Bleach 353 is OUT!

Bleach 353 is OUT!  Click here to read it.  Credit to One Manga.


~ by broken1i on April 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “Bleach 353 is OUT!”

  1. So, did you catch up with Bleach?

  2. still reading lol I bought vol’s 1-21. I believe there’s like 40 volumes out so i’ll have to read a lot more afterwards. I like it so far though. Awesome read.

  3. The end of Ulquiorra is fantastic. I wish I could talk about it with you.

  4. I’m catchin up as soon as I can rawr 😀 I’m trying to get 2-3 volumes in a day 😛

  5. Hey guys i finally caught up with Bleach myself !!!!

  6. I agree with Ulquiorra it was awesome

  7. ****I agree with Mythus the end of Ulquiorra was awesome

  8. I’ll catch up soon lol I’m up to vol 13 as we speak ^_^. All in just 3 days of not being lazy.

  9. I watched all of the anime that followed the storyline and then i reading the Magna. I been at it since December.

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