440 is out! The Great Yondaime + Chibaku Tech Revealed ‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫ ‫‫‫‫‫‫  ‫‫‫‫‫‫   Naruto Manga 439 Review ₪ 440 Predictions

Chapter 440 is out. Click here to read it. Courtesy of One Manga.  Enjoy!


Hey everyone,

Wow, where to begin?  So many plot holes were filled with this chapter that my head’s literally about to explode.  The predictions were endless, but who would of thought Minato Namikaze would make an appearance?  Absolutely nobody.  I’m willing to bet that this chapter was so epic that Hinata fans suddenly forgot about Hinata and shifted their focus to the great Yondaime.

Even Nagato’s moon making skills were overshadowed in my opinion.  Chibaku what?  Before I go on,  I hereby announce the exile of the word “tensei” in my reviews.  Tensei this, tensei that. Not even Naruto’s techniques sound so redundant.  On to the review before I write up a full blown rant about this haha.


Nagato uses his Chibaku tech to launch a black “ball” into the sky.  After the chakra infused “ball” became stationary, it immediately started attracting everything in its area.  Very similar to a black hole except the matter accumulated was compressed on the outside of the “ball” rather than absorbed into nothingness.  This also reminded me of rubber band balls for some odd reason.

Nevertheless, Nagato’s Chibaku mix consisted of trees, soil, rocks, and most likely forest animals.  If you look closely at the image above, you can see fresh smoke rising from the kyuubi’s recent laser cannon from the previous chapter.


Nom, nom, nom, on goes the conglomeration of what Nagato compares to a moon the sage of the six paths made long, long ago.  Little does he know that moons are really made out of cheese, duh!  What a  moron, right guys? lol

Konan continuously warns him about the risk of using the Chibaku blank under his current condition.  At this point, I’m guessing his chakra is back to where it was after he used his Super Shinra t_____ that destroyed much of Konoha.  Nagato quickly dismisses Konan’s plea and proceeds to capture the  fox.  I found it funny how the fox said, “Woahhhhhh!,” as it was being sucked in.


Ah yes, so everything is going as planned.  The nine-tailed fox has been captured and we can all go home and tell our friends about it…well, not quite.  Deep inside the fox’s conscience a helpless Naruto is battling to figure out why he could not answer pain’s question about facing hatred to bring peace to the ninja world.

Folks, who in their right mind would answer that on the spot?  Usually, before contestants go to beauty pageants they more or less know the kind of questions judges throw at them…totally absurd.  Plus Naruto should already know that Nagato is crazy out of his mind, living in his own little optimistic world.22

This is the part where the panels show a lot of gore.  😀 Naruto just can’t find the answers to his questions and it’s killing him deep down because he wants to earn the title of Hokage legitimately.  He becomes so confused that he starts to hear out the caged nine-tailed fox.  Not a great idea…

The fox proposes that in exchange for his heart, he’ll grant Naruto protection.  Then, the weirdest shit happens. Naruto rips off his jacket and Minato’s seal appears on his abdomen.  The seal then spins so hard within Naruto’s stomach that a deep hole is formed and blood starts seeping out onto the boiling chakra…eww.


As Yamato rushes to the village, he notices that the 8th tail has been released hence the number 8 appearing on his palm.  “Eight!!? Shit!!,” gets me every time 😆  Back on the battlefield, Pain’s chibaku “ball” slowly starts to crumble as he wonders what gives.  The Kyuubi’s dreaded 7th and 8th tails are released as the fox easily plunges through the thick mold of rocks.


Like I said before, Nagato seems to be out of tricks so it’ll be interesting to see what he does in the upcoming chapters.  I’ll take a little excerpt from my previous reviews to explain the image above: “I’m guessing once he reaches the seventh tail he’ll start to look more like the original nine tails fox and the skeleton over his body will develop skin and whatnot.”  Definitely hit the nail on the head for this one.

