Update #1 // Word On Mars Wants You!

Word on Mars would like to introduce blossom009 to our squad.  She will be writing awesome One Piece reviews and easter egg articles about Naruto so show her some love :evil:.  We are still in need of 1 more writer so check out the guidelines below and send us an email!  boxofblossom will make its debute anytime soon so stay tuned!


Hey everyone,

To be blunt, we are in need of one talented writer.  As of now, we’d like to limit it to one spot just to see how the process works.  If we get a lot of good entries we might go the distance and accept two writers.  Word On Mars is currently composed of one blockhead that blogs about anything and everything that comes to mind, while maintaining a general theme.  I, for example, write a weekly post about the Naruto Manga series.  Before I go on let me just say that we do not make money off this.  We simply do it for the love of writing.

We are in search of a consistent writer that can contribute at least 2-3 posts a month.  Since this is just a test, we would prefer someone that can write about the Naruto series, but don’t be discouraged.  If you feel strong about an idea, pitch it to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  We need someone that can write legibly and fluently.  English majors and multi-talented writers are always a plus.

Now here’s your task:  Send us a page’s length of a piece of your writing.  It can be about anything you want.  Begin your piece by introducing yourself and telling us what you’re about.  Boring subjects are due to fail so make it interesting…j/k.  We’re not jerks, so take it easy and feel good about what you write.   If all goes well, we will announce our new writer(s) by the end or mid next month.  We wish everyone luck!  Send your entries to WordOnMars@gmail.com


~ by broken1i on March 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Update #1 // Word On Mars Wants You!”

  1. This isn’t doing so well -_-‘

  2. You’re killing me guys >_>

  3. I would like to apply and will send you a paper as soon as i finish my research paper it’s 15 pages long a try to do half a page a day so you should get my essay by next month sometime. Sorry for the inconvenience and I like your pic how do you change it, or if you can change mine to a picture of Pain I would greatly appreciate it thank you.

  4. I think you have to make an account to change your picture. I’ll double check for you.

  5. I figure out thanks.

  6. YAY!!!

    I can’t wait to apply.

  7. K good we’re getting a few applicants going ^_^

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