Hinata’s Dies! + Pa Frog’s Death Confirmed Naruto Manga 437 Review ₪ 438 Predictions

Naruto manga chapter 438 is out.  Click here to read it.  Credit to One Manga.  Enjoy and tune in for my next post!

You will be missed dealy...

You will be missed dealy...

Sup guys and gals,

Wow…epic chapter.  Don’t you agree?  In my honest opinion, this is by far the best/craziest/saddest chapter of 09′.  You name it. Poor Hinata…I’m completely speechless, well sorta.  In fact, I need some time to take this in and hide on Mars.  Well, after I finish this post anyway.  Bare with me folks.  I know it’s hard.

“Because I–love you…”  Those were Hinata’s last words.  I was initially going to write a full blown discussion about this chapter, but I’m taking a different venue for this one.  Do any of you know how big Hinata is to the series?  Many speculated that she was the ‘one’ for Naruto.  I hate to say it, but the Naru-Hina theories are gone for good.  Kishi did us wrong on this one, or did he?

Hinata’s death compares to Kakashi’s on some levels, but they were different nonetheless.  So far all the characters that we’ve speculated to be dead are pretty much dead or incapacitated.  This includes Kakashi*, Fukasaku, and Shizune.  I layed the dreaded asterisk on Kakashi because I think he’s still alive despite what the negative thinkers have to say.  This whole chapter had Hinata written on it.  Why?  Because she was a pioneer to the story.  Unlike Kakashi’s death*, Hinata’s was very blatant.

This is why she won’t come back.  For one, if she comes back to life by some miracle of Kishi the whole story will seem redundant in the sense that we’ve asked ourselves these questions a million times: Is he/she really dead? How can this character be revived?  Think about it.  Two, her death was somewhat fitting in the sense that it took up a whole chapter and it captured who and what Hinata was all about.  And three, she triggered the sixth tail in Naruto to appear.  I’m completely sold on these three notions.

Although I was saddened by Kishi’s decision to kill her off, he ultimately eliminated the cliché of a happily ever after romance.  It would definitely be interesting to see if Sakura ends up with Naruto, but then again Kishi doesn’t like to make anything obvious.

What was she thinking? -.-;;

What was she thinking? -.-;;

Let’s get back to where we left off.  Naruto and Nagato continue their converstation from the last chapter.  As if Nagato isn’t irritating enough, the yappin’ doesn’t stop.  We get it you sick bastard! You want to create peace by spreading fear across the ninja world.  Hinata watches from afar deciding on whether she wants to take part. 😦

I swear at one point post reading the last chapter I asked myself if he really is the child of prophecy because of his intentions to spread peace and whatnot.  Then I realized the name of the series is Naruto so that would make it stupid.  Dumb question, duh.  Kishi loves getting into our heads.

Shikaramu's safe :P

Shikaramu's safe 😛

On the other side of the battlefield, Shikamaru proposes that each group include a detection ninja to track Nagato.  Fortunately for us, he can’t participate because of his broken leg which leads me to conclude that he’ll survive this devastating spectacle.  Shikamaru is crucial to the series and if he dies, forget it.  Plus let’s not forget that he still has to teach Asuma’s son.

The Anbu sends Katsuyo to go find detection ninjas across the village.  The only ninjas I can think of that possess that ability belong to the Hyuga clan.  You know, the people that inherit the Byakugan and can use the Kekkei Genkai t0 locate people. So we need a detection ninja, huh.  You know, someone that that has the ability to detect someone, duh.  Where can we find one of those?  Ah yes, the next page presents a popular one.


Better late than never right everyone?  Team Gai isn’t that far from the village seeing as Neji found Gamabunta laid out on a cluster of trees.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens after they make it to the village.

See what I ment by detection ninja?  Neji is the best guy for the job and with Hinata’s death it almost makes it his destiny.  Let’s not forget that he despised her at one point, but much has changed.

As much as I’m curious to see Tsunade’s reaction to Shizune’s death, I’m equally curious to see Neji’s reaction to Hinatas death.  After all, they are cousins.  Plus you can argue that we have not really seen Neji do much.  We know he’s a jonin and he’s always out on S-rank missions, but with the exception of the battle Team Gai had with Kisame, he really hasn’t done much.  Was he even there for that battle?  I’ll confirm later.