Hey how you doing buddy?  Haven't seen you in so long ^_^
Hey how you doing buddy? Haven’t seen you in so long ^_^

I was expecting Yamato to let out the f bomb when he saw the 9 appear on his palm, but  instead he crapped his pants which is equally as good.  Just as Naruto was about to remove the seal and release the nine-tailed demon fox a familiar figure grabbed his arm and thrust him away from the seal.


Who would of thought that the 4th Hokage would be the one to reveal himself to Naruto?  Again, nobody.  Kishi stun the Narutoverse with this wild juncture.  I was so shocked that I deemed it fake until the spoiler from a legit source was released.  If you read the Kakashi Gaiden you learn that Minato has a calm and collected demeanor.  Very much like his sensei, Kakashi shared the same behavior which made him very likable.

Naruto was just as shocked as we were upon seeing the 4th.  The upcoming chapters are sure to cover a lot of plot holes such as what happened on the dreaded day Minato sacrificed himself to the omnipotent death god?  What happened to his mother Kushina (Naruto’s mom) and Rin (Minato’s pupil)?  And now that Nagato is on the brink of death, the unveiling of his story seems inevitable.  How did Yahiko die?  When did he start messing around with the chakra receivers?  Why is he crippled?  The questions are endless.

So some people believe that Minato isn’t quite there and he is an illusion in Naruto’s mind which is totally plausible, I seem to differ.  I believe that he isn’t just some illusion because he makes reference to, “seeing how [his] son had grown,” rather than just disappearing or not saying anything after thrusting Naruto away from the seal.  Sure his physical body has long been buried, but his soul remains a mystery.  The story goes as follows: Soon after the sealing of the nine tails in Naruto’s body the death god consumed Minato’s soul, sentencing him to an eternity of battle in its stomach. (Naruto Wikia)  Before I let you go, I pose this question.

It’ll be interesting to see if Naruto suppresses the demon fox and reverts back to his normal unconscious self.  If that happens, expect Nagato to take advantage and capture him.  Until next time my fellow readers.  If your theories differ from what I’ve proposed be sure to post them in the comments section!  Tune in for my next post. 😛

-ron “broken1i”

On a sidenote, I know my reviews are mediocre and not that great, but I’ll keep writing them till I get it right.  Believe it! haha.


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  1. motherfucking awesome!!!

  2. uno again
    Now that Nagato is super weak it may leave a chance for him to escape and teams like anbu team and Gai team to stop Naruto from being taken away.

    awesome !!

  3. I see i was two just missed it Darn lol

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    Nagato definitely seems poised to finish things off so I wouldn’t expect him to leave so soon. 😛

  5. am o intrebare:a murit cumva RIN?stiu ca nu e la subiect dar va rog raspundetimi.Am citit acum kakashi gaiden…:(( am si plans un pic :(( NOT FAIR!!!!!!

  6. hmmm lets see cool my pic is on

  7. @respecttokakashi: Here at word on mars we accept all comments in all languages. I did some research and you are indeed speaking romanian which I can’t speak at all. Here is a response to your question. Yes, Rin is confirmed to be dead. She doesn’t die in the Kakashi Gaiden, but she happens to die later on.

    @manny814: Nice. Glad you got it working ^_^

  8. thnx a lot.I forgot to speak in english =))

  9. haha its cool 😛

  10. Wow I’m still speechless, Pain’s technique would of been cool if it actually worked on Naruto. Kish is bring out the big guns from no tails to 6 and two chapters later 6 to 8 and next chapter a possible 9 wow!

  11. On another note Konan said “there no need to go that far”. Nagato’s “this is the fox were talking about I can’t afford to go easy on him, besides compare to the moon the sage of the six paths was said to have created, this is nothing”.

    This made me think that he is calling that Chibaku tech nothing? When we all look at it we say it’s nothing, but how many people in the ninja world can actually do this? I’m pretty sure it’s just him. It also makes us ask ourselves a question should we count Nagato out? I’m pretty sure that Nagato has something greater to show before this fight is over.

  12. That… Was.. Pimp

  13. BULLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is crap. Does Kishi want to end this manga. Its way too early for this kind of crap and happening so damn fast. I mean look the apperance of the tails in just 3 chapters is redicule.

