Will Kakashi Survive another Crisis?

Hey guys. It’s a Naruto article from me again. Since I don’t want to fill this section with a bunch of character evaluation from different personalities in Naruto world, I decide to polish it by writing another stuff. My post is controversial, and more subjective. It is about Kakashi and his ambiguous disposition in the series. Yeah, we already see him losing all of his chakra from fighting Pain and from activating his own version of Mangekyo. Tsunade emotionally falters a bit after sending Katsuyu with a rectum-looking mouth and sensing that the famed Copy Ninja has lost his life force. Apparently her gesture suggests that Kakashi follows the footstep of his mentor (the 4th Hokage) and his mentor’s mentor (Jiraiya) and joins them in the world of fallen ninjas. But I just don’t buy it. His most recent feature shows him exploring an oblivious dimension where he meets his dad. This to me, is such a promising story – as promising as how Minato and Naruto meet for the first time – but hopefully, it won’t be as grotesque as that. Thus, this post will be discussing my personal insights about Kakashi – whether this guy has really met his end or just waits for his appearance, alive and kicking. Hopefully, you guys will also share your insights about his true disposition.


Will Kakashi survive another life-crisis?

Hatake Kakashi is one of the major characters in the series. First, it’s Naruto. Then it’s Naruto and his closest friends, Sakura and Sasuke. After that, it’s Naruto and his team, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi. His main role may be to stand as Naruto’s mentor, role model, and even elder brother, but this guy can be identified as a separate being…. Like you can put him in a different series and he will survive doing it on his own because he has so many stories to share. He clearly looks and acts cool, but this dude just has numerous personal conflicts. Most of it deals with the famous, White Fang, his friends Obito and Rin. We already know what happened to Obito and his dad, and despite the lack of detailed background about Rin, we can easily perceive it as an account that also leaves a scar on Kakashi’s part. He manages to deal with these personal conflicts well throughout his ninja life (since he’s cool and strong) but I don’t think he actually manages to establish a solution for that.


The mask is the proof of his ongoing personal battle. (It’s similar to how we use this item as a metaphor for the people who hides his true self and puts off a different personality instead). I don’t think he wears it to look cooler and more enigmatic. His mask symbolizes his inner struggles against his dad’s mark. The notorious “White Fang” has broken the orthodox way of ninja and sadly, it wasn’t accepted then. This led to his suicide, and eventually, to Kakashi’s shame. To avoid being identified as the White Fang’s son, he has worn that mask and never seemed to remove it except on necessary scenarios. This scar has been embellished in his character so greatly that it affected his “way of ninja” and even his social life. Fortunately, he had Obito, Rin, and the 4th Hokage to support and take care of him in spite of his spiteful/arrogant behavior.

He appears to have cooled down since he was introduced in the series. In fact. He’s really a kick-ass character. Even so, the remnants of his past and the conflicts he hasn’t completely dealt with are unequivocal. This is exactly why he has to go on as a “regular, major character on Naruto rather than a “very unforgettable character who meets a sad conclusion in the ninja world. If Kishi decides to cut his role on the series just because he already fulfills his duty as Naruto’s mentor, then he wouldn’t give the right justice that Kakashi truly deserves. He is a primary character whose issues are separate from the main protagonist’s (because other characters’ conflicts are usually related to the main character’s). His personality has created an influence so huge that it clearly requires strong focus on the story. If not, then Kakashi will just turn from a cool, bad-ass primary character to a plot hole that will never be answered.


Hatake Kakashi HAS to survive this fight. I’m not saying this because he’s one of my favorite characters of all time (errrr, it might have influenced my opinion…. Oh well), but because his survival is extremely crucial for the progress of the entire series. The most recent image of him (aside from Naruto’s brief flashback of his mentor) is his cliff-hanging meeting with his dad. I do believe that this conversation will grant Kakashi necessary strength to solve his long-time inner conflicts. Since the White Fang is perhaps the largest and the deepest “issue” he possesses, it is only rational that it is the first thing he should work out (in Naruto’s case, it’s literal). Hopefully, this will provide sufficient answers to Kakashi’s questions and hopefully…. He will be able to give the White Fang enough credit, accept, and even admire his way of ninja.

Aside from surviving his ambiguous disposition and finding answers from his conversation with his dad, I strongly believe that Kakashi HAS to remove that mask…. After that talk, of course. Yeah, it will be edgy if his face remains a mystery from the inception to the conclusion of the series. However, his mask represents his personal conflicts and once they are all worked out, then it should be removed from his character as well. It might appear as “incomplete” at first, leaving you with the impression…. “Oh Kakashi’s character would not be completed without his mask,” or “It’s un-Kakashi” or even “Kakashi should remain wearing this mask because that gives him the distinction.” But bear in mind that (for the nth time) his mask subsists because of his personal issues. Once he finds concrete solutions to them, it should be removed since he has nothing to hide about. He already accepts his dad’s way of ninja and showing to all ninjas that he’s the White Fang’s son gives him perpetual pride. He can finally reveal his true face and his true character – without mystery and without personal struggles. Covering his face is no longer needed since he has nothing to conceal.


