One Piece Review: Chapter 539


Whoa. I’m waaaay behind my schedule. I miss two chapter reviews and I still have so many things to catch up to. So…. I better start this…. Btw One Piece 540 is out.  Check it here.  Credit to OM and enjoy!


As usual, a Strawhat takes the cover feature of this chapter. It’s Robin’s turn to show her breezy vacation with the butterflies. Perhaps, this special Strawhat cover will be taken place by hopefully, a more meaningful feature of previous characters once all the crewmembers have appeared on the cover.


Surprise, surprise. The “Luffy treatment” proves to be highly effective to invigorate the Strawhat. Consuming almost all of the new-kamas’ food also shows that Luffy is dealing with the effects of his injuries in his bizarre way, just like what he did after the Ennies Lobby fight. However, his new-found energy isn’t adequate to support him with his plans. So, this might be a hint that the Strawhat will be accompanied by Iva-sama and his new-kama army. Since he is going to embark to the hidden dimension of Level 6 and is going to (probably) fight the most notorious guards of Impel Down, he will clearly require an immense amount of assistance to pull it off. Bon-chan’s support won’t be enough; he too, has to deal with his own physical injuries by showering himself with proper medication and “Luffy treatment.”

On the other hand, we have seen some spots of discretion from Iva-sama. Even though he is a new-kama-loving Queen of Okama, he still prefers to settle on the safer side for protection. Just like what he mentioned earlier, he hadn’t helped people who didn’t possess sufficient will to help themselves. Yeah, he helped Luffy, but his medical treatment was served only for the Strawhat’s recovery. Iva-sama hasn’t shown any kind of intention to help him save Ace despite the vivid credit/admiration he gives to Luffy. This demonstrates the idea of the latter proceeding to Level 6 alone. Perhaps the only assistance he’d get from Iva-sama is the direction to that place and other vital information about it.


So Iva-sama is not just the miracle-showing queen of the Kambakka Kingdom. This chapter showcases his bad-ass persona. He is in fact, a part of Dragon’s revolutionary – a huge part that is. He is not just associated with the state of affairs of that kingdom but he is also highly involved with worldly affairs, making him a close ally of Dragon. Does this also suggest his powerful physical skill? I hope so. Since Dragon appears like a man with the most unbelievable plan for the world, he needs strong allies capable of beating any adversaries. And if Iva-sama has become an army leader, then it means that this Queen is waaaay stronger than we think. But then again, he got imprisoned in Impel Down, along with Inazuma who is a revolutionary member like him. Hmmm, if both of them are part of the revolutionary, then what the heck are they doing in Level 5? According to Iva-sama, all of the prisoners in Level 6 hold positions capable of destroying the World Government. Iva-sama and Inazuma belong to that category; they are part of the revolutionary led by the most dangerous criminal in OP world. That is enough to put them to the deepest part of Impel Down. The Okama Queen did say that they got imprisoned because of their reputation. It’s just baffling why the gaolers put them in Level 5 instead of Level 6. I do believe that anyone who is close to Dragon is a threat huge enough to shiver the senses of the Marines. It’s just odd….


Being a skillful army leader that he is, Iva-sama will no longer need assistance to break out of Impel Down. After all, the Secret Flower Garden has all the necessary tools for his escape, enhanced by his knowledge about the gaol and his fighting ability. Of course he won’t need Bon-chan’s help. But at least he’s quite appreciative of his new-kama’s golden intentions. It even becomes clearer that he settles in Impel Down by choice – as what he expressed after Luffy brings out the “escape” subject. The reason behind his settlement is related to his connection to the revolutionary. He’s just waiting for Dragon’s go-signal to break out. That signal might be a direct contact from the leader or a news informing about a certain revolutionary movement. Even if Iva-sama settles in a deep, hidden haven, he still has full access with the events in Grand Line, so getting that signal won’t be a problem. I don’t know if such plan is a preconceived move established by the two or his capture is a strategy to get full information about Impel Down. The only thing certain here is his plan to contribute to the revolutionary and fight alongside his fellow revolutionaries once Dragon starts moving. Thus, he’s not going back to Kambakka Kingdom to reign as the Queen once again; he’ll return to the revolutionary and lead his army. Oh yeah, this may be a good explanation of his retirement as Queen. Perhaps he’s the reigning Queen of Kambakka Kingdom when he met Dragon. After numerous exchanges of their ideals, Iva-sama decided to join Dragon and pursue what they believed in. This urged the former to pass his crown to someone else.

Anyway, after Iva-sama learns about Luffy’s background and deduces Ace’s connection to him and to Dragon, he realizes that this is the signal for his escape. It would be a total mystery if the World Government plans to eliminate Newgate and Dragon at the same time. Surely, they don’t have sufficient forces to commence it with the promise of victory. The only possible reason for this idiotic plan (to remove one of the legendary figures in piracy) is its ignorance from Ace’s connection to Dragon. If the World Government knows about this, then maybe, it wouldn’t dare to lock down the Commander in Impel Down. Eliminating Whitebeard is an immense stress already, and if they’re planning to also eliminate Dragon at the same time…. Well, the Gorusei and the top Marine officials are nothing but complete blockheads. Iva-sama deciphers this. He realizes that Dragon will also move to save Ace, thus the battle between the Marines and the revolutionary will commence. So, he needs to move his ass, get out of this delightful place, help Luffy, and rescue Ace. If not, he’ll help his new-kama to bring down the adversaries in Impel Down. It’ll be the same thing for Inazuma and the other Okamas. I don’t think Iva-sama plans to leave them. He is a good leader. He isn’t going to leave them with only hugs and kisses. Instead, he will establish an army of Okama who will fight their way out of this gaol. Some of these guys may be just a mediocre fighter who gets lucky to discover Secret Flower Garden. But perhaps, they’ll join the revolutionary and become Dragon’s allies as well.