  14. … -_- ¥o duudes… man mashashi has made his money now he ending the manga…. he is a plater

  15. I totally agree with sam_i_am:)24. How many tail it take to end this arc? But I disagree in one point: the “nothing” was referring to the size of the rock. The sage said it needed a moon-like-rock. Perhaps that’s after the 9th tail Naruto is free from Chibaku “moon”.

    Speaking of tails, 9 out of 9 tails are out, yet the Fox is still there. It must be some major gastro, that on pages 12 and 14/15. BTW, did you see on p.15: muscles, eyes and no bones exposed? The door seal should be the skin.

    I thing Kinshi said to himself: “OK! I’m kind of tired of this tail countdown. Let’s finish this, once for all”. But, by doing this, Naruto is very close to become Super Sayajin. (It’s not a monkey tail, but that fox ones will do.)

    Nope, I not happy with this chapter. Things got too fast.

  16. I didn’t see FEvered eyes comment before. And again:

    Nope, I’m not happy with this chapter. Things got too fast.

    (Kinshi is that fast because he has awaken his sharingan?)

  17. This chapter definitely suggests that the end is near, but there’s still so much to cover. Nice sharingan reference 😛 I think Kishi doesn’t want to drag the story longer than it should be, but he’s definitely going too fast for my liking.

  18. If he does revert to his self its obvious sasuke is gonna come or something he hasnt showed himself yet but wernt he on his way to konoha ?

  19. the coolest thing was the way naruto found out who his father is…. And we’ll see a lot more from naruto so i’m really happy that this fight is goin to end fast…

  20. the next chapter number is 440. dont u think it is kinda weird that yondaime is coming at a chapter with so many fours??

  21. I never thought of that actually. Maybe chapter 444 will be beyond epic.

  22. I defenetly think that there is way too much to fill in the naruto story for the manga to finish.

    1. The sasuke arc
    2. The unmasking of Tobi/madara
    3. The defeat of Tobi/madara
    4. The end of akatsuki
    5. Naruto as Hokage

    Just to name a few.
    If all of this doesn’t happen in Naruto shippuden the Naruto manga might take another fast forward time spin where Naruto is like 21 years old or so. That would defenetly be cool to see.

  23. Sooooo, yeah for Naruto knowing who is daddy is! I can’t wait for the next chapters…

  24. Minato will help naruto take control over the nine tailed
    fox’s chakra as he himself said he set it that once eight tails appeared he will show up in naruto’s mind so as to prevent the fox from being released. And on the other hand I would say minato is finished as he reacted for the first time since the battle began to be suprised that the fox broke lose from his so called tech.

  25. i think Nagato (Akatsuki) will eventually succed in taking Kyuubi from Naruto at the cost of losing Deva Path.. later on Tsunane will revive Naruto (just like Gaara) at the cost of her life, then Naruto become Hokage, then the new super enemy which is: Danzou and his force (stronger than Akatsuki; as commented by Uchiha Madara) will come.. Nagato is very weak, i guess he will grant his eye to someone and then die, probably to Naruto (because Rinnegan eye is so precious, in cant be disppeared just like that in Naruto story, and Nagato realise that Naruto share the same sadness just like him).. hmmm.. since Nagato died Akatsuki change their direction, no more world domination, btw Madara gets fixed his Mangekyo Sharingan by tailed-beast power, and the rest of Akatsuki is not so important in storyline. So the new war begin in Naruto world.. lead by Danzou, who wants to turn the world into war..

  26. Anon Crazy idea i wish this could happen. Except Naruto should be the 7 or 8 hokage not right after tsunade that’s too soon . What number hokage do you think should naruto? Any thoughts?

  27. Not a bad prediction anon, but I think Nagato will die soon. I had the weirdest thought that Kabutomaru would take Nagato’s eyes and transplant them as his own. Weird..anyhow I think Naruto is slated to be the 6th Hokage for sure. Thoughts on the new layout?

