‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫ ‫‫‫‫‫‫  ‫‫‫‫‫‫   Update #3 Naruto 441 is OUT! // Naruto Manga 440 Review ₪ 441 Predictions

Naruto manga chapter 441 is out.  Click here to read it.  Credit to One Manga.  Enjoy and tune in for my next post!


Hey everyone,

Were you pleased by what was revealed in this chapter?  I sure wasn’t, but we did learn some things about the fourth.  If you haven’t read the chapter.  Here’s a link for your convenience.  Credit to One Manga.  I’ll be dividing this breakdown into two parts because of my hectic schedule.  This is part 1

This chapter had so much potential, yet nothing stood out in my opinion.  So rather then just run through the plot, let’s analyze what we learned.

Porkchop sandwiches!?

Naruto’s reaction upon hearing the fourth say, “You’re my son,” was pretty priceless.  He took it pretty well considering he was put through hell.  Come to think of it, had Minato never sacrificed himself, Naruto would have lived a normal life and the series would never exist.  Actually it would, but under the name “Yondaime” or “Minato”.  Meh, it wouldn’t be the same.

Unlike Naruto, there are others that don’t take the news of hearing from their dad, x years into their life, as well as he did.  Given that Minato is so cool, it’d almost be  be wrong to not give him the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, imagine your dad was some old fart from outerspace.  Oh wait, that’s happened before!

Ah yes the all so famous line, “I am your father,” *breathes heavily*/*WTF reaction*.  The only equal to this reaction would be finding out that Nagato was your father.  Blah, the thought of it makes me sick.  Forgive me if this is wrong, but I just pictured Nagato killing his child, plugging chakra receivers into his/her body and using “it” as a puppet.  That’s just wrong.  O_o

It’s ok, you’re my dad

Knowing Naruto, I was seriously expecting this for some odd reason.  In the heat of the moment he punched Minato in the chest.  Then he starts crying and they have a little father and son type moment.  Very similar to Kakashi’s reunion with with his dad, but we didn’t get to see any of that because Kishi wants to trick us into believing he’s dead.  By the way, the highlighted orange texts are links.

So on goes the converstation and Minato reveals that he is in fact alive in Naruto’s body.  That puzzles me on so many levels.  How can he be alive after sacrificing himself to the death god?  Is that even allowed?  I mean all this time, he witnessed everything from Naruto’s eyes yet he failed to make an appearance when the third and fourth tails were released.  I take that back, he did specifically say that he made the seal so that when the ninth tailed was about to be released, he’d make an appearance.  This suggests that he was locked in a jail cell like the demon fox.  That’s the only way I see it.  What do you guys think?  Read through them carefully.

Again if your theories differ from mine be sure to post them in the comments section.  Now, it could be that he has the unique ability to escape the death god hence his chakra use, but there’s one flaw to that.  How did he know about Konoha’s destruction and Jiraiya’s death prior to the ninth tail almost being released?  I’m leaning towards the “he can [willingly]  escape the deathgod” choice just because he shares the same knowledge as Naruto.  I’m most likely wrong, but it’s a good guess.

Who's behind that mask damnit.
Who’s behind that mask damnit?!

The extent of Madara’s power is still unknown, but judging by the Yondaime’s description he is ridiculously powerful.  This brought me back to thinking about what Itachi said a few chapters back: “Today Madara is a pathetic shell of his former self.”  Now, many took this to mean that Madara is weak, but I think Itachi was actually implying that he went from being the leader of the Uchihas to being abandoned by his on clan to being beaten by Shodaime and being stopped by the fourth.  If you go back, he actually praises Madara as  an invincible mortal which suggests that his power is unknown.

This post is obviously incomplete, but I don’t want to keep any of you waiting so I’m posting it now.  If all goes well Part 2 will be released later today.

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on March 26, 2009.

52 Responses to “‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫ ‫‫‫‫‫‫  ‫‫‫‫‫‫   Update #3 Naruto 441 is OUT! // Naruto Manga 440 Review ₪ 441 Predictions”

  1. UNO

    This was the calm before the storm type of episode.

  2. It seems that the 4th wants Naruto to put an end to the conflict in the ninja world. How will Naruto do this? One way would be to forgive Nagato and find a way for an understanding between the two. This is something that was suggested by the 4th and by Naruto’s comment that he didn’t think that he could ever forgive Nagato for what he did to Jiraya. Although an understanding between Naruto and Nagato seems impossible this seems to be what was suggested by the conversation between Naruto and his dad.

