Sup guys and gals,

This chapter was a complete shocker hence the title of this post.  If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read it on One Manga.  I’d like to read your thoughts afterwards.  Woah, I need to take a deep breath for this one.  One moment please…ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…ok I’m good.  Don’t make fun, this chapter deserves all this hype.  😛

Although there wasn’t any combat at all, we learn quite a few things about Nagato that we thought we’d never know because Kishi was keeping him a secret until now.  In the end, this chapter was all worth it because we got to see Nagato!  Yes, the guy responsible for the destruction of the village and the deaths of Jiraiya, Kakashi*, and Hanzo.  This is the wiki for Hanzo for those who have forgotten who he is. Click here. (Credit to Naruto Wiki)  To be honest, I wasn’t eager to hear the conversation between Naruto and Deva, but I actually found it to be very informative on some levels.

Props to Inoichi for pulling off that hairdo..

Props to Inoichi for pulling off that hairdo..

Let’s start with where we left off last time when Inoichi had realized something about how Pain works.  This may be a lot to take in, but bare with me.  According to Inoichi, for Nagato to manipulate each Pain, he’d have to be in proximity to channel his chakra on to each of his bodies.  This means that when he fought Jiraiya he most likely resided in the tallest tower of Amegakure to pass on his chakra to each path.

In his examination, Inoichi also saw the chick that eventually became Animal Path.  Her body was brought to that the that tower which people from Amegakure believed to be a memorial to the dead.  Click here.  It was actually the tower where the chakra receivers were inserted into Nagato’s corpses.  *shocker* I’m sure many of us knew that from the get-go.  Otherwise, don’t feel bad because I forget to do my homework on a daily basis.

Now let’s get to the point here.  As Shikamaru asked, what does all this jargon have to do with Nagato’s location?  The conditions for Nagato to send chakra to his bodies are as follows: He has to be in a nearby location and he  has to be in high location.  This means he’s most likely hiding in one of the tallest mountains near Konoha.  Soon after hearing Inoichi’s bright idea, Shikamaru proposes that the gang do a thorough search of the mountains near Konoha.  I’m all for it, go break a leg Shikamaru…oh wait nevermind.  Hey now, I love Shikamura so don’t attack me!

Wow didn't realize he caused this much damage.

Wow didn't realize he caused this much damage.

Woah, what a stunning visual of the village above.  Until now I hadn’t really noticed how much damage Deva had done.  If that’s what’s left of the village then I’m guessing more than half of it’s population was lost unless almost everyone hid in the places that that border the larger crater.

The conversation between Naruto and Deva, well Nagato technically, goes on.  Nagato claims that quote on quote ‘through justice, [he] will bring peace’.  Well that sounds about right, right everyone?… eek Are you out of your freakin’ minds?!  This guy is killing people in a world where killing someone is illegal!  This guy is on par with the acts of Hitler and Stalin!

I do not condone any of Nagato’s acts, but I do somewhat sympathize with him only because he lost his friends, family, and village.  As you can see above, the Land of Fire and Konoha used the hidden village of Rain as their battle field.  Right above Nagato’s village lies Zetsu’s home village of the grass that was most likely used as a battleground as well.  If you’re not familiar with all the villages, here’s a link for your convenience.  Click here.  Time for a poll.

On goes this fruitful conversation between these two.  Nagato has some valid points such as the one about the ninja world being ruled by hatred.  This triggers a flashback in Naruto’s mind that probably goes way back to when he trained with Jiraiya during the timeskip he spent out of Konoha.

Anyways, Nagato’s point coincides with Jiraiya’s notion of an increasing amount of hatred spreading across the ninja world.  Jiraiya wanted Naruto do something about it if he could not do so.  I miss you Jiraiya 😥  I don’t know I guys, I think Nagato’s getting into Naruto’s head.  At one point Nagato asks him what he would do to build peace, but he got choked up.

This makes me a sad panda.

This makes me a sad panda.

Nagato goes on to talk about what he would do to build peace.   He’s collecting the power of all the tailed beasts to inflict fear onto the world so that this hatred stops.  Naruto disagrees yadda yadda and tells him that what he’s doing is wrong because destroying villages is wrong, obviously. Right?

Naruto’s had that sword piercing his hands for a while.  Maybe he’s used to pain like this.  I think his inability to answer Nagato’s questions are a sign that he’s not exactly ready to become hokage.


Now comes the best part.  Nagato is revealed!! *shocker* Woah that’s Nagato? Believe it folks…How he ended up in that cyborg chair with logs on his back is a mytery to everyone.  I was honestly expecting a young stud resembling Tom Brady or Johnny Depp, but this is alright I guess.  Either he’s ridiculously skinny because he’s not into food or he used a lot of chakra.  Two words, sham-wow.  You’ll be saying wow all the time! Or will you?

