Character Evaluation: Hyuuga Hinata

Hello everyone. I’m blossom009, one of the newest writers on this site. I met broken1i through a manga community site and it is thanks to his generosity that I get to have this privilege to express my thoughts about our common interests. Expect One Piece chapter reviews and Naruto-related articles from me. I will also write about other pieces encompassing anime and manga we so lovingly tune in to. Well, enough about self-introduction. Let’s get down to business….

My blog debut will involve perhaps one of the characters who for some time, has graced Naruto forums triggered by her heroism. At this moment, she might no longer be taking the spotlight since the Yondaime has listlessly taken her place. But let’s give her some justice, especially when Hyuuga Hinata is extremely worth it. I believe she deserves more love than we offer to, which leads me to write about her character analysis.

But before I actually start with my article, let me just explain one thing: I do my homework. This means that I make my own research and I cultivate my keenness in observing a particular character. I analyze her personality, her mannerisms, her words and gestures, heck, I even analyze her style of clothing. But more importantly, I fish for subtleties that lie in her character. Some of these things usually go unnoticed for baffling reasons but when you get to catch it and understand it, the reward you’ll get is as awesome as a new fighting technique (especially when you consider yourself an otaku ^__^).

So here is my Hinata character evaluation:


She is not your typical heroine. She is not the ill-tempered hottie who can boss around the main protagonist of the story. She is not the perky type whose smile and optimism can cheer up her team at the verge of losing. Nor she is the kind whose kindness and fairness pave way to her teammates’ harmony. Hyuuga Hinata initially appears like an average girl and if it weren’t for her diamond-like Byakugan, she would have become the quintessence of mediocrity. But behind her thin shadow of existence lies a character whose resolve is in constant clash, though her heart is so pure. More importantly, she possesses the gift to see the goodness in others – the first person who perceives what’s inside of Naruto, not because he is her apple of the eye, but because she distinguishes the solidity of his will and strength. And she has recognized that long before his friends did so.

Appearance: second

As far as physical beauty is concerned, Hinata is definitely the most different. She exudes beauty, but not by usual quality…. Definitely not as charming as Sakura, nor as hot as Tsunade. Her Byakugan is apparently her most outstanding quality as its colorless (or maybe silver) appearance gives her an exotic look. Before the timeskip, when all of our Genin characters look giddy and cute, she sports bobbed hairstyle, with two ahoges in front of her ears. This even gives her more different look compared to other girls since most of them have longer hair, if not, they are fixed in a fashionable manner with twin buns (Ten-Ten) or a girly hair twist (Ino). Perhaps she is also the most conservative among them – that is as far as outfits are involved. She usually wears a very sporty, white jacket and Capri pants, again, in contrast to others who follow the normal standard of beauty…. Not much a “show-some-skin-to-attract-boys” fan. However, her own sense of style doesn’t lessen her femininity. In fact, she is quite girly, in a sense that she is very timid and listless – qualities implanted to a woman (especially from a noble class).

After the timeskip, when all of our characters transcended from Genin to Chuunin (except Naruto), Hinata also updates her style – but only in a limited manner. She starts to look more like her fellow Chuunin comrades, with her long, soft-flowing purple hair. Letting her hair down brings her a more radiant aura and her hair color creates a perfect contrast to her eyes’, paving way to her more vivacious look. Her sporty, white jacket turns into a long-sleeved dress – sporty, but at the same time, very feminine. The changes in her physique and style manifest her growth into a more womanly ninja who fits in the crowd by adapting their fashion and social system.


The most noticeable thing about Hinata, at least in the readers’ perspective, is her secret crush on Naruto. She usually crumples in inhibition and blushes her heart out as Naruto passes by, or when the clueless boy turns his attention directly on her and talks to her. But this behavior is not only reserved for Naruto; she acts similarly towards others only on a platonic level (without the blush-y stuff). She usually bows her head when talking, her smile vanishing as she exerts very hard to make a decent conversation with them. Fortunately, her growth after the timeskip also encompasses her social maturity; she smiles more often and she has deleted that “bow-my-head-when-talking-to-someone” in her vocabulary. But poor Hinata…. Her suffering from Naruto fever just grows stronger. In fact it becomes so strong that she starts hallucinating romantic invitations from the “still-clueless” guy, like how Harima dreams about Tenma’s affection, to the point where she faints both from inhibition and giddiness.


Timid. Very timid. To the point where her projection turns poor and her behavior turns bad. In a world of ninja where everyone stands stupendously and demonstrates dazzling personality, one has to step-up her game, or her world will go unseen. This has become Hinata’s case, where her shadow grows thin as she gives in to her timidity. Unlike Sakura and Ino who have the capacity to grab anyone’s attention due to their charm and bossiness, she usually prefers to stand behind the back of others, satisfied by merely observing her fellow ninjas. She has become complacent since she no longer bothers to contribute to their social craziness but this is not because she’s born to be like that, but because she is too timid to even think of a way to blend in the crowd better.

