Naruto 439 is out! // Six Tails Unleashed! + Nagato’s Secret Technique Naruto Manga 438 Review ₪ 439 Predictions

Naruto chapter 439 is out! Click here to read it.  Tune in for review later.  Enjoy!

1Sup guys and gals,

This chapter went by rather quickly, no?  Not two minutes had passed by the time I went through the whole thing. 😦  A lot of emphasis was put on power of the six tailed fox and everything else was just a blur in my opinion.  Props to SleepyFans for releasing a clean cut copy.   Here’s a link to this chapter if you haven’t read it yet.  Click here.   In spite of how short this chapter is, I’m going to have some fun with it so enjoy.  Word on Mars says there’s quite a bit to discuss.

Post last chapter, Hinata played hero and her act of courage was short lived as Deva cratered her to floor using his Shinra-Tensei.  She was left incapacitated, but in this chapter there’s one panel where she shows signs of life which suggests that she might make it alive.  What do you think?

I had to throw that last one in there for those that are sick of the subject or rather aren’t sure if she’s done or not.  In my honest opinion, I don’t think she’ll come back, but if by some miracle Sakura manages to get her out of the battlefield, she might have a chance of making it.

I’ve noticed a controversial trend, on the forums I reside in, between those that believe Hinata is crucial to plot and others that believe she served her purpose and should not come back.  I’m content with whichever direction Kishi takes at this point, I mean he has to be doing something right 438 chapters into the story.


Back at the battlefield the seal used to control the Kyubi within Naruto is triggered as it wraps its itself around the fox.  Naruto grabs the source of the seal, Tsunade’s pendant necklace, and crushes it to pieces which in turn removes the seal.  Immediately after, he charges at Deva who quickly uses his Shinra-Tensei.  Between me and you, I’m getting sick of saying Shinra-Tensei so I’m going to call it something different.  How’s about we call it the ass-repeller. 😀


The power of the six tails is beyond our imagination as it penetrates the forces of the ass repeller with ease.  Didn’t intend for the sexual connotation, but let me know if you thought it was inappropriate. 😉  So at this point we can conclude two things.  First, the power of the six tails is the strongest among all the characters we’ve come to know.  And second, it can buy you a one way ticket to Mars for free.


Soon after sending Deva to Mars, Naruto forms some crazy atomic bomb with his mouth and sends it to Deva via first class.  Now, maybe I’m being too critical, but I want you to take a look at what’s circled in red.  That is supposedly the Hokage rushmore consisting of Minato, Tsunade etc.  Now look at how close Naruto’s attack is to the rushmore.

Why in the bajesus of planet neptune would he deliberately miss it?  Certainly Naruto’s not controlling anything at this point which led me to believe that the nine-tailed fox is trying to create some sort of trust with Naruto.  Sounds plausible?

The scene reverts back to the crumbled village where Sakura orders Katsuyo to tell everyone to get to safety.  As if there’s much of a village to begin with.  Folks, where in the image above the poll do you see any sign of life?  It very much looks like Mars with the numerous craters.

Katsuyo informs Shikamaru and the gang about Naruto and how Hinata died trying to save him.  I had to chuckle at this part because absolutely nobody seemed to care.  If you read the dialogue on that panel it was heartless to say the least.  Something along the lines of the following:  Katsuyo says, “Hey guys Hinata died and in turn Naruto unleashed his sixth tail.”  Shikamaru says, “So that’s why he’s gone beserk.”  Katsuyo says, “Probably.” Inoichi says, “So whats for dinner tonight?  Oh and where’s that guy Yamato?”

One word.  Priceless. 😀


So Yamato finds out that Naruto unleashed the sixth tail and postpones his mission to return to the village.  So you have Team Gai and Yamato returning to the village where I imagine it’s going to get a little hectic.

Apparently Nagato has a secret technique that will be unveiled in the next chapter.  All we know is that it required Deva to be in close proximity of Nagato for it to work.  For him to use it as a last resort means a whole lot.  It could possibly lead to the capture of Naruto, but yet I don’t see it happening.  I’ll leave it at that.

