Naruto 445 is OUT!

Naruto Chapter 445 is out.  Click here to read. Enjoy and credit to OM.


~ by broken1i on April 22, 2009.

14 Responses to “Naruto 445 is OUT!”

  1. UNO

    Looks like its time for some more story time. It doesn’t seem that Naruto gets much script either. This seems to be a Nagato only episode.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this since Jiraiya’s death. I’ll fit in a review for this next chapter for sure. Oh did you check out the banner? I’ll be switching them monthly. 😉

  3. thats like a pose before he goes “bankai” right? I aprove 🙂 awesome

  4. yep lol you hit the nail on the head :p

  5. I seems we’ll have 445 and 446 all over Nagato’s past. And maybe 447 to tell us what he did until the present day. ^^

  6. Bleach is getting better than Naruto. I’ll miss Ulquiorra. Somehow I think he found redemption with his heart.

  7. I love the room for character development in Bleach. Oddly, my fav character is Chad. He’ll be stronger than an Espada given their similarities in energy flow or w/e it’s called. I became a fiend for it after I read the first few volumes.

  8. My mission right now is to get some One Piece fans to check out blossom’s work. I would get into it, but I’d have to read 400+ chapters.

  9. @broken1i: I tried to read some of One Piece, but it didn’t conquer my attention.

  10. Didn’t I saw a “Meebo Me” here?

  11. Yes you did. I’m debating on putting up a chatting box. I don’t want to bite off iareawesomeness…he’s a complete jerk. Apparently we bite off his style. >_>

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  13. So 445 is out and all we really got was some story time by Nagato.

    Although it may have been disappointing to some I think that it is a necessary part of the character’s development in Naruto. We have to see the story behind the character to understand their actions and to identify ourselves with them. That’s what makes characters in this magna so great and what makes us react when characters die in battle or fail in their attempts to reach their goals.

    When we turn this around towards a character like Nagato who has destroyed the village and defeated some of our favorite characters and killed or brought them to their near death (ie Jiraya, Tsunade, and Kakashi) it is a bit of a different story. Some might feel bad others will think he’s crazy and or will simply still hate him. All of this together will come to an end with Naruto’s decision. Will Naruto be able to understand and forgive and be kind like Jiraya once hoped Nagato would.
    If Naruto does what will Nagato do will he think that maybe all of this time he might have been wrong to hold so much rage or will he simply continue to attack Naruto in his own mission towards revenge.

    This week we got some reasons behind Nagato’s Plans to “bring an end to war” and to become a “GOD” we get to see that this dreams were really part of Yahiko’s own incomplete dreams. Next week we will probably see Nagoto’s second pain Yahiko’s own death and maybe even some more involvement from some present characters in the past like Madara.

  14. @manny814: You read my thoughts. Just one point I think a little different: Nagato should find the sage of the six paths before the time of Akatsuki.

    Naruto already felt the loss of a beloved person and his mentor (The 3rd and Jiraya), but he never had a chance to forgive someone who killed and destroyed his world the way Nagato (or Orochimaru) did. I really don’t know how will that take place in a time where his world is claiming for blood and justice. To allow his to deal alone with Nagato is one thing, to forgive his like nothing happened it’s very unlikely to happen. If someone suggest to let Neiji or other Konoha ninja kill Nagato, this will be just like what happen in the past in Nagato’s life through the eyes of Konan. She would surely see Naruto’s forgiveness as a hypocritical trick to let their guard down.

    I don’t know if I can buy (again) that speach “I was a lonely boy like you, hated by everyone, but I found friends”. Nagato would surely respond: I found two friends, but one of them got killed. I killed Jiraya. Now we’re even, are you ok with that?

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