  28. the coolest thing was the way naruto found out who his father is

  29. This made me think that he is calling that Chibaku tech nothing?

  30. lol why? I only saw the first minute. -_-

  31. i aprove 🙂

  32. I have been reading here and what some of the comments are? I should post a comment here also now and then.


  33. so if adding natral chakra to narutos severly increased narutos chakra and streangth what will happen if he adds the 9 tails chakra to it? maybe that is the secret tecknek or maybe this new chakra is needed for the move

    Ps. forgive my spelling

  34. Anon one more thing, he could give his eyes to Naruto and say with these eyes you can see what i see in this world.

  35. He didn’t rip off his jacket, the kyuubi did!

    Don’t you see his shocked “!” as if he’s saying in expression “what the!?”

  36. I saw it as he was willingly giving in, but you’re totally right. I’ll change it if I have the time >_> *tosses cash @ comet* sshhh $)

  37. I wonder how Minato will help Naruto.

    Maybe Minato will reveal the secret of the key. To help naruto either control or supres the nine tails chakra.


  38. If its to supress the nine tails chakra Naruto will have to return to the battle as himself and find a way to return to sage mode

    If its to control maybe we will see a new naruto that is in complete control of the nine tails chakra in ways that will allow him to use the chakra without being completely taken over by the fox would be the best and would be completly awesome

  39. i read a spoiler ,,
    minato also will reveal some jutsus in naruto’s consciouness ….
    Yes ,, the KEY to the seal is also revealed ,, Geretora (frog) ,, cms n gives it

    Kishi , U ROCK dattebayo !! 🙂

  40. @oxo_Pain : This isn’t a spoiler but a well writen prediction From: The Special One of NarutoCentral Forum

    Here is a link if anyone wants to check out the PREDICTION


    I got to admit it would be preaty cool if this happened

  41. I’m hoping that’s what Jiraiya meant by that jutsu. Here’s a link to another instance where he mentions it. I posted it on my first ever review.


  42. It seems that Jiraya always wanted Naruto to learn how to control the 9 tails chakra. After all he was the one who teached Naruto how to seep into that power in the first place. It seems very logical that ” that jutsu” and the key were were the tools used to attempt to control the 9 tail power. If this is the case we will be seeing the real results behind the two years of Jiraya training.

  43. i think the reason why it happens too fast; 6 tails to 8 tails is because of what had happen to hinata, it boost naruto’s emotion that he can’t think of repressing himself.

  44. Just want to add from that vote that it’s clearly told in the 439 that it’s just an illusion of Minato that was generated by the seal. Minato said that he had made this seal on purpose to show him to Naruto by the way of his unconcious if Naruto would have planned to release the eight stade.

    A damned chapter again 🙂 hope to see soon the story that Minato has to tell Naruto.

  45. It seems like more than just an illution to me . An illution would be more of a recording that would play later on as a message. This Minoto on the other hand interacts with Naruto , by pulling him away from the seal, and has a genuine verval reaction towards his dislike of seeing the 9 tails again and his enjoyment of seeing his grown up son once again. This actions by Minato make for a very convincing argument that he was indeed sumoned there in mind or spirit somehow.

  46. well, we`ve seen many strange and unpredictable things in Naruto so,
    DUH!, Minato is real, well as it was said he doesn`t have material form ,but i think he is somehow linked with kyuubi sealing technique
    (has to do something with Ying Yang chakra (chapters before JirayavsPain))
    I think this chapters will be somthing like Sasuke had with Madara explaining everything that had happened,(its Narutos turn)
    Well as the fact of reversing back and Supressing kyuubi I think its time he learnt how to stop it himself, Yamato is out of question he had trounles with 4 tails (its already 9 tails. not fully appeared though)

