#Update 1 // ATT: AMV Contest!

Our official youtube account is up so be sure to subscribe to view our important updates!  Here’s a video summarizing the contest rules.  Enjoy!


Hey everyone,

Word On Mars would like to announce its first ever contest!  Well, an AMV contest to be exact.  So what’s an AMV?  An anime music video (abbreviated AMV) is a music video consisting of clips from one or more anime series or movies set to songs.  These are the following guidelines for those that wish to submit an entry.

  • Your AMV must include one or more of the following animes: Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece.
  • You must submit your entry by April 26th.  That’s exactly one month from when this post was written.
  • Please upload your entry to youtube and email us at wordonmars@gmail.com with a link to your AMV.
  • We want to make it interesting so there’s one catch.  You must include a reference to Mars.

Well that’s about it folks.  We’ll announce the winner a week from the due date and feature it on our AMV corner.  The top 5 entries will be featured in the weeks following the winning the entry.  The first place winning entry will receive a sealed Shonen Jump Vol. 1, issue #1 mag that dates back to January 2003.  It’s the first ever Shonen Jump mag to make its way to the U.S. so they’re hard to find in that regard.

It also comes with a free exclusive Blue Eyes White Dragon Yugioh card for those that enjoy Yugioh.  I’ll be posting a youtube video with a summary of the rules in the near future.  So yeah, if you have friends that make awesome AMV’s be sure to let them know.  I wish all our participants luck and feel free to ask us questions in the comments section or if personal send to our email listed above.

-ron “broken1i” wom3


~ by broken1i on March 28, 2009.

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