Ouch much? It baffles how all Naruto can think about after being stabbed multiple times is Pain’s chakra fluctuating through his body.  He could at least scream with the agonizing pain Nagato is putting him through.  Before reading on I thought Nagato was going to use his gravitational powers to carry him to his lair, but I was wrong.


Seeing Fukasaku lay dead on the floor made me a sad panda.  He became one of my favorite characters.  That Nagato is a sick human being.  Then he goes and uses his shinra-tensei to smash Shima on the floor…complete jerk.  She’ll be fine, I hope.  If the mammoth frogs are still alive, I’m sure she’ll make it too.


Out of no where, Hinata leaps to Naruto’s aid knowing she was no match for Deva.  Our commentators from Mars were shocked by her act of courage.  I honestly didn’t see this coming, but after seeing her on the title page, I knew something was up. The way she presented herself was out of this world.  She was way different from the solitary Hinata we’re accustomed to seeing.  This is were I got choked up and super sad.



What meaningful words.  Hinata confesses her love to Naruto and then attacks Deva knowing she wouldn’t win.  Deva uses his shinra-tensei on her and she’s left incapacited.  Must I go on?  Deva pulls out his sword and kills her with one stab to the heart.  Kishi does not actually show it, but I’m guessing she took it in the heart as did Fukasaku.  You know what happens next…


The long awaited sixth tail is revealed!  I love how Nagato asks Naruto if he hates him.  Of course he does you idiot and so do we if you’re interested.  You killed Hinata you cold-blooded bastard.  Anyways, Naruto’s transformation takes the usual form of a  human-like fox, but this one has a skeleton over it.  I’m guessing once he reaches the seventh tail he’ll start to look more like the original nine tails fox and the skeleton over his body will develop skin and whatnot.

Also if you look closely, the skeleton resembles Itachi’s Susano’o in the picture below.  This could be linked to the power Itachi gave Naruto.  Here’s a link to that chapter for your convenience. Click here.


So many questions arise from this epic chapter.  Like what course does Naruto’s love life take now?  Totally irrelevant and insignificant to what’s going on now, but hey why not think ahead?  I sense the birth of a lot of Naru-Hina fan fic sites.  More importantly, what is the extent of the six tails fox and will Nagato be captured?  Let’s be patient.

I’ve been following the Naruto manga series since 2003 and it’s never failed to surprise me.  Although he’s taken Hinata away from us, I’ll give Kishi credit for his ability to come up with this sh*t for a lack of better word.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next chapter with the return of Team Gai, if they return, and the six tails out on the battlefield.  I’ll pose the question with some ways I see it playing out.  Tune in for the next post.

Also don’t forget to read my previous post.  We are in need of writers so check it out for more details.  Also please share your thoughts in the comments section.

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on February 27, 2009.

60 Responses to “Hinata’s Dies! + Pa Frog’s Death Confirmed Naruto Manga 437 Review ₪ 438 Predictions”

  1. I think pain is F U Q D. The bone armor is from sauske’s brother, it helps naruto stay in control. Its going to take everything out of Naruto to win. Sauske will arrive on the scene and attempt to finish off the hidden leaf. Guy will open all 8 gates and fend off sauske but die from opening all gates. Only fitting since kikashi is dead already. Hinata will live but Tsunade will die saving/reviving hinata.

  2. That’s a strong prediction. I expect Gai to open the 8 gates at some point in time. If he only manages to open the 7th gate, expect Rock Lee to open the 8th gate further down the line.

  3. The other reason I dont think Hinata is dead is because it never showed her getting run through. It shows pa frog with a sword through him. It shows peoples souls getting sucked out. Asuma is killed plain as day, why would he hide the scene of Hinata getting wtftacopwnd?

  4. i don’t think hinata is dead either, like i said sauske isn’t ganna arive. but hopfully naruto will controll the fox but from the looks of it and the sounds he made thats not ganna happen. I wonder how yamato is going to controll 6 tails, he had trouble with 4. As for team Gai maby they will disvoers pain location by accident. and then ofcousre what happen to all the ninja’s in the village????

  5. i like what anonymous 1 said possibly tsunade will the technique that chyio bassama use the skull is the power that itachi gave to him and now that i think about Yamato hasn’t been shown lately and i know he still in the village it is possible that he maybe the one to face pain’s real body, poor neji naruto may not stand a chance against pain i mean he look more confident now than when he faced naruto with his sage power time to see the full extent of the rinnegan and brand new justu from nagato

  6. Itachi Itachi Itachi Itachi dat must be the power that Itachi gav naruto in order to stay under control

  7. i agree y is it going 2 hav bone out side hear it bone cover that fox come on dat must be Itachi power Susano’o

  8. I think Hinata’s dead for good. Her death was the extra push Naruto need to unleash the sixth tail.

  9. did anyone wondered where is Sai?

