Update #3 Bleach 351 is OUT! // Bleach 350- The Lust 4

Bleach manga chapter 351 is out.  Click here to read it.  Credit to One Manga.  Enjoy and tune in for Ms. Mandi’s next post!

Hey kids, Ms. Mandi here with your breakdown of Bleach 350. We get to see just how Ichigo has transformed, and he’s one bad ass mofo. So on we go!


Last issue we left off with Ichigo’s lifeless body laying on the floor with Boobs McGee crying over him. Guess he wasn’t quite dead, because somewhere deep in his psyche he can hear Orihime screaming.


Apparently Boobs useless screaming isn’t quite useless. It causes Ichigo to finish his transformation and kick some ass. His transformation is pretty fucking badass. So he’s like a hollow now right? I’m not quite sure, but i’m not very smart. So feel free to discuss in the comments.


Everyone turns to look at Ichigo and they are all like “OMGWTFBBQ?!”


Vampire Espada stands there in shock saying how impossible it is. Then asks Ichigo who and what he is.


Ichigo just whips out his sword. A sword so badass that it rips up the ground by just pulling it out, causing Ishida to haul Boobs out the way so she doesn’t get hurt. (damn o.O)


Espada boy, (yes I hate spelling his name), asks again who are you. But apparently the intelligent part of Ichigo is buried and the only thing there is the pure raw animal strength. (Which is kinda hot.) So Ichigo answers like a dinosaur.


Ulie gets a look of understanding, and says ” Looks like words are useless.” To which Ichigo responds by powering up a cero between his horns and shooting it at Vampira.


As Ichigo let his cero fly, Ulie let one rip…but Ichigos was bigger and ate the little cero, then blew a hole in the ceiling. Ulie is stunned, once again. In his stunnededness (not a word, I know) he fails to notice Ichigos speed as he sneaks up behind him.


Ichigo graps Ulie by the wrist, much to Espada boys suprise. And proceeds to rip is arm off like a chicken wing!


Ulie gets the “OMGWTFBBQ!?” look. Ishida and Boobs stare at Ichigo like “Holy Ballsweat Batman!” And Ichigo stands there sword in one hand and arm in the other, leaving me with the hope that Ichigo will actually beat Vampire Espada to death with his own arm…..because that would be fking sweet.

That’s it for this week. Make sure to comment and check out the Naruto breakdown once it’s finished!



~ by Miranda on March 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Update #3 Bleach 351 is OUT! // Bleach 350- The Lust 4”

  1. Pretty accurate. So my thoughts were generally correct, ichigo’s inner hollow came to obliteratify ulquiorra, but what next? He can’t really talk, unlike his last hollow appearances… so is he going to killify his friends ? (i hope he doesnt magically have control of power greater than all espada)

    who will stop this god-like figure? all the captains in hueco mundo would be needed to.,. get his attention it seems with how powerful they made him to be able of de-limbing bat-boy’s super released, oceanic reiatsu body in 2 seconds. Aizen comes back and protects his baby? Vasto lordes show up and are like “wtf, why are you as strong as us” and they fight?

    my predictions:
    1) captains delay him until he wins against his inner conflict. AGAIN >_<
    2) (likely) vastos show up to combat this god-figure, and aizen finishes up getting his magical key in time to go back and get them
    3)ichigo wants to kill his friends, but runs instead and attracts vastos with his infinite power, and then aizen goes to find them after its all done
    4) god-mode ichigo kills f***ing everyone, and when aizen comes back kills him too so the saga could end. (i can dream, can’t i?)

  2. a note. the hole to hueco mundo is shut, so only hollows can get back in, and aizen. no vizard coming to get owned by Hichigo this time 😛

  3. I think orihime will over power ichigo. she was quite lame the whole huecos mundo episode. even aizen recognizes her power. She can progress and regress time at will and can make ichigo back to his former bankai mode. she can even bring back the dead and obliterated (2 girl espada previously knocked all over by grimjaw)

    because of this, nobodyreally would die permanently. (except maybe the sub characters that don’t really push the story forward nor even important to the readers) Orihime is the safety button of kubosan. She can even return everything like it was before if he makes her to. But that just kills the story.

    But who really gave orihime the power? That’s another story. Remeber the early episodes where there is a dark and barren land full of shadows where orihime’s onisan came? I don’t think that it was referred as hueco mundo. It must be a deeper and deadlier setting. I think kubosan already forgot about that, or maybe he makes his readers think it that way.

    Back to topic, maybe ichigo will have the bizarre inverted buildings dream again and see his minus self or the old man zangetsu and have a lecture of sorts about the king and the horse. And eventually, ichigo triumphs over it. (that’s kinda lame though)

    Anyway, i think another 2 – 3 weeks of action pack manga is on the way.

    In the end who knows? Ichigo might even have a higher level than the one he is right now – the one lead by the minus ichigo? (yes it can happen, and we thought super saiyan 3 was the top, then we later see super saiyan 4) After this, it’s all downhill. (see rorounin kenshin, after his fight with the mummy samurai, it was no longer interesting)

  4. Ms. Mandi is currently out, but she’ll be back to respond to your comments. On a sidenote, I’m still catching up to bleach so I’ll be contributing in the future 😛

  5. […] Update #2 Spoiler Confirmed // Bleach 350- The Lust 4 Credit to n3rokz for the spoiler vid. This vid is different from before hence the translations. […] […]

  6. @chykes While I agree Orihime has lots of potential……right now she is nothing more than an annoying little girl who is good for nothing other than being the bait. Yeah, her powers are cool…but they only really matter in the end. She can’t fight, she just heals. During the fights all she really does is cry and worry……so until such a time that Tite feels the need to expand on her some more she will remain an annoying useless character in my mind…….

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