Weak resolve. If there were a root for her timidity and passiveness, it would be her weak resolve. Hinata is just so weak-minded that she can no longer gather enough strength to even start a conversation with her allies. Contrary to her background, in which she belongs to the main branch of the high-class, Hyuuga clan, she behaves un-nobly. Everyone, specially her fellow Hyuuga relatives, expects her to at least project a sense of pride and strength. But she is in fact the opposite of it. The ever-growing conflict with Hyuuga Neji, who stands as the pride of the clan, has contributed to her familial and social pressure so immensely that her efforts go unnoticed. It’s that not it’s Neji’s fault to be born as an extremely exceptional Hyuuga, or as a “genius” – as how Rock Lee and Gai-sensei call it. However, being constantly compared to THE genius cousin from a branch family when it is her obligation to stand out among the crowd is quite degrading. To make this worse, Neji has increased the pressure by blatantly expressing his wrath against her and her family, making her feel more unworthy than ever. So, we can’t really blame Hinata for being such a weak-minded ninja since her fragile resolve has reasonable foundation. She is not one of those gifted ninjas like Naruto, Sasuke, and Neji, who are born with rare talents so she really has to work her butt off. But like what I just said, Hinata’s being pressured during training; Neji’s eyes are transfixed on her and the other clan members and even the other ninjas expect too much from her…. And these things have impeded her growth as a fighter. She doesn’t have solid resolve so her self-confidence can easily be pounded by mere words.


Passive. Timid and weak-minded. Of course, this will only result to passiveness. Hinata doesn’t usually engage in arguments, even when the situation calls it. Because she is too timid to voice out her thoughts and too weak-minded to stand up to her beliefs, she then settles on agreeing with the others and following their lead. Heck, she doesn’t have enough strength to fight an opponent, plus she can’t support herself with confidence, so why would she say “no?” To her, she doesn’t possess enough credibility to speak her mind due to her bad record as a ninja. “Why would they listen to me when I can’t even speak properly?” This usually goes on her mind, so, immediately settling to an agreement with her allies is the only decision she can muster. She just agrees and quits.

Perceptible. Perhaps this is what we can call as Hinata’s “redeeming value.” Her talent to see the beauty in others is very extraordinary and maybe, she is one of the chosen few who have such skill. I believe this is one of the reasons she’s into Naruto. Aside from the 3rd Hokage and Iruka-sensei, Hinata is able to see that there is something great about this boy – that, contrary to how the world at large perceives him, he is a person who perfectly embodies strength and optimism. She gets an instant resolve-boost as she looks at the enthusiastic ninja, making her feel that there is also hope for someone like her. Watching him even from afar always uplifts her spirits as she realizes that sore losers can prove judgmental as$h*%es wrong. This leads her to develop romantic feelings for him, especially when Naruto becomes her source of strength and inspiration. Clearly, her Byakugan is not a factor for her keen perception (though her beautiful eyes give her a benefit to see so many things invisible to the naked eye).

Note: This is just the first part of my Hinata Character Evaluation. I will post another part of it, encompassing her conflicts, role in the series, and quotes. I hope you will stay tuned. And more importantly, I do hope that you appreciate my work ^__^.


~ by blossom009 on March 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Character Evaluation: Hyuuga Hinata”

  1. You really did your homework. ^^

    But I’m kind of more interested in the second part of her profile. As I said in the 440’s review. The masters of Naruto are giving place to the next generation — which is one of my reasons why I believe that is no time for a rockie, especially like Hinata, die. So, what is Hinata’s roll in Naruto’s story? For me, as a character created to the public audience I see clearly why she’s so popular. Like Spider-man was created to fill the gap of a teenager hero in his time, Hinata was made to fill the gap of that girl is always lost in her thoughts, unwilling to expose herself and, maybe, that is still her duty in the storyline. She never did what she thought it was wrong, but only a few moments she really stood for what she believed it was her own job to do. That change/maturity is one thing that she must show to the audience, not only be killed to show that she grew up. What kind a message is that? “Grow up and die”!?

    But I’ll wait to see what you’ll bright in order to discuss a little more. 😉

  2. I kind of have to disagree with you on a point. I’m not sure if this is just an inital impression or what. But just because someone is timid and shy, does not mean they are weak. IMO I think Hinata is a strong woman, she just doesn’t realize how much potential she has. I honestly believe that she is just tapping into that fountain of potential. Hinata is one of my favorite female characters in Naruto. Just because she has the potential to be an amazing kunoichi.

  3. @ blossom009: Great job with your first blog i look forward to your work in the future. While your analysis of Hinata was very in depth it doesn’t seem to ask questions so as to encourage blogging conflict and opinion from readers. I do realize that it was written as an evaluation an was therefore very objective of hinata. However, because it is a blog you have to create the oportunity for the reader to want to aswer questions with their own opinions. Good luck on your second half of the Character Evaluation. 🙂

  4. Even though Naruto has achived great power I wouldn’t call him a gifted ninja. He was not born with these powers, he changed his desteny through hard work. Through hard hard work he wants to prove himself to Konohana. Likewise through hard work Hinata wants to prove herself to Neji and the Hyuuga family. The quality of never givin up was defenetly one of the qualities that Hinata always respected about Naruto.

  5. Mythus: I perceive her role in a different way but I agree with one of your points. I don’t think it’s necessary to end her participation in this series. She possesses talent that needs to be developed and she needs to grow as a ninja and as an individual. The illustration of her growth (how she deals with her conflicts and how she solves them) is very crucial in the series. I will elaborate this on the second part of this evaluation.

    Mandi: Perhaps I wasn’t able to express my idea very well. Her timidity and her weakness are two different things, but the latter is also a factor for her shy behavior ^__^.

    Manny: Thank you very much for your critique. I really like it when people give me onstructive criticisms on my work. It gives me clearer ideas on how to develop my skills. Anyway, I consider and follow your advice as I leave a series of question in my One Piece chapter review. It somehow appears like a sort of activity after reading a story in your book (the one that your teacher asks you to do after your reading activity), but I will surely try to polish it and hopefully come up with something more creative.

  6. Kakashi_lives: Perseverance is absolutely one of the values she learns from Naruto.

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