The Most Common Items in Manga/Anime

Hey guys. It’s blossom again. My post is tad late but I hope you still spare some of your time to read it. Before I begin another manga/anime shenanigan, I want to thank Manny and Mythus for establishing a substantial discussion about my previous Kakashi post. You really put brilliant responses that truly emblazons my Kakashi article. I failed to reply to your thank-you note Manny…. Let me thank you for your participation in that discussion…. And you’re welcome ^__^.

Anyway, I am taking a break from my Naruto articles. Not that I am running out of ideas but I want to write something more casual and hopefully, more entertaining. This is about the things most common in manga/anime world. These are the items that you can see in almost every manga/anime there is – totally random yet, absolutely similar objects. You’d find it in a certain series, then you’d see it appearing again in a completely different show. They are portrayed in various ways – be it an essential part of the story or a mere decoration to accentuate the background. Anime aficionados will find no difficulty in contributing to this list. And if you describe yourself as one, then you can definitely share your own list of the most common items in manga/anime…. Oh…. Before I ask for your “share,” let me impart my own list:


  1. Sakura trees. Yes. This lovely pink-and-white tree has been appearing both in manga and in anime. You can’t appreciate its actual beauty in manga, due to its color issues, but then again, its outstanding presence is still there. However it becomes different in anime; it is usually portrayed as a tree with an elaborate touch of Elle Woods, only that its shade is not a shouting hot pink, but a mellow soft pink (you may look at Haruna Sakura’s hair for reference). Sakura trees are symbolically related to samurais to remind them of the ephemeral beauty of life. A hanami offers people to create a wonderful gathering while they appreciate its priceless beauty. Furthermore, it has been one of the most distinctive features in Japan, which is also the home of manga and anime. I know this tree can live in other country like U.S., but it is more significantly connected to the Land of the Rising Sun. I am not sure about the explanation behind this, but the abundance of the Sakura Tree in Japan, not to mention, the tourists who visit the place just to witness its charm, are utterly vivid. fanfiction_madiauthornotes02
  2. Sweatdrop. Imagine yourself giggling like a stupid horse…. Or doing a lame boyband choreography…. Or playing a dumb joke that only you can understand…. If you stupidly pull these stupid stunts in front of your buddy, then you might as well imagine him/her showing a teardrop at the side of his/her forehead. This manga/anime-ish comedic expression is shown during a silly scene or a funny remark created by an idiotic character. I have been watching animes since before I even entered school, but I still find it soooo hard to connect the teardrop and the act of silliness. Sigh.
  3. nerve

  4. Nerve. This nerve usually occurs at one’s forehead. Contrary to the implication of the teardrop, nerves – which look more like an intersection in the highway than an actual nerve – are manifested when someone is pissed. Not the kind of “Naruto-getting-totally-annoyed-at-the-jerk-Neji” pissed off, but it’s more of a “Usopp-being-pissed-because-Luffy-admires-the-opponent’s-attack-and-thinks-that-it’s-a-cool-beam” type. To make it simple, this nerve usually appears when a character is pissed from a certain silly gesture. It is not used for an expression of one’s wrath; it is intended for comedic relief.
  5. grilled-fish

  6. Grilled Fish. Almost every character has tasted the scrumptious fish grilled through a bonfire and struck onto skewers which magically and conveniently appears out of nowhere. I’m sure you have seen (insert a character’s name here) wander a lush forest with clear, flowing river, chill out when stars appears in the sky, and have this scrumptious fish as his/her dinner. It’s always, ALWAYS there. I haven’t gotten into a thick forest myself, but when I get the chance to explore it, the first thing I’ll look is a clear, flowing river, catch a fish, strike it into a skewer which magically and conveniently appears out of nowhere, grill it through my bonfire, and taste the wonders of the scrumptious fish. Oh wait…. Before I proceed, let me remind you that this scrumptious fish only has ONE type: the long, thin, black type of fish. It’s not round, it’s not small, it’s not plump, it’s not colorful – it’s just long, thin, black type of fish. Really…. Its name is one of the biggest mysteries ever. If you decipher its name, please inform me….


  7. Tea. A manga/anime character has gotta drink tea…. The occasion is never an issue. The only thing that really matters is that the character drinks a tea. Perhaps, this gesture is a showcase of the Oriental custom. As far as I observe, tea is practically the water of the Japanese and the Chinese. They drink it before and after their meal, during their snack time, and it is also served to the guests. Chinese restaurants always serve tea before they put the entrees to the customer’s table and it’s for free. I am not sure if it’s the same thing for Japanese restaurants though.
  8. anime-smile

  9. The anime smile ^__^. Characters in anime and manga illustrate their smile in (only) ONE way: eyes with a shape of inverted U and lips with the line of crescent moon. They draw such smile to display their sweet, genuine, and optimistic side, with the exception of Sai during his initial introduction to Naruto. When they do this, they look like cute stuffed toys…. When I do this, I look like a pathetic monster.


  10. Cute animals. They’re not necessarily a pet. In some cases, they are major characters who act and think like a real man like Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece. I don’t know the rationale behind this. I don’t see it as such necessity to complete the story because (with the exception of Chopper and other major animal characters), it can still stand without the participation of these cutie patooties. I am not against it. In fact, I love to see cute animals in manga/anime. Maybe, this is to draw the attention of female audience to a shonen series.

I’m afraid I have to cut out from counting these manga/anime items. These are just the half of my list, so there are surely more stuff on my next post. Jeez, I have numerous things to share…. And…. Don’t hesitate to impart your list too…. ^__^


~ by blossom009 on April 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “The Most Common Items in Manga/Anime”

  1. 8. Secret/hidden powers within the main characters.
    9. Trying hard/working hard is always more powerful than natural skill.
    10. The cocky character with tons of natural skill.

  2. 11. Katana
    12. School Uniforms
    13. Fun Hair Colors = Green, Purple, Blue, Pink
    14. Pervy moments ! LOL

  3. 11.Katana
    12.School Uniforms
    13.Fun Hair colors : Pink, Blue, Green, Purple
    14.Pervy Moments ,hehe

  4. 11.Katana
    12.Fun hair Colors: Blue, White, Pink, puple
    13.School Uniforms

  5. I approved your comments manny. No idea how them became spam >.<

  6. yeah for a second there I thought “Pervy” was a BANED word . he he

  7. Yeah ridiculous lol

  8. plus cute girls and big breasts lol (except naruto series,only Godaime Hokage)

  9. waz up

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