Well, this is just my perception on his disposition. We still don’t know his condition, but I do hope that he will be given more focus. He really needs that…. We really need that. Anyway, I have to sign out before I become too repetitive with my lines.


Oh yeah… What about you? Do you think Kakashi should survive this crisis?


~ by blossom009 on April 6, 2009.

18 Responses to “Will Kakashi Survive another Crisis?”

  1. Do you really think that Kakashi still has an inner struggle and a insecurity about being The White Fang’s Son ?

    I’m not too sure that the grown up version of Kakashi still doesn’t understand his father’s point of view.

    This was a lesson that he probably began to learn during his teen years from his team mate Obito. If you recall Obito was the one that pointed out to Kakashi that The White Fang was truly a hero and that your saving your comrades is also an important part of being a ninja.
    After Obito’s death Kakashi understood the importance of helping his comrades and he said that he would no longer be the type of trash that would abandon his comrades for the sake of the mission.

    I think that Kakashi already understands and respects his father. Therefore its not a good enough conflict to be the reason behind him not removing his mask.

    I think it may be possible that he really did want to create his own successful identity , far beyond being The white Fang’s son. If that is the case there is no strong need for Kakashi’s mask to be removed.

    Kakashi’s death has parallels to Asuma’s in that it has certain meaning in the students surpassing the teachers and the teacher’s sacrificing themselves for the sake of the future of the village. (tsk tsk sad L )

    With that said I really do think that it will be unlikely for Kakashi to survive this. Still I root for his surprising return.

  2. ***** I don’t think that its likely for Kakashi to survive this

  3. I don’t really care that much if he survives or not. But it’s getting so unlikely that he won’t survive that I’m starting to believe that he will make it just for amuses us.

    Coma might be a possible explanation to be undetectable by those who feel chacra. But we already heard many times that when the chacra flow stops the person dies.

    The argument of unanswered questions about Kakashi isn’t a strong motive to let him live. Sakura, Jiraya, Shizune, Sai, Orochimaru and many others are living or dead with no family background. And some characters doesn’t have any explanation about their behavior neither how they are who they are. Why/How/When each Sanin did get their “pets” (Slugs, Snakes, Frogs)? Probably we’ll never know.

    I don’t know if Kakashi already died, but he will die for sure before the end of the story. First, because he said: “Naruto’s gotten so strong… He’s… surpassed me. Taking a jutsu that even the forth couldn’t complete farther than I could ever hope to. It’s almost time for his generation… to take charge of our world…” and later on: “The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It’s one of the never-ending cycles of life.“. (Chapter 342). Kakashi is also listed as one of possible names for a Hokage. So is very possible that the writer wants to warn us that Naruto will only become a Hokage after Kakashi, as his mentor, passes way.

  4. One question that we should ask ourselves is, has Kakashi been surpassed by Naruto? And, doesn Naruto still need Kakashi as a teacher?

    After seeing Naruto own all six bodies of pain and completely destroying the body of pain that defeated Kakashi most people would agree when I say that Naruto has definitely surpassed all the Ninja in the village including Kakashi.

    Does this mean that Naruto doesn’t need Kakashi as a Master anymore?
    I think that Naruto still need Kakashi as a master. There is still a lot that he could learn from Kakashi and Naruto still has a lot of growing up to do to be a Maturity level of a Hokage.

    If Kakashi does die who will be Naruto’s next teacher. Will he just train on his own or is there someone else who can teach Naruto to get stronger.

  5. Kakashi believes that Naruto surpassed him. At least in that jutsu. But power isn’t the only thing required to become a Hokage. The Hokage may (but doesn’t need to) be the strongest in the village. I even believe that Kakashi would win against Tsunade. The matter of “being surpassed” isn’t absolute at all. Naruto will never surpass Sakura or Hinata in the matter of sharp control of chacra. Orochimaru’s dream of knowing everything was a foolish one from day one.

    If Naruto needs a teacher. Sure! Why not? Who doesn’t need? Even Naruto himself taught Tsunade some lessons. If the question is only for new jutsus and strength, we must remember that shadow clones is a jutsu that he learned by himself. If the question is about maturity, much of it it comes through time. It’s also good to remember that part of someone’s growth comes from his ability to walk alone and to solve problems by himself. That was the main point of Minato’s conversation.

    IMNSHO, I think I have a better question to focus on: “What Kakashi has to teach that Naruto cannot life without it and only he is able to teach?”

  6. hmmm….what does Kakashi have to teach Naruto that nobody else could teach him ?

    I guess there could be some other technique related to Minato. After all Kakashi probably knows more about Minato and his combat abilities and techniques than anyone else in the Leaf. Other people did know and live in the time of Minato but only Kakashi was his pupil and only Kakashi fought along side Minato.

    Maybe other techniques like te secret behind the yellow flash and other secret jutsu that was never fully developed.

  7. True. But Kishi killed the best wind element jounin of Konoha (Asuma). He could also teach some jutsus to Naruto. Jiraya died without teaching a half of his jutsus. Pa Frog too. I would like to emphasize: “that Naruto cannot life without it”. Because, for Kishi, to have a jutsu to teach isn’t enough motive to live.