    P.S Definitly agree with the rewiew and spoilers for next chapters

  47. So its a possibility that the Kyubi’s Ying and Minato’s Yang are both sealed in Naruto some how.

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  49. lol, Thanks! ^^

  50. Nagato draining all of his chakra into the last tech does seem to pin him down a bit, but it never clearly states his real body is crippled. Him using other bodies could to be for a safety precaution, as it was made clear when he wouldn’t even approach kakashi after he was clearly beaten that he was a bit…cautious of possible traps. Why else would he go to the Leaf with a full squad of himself rather than omni-powered Pein? Simple.. he is a safety nut who doesn’t want to do something stupid. (his body being weak-looking is easily possible through him funneling chakra to keep what.. 8 others running and fighting.. and healing.. and using super techs) Also last note on Nagato… Sharingan can manipulate space/time in weird ways, byakuugan can see nearly 360 degrees for miles, what exactly does the rinnegan do? Surely it has a purpose beyond god-esque power, I would think anyways. If that is it’s purpose… would it be so notably more limited than the fox which seems to be omnificent?

    Methinks he’s not done yet. But Naruto getting control of the fox is not an unlikely possibility; after all, the question would still remain how would that do against say.. Sasuke’s Ameterasu (seeing as it nearly killed the 8-tails in 1 shot). Even if nagato captures naruto, it’d open up the final chapter of Akatsuki vs. world. (Considering the …w/e kage brother of the 8-tails said he’d gather all the villages to wage war on akatsuki not long ago). And yes, who could forget innocent playful, secretly light-speed travelling, space-time manipulating tobi with his vendetta versus the leaf.

    The climax could easily be procrastinated out, but the setup is already made with every face and card on the table (Nagato’s location, 9-tails, sasuke’s power unleashed, tobi <_< (i like tobi)) I find it unlikely that the story can really pan out much further. I mean, the eyes with the power of freaking god, the all-powerful demon fox from hell being unleashed to be controlled or (suppressed until naruto gets mad again?), if theres a chapter after this… it would resemble dragonball Z with every attack capable of blowing up half the world . They already do that with Narutofox’s kamehameha hyper ball… and Nagato’s puppet’s “I’m gonna build a moon” and “I guess ill destroy this …city… now” attacks.

    No offense to anyone who thinks otherwise… but you can only make characters so powerful before the story has to end! Needless to say, it’ll be interesting in the final twists yet to come!

  51. a note i meant a series after this, it would become dragonball Z. not chapter. and i forgot to mention… every demon was under the control of the holder. Naruto has to get control of the fox, but what wil that open up? He’ll become a demi-god with natural energy, AND the most powerful demonic energy, with a superb ammount of chakra on his own… can’t wait to see the purpose of limitless power (beyond nagato’s “Mess with me and I destroy your continent” Peace Machine 2.0)

  52. Where is sasuke in the midst of all this..he took an oath to crush konoha..

  53. @Eric: Well see when I said that Nagato was crippled I didn’t imply it in the literal sense. It was more figurative humor. I agree that his current shape has to do with his overuse of chakra, but we don’t quite know that. Maybe his overuse of chakra can be tied to his fatigue and bleeding. I honestly think he’s physique can be attributed to the chakra receivers that are pierced on his body. Also, Sasuke wouldn’t have taken out Killerbee without the help of his comrades. He almost died twice before he “captured” him. But I do agree that there are parallels to Dragonball Z in the sense that the strongest jutsus are being revealed. Good job Eric.

    @Abhi: I picture him arriving after team Gai and Yamato’s crew. There won’t be anything to destroy so I’m guessing he’ll go after Danzo and the elders, assuming they’re alive.

  54. Well im quite suprised that yondaime made an aperance(my lil bro shit his pants up when he saw him) but again and again i wll say this: folks he is a ilusion. And again:folks he is an ilusion. I will not tell that the third time.
    Anyway i thik that naruto will supres that chakra and revert back fighting with pain. I olso saw a spoiler where he uses a special kunai from his father( fake for sure) and leave that emo sasuke( i hate sasuke by the way) he will not apear. well thats all and i am opening up a new question:WILL NARUTO LEARN SOMETHIN NEW BESIDES RASENGAN AND KAGEBUNSHIN AND MILION WARIATION OF BOTH OR HE WILL STAY THAT WAY!!!???