  10. if u notice, there is a pile of rocks blocking hinata’s body when pain pull out his “spear” ting and stab her, i gues he didnt stabb any vital points rather it was just to make sure naruto was tricked and angered so tat he would release the tails. HINATA WILL LIVE!

  11. Well see if that were true then why did Nagato waste no time killing Fukasaku? Why would he deliberately miss her vitals when his mission is to capture Naruto?

  12. sorry about the first two Anonymous posts, ill try to remember to put my name in. Anyhow, with both Sai and Yamato MIA I have a feeling they will be the ones dealing with Danzo and Root. Seems like it would cause a good inner conflict with Sai and make him choose his friends over Danzo.(Since that seems to the theme of the whole story.)

  13. The bone skeleton freaked me out more than Hinata sama’s death. When the 4th tail comes out Naruto’s blood and skin mix with the fox’s chakra, remember Naruto saying “It burns”. Fox has no body, only chakra and if we go by the legend Kyuubi is the God of Fire, so the sixth tail myt be causing Naruto’s bones to mix with the chakra to give him a skeleton, meaning Naruto has been turned inside out. There are many reasons why I believe it is not Susano’o
    Itachi used Susano’o after his meeting with Naruto so he wouldn’t have possibly given his Susano’o to Naruto, only power he doesn’t use in the battle is the time-dimention creation, which he might have given to Naruto, that too would only be triggered when he fights Sasuke.
    Tsunade might die soon… possibly saving Naruto after the battle is over, Gai myt interfere and save Naruto from the fight with Nagato, because only he would be fast enough to break the 5 sec barrier between successive use of Shinra Tensei. Pein Nagato sure does look more in control and we would possibly see the true power of Rinnengan in the coming chapters, nevertheless Naruto is again going to kick ass now for the next chapter, so now the contest will be even more interesting. Sai will most probably stop Danzo from completing his plans. Yamato myt battle Konan and the real Pein.I am sure Madara has been watching this battle and will have some intervention, the eight tail probably will also be looking for the 9 tail for an allianceso a clash is due. The charachters dead should be dead for good. Hinata’s deat will definately make Naruto more resolved to fight for peace and good.

  14. I think Neji will play a key role in finding Pain, and that Gai and Rock Lee will go with Neji and fight and Kill Nagato and Konan. Hinata will be saved by Sunade, but at the cost of her own life.

  15. This is a theory i have been thinking about for a long time, but never really got around to posting it because it wasn’t top of my list on the theories/threads that i wanted to post. Anyway i think its pretty apparent from the hints in the manga that Tsunade and Dan are Minato’s mother/father. The reason i think this is true is because there are just so many hints shown in the manga and Data-book thats its almost undeniable. So i’ll try and keep this short and post them in a list
    1-Tsunade and Minato have the same exact blood type(B).

    2-Dan and Minato graduated the Academy at the Same time(When they were 10) *not literally the SAME year

    3-Tsunade and Minato Share the Same Hair Color(Blond)

    4-Minato and Dan are around the same height and weight as each other(they are only different by a 3-4 in both categories)

    5-Naruto and Nawaki(tsunade’s brother) look nearly identical. Shows possibly a family resemblance

    6-Its interesting that naruto always calls Tsunade Grandma Tsunade, which would be very ironic on kishi’s part if it was true

    Now that the basic comparisons are over here’s the real big evidance

    5-Madara suggest that the Hokage line has been kept in the Senju clan for years. When he talks about this their is a picture of the hokage mountain and it shows the fourth hokage’s head on it. This implies that the Hokage position was still held by the Senju even during the fourth Hokage’s time, which inturn implies that the fourth hokage is a Senju.

    Where else would he get the blood from the Senju clan then Tsunade.

    6-Tsunade passes down the hokage necklace to naruto which was set to stay in Tsunade’s family and passed down in their family since the first hokage. Since there is a big deal made out of the necklace i think this implies that Naruto might be in Tsunade’s family.

