The Most Common Items in Manga/Anime Part 2

We completed the first half of our list at my previous post. Thank you very much for those who contributed some interesting stuff at the catalog of the most common items if manga/anime. And I am really glad that all of us have noticed similar things. So this the second part of it….


8. Colorful Hair. There are basically four hair colors: black, blond, brown, and red. Brown hair looks like a mixture of black and blond whereas the red-heads do not have the actual apple-red hair color. Red-heads usually have a deep orange-ish shade of hair…. Like the hair color of Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels. White/Gray hair replaces one’s original color during aging. These are the real shades of people in real life…. But in the world of anime, it’s waaaay different. We don’t know the origins or the nationalities of our favorite colorful characters, but their blue, green, pink, and purple hair colors work on their personality and style. Furthermore, there are white-haired characters who are incredibly young. Thank you Manny for reminding me that.


9. Huge boobies. Manga/anime has a way of showcasing a bunch of girls who all possess a mighty sized weapon in their chest. This is the only world where 90% of the ladies have certified D-sized boobies – all natural, no silicone implants. Whether they’re merely blessed with lavish hormones or they implement some technique to enlarge them, these hotties truly make everyone swoon, thanks to their enormous jahoobies. Special thanks to Shosho for reminding me about this.


10. Bandages. Doesn’t it baffle you why the characters’ bandages are all placed at the same place? Really…. It’s intriguing. I find it tad controversial how a character always ends up being wrapped with bandages at his upper torso, head, and cheek. No matter how heavy the injury may be, the bandages are always placed there.


11. Spark of lightning. Spark of lightning between rivals, to be exact. It’s amazing how the intensity of two rivals can create a very visible spark of lightning between their penetrating eyes even when the weather is lovely. Anyway, this spark appears whenever two opposing sides clash about something. It doesn’t matter whether the topic of argument is about the color of the season or the size of their zits. Just as long as two certified rivals clash, there’ll always be a spark of lightning to intensify their conflict.


12. Huge chunk of meat. I have seen animes that cater gastronomic dishes. Gone are the moments where the characters’ banquet includes only a bouillon of potatoes (the type where many chunks of potatoes float in yellow soup, prepared in a gigantic pot with an improvised bonfire underneath, shared by friends who wander around the thick forest). However, that huge chunk of meat remains a hit in all animes. One Piece has presented arrays of scrumptious, world-class meals prepared by none other than, the “slave of love” cook Sanji, and yet the simple block of meat still struck in its protruding bone is there.


13. Snot. A bubble-like snot that comes out from a sleeping character’s nose. This is an indication that he is in deep sleep, followed by wide-mouthed, loud snores and obscure murmurs. Fortunately, this snot is not sticky; it is less dense and can even be popped through a simple touch of nails or fingers.


14. Fangs. Not the Kiba type of fangs. Not the Vampire type of fangs either. These fangs magically grows out of a character’s beautiful teeth whenever he becomes indignant, only his indignation is not an actual wrath, but rather an anger triggered by a silly act. In short, it’s just for comedic purposes.

Done with the second part of the list. No, the catalog doesn’t end here. And yes, there are still more common items to be counted on my next post. Thank you for those who share the items on their list ^__^.


~ by blossom009 on April 18, 2009.

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