  55. @blah: Naruto isn’t a genius. He’s creative. He goes thru ways nobody imagine. That’s why he surprises all — the number one unpredictable ninja. Yet, Naruto is a teenage who mastered jutsus that no one did in a lifetime. He is a genin so powerful that everybody in the village had to sit and watch him fight. Where he comes from? Earth? Mars? Vegeta? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the mighty Kuuby didn’t wipe the village out as Pein did in one blast. As I said before, Naruto is very close to become Super Sayajin, actually is closer to become a SSJ than a Hokage.

    BTW, all characters in the manga learn their basic jutus and adapted or improved them.

  56. Abhi Says:
    Where is sasuke in the midst of all this..he took an oath to crush konoha..

    Mythus Says:I picture him arriving after team Gai and Yamato’s crew

    There is no Way Sasuke will show up, I mean just after Pain arrived to Konoha there were pics of Madara telling Sasuke to go rest and tend wounds, so THERE IS NO WAY he would show up, if he does then kishimoto doesn`t have the sense of time, Its just I really dont wont him to show up it would be stupid and let me tell you next chapters won`t have any Action, but it will be awesome with infos so I`m looking for it:)

  57. @AkakiMc: what/where did I say?

  58. Mythus:well that creative side of his wont get him anywhere (he wasnt a match for pain and he still has to train to surpas kakashi, you know naruto easly defeated all pains body but but yahiko beat him to a pulp in a mater of seconds and kakashi fought against yahiko much longer) so he beter come up with something new( like kakashi who uses a new jutsu in almost every fight).

  59. I upload a new Gravatar hope it turns out well

  60. The hero of the story, in his trademark orange and blue, fights an incredible enemy. Some of his friends are dead. His training works until the ultimate enemy is at full power. The blond, spiky haired hero transforms into something of legend due to the assault of his friend. His eyes change colour and he is more aggressive. The bad guy, now at full power, still can’t hurt him. Huge amounts of destruction are caused in 5 minutes. The bad guy tries everything, but the enraged hero keeps getting stronger. What is this mangaka, who was inspired by a Shonen series, going to write next?My predictions are for the next Hokage: 1. Tsunade is weakened, but remains Hokage. 2. Danzo finally becomes the Hokage during the commotion (most likely, as it will affect the story the most). 3. Naruto becomes Hokage.
    For the Kage meeting, all I know is: Hokage = Tsunade/Danzo/Naruto, Mizukage = Madara (probably), Tsuchikage = No one cares, Raikage = Killer Bee’s brother, and Kazekage = Gaara. Danzo would probably start a war. I have no idea what’s going to happen between Naruto and Pain. I think Killer Bee is going to help Naruto control the Kyuubi, or maybe Minato, or maybe someone else. Or maybe he learns on his own. Kakashi is definately dead. Pain may use him somehow to repress Naruto’s chakra. I don’t know. Too much happening. My brain imploded-duh-duh-duh-duh!

  61. I agree with the Eric Vaschez first part and blah last comment. Naruto still has a lot to learn. Would you go to the leaf village by yourself knowing it has a lot of military power? I wouldn’t, Nagato though this through he even planned for certain scenarios, like how can he find out the location of the nine tails. He decide that if i have more people i could find more information or if i had a justu that can get information instantly, that’s why he need the ninja that can do that and took his body for his own use.

    I also can’t forget what Jiraiya said, out of all the great eye technique the rinnegan is the strongest, i still think we have yet to see the full extent of it’s power. Rokudo Sennin created the ninja world with those eyes.They always say that the son is stronger than the father prime example Yondaime = Naruto or a possible one Rokudo = Nagato. If Naruto beats Nagato you might as well say Naruto is the strongest in the ninja world, but if Nagato beats Naruto (what should happen) then it’s saying the creator can destroy what he creates.

  62. Check this out http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/431/05/ the last 2 panel, tsunade face and her hand, if she hasn’t died she has lost her ability to heal herself and I’m pretty sure that if a legendary medical ninja can’t heal herself then, she may have lost her chakra control ability, or either she could die from using all her chakra. Second option has 75% chance of this happening.