  3. Some things are clear now, naruto will find an answer and kill pain but making him happy as he found a good answer. naruto will engage madara using kyuubi’s power, that’s the only way to minato’s thinking to beat him but thinking how sasuke could supress kyuubis power it will be an interesting fight maybe it will be sasuke,madara vs naruto

    now to predictions for earlier period: pein will make another bigger moon that will be problematic to naruto, there is still the danger of danzou for a backstabby attack, i fear more characters will be lost with that kind of treason

    note: omg its getting dramatic every chapter first many losses, than hinata saying i love you and as last father son…. i have now no difference from my grandmom watching dramatic soap operas:D

  4. do i senc ea movie 4th vs masked man

  5. I wish lol it’d be epic to say the least

  6. Manny can’t agree with you more but i think Naruto will kill Pain cause the name pain is shared through the ninja world (4th and Nagato sated themselves) and Nagato will feel that he has lost his dream of peace and Naruto punches him and ask why he did all this stuff and ask why he killed Jiraiya, he apologizes and explain who order him and Naruto tells him that he is being used to future Mandara’s own purposes and Naruto forgives him ask him to help bring peace to the world by stopping Mandara.

  7. Theory 1: Im thinking that instead of Madara, Naruto will have to fight Sasuke. Sasuke vs Madara, Sasuke walks out with an “fresh” eye and is even more godlike then Madara was ever in his time. But Naruto kills him.
    Theory 2: Or then you can assume that when 4th said: “As long as the ninja system exist the hatred will create another creature like Pain”, that, oh well, Sasuke. Do you get it? That was left there so that in time Naruto would understand Sasuke and forgive him and “find the key.” So im guessing that he will kill Pain, but when Sasuke comes for his share of ass kicking, he will forgive him even though he kills some of his palls. Including the resurrected Hatake Kakashi. It might as well go as far as Naruto killing Sasuke in order to achieve peace.
    Theory 3: He will just kill every moth*rfucking a**hole that comes in his way, and when he runs out of people, commits suicide. Thus saving the world from a**holes like ninjas/humans. I prefer this one.

  8. Naruto’s reaction wasn’t far from what I expected. He’s a forgiving and merciful person, isn’t he? There are many examples of enemies and foes who became best friends with Naruto. Why wouldn’t he forgive his father?

    As the chapter ends, I think the 4th himself wasn’t sealed within Naruto. Yes, there was his chacra and his mind, but only a fraction of it to an emergency fix (as it happened) and then all vanished away. No more 4th’s appearances to Naruto. No knew jutsus directly learned from Minato. No chic-chat with daddy.

    That condensed fraction of Minato’s mind/soul/chacra did one other thing: he changed the seal back to what it was before. Which means that Jiraya was wrong to weakening the seal to pours out more of Kuuby’s chacra to Naruto. And probably that’s why so many tails were released in such a short period of time. It was Jiraya’s fault.

    An interesting thought is that Naruto’s masters are stepping aside to let him grow by himself. The main message of this chapter is: “son, you have everything you need, now, you must walk by yourself and find your own answers to the problems you face”.

  9. Read through your comments. Interesting theory about the seal and the condensed fraction of Minato. I couldn’t find the words to explain his appearance, but you put it so it made sense. Good Job Mythus. I read everyone’s predictions and I think that Pain/Yahiko is close to being finished. I predict Naruto will summon his other clone and defeat him. I don’t think he’ll have the guts to kill him off though. That’d just go against his pacifist mentality towards finding peace. Maybe someone else will land the final blow in spite of destroying the village. Maybe Danzo? Yamato? Sai? Someone he’s wronged badly. Part 2 will be up later I hope. Can’t make promises, but I appreciate your comments 😛

  10. True true ….

    On a previous subject though, well I find it Ok that Naruto would kill the last body of Pain. After all he’s just a lifeless body controled by Nagato. If Nagato does gain to understand Naruto’s point of view i think that it would be slightly more poetic if Nagato dies from lack of chakra, than if he would become a “good guy” and fight alongside Naruto. Not to mention that he would look a little weird as a nice guy playing jokes and having fun with naruto and Sakura. I just can’t picture it.

    @ Pearlstobeasts : You are right the next tool to be used by Madara/Tobi is Sasuke.

  11. broken1i, he must have already used his last clone, else he couldnt have gone to sage mode and still we dont know how strong the real pain and konan are so the fight will go on more chapters than we may presume

  12. Well prior to turning into the fox he was already in sage mode and he still had that clone in frog land. I think Konan poses the biggest threat because Nagato looks like he’s almost dying. Plus she has extra incentive to protect him because of their bond. For some strange reason, I picture Konan dying in an instant like Shizune did. Perhaps at the hand of Madara? Discuss.