    7-Yamato remarks about naruto’s Chakra being special because he is able to hold off the power of the 4-tails w/o dieing. This might be because naruto is related to the Senju clan and thus his chakra has the same qualities as Shodai which helps to protect him from the kyuubi chakra

    8-There is a great amount of symbolism between Shodai-Naruto and Sasuke-Madara. They stood on that statues of each other at the valley of the end(Naruto on Shodai’s and Sasuke on Madara’s). Many people thought this implied that Shodai is like naruto and sasuke is like Madara. But Sasuke is actually and Uchiha so i don’t see why this wouldn’t also imply that naruto is a Senju.

    9-And i think this is the biggest telling piece of information eventhough some people might read the dialog differently then i did. Now remember the chapter where Jiriaya tells Tsunade that he is going to Ame to look for AL and they have Sake. Well when their discussion turns to minato alot of things bother me about the way Jiriaya talks to Tsunade.

    First look at Tsunade’s face when she says Minato-Namikaze on page 10 chapter 367 she seems very sad about saying his name. Now this can be explained away by her just having been friends with him or something and being sad thinking about how he died, but it creates a very wierd mood for what happens next. First Jiriaya goes on to brag about Minato and what he was like and his amazing Genius.

    Which let me say its weird that Jiriaya even brought up Minato at this point in the conversation because previously they were talking about how Tsunade has lost so many people in the past and about how she rejected Jiriaya’s advances. Then Jiriaya seems to imply that he thought of Minato as a son and brags about him to which he says that if Minato had been his son he would have bragged about him constantly.

    But what makes this suspect to me is he says i never had any kids of my own while looking at Tsunade and then says if Minato had been my kid…etc.. Doesn’t this sound like what some one would say to a mother who lost their child…just replace minato with your son and doesn’t the whole dialog seem right.

    For example i will redo the dialog this way

    “Tsunade you son had talent only seen once in a decade at best. He was a genius…No one like him has been born in awhile.” “He was such a nice kid yet his guts and desire to succeed were the fiercest i have ever seen.” “and in the blink of an eye he was our fourth hokage.” “I never had kids so i don’t know what its like, but if he had been my son i would have bragged about him all the time.”

    Now i want you to think about what kind of character Jiriaya is. He’s the guy who failed all his life at love and he failed to Dan. Now think about it if Jiriaya had succeeded with Tsunade he would have been Minato’s father instead of Dan. Its basically like Jiriaya is saying he always thought of Minato as his son because he could have very well been his father if it wasn’t for a simple twist of fate. Basically that whole converstation made me think that Jiriaya was talking about Minato as if he was Tsunade’s son and if you read the flow of that conversation from its start to finish with the idea that Minato is Tsunade’s son alot of Jiriaya’s jokes and ways that he talks makes alot of sense.

    So whats my theory on how Minato is Tsunade’s son. I think that Tsunade got pregnant by Dan a little bit before he went off on the mission that killed him. She also was doing missions because she didn’t know that she herself was pregnant yet. After Dan Died she found that she was pregnant with his child which caused her to go even more into the depression that led her to leave the village. I think after Dan died she stayed in the village long enough to give birth to Minato and then she put him up for adoption and left the village.

    Years later Jiriaya trained Minato because he loved Tsunade so much. Basically Jiriaya felt like Minato could have been his kid and he wanted to be a father to Tsunade’s kid becuase of his love for her. So he trained Minato and they did gain a father son bond which later resulted in Jiriaya ironically becoming naruto’s God Father. Tsunade probably never told Minato that he was her kid, but all the elders of Konoha knew because they knew she put him up for adoption as a baby, which made Minato a member of the Senju clan which helped increase his chances of becoming hokage.

    The genius of kishimoto can truly be seen if this theory is true. For many reasons:

    1-It will be important in naruto becoming a full pledge ninja because he might develop some of Shodai’s power to allow him to control the demon fox or it might help explain why he is able to finally control the demon fox with his own chakra. It would also build up the tension between Sasuke and Naruto if naruto was a true Senju clan member.

    2-It fit perfectly with the irony of Jiriaya’s story/character. Jiriaya failed in love eventhough and Dan won out. Jiriaya could have been Minato’s father, but he ended up becoming Minato’s Sensei and Foster father figure anyway. Eventhough he failed in love with Tsunade he was still able to become part of Minato’s family and even became naruto’s God father.