  63. Sorry forgot to add see what Sakura tells tsunade Well done tsunade like those are here last words to her. I think if she could of help her then she would of right there but she couldn’t do any technique that can restore chakra.

  64. I don’t think Tsunade is quite dead yet. We still don’t know of Danzo’s intentions. When he killed the frog messenger that was going to warn Naruto about the village’s invasion he could of done it for to protect him so that he couldn’t be captured. I don’t see Danzo going after Tsunade in her weakened state. There’s no honor in that.

    I don’t think Kakashi is dead yet. Until he removes that mask, he will remain alive. My co-writer suggested that he wears the mask to distinguish himself from his father, the “White Fang”. He didn’t want people to confuse him with his abandoned father. His troubled past still consists of some plot holes, the biggest being his promise to protect Rin. The removal of his mask will show us that he is content. If I have time, I’ll try to photoshop what he’ll look like without the mask.

  65. What do you guys think that will happen to Nagato now?

    He will understand Naruto’s point of view and join him in the fight against akatski and Madara (the Garra syndrome)

    He will continue on his fight till the very end untill he is left with no chakra never thinking that Naruto’s vision of peace can ever be a reality

    He will fight until he is defeated by Naruto and finaly think that maybe Naruto is right during the last seconds of his life

    He cannot be defeated because Naruto isn’t strong enough

    He will defeat Naruto with another “Tensei” technique

  66. i think nagato’s pein puppet is gonna get obliterated, then either he recovers and goes himself with a power level never imagined… or filler until that happens later. I don’t think the manga is ready to end yet, too many open ends 🙂

    The kage meeting for war on akatsuki should open the final chapter though, after all.. all villages united against nagato would bring “peace” as naruto would want, and in the end there might be a sweet peaceful understanding (after thousands die against nagato and the remaining akatsuki). It will be interesting to see how that builds into, but i’d bet anything that’s how it’s gonna be 😀

  67. Oh a side-note. It’s building into Naruto’s dream of peace, while letting Nagato use pain and suffering to unite the world as well. Everyone wins, countless die. Isn’t that life’s lesson all along?

    Seriously though. Expect (minus filler side-quests) that to be the end result of this endeavor; peace in the ninja world after a unity, war, and victory against Nagato (tobi?). Maybe sasuke dying. i hope (too emo, AND arrogant. a mix nature should not allow)


  68. Just watched the spoiler… Next chapter “last battle with pain” it says nothing about the last battle with NAGATO or Tobi. So im pretty sure im right.

    Further, and this is ponderable. Tobi/Madara has some pretty wicked power to do what he does with light-speed travel, space-time manipulation… control of the fox and manipulation of everyone around him. Is he more powerful than Nagato if he tries? Is he going to be the final antagonist in the manga if nagato falls? What will he accomplish and how?

  69. i think the second pupil of the jiryia who was with minato will apear and answer all the question to naruto

  70. well there`s a lot to discuss, Pain or Madara , Sasuke or Naruto , but how about this?

    if Pain loses the power of Akatsuki will be damn too weakend to countinue
    it`s Plans,
    Naruto as you guys said he still needs to learn something… but what power? tecknique? whats left? controling Kyuubi …this manga is definitly is going to Naruto Vs Sasuke , yes Naruto is definitly strong but against Mangakyo`s Genjutu`s he still is weak, though Amaterasu wont be a problem Naruto in Sage mode is fast so Amaterasu wont catch him, so again and again we are going to Jiraya Chapters before Pains VS Jiraya
    talk that 4th Hokage sealed only good chakra inside Naruto or So…
    Plus there is already a confirmed spoiler that Naruto Escapes Pains
    BALL TENSEI or so:) and yes he is in Sage mode so… whad`you think?
    Rinnegan or Sharingan?
    you guys dont get it … Rinnegan is definitly stronger that Sharingan But what about Sharingans second mode? Mangakyo Sharingan? is it stronger or weaker?
    or do you think being able to control 6 Ninjas to it`s full content is showing that rinnegan is weak? or you really think that Naruto is that weak? Kakashi? kakashi didn`t have a chance all he was able is to buy time…at best he is half dead now.. but no he is dead nor Tsunade nor Naruto sensed him. What about naruto? he won againt Guys who Crushed/Destroyed/annihilated the WHOLE DAMN VILLAGE which is the strongest in Fire country AND YOU STILL THINK NARUTO IS WEAK? (sorry for being so worked up) its just I bet when you first saw Narutos Sage mode killing 1 pain bodys after another you thought So COOOOL , and now some of you ar saying, damn so weak, Naruto didn`t even try fighting GOD REALM he was too confused with questions, and he wasn`t in sage Mode, whats more he not only surpassed Kakashi he is definitly stronger the Jiraya Himself… what we dislike in Naruto most? HE IS STUPID what is he doing now ? he is starting to think consequnses of what he is doing …