  13. It would defenetly be more interesting if Nagato falls by the hand of the new villan in the story. It would show his human side and let us view him as a victim. Nagato would maybe even show remorse at his actions if he finds that all his efforts were for nothing.

  14. @bronken1i: Actually, he wasn’t in sage mode. Look to his eyes right before the transformation, sage mode did wear off a long time ago.

  15. he was probably able to regain sage mode by staying still long enough in the large moon like rock.

  16. remember when he regained sage mode and turned one of the other pains into a stone frog. It doesn’t take too long to regain sage mode powers. you just have to stay still 🙂

  17. So right, mythus, Idk what I was thinking lol, but I will say that there should have least been a panel where that one clone popped.

  18. i think that naruto will at some point soon get the 2 part of the foxs chakra which is with the toads this might give him full control of the 9 tails. also he could kill pein in the next chapter or actual try to forgive him making pein maybe change sides. naruto has still not found his blood line if given one will it be the 4th power. also there still itachi gift that was given that is not been seen yet. that could be anything from something to stopping sasuke sharigan to controling the nine tails. also what will happen to sasuke when he get to the village because it already gone. what the 8 tailed up to and the people serching for him. is something going to happen between naruto and hinata now that see said she loved him. is kaboto going to show up again withmore of the power of orochimaru. so many question that need to be answered

  19. Next Chapter Pred: I wouldn’t be to surprise that naruto kill his last body and forgive him. Mid Chap: Nagato will ponders over something like this (if a person like naruto exists then peace may be able to achieve) during his thoughts he notices konan is no where in sight he looks down and sees Konan knock out. The last panel on the right: Nagato will cry out Konan’s name then he feels a presence he looks up and say’s (you!!). Last panel: A faded out picture of a person wearing an akatsuki coat and has the sharigan.

    and you know at the end it will say who is the mysterious man that Nagato has spotted.

  20. sorry the beginning should say Naruto has talked to pain and forgives him and destroy the last body of Pain.

  21. kevin23, its nonsense that naruto will find a bloodline. bloodline reffers to something like being gifted or genius but narutos powers come from his endurance and his guts. He’s similar to lee:)

    And whats the gift that itachi gave him? i cant remember anything like this, itachi only gave amaterasu and an alarm system to sasuke against madara???

  22. when people talk of itachi’s gift they speak of what happened when Naruto meets itach before the itachi sasuke battle. Here is a a page where Naruto remembers what happened


  23. Itachi just says that he gave him “some of his power” to fight Sasuke. However he doesn’t state it as “a power” therefore if this is read in a litteral sence the statement might rule out the possibility of it being a special ability, It seems like its just some extra power.

    I think that because Itachi’s gift to Sasuke (the Mangekyo Sharingan) was so powerful, it lead people to believe that Itachi’s gift might be something that is able to fight and maybe defeat Sasuske’s Mangekyo Sharingan. No clues have been given so far. Itachi did have many powers hidden within himself ( like the sword of totsuka and the shield called Yata’s Mirror ) so the possibility of other suprizes in the power given to Naruto still exist.

    Whatever the power is i really do not think that it will be an eye technique like some might imply. It might be something like the sword of totsuka and Yata’s Mirror. After all Itachi did kept these supernatural weapons hiden inside him.

  24. wow, that sentence of itachi in the link you gave(403. chapter) “i hope the day never comes when you have to use it”… i dont know what kind of thing its but the reason seems clear. Itachi is a man who can predict what will happen and he finds a solution , like he predicted that madara will come to speak with sasuke. He must have already predicted that if amaterasu fails to kill him sasuke will be convinced to destroy konoha in order to revenge itachi. Having earned his trust itachi gave naruto some kind of power to stop sasuke from destroying konoha but also not hurting sasuke.

    its getting more and more exciting:)

  25. While he did give something to Naruto to stop Sasuke he didn’t specify wether this power would kill him or not. It seems that Itachi wanted to stop Sasuke no matter what even if it meant that Naruto had to kill Sasuke. Naruto on the other hand wants to find a way to stop Sasuke without killing him. Naruto wants his friend back.

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  27. I think something unexpected is going to happen.
    Everyone keeps saying Sasuke or Madara will appear and cause more problems, but what if something REALY unexpected happens. Here are some of the “unexpected” things that might just happen…
    #1. Lee or Guy opens the 8th chakra gate and fucks shit up. (who knows what happens then…)
    #2. What about Gara and the Hidden Sand ninjas? I wana see him kick some ass.
    #3. (This isnt as unexpected) 8 tails guy comes helps Naruto.
    #4. Instead of Madara we will see Kisame since he is one of the only remaining Akatsuki members, and it only seems fitting to leave Madara for later.

