Bleach 212 Rescue Hirako! Aizen vs Urahara

Hey guys, sorry this is so late! I was outta town. So this is a big episode, we find out how Urahara and Tsukabishi ended up in the real world and why Yoruichi left Soul Society. Anywho, here’s the breakdown.


So we pick up where we left off with Urahara catching Aizen and Tousen being bad little boys. Aizen asks what they want and Tousen reaches for his sword saying he’ll kill them. Aizen says it isn’t needed and Tousen drops down on one knee apologizing like a hoe bowing to her pimp.


Hirako stands up and asks Urahara wtf he’s doing there. Urahara asks him wtf is with the mask and Hirako says yeah tell me about it. Urahara asks Aizen what he’s doing there and Aizen says nothing, I just came across the investigation team injured from battle. And that he was going to try to heal them. Hirako gets pissed.


Urahara knows better and asks why Aizen’s lying. Aizen acts all buttsore, and plays the innocent. Urahara basically says you aren’t getting out of this, these people have been hollowfied.


Urahara then says everything that has happened adds up to hollowfication research and that he knew who was conducting the research. Aizen says that Urahara was the man he believed him to be and that he was glad Urahara showed up, then turns to leave. Urahara yells to stop him and Tsukabishi tells him to get out of the way. He pulls out the Way of Destruction No. 88 Heaven Shaking Lightining Cannon, but Aizen pulls out the Way of Destruction No. 81: Severing Void which creates a big fucking bang.


Tsukabishi goes OMGWTFBBQ?!? and says that Aizen shouldn’t have been able to do that let alone do it without the incantation. The spell breaks and Azien, Gin and Tousen are gone. Tessai apologizes, Urahara asks wtf is Aizen then Hirako falls to the ground as his mask starts to grow.


Tessai says forget about Aizen let’s take care of these guys. Urahara says he can’t because the hollowfication process is too far advanced. Tessai basically says look dude, you know all about this crap and i’ve never even heard of it. So you gotta know how to stop it. Urahara says he knows a way, but it’s a gamble. Tessai says it’s better than nothing then says he’s gonna carry all 8 people back to the 12th squad barracks. Urahara goes omgwtfbbq and wants to know how the hell Tessai is gonna carry 8 people. Tessai says i’m gonna use the freeze time and teleport techiniques, which are both forbidden. He tells him to cover his ears and eyes and he does his thing.


Urahara wakes up in his lab with everyone laying on the ground and proceeds to tell Tessai how he research hollowfication as a way to strengthen the Shinigamis souls. He says during his research he created something that can break the barrier between hollow and shinigami to create a new being and its called the Hougyoku…..and we all know what that is…..


He then goes on to explain that Hirako and the others only have a 20% of getting better and that if Aizen was behind the research that he probably didn’t anticipate there being a reversal process and healing them is impossible without the Hougyoku. Morning breaks and Urahara is asleep at his desk. He wakes up and sees no change. He apologizes to Tessai, saying they failed and that he wants fresh air. So Urahara is just chilling outside and he gets surrounded by shinigami who tell him that he and Tessai have been placed under compulsory detainment by the Central 46.


Urahara stand bound before the 46 and Urahara asks wtf is going on? A random disembodied voice tells him to shut up, you’re being interrogated. He apologizes and they ask him where he was at midnight, he says the forest. They ask him if it was for his hollowfication research, Urahara whips around and is like WTF who told you that. The ghosty voice goes on to accuse him of going to the forest to see the results of his research. Urahara realizes it was Aizen and asks the 46 if it was. Again they tell him to shut up or they’re going to add it to the list of his crimes. Urahara gets pissed and tells them that Aizen is behind the research. To which they reply that Aizen never left Seireitei the night before,  that there are witnesses and he can’t blame it on Aizen. Then some random messenger dude pops in, says they found evidence of the research in the 12th squad barracks. Then the sentences are handed down. Tessai is ordered to jail and Urahara is ordered to have his reiatsu stripped and banished to the real world. They also add that all of the people who have been hollowfied will be destroyed. Urahara begs them to let him explain and BAM the door flies open and some masked person is standing there.


Central 46 gets pissy and demands the person leaves, but instead the rush into the room knocks messenger dude out and busts Tessai and Urahara free. The ghostys yell for guards, but they’re all knocked out. They get to a hiding spot and the masked person reveals themself to be Yoruichi.


Urahara thanks her, she says don’t thank me and i’m gonna beat you for not getting me last night. We see that she gathered all of the hollow peeps and brought them to the hiding spot as well as Uraharas faux bodies. Then she demands him to talk. Urahara asks Tessai to freeze time for the hollow eight and put barriers up. Urahara says that in the next 20 hours he’s gonna make 10 faux bodies for everyone and that they will hide in the real world until they can figure out how to reverse the hollowfication.


Then the pedulum swings forward and we are back to the fight with Aizen. Hirako explains how Urahara got it all right and how they owe alot to him….and Aizen. Then they take off to join the fight. The End


So now we know just how much of the shaft Urahara got from Soul Society and how the Vizard came into being. Next week we should see some fighting…w00t! That’s it for this week kiddies. Tune in next week to find out what happens next. Until then….




~ by Miranda on March 27, 2009.

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