    P.S sory for all of this to tell the truth i`m not even that Fan of Naruto just reading it but posting something that you dont eve want to think about plz stop it:)

  71. When Minato sealed kyuubi he sealed half of fox soul and half of his soul in Naruto and other two halfs destroyed by Death God. because of that he apeared in Naruto’s mind just like the Kyuubu in the kage apeare in Naruto’s mind. Ok than

  72. Naruto is beyond any other ninja in sage mode. Otherwise, wouldn’t pain have lost more than you know… 2 (?) bodies before naruto stepped in and killed ALL (except god realm) of them twice?

    He’s the strongest, it’s made very clear. As for Pein… I’d rather watch Nagato fight without having to transfer all his energy many many miles away to multiple bodies (and changing his frequencies of it, spending more energy)! He’s made to be bad-a$$ and I want to see him mad!

  73. Well i still don’t think we’ve seen the full extent of the Rinnegan, Nagato made Naruto go from no tales to 6 in one chapter also 3 chapter later from 6 to 8 and when Yamato looked in his hand it said 9 even with 6 tales Naruto was only able to tear of his coat and at 8 only able to get out of his Chibaku tech maybe 9 might hurt him a lot but not enough to kill him, so i wouldn’t count Nagato out just yet. Perhaps Naruto will talk to him and convince him to help stop mandara violence and together they could work towards world peace.

  74. If Naruto finishes the fight how would he end it? Check out this crazy image. http://mangahelpers.com/photoplog/images/48887/1_Jiraiya_Pein.jpg

  75. :D:D funny pic, but next time i should be better it`s fake and its so clear

  76. 440 is our everybody !!!


  77. This episode was kinda like the calm before the storm. 441 should be very interesting.

  78. Sorry for the delay guys. Pretty hectic week hence my lateness with the spoilers and everything. I’ll respond to the most recent comments when I can. Review should be up tonight :p. Also, tune in tomorrow for Hinata’s article 😛

  79. 79 responses. A record on Mars, right? 😉

  80. yeah we’re rather new lol don’t make fun. When I made the blog I did it for fun tbh. Then I started recruiting writers and wualah :p

  81. now you are going to take over the world (or at least mars) . Wa hahaha LOL

  82. u have to admit it was very obvious that naruto was the son of the 4th hokage naruto knows almost every technique the the 4th does the rasengan,summoning, shadow clone,maybe even the rasen-shuriken we dont know if the 4th knew that and u also had to see that naruto would become the 6th hokage after tsunade gave him the neclace it was all a matter of time

  83. @tom: I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Rasengan is known by Minato, Jiraya, Kakashi, Naruto and Konohamaru. I haven’t seen Minato using shadow clones, but Kakashi did. Summoning is a common thing for he Sanin and for Kakashi and the 4th. Minato could not accomplish what Naruto did (rasen-shuriken). We didn’t see Naruto anything near from the “yellow flash”. Is also good to remember that Jiraya said that Naruto may look like the 4th, but his manners is much closer to his mother. Naruto is nothing close to his father in he subject of seals. If ninja ability is a measure to who is father and son, Kakashi is much closer than Naruto to the 4th.

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