Bleach 351- The Lust 5

ok so seriously, I started reading this chapter and was kind of pissed off……Is it just me or has this arc been draggin? Anyways, on with the breakdown.


So Ichigo is doing his Jesus standing in the sky thing holding Vampiras arm while Boobs and Ishida look at him going omg is that really him?! And Uleys arm grows back.


Vampire boy goes on about how his greatest power isn’t offense, but his regeneration. And that if all Ichigo can do is stare then he’s gonna get his ass kicked. And then proceeds to pull out this ginormous lightining/flame thingy.


He throws his little lightining/flame thingy at Ichigo, and misses completely. Says it’s harder to control than he thought and pulls out another one much to the shock of Ishida. Then Ichigo goes Speedy Gonzalez and sneaks up behind Uley.


Ichigo throws the arm at Uley and Uley makes it asplode. Then tries to stab Ichigo with the lightining/flamey majig. Which Ichigo stops with his bare hand.


They tussle for a bit and then Ichigo whips out his big sword…and’ll just have to see….


Yeah, Ichigo slices that bitch in half….pretty fucking sweet eh? Everyone goes omgwtfbbq and Uley falls to the ground.


Ichigo stands over Vampiras body with his foot on Uleys head and charges up his Horny Cero.


Then Vampira comments about how Ichigo is showing no mercy, how hollow-like. Then says, I have nothing to live for if i’ve been beaten by you.


Then Ichigo blasts Vampira to smithereens…that’s it for Uley…thank god. I hope…..


Ok, so now maybe this arc will pick up and quit being lame….maybe…hopefully….

That’s it for this week…..until next time.



~ by Miranda on April 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bleach 351- The Lust 5”

  1. Is Ichigo a Hollow or a Vizard? I haven’t seen a Vizard with a hole in the chest. But I still don’t understand well how hollow born. We saw two hollows born explanations: 1) if Ichigo waits for the chain of fate to eat his chest; 2) Don Kanonji aggravating the hole in a earth-bound spirit. If what it take is to dig a hole in a spirit’s chest, than is quite easy to create hollows.

    Since all vizards were shinigamis before, and since we don’t have too much info about their power I’m still not sure what’s going on with Ichigo. Have you notice if vizards had two different masks?

    Would it be some kind of a bankai hollowification?

  2. I’m completely confused. Isn’t true that when a shinigami uses his soul cutter to destroy a hollow its spirit is purified? So, why did Ishida stop Kurosaki? And since Kurosaki destroyed everything BUT Ulquiorra’s internal organs, why did Ishida think Ulquiorra was done? I don’t think Ulquiorra tried to save Ishida as a “common enemy”. Ichigo’s conscience is down in Hell, but there is no way he would do anything to harm Inoue. Ulquiorra just want Ishigo dead. My guess? As the way this is going on, next chapter will be Inoue’s time to save Ulquiorra’s ass. ¬¬

  3. Ichigo is a special case :He is a human, He is shinigami, he has a hollow inside him that wants to take over.

    Whenever Ichigo is not strong enough to handle a fight his hollow form wants to take over becoming more powerful than he was. Since Ichigo already had control of this hollow inside him the hollow had to become more powerful and reach a second state which was stronger than ichigo was.

    Ichigo’s Hollow form was being cruel and acting like a hollow. This was the main reason why Ishida stoped him. And by the way Ichigo’s hollow form was not going to finish him of with his shinigami sword but with a cero like power. The power of a Hollow.

  4. Awesome perspective about the hollow inside Ichigo. It’s a great theory about the second stage of Ichigo. But my confusion took place while he was waving his sword against Ulquiorra, not when he pierced Ishida. Ok, If Ishida saw that comming, I didn’t. 😛 Finishing Ulquiorra with a cero wouldn’t purify his spirit. BUT, just for the sake of the debate, isn’t that just what Ishida does? 😉

    Probably Ichigo would suffer if he would find out that, out of control, he killed someone. Ishida save him from that pain.

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