One Piece 536 Review

Hey guys. Blossom009 here. Once again, I take advantage of my privilege to post in this special corner, only with a different topic this time. My debut involved Hinata’s character analysis. I will continue discussing it on a different post because this one will talk about another series. Since I am a One Piece otaku, I will write articles inspired by it, mostly chapter reviews, which will analyze valuable issues one by one. Hope you enjoy it ^__^.


Aside from the ones who have experienced the horror of Chief Magellan’s Doku Doku no Mi firsthand, Luffy falls victim to its poisonous power and falters at the end of their battle. He is then sent to Level 5, Freezing Hell, which is to me, very rational given that his bounty is a staggering 3,000,000 belli and that his crazy stunt in Impel Down only shows the big-time, bad-ass personality he has. The chief first states that there won’t be any cure to all the poison he acquires from the battle. Then the prisoners of Level 5 agrees with the former’s evaluation, thinking that fighting Impel Down big boss puts him in such a bad shape and this Strawhat newbie will no longer be able to live the tale. But what truly makes this frightening is the conclusion that the medical teams have formed. These guys have solid medicinal knowledge so contending that the pirate will not make it shows that his case is extremely hopeless. With this thought, Bon-chan, who is currently copying Vice Chief Hannyabal only turns more dependent on the Okama-Queen-slash-miracle-lady Iva-san. He hopes to find this “miracle person” as he believes that his reputation as an Okama who can bring miracle to any hopeless case can revive the former’s friend.


Finally, the Okama Queen, who has been clouded in mystery is….. given a name!!!! Errrr, I admit it’s not much of a hip hip horray-ish revelation. Even so, a full name is a good way to at least break the ice. So his real name is Emporio Ivankov – a name specifically created for the “Star of the Okama World” – zo befitting for the ztylish and the zexy. It is a combination of Italian and Russian names, carrying the possibility that its origin might have come to a fabulous line of clothing and world-class gymnast. “Emporio” is more commonly known as a part of the Armani Line which sells clothes, accessories, bags, and perfumes, only that these are targeted for the younger generation. “Ivankov” on the other hand, might refer to Ivan Ivankov, a gymnast who has participated to several gymnastics competition. As Bon-chan resorts to looking for the Okama Queen for help, he proceeds to Level 5 and commences his plan to first save his Strawhat friend. But his pressure just gets worse when he spots a crossed mark against Iva-san’s name, implying that something bad must have affected his disposition.

The “demonings away,” as what the gaolers call it is the most probable cause of several prisoners’ disappearances, including that of Iva-san’s. Since the vigilant snails can’t work in Level 5, the mysterious evaporation of the Freezing Hell inmates can only be explained by such excuses to replace the gaol’s lack of rationality and at the same time, to scare them off. I gotta say that this “demonings away” is as controversial and as enigmatic as the Okama Queen’s real face and real skill, but knowing One Piece, this bizarre phenomenon might be caused by the environment of Level 5. The other possible causes will be discussed at the next panels. But no matter, Iva-san is missing and his unexplainable disappearance becomes more distressful in Bon-chan’s perspective since the former is the only remaining thing that might help Luffy. This Okama Queen does not only possess miracle, but he also holds Bon-chan’s hope for the Strawhat’s recovery.


This seemingly hopeless attempt to save Luffy brings both fortune and misfortune to Bon-chan. His Mane Mane no Mi fortunately grants him to imitate the second biggest Impel Down official, granting him special privileges and special access to special rooms such as this. But thanks to (the real) Vice Chief Hannyabal, he has to undergo the excruciatingly cold environment of Level 5, with nothing on, except that strange undergarment he wears. But, fortunately, Den Den Mushi is not working here, so he has the freedom to do anything nasty without getting attention from the gaolers. Unfortunately, he has the entire wolf unit team to deal with, which by the way, is a pack of insane creatures capable of even scaring the beasts in Level 2. Good thing is, he’s not alone. He has Buggy and Mr. 3 at his side, experiencing the same “pleasure” as him. Bad thing is, these two are not willing to deal similar pains with him. Sigh. Poor Bon-chan.

Again, sigh. My post is getting really long. Since this is just my second blog, I don’t want to stress you with a mouthful of post. I will definitely continue the second part of this one, so I hope you guys will wait for that. It’ll be richer in ideas, I promise you guys that. And thank you for reading. I do hope you enjoy it. ^__^


~ by blossom009 on March 23, 2009.

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