Before I let you go you have to check out what I did on my spare time.  Now that Yahiko’s head protector’s been removed I decided to polish him off a bit to make him look like the old Yahiko without the piercings.  Tune in for my next post and comment on my awesome photoshop skills…not.  On a serious note, please share your thoughts in the comments section.  Till next time my fellow readers!


-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on March 6, 2009.

74 Responses to “Naruto 439 is out! // Six Tails Unleashed! + Nagato’s Secret Technique Naruto Manga 438 Review ₪ 439 Predictions”

  1. ONE

    HINATA is alive WOOOO!!!! i hope Sakura and the crew save her

  2. so now nagoto uses his secret technique on naruto and renders the fox’s powers, naruto goes back to normal body and then use’s his last clone to gather natural chackra and wups his ass!

  3. i think that this new tech is going to be insanely powerful, Nagato needed Pain closer so that he could put more chakra into Pain, and by the looks of it, more chakra than the tech that destroyed the village… see my point?

  4. Nah Hinata’s dead, I’m what’s the point of the sixth tail if Hinata isn’t even DEAD?

  5. @ Anon: It’s def a high chakra based technique that could possibly incapacitate Naruto.

  6. Nice chapter Pain finally unveils a new ass repeller to beat the fox priceless. Pain is trying to get Naruto away from the village and defeat him without the interference of everyone else or he’s trying to bring Naruto closer to his real body and basically destroy the fox. I mean look how well hes doing against The Fox mode with the chakra being pour into god realm, I’m pretty sure that not all of his chakra being used, now imagine Nagato’s real body without having to pour chakra into god realm and have what little chakra god realm has to lead Naruto to his real body and when he reaches it Nagato’s body will be in full power and ready to face Naruto with full power, if he’s like this he should be able to defeat the 9 tales no problem. Naruto’s fox mode can’t use justu and it’s strongest attack is a great big ball (lets call it cero) and now Pain is unleashed brand new justu, Chibaku Tensei this move has to be stronger than when he blew up the Leaf village. This technique will most likely K.O naruto and allow Pain to capture him and he will have his prize the 9 tale fox. Even if they did find his real body no one would want to face him or Konan. My prediction is that Naruto will be capture before chapter 442. Any one else think so?

  7. I`m really happy Hinata is alive. Actually, i never thought that she`d be dead.

    I can`t wait to see Pein`s new techinique. He must`ve planned it right? 🙂

    And yea, it was rather short. ;/ I didn`t really get any excitement from it.

  8. Nice job on the pic looks awesome lol can’t w8 till next chapter

  9. what happen when pain use his secret technique, whos about naruto in six tails what happen.,?

  10. Can someone confirm if mangahelpers is down? I can’t seem to get into their website. Just go to and tell me if it loads for you.

  11. nice one.. i agree with the ass repeller thingy.. great job on editing..

  12. Come on you guys Hinata just told Naruto that she loves him and you want her dead, JeSuS… I have been waiting for her to say something for a long ass time, come on who here hasn’t
    (Naruto-Kun)lol. Anyways I hope naruto gets control of the fox and kicks pain’s ass so that we can get back to the Naruto and sasuke thing; seriously.

  13. That will be in the near future. Can’t wait. So far about a third of the voters believe she’s either not coming back or simply don’t care which is expected. Hinata will always have an overwhelming cast of supporters.

  14. i think that with some help from old ma frog the other naruto bunshin will be released & naruto will finally be anle to master
    9 tails chakra using sage mode & 6 tails mode in combo
    obviously since naruto has crushed the seal he cant be controlled…it all rests on his hands to control himself….
    hinata will probably live !!!!!!!!1

  15. With all the training that Naruto has done to become a sage, and just time in general, i agree that the Kyuubi is forming a kind of bond with him. The 8-tails octopus-bull of death was able to form that kind of relationship with his host, and that included the fully transformed version. Whether that bond was due to skill, time spent, or simply the 8-tails agreeing to work together as long as Killer Bee didn’t try to rhyme/rap anymore, there was still a symbiotic relationship. Oh I would love to see the fully transformed 9-tails go nuts on Deva.

