Bleach 213-The Soul Burial Detective, Karakurizer Is Born

So this weeks episode can be summed up in one word………


Yes, complete and utter gayness. Filler fluff that I only got half way thru before my IQ dropped to zero. It was so terrible that i’m not going to review it. It was shit, don’t watch it. It wasn’t even funny filler like Bleach does….it was just crap…..Normally I love when Kon gets the spotlight…but…just damn.

Oh, and don’t expect a review next week either…..cause it’s a continuation of this weeks….and it’s gonna suck just as hard, with teeth. So the Bleach review won’t be back until the 14th, which helps me cause i’m moving on Saturday. So kids, we’ll be back on the 14th.

When in doubt, robot out!



~ by Miranda on April 1, 2009.

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