  28. Didn’t it say in the manga, the death god was supposed to seal halvsies of the fourth and the nine-tails within naruto?

    Also brings a point. one HALF the foxes power, with internal conflict outdoes god-like power eyes? Also im glad i was right about madaratobi being an uber powerful lead antagonist, but he’s yet to do anything other than manipulate others… First his clan, then the 9-tails, then nagato.

    And the last chapter before pein’s spankage of konoha, he had sasuke under his strings too. I’m sure he’ll get tired of his puppets losing and decide to be amazing sooner or later, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Also… the kage meeting for war on akatsuki, which looks like itl be Tobi, and (if he lives) nagato after he heals, and sasuke. Three ninjas versus the fire country, how will this pan out? Will they recruit more? Will they capture naruto and spank-ify one nation at a time? Any thoughts? 😛

  29. a followup.. kisame seems generally useless. the twin-face guy doesnt do much either, and they cant compare to “god’s eyes” “eyes more sinister than the 9-tails chakra” and.. tobi.

  30. PS) forgot to mention the fun of what itachi gave naruto and sasuke

    1) nothing can put out or block amaterasu… so sasuke vs all = sasuke wins which sucks. except tobi. but tobi is awesome

    2)naruto cant beat amaterasu, so itachi gave him something to fight his brother knowing tobi was “an invincible immortal”, and seeing how he manipulates everything strong around him (see above)

    3)shield of.. w/e super ghost. Very possible naruto gave him that to block the unstoppable flames, and anything else element-related to protect konoha and not kill sasuke (possibly eh?)

    4) last thought, if itachi wanted to protect/calm sasuke and free him from tobi, tobidara seems to always have or find backups… what if itl lead to naruto vs sasuke, naruto defeating him (if sasuke wins manga cant be called naruto any more can it?) and then it was the perfect distraction with nagato/pein for his grand-master jinchuuriki plan?

    5) nagato is to weaken naruto so sasuke or tobi can go nab him, and THEN confirm my above theories. (just with a crapload more filler). Most likely not… nagato is too potent to just drop in one fight id hope. (orochimaru lost/ran away from sarutobi, itachi, naruto 4-tails, etc) so i bet it’s this. Nagato wins/loses barely, fellow akatsuki comes to nab naruto, tobi extracts, let the war with tobi begin (sasuke will end up rejoining naruto’s side in this. Too many hints otherwise)

  31. @eric vaschez (option4) : The reason that i said that the power given to Naruto will be something like the “sword of totsuka and the Yata’s Mirror shield” and not the ” ” itself is because the meeting between Itachi and Naruto took place before the Naruto fight. Itachi was still in possesion of these items at the time of his death. Whatever the power is it will be a suprizing element that might be able to defeat Sasuske

  32. For those that keep posting that the seal was reset to what it was before the J man well your worng. The seal was replaced to what was orginally done by the fourth. You can see the difference.



    Notice the outer 5 elemnet seal from the younger Naruot that the J man removed.

  33. this is just a rumor but some people are saying that Naruto has a twin and that’s where the other half of kyuubi’s chakra went. i doubt this but hey who really knows. there are people also saying that sakura could be his twin sister, but highly doubt it, but man if she was we NaruHina fans wouldn’t have to worry about NaruSaku anymore but that’s just a rumor. and i think that if naruto in fact did have a twin they wouldn’t leave him/her in the village i think they would have him/her sent to another village where him/her was adopted.

  34. this is just a rumor but some people are saying that Naruto has a twin and that’s where the other half of kyuubi’s chakra went. i doubt this but hey who really knows. there are people also saying that sakura could be his twin sister, but highly doubt it, but man if she was we NaruHina fans wouldn’t have to worry about NaruSaku anymore but that’s just a rumor. and i think that if naruto in fact did have a twin they wouldn’t leave him/her in the village i think they would have him/her sent to another village where him/her was adopted.

  35. @Coward1212: Jiraya changed Naruto’s seal twice. The fist — the one you pointed — was done to undo Orochimaru’s 5 seal. The second one was to easy Kuuby’s chacra, during the second journey to train (before shippuuden). Do you remember? The chapter was talking about the dangerous of cracking that open.

