Rules On Mars

Hey everyone,

Well as you can see we’ve been undergoing a few changes.  First off, we’ve changed our layout *gasp*…captain obvious is in town.  Secondly, we  have new writers!  New material will be posted on a regular basis so be sure to tune in!  A separate post will be dedicated to our new bloggers and what they’ll be writing about.  The weekly Naruto manga reviews will still be posted on Fridays.  Ok Lastly, we are implementing new rules, or rather a new rule.  I’ve had to delete some ridiculous comments lately so this will mainly be implemented to avoid borderline Naruto bashers and people that abuse profanity.  Cursing is allowed in your comments, but on a moderate level.  In other words, if I find a plethora of f-bombs in your comment, it will be deleted and you will receive a warning.  Second time offenders will be banned.  I repeat, second time offenders will be banned from Mars.  So let’s keep it on the classy proffesional side or prepare to feel the wrath of broken1i…that failed.  On a serious note, we hope to develop and maintain a clean fanbase so don’t ruin it.  Until next time my friends.

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rules On Mars”

  1. Oh Ronny, I love it when you tell me what to do 😛 You big strong man you….

    Seriously, nice.

  2. lolz Ms.Mandi

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