    3-It would fit perfectly with Tsunade’s dynamic with naruto and her troubled past storyline. It would also be amazing if naruto did find out Tsunade was his grandmother right before she died. Also Tsunade would then be in a position to be the one to reveal naruto’s entire lineage to him. It would also make sense why she was so willing to bet the necklace with naruto because he is part of the Senju clan as well.



  18. omfg if hinata dies im going to beat Kishi in till he turns blue

  19. Wow, you guys are sick with the theories. All very plausible. Good stuff. The Tsunade/Dan theory is out of this world. Can I have a word with you sir anon? Very good stuff everyone.

  20. It’s green eggs and ham again wow nice theory wish i could compete. There is only one problem with your idea, if tsunade doesn’t tells naruto that he is a part of her family, or that she is his grandmother then it destroys your whole theory.I think you have about 70 percent chance or higher that it could be right. Just one question who is Dan I hope you don’t mean danzo. If your theory is right then it should happen around chapter 445 or higher. It’s the only way to be sure your theory fits.

  21. but really it think anon beat kish to his own idea.

  22. what if since rinnegan is the most powerfull eye technique it can also control the tailed bests just like sharingan.

  23. oooh i see what you mean
    that would be bad if it could
    i reckon that nagato will lose control over god realm, as he is low on chakra and a squad will find and defeat him.
    and when pains down…. 6-tails will rage out of control

  24. yea thats one possibility, right now if naruto doesn’t have control over 6tail his going to go on rampage, unless yamato tries to help him.

  25. Where is yamoto at a time like this? o-o

    I think its cute that hinata`s admitting it, but her jumping in like that just makes Naruto feel worse.

  26. naruto still have the other clone in the forg land but he can’t control it when his in fox form. and same goes when pa frog tried joining him to get natural chakra, he was rejecteg by the fox. what if the fox helps naruto gather the natural energy for him?

  27. It’s sad but Hinata has to be dead, or, not many character survive after saying something like that. Also her death was kinda neccecary for the plot to develope.

    -sigh- Poor Hinata deserved better, she was just a sacrifice for giving Kishi a reason to show the 6-tailed kyyubi.
    Sorry to say it but it was allmost worth it. Kyuubi’s awsome like always and I think it’s the only fav I can rely on not dying. Hinata my second favorite in part 1, and my first was kakashi. All my later ones are dead to. );

    But still I’m kinda siding with Nagato. I dunno why but I like him lol. Would be sad if he, too, died.
    Naruto’s gonna be ok anyhow, so please Kis´hi, don’t kill him… D=

  28. I’m still trying to figure out where things went wrong for Nagato. He was such a good kid and then he fell under some influence.

  29. if hinata dies im gonna freak… i mean seriously… shes like an absolute perfect match for naruto… they cant kill her off

    bsides piggy wudden like it
    and piggy is too awesome to bully, even tho he sometimes gets in wars * ====c==c==..>)>

  30. suzume, naruto thinks that hinata is dead, but he acually did not see nagato pierced hinata through, which means that she is not sopose to die only becouse naruto can devolop six tail. She better not die , i mean what was kishi thinkin man!!!

  31. It’s stuff like this that might stop the manga.i mean what was kishi thinkin waen I’sow the waerdes{HINAT’s DIES} i omost died ISOESR I will kill kishi iwill go to japanes and Beat the liveng day outof hime if hesnot breng her baik now now now

  32. some one till my wait will hipaen my satellite is died

  33. The six tail?! I wonder how the kyuubi’s laser cannon will be like…

  34. He shot it in the next chapter hehe.

  35. Actually Hinata’s not dead she’s just barely alive, Kishimoto knows that even the people that don’t like Naru-hina would skin him alive if he killed her off.

  36. I think Naruto will complete the 9 tail transformation and pein will probably die from over using his chakra

  37. I think he’ll return to his unconscious state and Nagato will try to capture him and fail. Who knows, maybe Deva Yahiko will die (again) and Nagato will retreat. Although I doubt Nagato would leave Yahiko behind hence his whole speech to Jiraiya about protecting him.