  36. Yeap Mythus is right this is a page where Orochimaru midified the seal during the exams.


    Here Jiraya midifies the seal and removes those five signs that orochimaru had done. It seems that the Orochimaru seal wasn’t allowing Naruto to control chakra


    The seal simply went back to the 4ths original seal

  37. think what will happen after this fight is that kakashi will be in the hospital but naruto will beg him to train him again like before to bring out his second element

  38. think what will happen after this fight is that kakashi will be in the hospital but naruto will beg him to train him again like before to bring out his second element

  39. i think naruto will won pain easily because pain is out of chaka

  40. it is chapter 440 why do you sign it 441?

  41. Pein missed her vitals, hum?! It wasn’t a surprise for me. 😉 As I told before, this is not the time for a rookie die.

  42. Nope it really isn’t. I’m still curious as to where the story goes after this battle ends. Time skip perhaps?

  43. I think Naruto will win this battle because if the hero which name is on anime title die, it will be piece of shit. I think that after this battle ends, there will be some skiped time, the time of Konoha’s recovery. Kakashi and Choji’s dad recover as well, just not sure about Sizune, i think there is no way back to her. She is dead… I think it even don’t show in shippuuden chapers. One more thing i think that when Konoha still be in this condition, Sasuke and Tobi come to revange on Konoha, and there will be no choise for Naruto and other’s just to bring peace and kill both uchiha’s, but there is just stupid thinking, i would like that Naruto bring Sasuke as promised. I would like to know what is the real ending of Naruto manga series. And i keep watching shippuuden episode’s 🙂 Hey i remebered one more thing, that KabutoxOrochimaru is still alive and they probably attack the village as well i like to know what are u thinking guys? 🙂

  44. i think guys naruto will defeat pain but he won’t kill him(as i think he hasn’t killed anyone till) someone will finish him off. And i think no ones gonna come to save pains ass as it never happened before with akatstuki members

  45. There are many storylines that are still on hold and therefore might happen in the long run or immediately after Pain’s defeat.

    Raikage has called for a meeting of the 5 Kage. He sent his messengers to call for this meeting. The outcome of this meeting might end up on a call for war against the Akatski.
    Page of the call for the meeting:

    Raikage wants Sasuske dead for having captured his brother killer bee and has sent Samui’s team of three ninja. Therefore we might see a fight against Akatski and possibly Sasuske against this team.
    Page of the team:

    An attack by Danzou and Root is still on hold. Will this be a deadly attack against the current Hokage? Or will it be a political battle (during the Kage meeting) that may point out the failures in decisions by Tsunade which may have lead to the destruction of the village? Who knows Danzou may make an appearance during this meeting and persuade the current Kages to appoint him as the 6th Hokage. The reason I say this is because Raikage seems to blame Tsunade for failing to take care of the Sasuske situation.

    The Kage meeting will definitely be an important turning point.

    Among other story lines there is, Madara and the possibility of him coming to the Leaf to attempt to capture the Nine-tails.

    When will Sasuske show up at the Leaf?

    When will Killer bee pop back in-to the slides?

    Is Kabuto near the village and when will he attack?

    How long will the re-construction of the hidden leaf village take?

    And finally how will Naruto bring peace to the ninja world and return his friend back home?

  46. there is so much that needs to happen, and needs to be resolved. A time skip is very possible.
    its too bad that naruto doesn’t have a master anymore, (the frog sage, Jiraya, and even kakashi) If there is a time skip and naruto goes of to train again he won’t have anyone to train him.

  47. If a time skip does happen it will probably include the rebuilding of konahana

  48. That’s what I’m thinking. Nice analysis manny. The ending of this battle can be very unpredictable.

  49. yeah for those who think that the series will end soon , i have to say that that is not very likely to happen

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  51. As “cough tensei” is released, the “moon tensei” collapses. Nagato seems half dead (or more). I’m very OK with that. Although, it is very hard to believe in the rest:
    — Naruto, after 8 (or 9) tails, isn’t injured at all. You must remember that after 4 tails, he starts to loose a lot of skin and blood;
    — “I thought I was a goner”? Come on… Just say that you’re omnipresent, Katsuyo! You couldn’t resist the burning chacra of Kyuubi, the furious fight of the Demon Fox and the crushing pressure of Chibaku tensei. I don’t even know how Naruto’s clothes aren’t all thorned up to begin with.
    — The 5 seconds interval Naruto’s counting on is a time between gravity and repulsion, but the power use to deflect his attacks are the same, therefore, there is no time window for the same attack, if it was so, a continued attack, even a weak one, could hit Pein.

    It’s OK to be unreal, but it’s not OK to be illogical. Am I been too harsh?

  52. Youre totally right, I’ll put this up in my next post. Great job as always.

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