I’m assuming he’ll look human after he regenerates his chakra, if he does.  The fact that Konan stuck by his side all the way till this moment means a lot.  She could of ventured off or died some where as Rin did, assuming that she’s dead of course.  Don’t be fooled by Nagato’s blood and cough, he posesses the craziest eyes in all of the manga so he’s not done yet.  I do hope to hear more of what happened to Jiraiya’s pupils in the next chapter.  I feel’s like I’m cutting this post short, but I’ll probably post some updates on it during the week.  Stay tuned for the next post!  I leave you with this sad picture.  Cry and weep for this poor man.

-ron “broken1i”



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28 Responses to “Nagato Revealed in Shocking Chapter Naruto Manga 436 Review ₪ 437 Predictions”

  1. Uno … Nagato defenetly looks like a crazy maniac and a mastermind

  2. wow dat was gd chpter bt im think naruto kill pain who kill madara or who can fight i dnt think dat iwill be naruto be cause madara speed 2 much naruto he move 2 fast. it has 2 be sasuke n fight betwen naruto n Nagato is not over

  3. With the way Nagato was talking and the visuals shown it would seem that Kishi’s trying to trick us into thinking that Nagato is the child of prophecy. He was Jiraiya’s pupil after all.

  4. man nagato looks like shit….

  5. nagato child of prophecy>? who you kiddin

  6. Shot me down rudy, thanks jerk j/k 😛 On a side note I was reading over my post and there’s a lot of grammar errors. So unattractive…especially me because I’m a grammar whore. I usually don’t read over what I write…but yeah post coming up soon.

  7. Pain way of getting peace is hard to accomplish instead he should of just absorbed all the tailed beasts and destroy them where no one could use them naruto isn’t ready to be hokage I’m not saying he not strong but he has yet been disciplined enough to earn that position.

    I thought that Madara Uchiha created Akatsuki but now Pain saying he created it who do you think created it?

  8. well during some interview Kishimoto said that one of the Akatsuki will become good friends with naruto. maby there is crazy possibilty that Itachi is still alive and he will be the one.

  9. Doubt it, if anything Kisame will go to the good side.

  10. i think he is one of this charecters that wont get anywhere.

  11. He’s actually pretty interesting. Ally to Itachi and survivor of Akatsuki. He holds massive amounts of chakra and he’s got that crazy sword. On a side note, the spoiler for the next chapter is pretty nuts.

  12. yea dude, i can’t believe that he killed hinta,(well I think she will survive, who els naruto will marry.) like i said before that he will transfer into fox, now 5 tails> Wow. someone is goig to get enaliated.

  13. maby you’re right about Kisame

  14. Wow this chapter is gonna be one of the best ever. Does anyone think that skull like figure maybe itachi’s power to help naruto control the 9 tales

  15. I think if pain battles naruto then sasuke will battle mandara and the it may result in the same as this battle all of sasuke comrades will be killed sasuke will unleash some kind of crazy power and will win and the final battle will be between naruto and sasuke.

  16. That’s a bold prediction Sam. I think Sasuke will arrive just in time to control Naruto and Shikamaru and his gang will track down Nagato and fight Konan.

  17. well i think sasuke is still down, whatever happen to his eyes fightig killbee, so its pretty much down to naruto killing pain. but that would be cool as hell if naruto finally could finally kontroll 9 tail

  18. well hopfully hinata isn’t dead. after all this what would be the point of it

  19. I think pain is F U Q D. The bone armor is from sauske’s brother, it helps naruto stay in control. Its going to take everything out of Naruto to win. Sauske will arrive on the scene and attempt to finish off the hidden leaf. Guy will open all 8 gates and fend off sauske but die from opening all gates. Only fitting since kikashi is dead already. Hinata will live but Tsunade will die saving/reviving hinata.

  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ñpañkswskwlkola esesjka

  22. pues solamente quiero k sepan k me encanta naruto
    lo amo y es miooooooooooooooo
    buueno nadamas keria decir eso jeje

  23. olanacos

  24. i love you naruto and i is mei ok
    not ai spek inglish jeje sorry

  25. esta rechevere naruto shippuden bajen mas ps

  26. Peruanos de mierda

  27. wow! this is one of the best episodes and one of the best breakdowns! I will surely visit the website again.

  28. I really shocked with this appearance depressing that pein, leader of akatsuki has ….
    also did not understand he revived the people he killed? If yes the guy is not a villain worthy of the title of being the strongest akatsuki

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