  16. Where on Earth (and perhaps even on Mars) Kuubi can be trustworthy? It can be only said that, for now, both of them wants Pein dead. I really mean “for now”, because, somehow I guess that Pein’s death isn’t Kishi’s will. Maybe, as “the one”, Naruto will work towards Pein’s redemption as soon as he knows Pein didn’t kill Hinata — we shouldn’t forget about Naruto’s bushin in frogland and the omnipresent Katsuyo.

    I don’t think Hinata will die. If “I love you” weren’t her last words, she can’t die far from Naruto’s arms. There will be no drama on a death like that.

    We’re still missing a couple things that can take place on the next chapters: Itachi’s gift to Naruto and Sasuke’s return to the village.

    You’re doing an awesome job!

  17. The amount of chakra that Nagato need to invest in this super destructive new technique of his will need to be tremendous. He might actually die from using too much chakra if he keeps it up at this place.

    Therefore I think that it is possible for a double knock-out to happen from this battle between Kyubi-Naruto and Nagato. If a double knock-out does happen Konan will call Zetsu to retrieve Naruto’s unconscious body and Konan will escape with Nagoto’s unconscious body.

    Naruto could possibly be captured this way because, everyone in Konohana is either to weak or too injured to stop this from happening. If the kyubi doesn’t stop Nagato nobody will be able to help Naruto when he is recuperating from his burns as an effect from the kyubi taking over.

  18. @ firestarter24: I’m glad you understood where I was coming from with the whole kyubi/host relationship.

    @ Mythus: Love the reference to Mars *lols* There are so many pieces to the puzzle that I think a timeskip is almost inevitable. You have the power Itachi gave to Sasuke and Naruto, Killerbee, Danzo, Team Gai, Yamato, the search team from Killerbee’s village, Sasuke and his crew, Kakashi and Rin, soooo so much to that has yet to be revealed.

    @ Manny: That’s plausible, but what about team Gai? 😛 Gai is probably the only fast-enough person that can use the 8th gate to penetrate Deva’s defenses. Let’s not forget about his 5 second weakness. Anything can happen.

    @ everyone: Thanks for responding to my post. I love you all. :X

  19. After seeing Kakashi defeated (not killed) by Pain it doesn’t seem like even Gai would be a match for Pain’s Shinra Tensei, however i guess anything is possible. I will keep my mind open to the possibilities

  20. holy cow! CHIBAKU TENSEI…
    i think something big is coming out…

  21. @NARUxICHI CHIBAKU TENSEI is a ball of junk! naruto wipes it out with “fuuton: rasen-shuriken” and kills YAHIKO 😉 thats when nagato decites too use HIS very very very secret tecnique 😛

  22. Heres whats going to happen.
    1. Naguto kills himself knocking out Naruto.
    2. Naruto is captured.
    3. The rescue attempt for Naruto fails.
    4. QB is extracted from Naruto.
    5. Naruto’s body is figured dead and discarded.
    6. Naruto’s body recovers, it turns out his recovery rate wasnt from QB.
    7. Naruto has to overcome the 9 tails as well as the other tailed beasts to bring peace to the world.

  23. @ Alt255: Really think that 9 tails will ever leave Naruto’s body?


  25. lmao I love the icon that posted next to your response.

  26. Does anyone think that Pain’s new technique Chibaku Tensei can summon a tail beast? I thought about it and came to another question, what happens to all the tails beasts if pain is killed? Are they release from the his statue and roam around free or are they destroyed? Any thoughts?

  27. Sweet Sam you got your icon up. Summoning a tailed beast isn’t out of the question. To be honest I have no effin idea what Kishi’s revealing. This is similar to when Naruto revealed his, now not secret, perfected rasenshuriken. If pain dies, nothing really happens. Now if you meant Nagato, I’m sure Madara will make use of the tailed beasts since that’s what he’s been after the whole time. He managed to use everyone in Akatsuki to retrieve the tailed beasts. Madara won’t let those tailed beasts out of his site.

  28. Mythus has a very good point about hinata. I think that will restore his sanity. But I disagree about the kyuubi being not trustworthy. As we have seen that the kyuubi will do anything to protect Naruto (if u recall its encounter with Sasuke inside naruto when it warns sasuke not to kill naruto in a VERY ominous tone) although some argue that it may be entirely for selfish purposes.

