AMV Corner

Ms. Mandi is out for a few days.  Until then I’m in charge of AMVs.  Now before she gave me an amv to post, I found a cool one.  I showed it to her and she turned me down.  So I’m gonna post two AMVs and let you decide which one is cooler.   Hers is the first one and mine’s the second one.


~ by broken1i on April 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. God Ron, don’t make me sound like such a bitch! I’m just picky….jeesh

  2. lmao ❤

  3. no way…who voted for Mandi!? Show yourself!

  4. It wasn’t me…I didn’t vote…but I will now! 😛

  5. A general rule for me is that music with english lyrics is inappropriate for Naruto and rock is wayyyy out of touch with the feel of Naruto.

    But to choose one of these videos?
    I choose Ron’s AMV because the music has more instruments, the lyrics relates to the video and the melody is featured very prominently. Finally the graphics are better too.

    I hope you find my comments constructive, I don’t like to hurt any feelings.

  6. That’s all I need to hear ron 😉 muahaha

  7. Well soooory, maybe you’d like to do the AMV’s from now on Ron????

    😉 jk, I wouldn’t let you anyways

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