  38. hinata is not dead

  39. we’re past this :p

  40. Hinata complets Naruto, so ske f*KIN better not die.


  42. I thought this was an awesome fan animation – check it ou.
    Hinata’s Confession – Chapter 437 (Fan Animation)

  43. Wow thats awesome. Did you check out the funny dub?

  44. That one is hilarious LOL you should have a funnies section for the videos

  45. SHIZUME!!!! You have no right to talk about hinata like that she wasn’t/ISN’T just a sacrifice for kishi to release the 6t!!!! I’m sorry for freaking out but it’s like u don’t care!!! uggggghhhhhh sometimes i wish people like you would see that Hinata understood how naruto felt. the lonliness. . . she was/is the only one who actually saw the pain he went through!!!! AND KISHI!!!!1 I SWEAR IF YOU ONLY KILLLED OFF HINATA JUST SO NARUTO ENDS UP WITH SAKURA, MAN YOU ARE IN FOR A WORLD OF PAIN MISTER!!!!!!!!! NARUTO AND HINATA WILL BE. (if she survives the sword stabbing thing of cource which she will.) =P

  46. When you get a chance, check out Blossom’s Hinata character analysis ^__^

  47. Well I read alot of this on my website and others, and hinata does not die. and well danzo became 6th hokage, and naruto saw his dad and wel sakura healed inata. so hinata did not die.. HINATA HATERS

  48. @Hinata star : this wasn’t made by hinata haters. It was just done during the week that the issue was released. We are all glad that she’s OK 🙂

  49. this is impossible naruto is scrwd if hinata is dead but i think she is not

  50. It surprises me how this post still gets comments lol…Like Manny pointed out, this post was written during the week we though she was dead.

  51. noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hinata cannot die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hinata will not die…i hope
    if she does im goin to japan O.O
    >:) xD

  53. Hinata never actually died, Naruto ends up killing pain, there all fakes made from pains other aqantine that die when he was a child. So anyway naruto goes and finds the real pain and the talk and whatever bla bla bla and pain believes naruto and he uses some justs or whatever and brings her and the rest back to life. Kakashi was sopose to die to. if you read furter into the manga it shows you. Naruto ends up meeting his father, the 4th hokage, naruto goes insane after hinatas death and put out all the 9s power going up to 8 tails and almost rips the seal off but because of the 4ths seal he comes back to prevent naruto from doing it so…yeah and when kakashi dies he meets his father again but has to leave him when pain brings everyone back to life..

  54. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe pain actually kills Hinata, does he even have a heart? That is so sad! Naruto ends up getting back at pain for killing Hinata and Jirayah. Naruto Shippuden is getting really good!

  55. hinata gets revived by sakure. i just read that part =p.

  56. if u seen the eposode i japaneess pian ask naruto who is most close to u. and naruto was about to say hinata but was cut off by pian and in excessive ratting. then hinata shows up to fight pian and says her true fellings then she gets stab and u can see the pain in naruto face and u can see he loves her. hinata will be revived but after shes cast of in the distance where naruto cant see her. and remeber with sage mode he can sence ppls chackra. that wat made him go 6 tails. and naruto will win thats wat made pain revieve everyone. sakura wont be with naruto cause she loves saskie she will have to fight the new girl that want him. plus naruto isnt gona love sumone who keeps knockin him out and who is just like sunadea


    *Stay tuned next week to see if I end up going to Japan*

  58. Also, Naruto could love Sakura because it could be something like Jiraya and Tsunadae. History repeating itself, in a sense, in terms of Naruto having loved Sakura since he was a “wee-lad”. But I stand by what I said. Hinata will live. Heres my prediction:

    Sasuke shows up and Tsunadae dies fighting him. Naruto pulls some awesome shit on Pein and defeats the body. Neji comes and finds Hinata lying injured/almost dead/unconsious, and goes with Shikamaru’s team to find the real Pain for revenge (including the rest of his group). Injured after the fight with Pein, Naruto crawls over to Hinata’s body crying and contained (possibly after the appearance of Yamato, but considering Itachi’s gift, probably not) He begins to weep. Sakura appears next to them and begins healing Hinata, but is failing. Naruto lends whatever is left of his chakra/power, and Hinata is brought back to conciousness, but severely injured. She is rushed to the nearest place for immediate attention (assuming the hospital is destroyed). The episode/comic will end with an eminent showdown between Sakura and the sensory type ninja who also loves Sasuke, and also with Tsuande being defeated.
    End Prediction.

    xD -> If they persue the idea of Hinata’s death, there will be HELL to pay.

  59. lmao shes still alive! idiots

  60. she better as hell not officialy die. She almost the only person thats given a shit about naruto from the very begining. why r they going to kill her off now. If the mangaka is showing this ability hinata has and not seeing her get stabbed then hes an ass if shes truley dead. This gets me truly frustrated. We finnaly see her potential.

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