  29. Yeah the selfish purposes kill that argument. He warns Sasuke to not kill Naruto or he’ll regret it. I honestly think he is implying that Naruto will unleash the true power of the nine-tails which Pain is currently facing.

  30. Check this out it seems quite similar to the technique that Nagato’s used when Jiraiya was teaching him right? Wow crazy spoiler i didn’t think that would be Pain last technique. I don’t understand the first part but if it is true as well, Naruto’s finished.

    Does anyone think that Nagato/Pain should be categorized as 2 separate ninjas. I mean pain has six paths with there own technique and special ability that no one could defeat so easily. Nagato, who knows what he could do or even if he disable or not all we know is the rinnegan can use all elements enough said.

  31. Sorry but forget to add check the left side of the panel of the picture of Nagato’s justu

  32. That’s a good find. Nagato’s a wind type like Naruto. If you look at the previous page, Yahiko uses a fire technique. Watch Nagato’s “new” jutsu be something we have no clue about >.<

  33. haha I forgot to log in so I get a bootleg icon hehe. sam how’d you upload your icon?

  34. Hinata doesn’t tell Naruto she loves him. The little bubble doesn’t have a pointed edge. It is wholely round. She is not speaking, she is thinking “I love you…”. I guess Naruto understands her anyway but who knows.

  35. That’s actually a good point >._>, <_<, lets keep that on the down low ^_^. On a serious note, those were her last words whether she said them in her mind or directly at Naruto.

  36. […] Click here to read a full review of the manga chapter 438 […]

  37. she said “i love u” to naruto.. look carefully, the bubble’s end is not 3 bubbles that means thinking.. instead its straight like indicating she spoke those words out so naruto can hear it.


    here is the link to confirm that she spoke it out for naruto to hear her feelings.
    lets see if chibaku tensei can hurt 6 tails or not lol i loved seeing pain’s shinra tensei become useless against fox’s power haha

  39. well .. i think we are missing something . Itachi gave naruto something .try to pretty sure it has to do with taming the kyubi(goes with the assumption that the 9tales was syncing with naruto) .Also , isnt it kinda too fast naruto rushed the fox chakra? , its not like hinata was his lover or anything .. to him she is the same as half the village’s people who died because of pain’s invasion .Naruto is gonna surprise us somehow.

    Also , i give the possibility that sasuke will show up and protect him if the situation gets rlly shitty .

  40. @ kunai: Judging by Naruto’s reaction in the panel that follows the one you posted, it certainly almost felt like she said that. This new technique should def have an effect on Naruto otherwise pain is full of fail.

    @ zahi: Too fast for fox chakra. Hmmm, well had he not gone beserk he would of been captured which a lot of people expected. I’m hoping he takes control of the Kyuubi. Team Gai and Yamato should get there before Sasuke seeing as they’re in the same woods Pain took Naruto to in the last chapter.

  41. Also I forgot to bring this up before. Naruto has a sage clone in Myobokuzan that he has yet to release. Right now, Naruto is lost in his rage. That clone might be the key to his salvation and ability to control the kyuubi, but I’ll hold off on that until the spoilers come out.

  42. @broken1i: But I said that! “we shouldn’t forget about Naruto’s bushin in frogland” (frogland = yyobokuzan) 😉

    About the spoiller: there is no way the 7th tail will come out. How long it took to release each tail?! Even with Jiraya’s intervention on the seal, it doesn’t come that easily. Otherwise it would be a tail party! My bets are on Itachi’s gift to Naruto control himself. Remember that Uchiha Madara’s Sharingan was able to control Kyuubi.

  43. Credit to Mythus totally forgot you said that 3 days ago >_>, <_<. Itachi’s gift could definitely play a role in Naruto’s manipulation of the fox. Gj Mythus 😛

  44. Hey Naruto kicking ass but i don’t think hell use the eye techique Itachi gave him…if you recall all the other eye tech Itachi gave Sasuke activated just by looking at uuchiha i think it will activate when Naruto fights Sasuke.

  45. I had to create an account, click on change my gravatar, and upload an image. It takes about an hour to show up on blogs.

