Character Evaluation: Hyuuga Hinata part 2

Hey guys. This is the second part of my character evaluation about Hinata.

Conflict: eighth1

The first conflict that arises in Hinata’s character is already manifested during her first appearance. And no, it’s not her Hyuuga issues explained by Neji. If you’re going to look at it more carefully, her first appearance, when she was shyly looking at Naruto, shows one of her major conflict. That hidden romantic sentiment she has for our main protagonist is a conflict in itself. She’s extremely bashful, so how is she going to confess to him? Oh yeah… does she even have a plan to confess?

Neji vs. Hinata

But perhaps one of the toughest things, if not, the hardest conflict she has to face is her fight with Neji during Chuunin Exam. It incorporates almost everything about her: her weak-mindedness, her issues with the Hyuuga Clan, her inferiority and obvious intimidation against Neji, her inspiration and admiration at Naruto, her desire to change…. Of course, she does not achieve everything in an instant. In fact, she almost crumples in inferiority and low self-esteem thanks to Neji’s convincing and condescending words. He’s able to read her body language so perfectly that he can almost taste the effortless victory while she faces the harshness of her world with cold sweat and unequivocal chagrin. Fortunately, Naruto is there. His simple cheer turns into huge words of encouragement. And through this, she’s able to redeem herself.


Prior to Naruto’s cheerful words, Hinata expresses her desire to change. However, Neji isn’t convinced since that desire isn’t reflected in her movement. And even she, herself, had doubts about it. But Naruto’s words are beaming with motivation and faith. For the first time, someone believes in her…. Completely. That is such a big deal, especially when it’s her apple of the eye who has faith in her. And if there were a person who actually believed that she could do it, then it meant that she could pull it off, no matter what.

Of course, she doesn’t win against THE genius, duh. But her fight is dramatic (in a very good way), especially on the parts where she is striking Neji while she’s thinking about Naruto. It is just overflowing with her new-built self-confidence and resolve, continuing to fight despite her futile efforts to bring down the genius. She just keeps on receiving the attack, but she doesn’t feel any pain since she already tastes the delight of victory. Moreover, she surpasses her limits. She may fail the exam, but she doesn’t have any regrets. And more than anything, she finally achieves the kind of change she’s been looking for.

Confession: tenth

Just when Hinata grows up into a more mature shinobi and woman, she becomes more bashful before Naruto’s presence. He is still completely clueless about her feelings and his friendliness just keeps on pressuring her…. This is her second biggest conflict. Facing a “you-can-never-beat-me-because-I’m-waaaay-stronger-than-you” type of enemy is not an issue. She already solves that during her fight with Neji, along with her personal conflicts. What really comes as a major issue here is her confession.

I once thought that she wouldn’t confess to him. Or if she actually did so, it would have been in a different setting. However, her recent confession, which both surprised everyone and instantly put her as an acer to popularity polls, proved that I was wrong.


Seeing Naruto in such a tight pinch urges her to take a huge leap and face Pain. She clearly knows that her appearance is not necessary since it will only encumber the scenario. However she has to do it. She has to fight for him and protect him…. And eventually to admit her true feelings to him. Her behavior during that moment is so un-Hinata. She doesn’t cower in timidity nor blush at the side of the object of her affection. Instead, she is full of fortitude and determination. Perhaps you forget all of your inhibitions when you truly want to protect someone important to you. But on to the real topic….

Her confession is tantamount to her action’s rationale. Because her appearance in the battlefield is unnecessary, she has to incite her reasons for being there, even she herself identifies it as “selfish.” Since she has been looking at Naruto for all her life, she thinks that that is the best time to show what she has learned from him. Of course, that brings to admitting her feelings since that is the core foundation of her action. She doesn’t say it because she knows it’ll be her end and there’ll be no awkward moments that will come along after that confession. What really brings her to say it is her desire to let Naruto know that his existence has created a positive impact towards someone who used to be weak and a quitter. With this knowledge, he will find a good reason to live…. He will continue to live to inspire the shinobis like the way he inspires her. With that inspiration, he will be able to reach his goals and the world will recognize him.

Role to the series: twelfth

Hinata is portrayed in Naruto universe as a character who is able to recognize the main protagonist beyond everyone’s impression. She is one of those people who has seen what truly lies in him. Her character is created this way to show that he is not a sore loser. She usually watches him in the corner, happy to see the radiance in him. What he doesn’t realize is that this radiance has helped her to become stronger and has motivated her to change for the better. This kind of recognition is something that Naruto wants to gain from the people. Since he is born with the Nine Tailed Fox inside him, the society looks at him like a piece of trash or a curse. So, being perceived by someone as a ray of sunshine and an embodiment of a good shinobi is his biggest dream. Heck, this is core of his desire to become the Hokage. But what he doesn’t know is that he already achieves a part of that dream through Hinata. Yes guys, Hinata is there to mirror Naruto’s dreams. She exists not just a character who can overcome her weaknesses but to show that he already has qualities he needs to become the Hokage. He is able to inspire Hinata for the better and even teaches her the way of ninja and those are something that Hokages need to do.

Quotes: thirteenth

“I no longer want to run away.”

“I don’t go back on my word. That is also my way of ninja.”

“I don’t know why but when I look at Naruto-kun, I feel courage. I feel that if I try my best, even I can do it. That I am worth something.”

“He’s finally watching me…. In front of the person I admire…. I can’t look this bad.”

“That’s not true brother Neji. Because I can see it’s not me at all…. The person lost and suffering within the destiny of the main and branch houses is you.”

“Naruto-kun, was I able to change a little?”

“Oh…. Ummmm when you cheered for me I felt like I had become stronger…. After the preliminary exam ended, I started liking myself a little more…. To other people I may not seem like I changed but I…. felt like I was able to change…. It was thanks to you Naruto-kun…. Is what I think.”

“In my eyes, you’re a proud failure. When I look at you I get an intense feeling in my heart…. Because you’re not perfect…. Because you fail…. You have the strength to get back up…. Because I believe that’s what true strength is…. I…. I think you are an incredibly string person, Naruto-kun.”

“But you…. You showed me the right way. I was always chasing you…. Wanting to overtake you…. I just wanted to be with you…. You changed me…. Your smile saved me! So I’, not afraid to die protecting you.”

“Because I love you.”


~ by blossom009 on March 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Character Evaluation: Hyuuga Hinata part 2”

  1. Thank you! That’s what I was looking for. Something more of your personal opinion about Hinata.

    I don’t think I have anything to add about the her conflicts towards her family and her low self-esteem. We think quite alike although it seems that you don’t give too much attention to how much she really changed from the beginning until today and, besides Naruto, thanks to Shino. She has grown to a kunoichi who stands for what she believes.

    The confession proves that change. I believe she had several motives to confess at that moment:
    1. Naruto could be captured and die alone without knowing her feelings and what he did to her.
    2. She wanted to protect him and put her life on the line.
    3. She was willing to die for whom she loved.
    4. She wanted to stood for what she believed she needed to do.
    5. She didn’t want do see Naruto loosing his hopes.
    6. Her fear of loosing him was bigger than her fear to confess to him.

    I should also say that Hinata’s role is also set a feminine version of Naruto in the series. Showing how important is to believe in herself and swim against the flow when necessary.

  2. Wow, thank you those pieces of information. You really put more clarity in regards with Hinata’s confession ^__^!!!!

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