    I didn’t understand why Kishi killed Asuma and Jiraya. They were great characters and I thought that all their knowledge would be passed through, but then I saw the meaning of their deaths. I don’t know if now is the time for Kakashi, but I’m sure he will die before the end.

  8. I agree everyone has to die sooner or later. And there will always be other teachers Naruto could learn from. But there are also many questions that Naruto could have about the 4th that he himself didn’t answer, you know.

  9. and that only Kakashi might be able to answer.

  10. Hehe , i just hate how so many things are left openended or unanswered.

    And what of the yellow flash technique (not that kakashi knew how to use it). I wonder who could teach this technique or give some clues about how to use it. It has always been a really misterious technique and no page has actualy showed it in action. So I always thought that we would finaly see it in action through Naruto. But as of now it seems less and less likely that it will happen. Even though a teleportation technique of some sort might be very useful or even a necessity to fight someone like Madara.

  11. Manny: Kakashi has already accepted his father’s way of ninja and his suicide. He learns the value of comrades through Obito and his sacrifice. Since then, he has lived his ninja life following the beliefs of the White Fang and Obito (he even teaches that to his own team). But I think his conversation with his dad is still necessary so he can completely accept what his dad believed in. What I mean by this is that he should hear this kind of perception from his dad himself. Remember, it was Obito who proved Kakashi that it’s okay to prioritize your comrades rather than your mission.

    In regards with your question, “Does Naruto need Kakashi as a teacher?” My answer would be “yes.” It is true that Naruto has surpassed Kakashi in terms of justu. Even Kakashi himself believes that this genin has already surpassed him. But that only lies in the strength of his jutsu. I do believe that Naruto’s skill should (still) be polished and Kakashi is the most plausible candidate who has the capacity to nurture Naruto as a ninja. He still has so many things to learn. Just because he has gone waaaay stronger doesn’t mean he no longer needs a jutsu mentor. He needs to polish his chakra control and other techniques. Besides, he can learn so many things from Kakashi – both in life and in jutsu.

    Mythus: Yeah, Tsunade confirmed Kakashi’s condition when she realized that his chakra flow is lost. But there can be a miracle in Naruto world right? His resolve alone can revive him. The other characters’ background does not need a solid narration because their personality is displayed in a different manner. You no longer need to know about Jiraiya’s history since his character no longer needs it. Kakashi on the other hand, is required to illustrate his life due to his characterization: he has sharingan, yet he is not an Uchiha; he covers his face with mask…. but why?

    Regareding your question about Kakashi’s lessons…. I believe he can still teach Naruto some justus – or at least how to polish them. Kakashi can utilize a plethora of techniques and his experiences make him more capable of using it during the most appropriate times and with ease. Besides, he is very clever; he can teach Naruto about a certain technique even if he is not the most skilled about it. He can establish a good form of training that will enhance Naruto and his skills further…. like how he taught the latter about chakra nature. He can also share some stories about Minato because (like what Manny said) Kakashi knows him better than anyone else. He has witnessed the greatness of his sensei as a ninja and as a person. That kind of sharing will inspire Naruto.

    I am still rooting for Kakashi’s survival. I don’t think ending his role in the series is necessary just so Kishi can demonstrate the principle of the elder shinobis passing the way of ninja to the next generation. He already establishes that idea through Asuma. Jiraiya did the same thing. Both of them passed their dreams to the next generation. Kakashi has similar belief as well, but he doesn’t need to be a goner just to prove that he believes the same way as Asuma and Jiraiya did. Some shinobis should remain in the series. They can still live while the younger ninjas takes over.

  12. @blossom009 : Thanks for this post it really sparked conversation 🙂

    I too hope to see Kakashi in the Hospital bed reading his ususal Icha Icha series books 🙂

  13. […] not get into that.  Check out blossom’s character analysis on Kakashi for that.  Click here for that.  She brings up excellent points on why his character has so much left to accomplish.  […]

  14. Manny 814 tou are wrong about kakashi no one can teach naruto the thin gs kakashi taght him!!!!!!!!! and Mythrus you are wrong too kakashi wil never die he will alway s be the strongest ninja in my heart heck he is even one of my imaginary friends and manny 814 …….YOU ARE SO MEAN TO KAKASHI AND WHEN HE DOESN”T LIVE IT”S GONNA BE ALL YOUR FAULT BECAUSE TOU DIDN”T GIVE HIM INCOURAGEMENT OR SUPPORT OR LOVE ORCARE LIKE I DID YOU ARE SUCH A @#*^%$+-,/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  15. @blossom009 : looks like kakashi will get to live after all ^_^

  16. […] people of Konoha and most importantly his own son Kakashi.  Be sure to check out Blossom’s Kakashi character analysis upon reading the review.   It was written a while back but definitely check it out.  Here’s […]

  17. Where is this Blossom’s Kakashi character analysis you guys are talking about? I want to know where it is. Could you leave a link or something or another place I could find it? It would be nice to read about Kakashi.

  18. It’s right above the comments.

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