    If Sasuke came to the village (or what’s left of it) would he come there to help Naruto, or will he help Pain capture Naruto?

  46. I think that he’s more after the elders, but he’ll probably be in shock at the state of the village. My guess is that he’ll help Naruto if he even makes it before the fight is over.

  47. I can’t wait to see Pain vs Jiraiya and itachi vs Sasuke in Naruto shippuden anime.

  48. Oh yeah, those episodes are going to be beyond crazy.

  49. Ничего не смог понять.

  50. haha.. i think even with that chibaku tensei thing used.. nagato will fail.. take note that naruto kyuubi is only on his 6 tailed form.. and how about he’s 9 taled huh?.. and look at the real body of nagato.. it’s totally a push over haha.. and he has illness, coughing up blood.. why would he use 6 bodies if he can handle it himself? simply he can’t handle it because of his condition.. so i think naruto will prevail

  51. I think the final fight of naruto manga will be Naruto vs Kyuubi

  52. I think the final fight of naruto manga will be Naruto vs Kyuubi

  53. I hope not lol, I’m kinda expecting more fights.

  54. YES! YES! Naruto is about to die.. I’m glad to see Pain kills Naruto..

  55. lol..jerk

  56. Nice spoiler. Bout time Naruto meets his father. I cant wait to see what its all about.

  57. @ alt2fifty5: These next few chapters are sure to fill in a few plot holes. I’m curious to know how Minato sealed himself within Naruto. The story goes as follows: Minato sacrifices himself to the death god by sealing half of 9 tails in Naruto hence the ying and the yang. The other half of the 9 tails went to the death god as well. I’m guessing he sealed half of himself in Naruto? Who knows lol.

  58. wow I’m totaly speachless , again what happens is something nobody had thought of. I am glad that Naruto finaly knows that the 4th was his father, it will give him the confidence he needs to rely on his powers and stop the ninetails from taking over his body. AWESOME !!!!

  59. Yikes I didnt even notice but there are 8 tails out in that picture. It seems that the fox power doubles every time a tail is added. Just think about the jump from 3 to 4, almost no comparison. So 8 tails should be about 16 times more powerful than when we saw 4 tails. (I know there are no real numbers involved here its just how it seems in my head) Also based on this, if the tailed beasts gain power with their number of tails, the fox is just barely more powerful than all the other beasts added up. (Just something to think about for Naruto to be able to just barely save the world.)

  60. tobi isn’t uchiha madara … its obito

  61. @alt2fifty: That’s not a bad way to put it. His power could grow exponentially if you think about it.
    @tekken49: As far as tobi being obito, that was random lol, and who knows anymore. Watch it be Itachi or some crazy shit.

  62. Naruto vs Kyuubi

  63. Wow lol who would of guessed this would happen.

  64. I was wondering where you when went sam 😛 Haven’t heard from you all day.

  65. I found a sweet avatar idk when i am gone to upload it, yeah sorry about that I had to do a quarter of a page idk if I’ll ever get finish lol but on to the topic.

    The fourth hokage appearance’s, I’m still in shock but on another note do you think this surprise will change the outcome of the match i mean naruto is out of control and there no one there to stop him. Don’t get me wrong the fourth hokage is not physically there but an image in Naruto’s mind.

  66. I’ve also been hearing people say Yondaime will help naruto control the 9 tails. I only got one problem with that, Yondaime only appeared when Naruto was on the brick of removing the seal,so does that mean naruto will have be on the verge of removing the seal every time to see his father? Even if it possible he needs more than just mental training remember when naruto fought Orochimaru his skin was badly damage or when he fought Sora.

  67. i told you something big was coming!!!

  68. It was truly a 9 tails party! ¬¬ What a waste…

  69. Yeah seriously lol..

  70. review coming up soon ^_^

  71. cooooooooooooooooooooooool

  72. i like this manga 😀

  73. Interesting article and a single which must be a lot more broadly known about in my view. Your level of detail is beneficial and the clarity of writing is excellent. I have bookmarked it for you so that others will probably be able to see what you need to say.

  74. N A R U T O is so C.O.O.L

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