Bleach 349- The Lust 3

Hi everyone! I’m Ms.Mandi, one of the new writers here on Mars. I’ll be doing the Bleach breakdowns from now on as well as some other things. Hope you guys enjoy it!!


For those of you who have been keeping up with Bleach you know that Ichigo is getting his ass handed to him by Ulquiorra and now has a giant gaping hole in his chest. Leaving many speculating on whether Ichigo will take a second form as full hollow or die and come back as some badass hollow/shinigami hybrid like the guy from Underworld.


Meanwhile the badass vampire looking espada member wraps his tail around Ichigo and proceeds to throw him off the tower.  Orihime calls out her Rikka and stops Ichigo from becoming a human mud puddle. She rushed to help him up Ulquiorra stops her, telling her that she can’t help him.


Then out of nowhere Ishida flies through the air like Superman on crack shooting arrows everywhere while Boobs McGee aka Orihime runs to Ichigos side. Ishida shoots his load at Ulquiorra and when the dusts clears the Quincy and Espada banter.


Orihime reaches Ichigos seemingly dead body, and does her usual annoying crying and talking to herself bit. She falls to her knees and asks herself “What should I do?” repeatedly. Which I answered each time “kill yourself.”


Then  suddenly Ishida flies past her, missing left arm and Ulquiorra isn’t far behind.


They clash again in front of her, blood flying everywhere and she asks herself again “What should I do?” Which really pisses me off.


Then she starts saying Kurosaki a million times, screams then we get a shot of Ichigo transforming into something… what we will hopefully find out next week….


So overall this week was kind of boring for me.  The only cool thing was the cocky little shit Ishida losing his arm and Ichigo starting his transformation…I couldn’t care less about Boobs McGee and her whining. Maybe she’ll sacrifice herself and we won’t have to put up with her anymore…

Anywho, sorry this  breakdown sucked so hard. But this issue wasn’t the best. Hopefully the new one will be better… Until next time.



~ by Miranda on March 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Bleach 349- The Lust 3”

  1. I guess i should be the first to welcome Ms. Mandi This was a pretty good review, now what should i ask my first question on.

    I’m pretty sure that ichigo will be in a second state of his zanpaktuo or his second state hollow transformation that he may one day control. I say it could be the second state of his zanpaktuo like when he battle Byakuya Kuchiki. He told Byakuya that Zangetsu only taught him his Senkei but not Shuukei. With this in effect ichigo will be equal or even stronger than Ulquiorra. My prediction ichigo will come out swinging harder than ever with longer hair and a hollow arm.

  2. What do you think is it a hollow transformation or is it his zanpaktuo second state?

  3. I’m not sure, the hole in his chest implies hollow transform, but….who knows with Kubo…he likes to throw us for a loop.

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