Update #2 Chapter 437 is OUT! // One Piece Chapter 536 Review (part 2)

One Piece 437 is out. Click here to read it.  Enjoy and tune in for blossom’s next post!  Credit to One Manga.

As promised, this is the second part of my review ^__^.


Luffy is sent to the Freezing Hell, suffering from all the poison he acquires from his fight against Chief Magellan. The pain is so strong that he no longer feels the cold in the prison. I initially thought that his fight against the Doku Doku chief would grant him a room for transcendence. I still think the same way, but I catch myself off guard when he falters before the chief. Heck, I didn’t even anticipate that. I thought that the poison in his hands would allow him to use the other parts in his body and incorporate the equally controversial and mysterious Haki. I never thought that Luffy’s fight against Chief Magellan would turn out like his battle against Crocodile. Well, I know such loss would be healthy as far as his growth as a fighter is concerned. But perhaps, I overestimated Luffy.

As he suffers from the chief’s Doku Doku no Mi, he realizes what Elder Nyon truly meant back in Amazon Lily. Comparing him to an ant doesn’t necessarily mean that Elder Nyon perceives him like a small fry; Luffy is still a rookie, in terms of pirating and fighting experiences. He hasn’t discovered so many things in Grand Line and the things he learned from his past adventures are not enough. Because of this, he won’t be able to handle something this big. Charging at Impel Down for Ace’s sake is heroic but beating down pros like Chief Magellan is another thing. His downfall clearly manifests the meaning behind Elder Nyon’s words and he experiences it like a shocking slap on the face… so painful. He can’t do a thing except to suffer until the pain fades itself and everything in his world will turn dark and empty. Apparently, his resolve can no longer save him.


“In a sea of flames, you climb on the heads of the people around you to survive…. When you run into a monster, you throw the guy next to you to it as bait while you get the hell out of there…. Start worrying about others and you’re as good as dead….” This is a strong thought left by one of Luffy’s cellmates. His words may hold some truth there, especially when you try to escape to a place as hellish as Impel Down. Your survival should be your top priority. On the other hand, those words have no place in Luffy’s vocabulary. And so as Bon-chan’s. His appearance before these prisoners only proves that their idea is wrong…. That someone out there is crazy enough to risk his life to save a friend. He appears there drenching in blood – the apparent result of dealing with the insane wolf unit alone since Buggy and Mr. 3 leave him there. But clearly, these things are not enough to make the Okama raise the white flag. He already forms his resolve and solidifies it “in the name of friendship,” willing to give and sacrifice his life to find the Okama Queen who can save Luffy.


There is the soaked-in-blood-half-naked Bon-chan. There is him pulling Straw-chan in an improvised cart while looking for Iva-san. There is him charging at the thick forest, giving that silly information from a nameless inmate a benefit of a doubt. There is him and Luffy, facing another bunch of wolf unit who looks waaaay crazier and waaaay wilder. There is Bon-chan taking them all one by one. There are the wolves charging at him like a scrumptious meat. There is violence everywhere. There is blood. There is Luffy wielding his Haki again. And, there is friendship. The scenes are really dramatic – the kind in which you see them fight in slow motion, with a couple of close-ups, paired with a melodramatic background, and completed by you on the verge of tears. If its anime can pull off the same amount of drama portrayed in this chapter, I bet this scene will be one of the most tear-jerking moments in One Piece.

Anyway, Luffy wields the same type of Haki he did upon facing Duval’s pet. He merely speaks two words and yet, the spirit it emits is so strong that every creature in that forest collapses. He is still clueless about the amazing power he can utilize, because once again, he is too absorbed in the scenario to even notice the awesomeness he just did. Another notable thing here is Bon-chan’s heroism. He certainly proves those a-holes in the prison cells wrong as he sacrifices himself to keep Straw-chan safe. Furthermore, his seemingly hopeless search for the Okama Queen ironically turns his faith even more solid. His belief that the world-famous miracle person as the sole instrument for Luffy’s survival just keeps him stronger; he is able to travel the very icy Level 5, half-naked and wounded, yet he remains untarnished and unbent.


Just who the heck is this person? Apparently, One Piece has his own version of Two Face. But I gotta tell you, this one is more dope. He has the figure of a butler on his right side and snow queen on his left. Wait…. Is this the Okama Queen? Perhaps he is. The only character whom everyone is anticipating at the moment is him. And if he is indeed the miracle person, then that explains his sudden appearance…. We first see him as a shadowed figure with curls and big mouth. Then we get to see his real name, only that it is crossed out due to the controversial and scary “demonings away. This leads many to believe that he’s already a goner, but if this bipolar-like transformation is the result of his disappearance, then no one is going to recognize him…. Thus the conclusion of his “crossed-out” status. Perhaps sometime during his mysterious disappearance he managed to transform his physique into this “double-character character” and settles in the “gaoler’s old office.” Maybe that area has given him more comfort. And clearly, he is the “strange man appearing from time to time.” And because he turned from the curly, big-mouthed shadow to a dual-figured dope, no one can distinguish him as the same guy who can bring miracle.

But if this dope turns out to be a different person…. Hmmmm, maybe he is an inmate with a special advantage or a gaoler with a special uniform. The commander of the wolf unit, perhaps?

Anyway, the two are out. Their destiny then lies to this dope and it is up to him whether he will bring them back to prison cells or bring him in his crib to heal their injuries. I believe the next chapter will showcase the two gaining consciousness – either in cells, covered in ice and blood or in a warmer room, wrapped in bandages and comforters.

As I consider Manny’s critique at my Hinata article, I will close my One Piece review with a series of questions to trigger your ideas in regards with the next chapter. Heck, I have been yearning to do a piece similar to the format of old-school soap operas where a narrator leaves a series of questions at the end of an episode.

  • Do you think this dope is the Okama Queen?
  • Do you think he receives the impression that the two left and admires their sense of nakama?
  • Will he help these two out?


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