This is certainly good news for Luffy. He isn’t just going to save Ace by himself. Iva-sama, Inazuma, and the Okamas will assist him in his plans. In spite of his incomplete recovery, he can still put a decent fight through several Gomu Gomu attacks and Iva-sama’s hormonal boost.


Vice-Chief Hannyabal is back to guarding and to dreaming thanks to his stunned gaolers who helped him in the weapons storage. Since they realized that the Vice Chief who first appeared at the gates of Level 5 is a fake, they start to track the whereabouts of the three in the Freezing Hell. As I suspected, the blood that Bon-chan left created the impression that he, along with Buggy and Mr. 3 got devoured by the wolf unit. Good thing these gaolers get something meaningful from Bon-chan’s deception; they anticipate that the blood might just be a part of their plan and might be lurking somewhere in the Freezing Hell. Their assumption is partly correct; the three of them have found a safer place to hide. Bon-chan is waaaay safer in the Secret Flower Garden. Buggy and Mr. 3 have proven that their uncanny ability and surprising resilience keep them from being imprisoned in spite of their limited physical power.

Meanwhile, Chief Magellan, Domino, and other gaolers are on their way to Ace’s cell. Their movement is implemented according to their schedule, where the Whitebeard Commander is going to be transferred to his convoy. The chief, confident that the intruder has met his chastisement, does not seem to worry about any surprising attack. Or maybe, it is just his experience that puts him in a calm state. Domino, however is in polar opposite of his disposition. Despite looking composed, her strict demeanor shows more of her anxiety rather than her sense of authority. Any second of tardiness might lead to sabotaging their move in safely guarding Ace to his convoy. I feel for her; this is perhaps the most intense part of his execution. Luffy’s stunt teaches them to stop acting like a bunch of swaggers because their security is not enough. And now that Ace is going to be handed over to the Marines, the notion of another surprise attack from a much powerful force is highly plausible. It is also the most intense because the Whitebeard crew is most likely to appear during this process to save their Commander and to avenge for his imprisonment at the same time. This crew has more chances of victory when they pop out at the vicinity of Impel Down. These guys have to deal with only Chief Magellan, Vice Chief Hannyabal, Sadie-chan and her three demon guards, The Marine forces, and their battleships. Of course the risk is bigger at the Marineford where the entire forces of the World Government and the Marine present, including the power-hungry Shichibukai.

Aside from Domino, the Marine officials waiting outside are extremely watchful of their environment. The task of safeguarding the most important prisoner will be handed to them. Its intensity is similar to Buster Call’s, only the former is comprised of five battleships instead of 20. Perhaps all of you would agree that the level of anxiety, excitement, intensity, and even awesomeness are more palpable in this convoy. These guys are not just going to deliver Ace in the Marineford; they are also going to prevent the Whitebeards from getting him (the Marines go to Impel Down with the notion of Newgate and his crew appearing out of nowhere).


The exciting race towards Ace’s prison cell is on. Chief Magellan and some of his officers are on their way to the finish line – and so are Luffy, Iva-sama, and Inazuma. The three are quite pumped up to make another history and they just put every prisoner in Level 5 in shock when they pop out of nowhere – when they are supposed to be total goners. The mighty wolf unit is merely shoved off with the Strawhat’s punches (thanks to Iva-sama’s hormone boost), Iva-sama uses his technique once again, and Inazuma, though her move is still nameless, exudes strength by shrugging a wolf with his foot – while holding his fine goblet without its wine being spilled. With their astounding appearances, the prisoners will probably start to brainstorm about the real scope of Iva-sama’s miracles (that his miracles have granted him more than nine lives) and if they’re keen enough, they’ll anticipate that there is some safer place beyond that lush forest. Anyway, the gaolers are as surprised as the inmates and are completely puzzled by the three’s mysterious miracles. Vice Chief Hannyabal is surprised as well, but at least he remains so composed, so astute, and so authoritative amidst the chaos to the point where his subordinates suspect his identity (I love the humor there). Since the Vice Chief mentions Sadie-chan, her power demonstration will then take place. The battle between the three, the demon guards, and her will hopefully encompass wider exposure of Iva-sama’s skills, revelation of Sadie-chan and Inazuma’s power, and Luffy’s beatings to the demon guards. Since these cute animals possess equal amount of strength with Minotauros, Luffy might activate his Gear Second again to beat them up.

I am not worried about the traps; that can be easily shoved off by the three like the way they do to the wolf unit. What truly concerns me is the battle that will take place as soon as the paths of the opposing forces intertwine. Not that I doubt the skills of our protagonists here, but the fight will cause some delay…. And that delay will only impede Luffy from saving Ace. This time-consuming interruption further suggests that the Strawhat may fail from getting the Whitebeard Commander – at least within the premises of Impel Down. That will leave him much limited choice and he will need to force his way out of the gaol and meet the battleships and the Vice Admirals there. It’ll be a complete havoc once again, with Iva-sama, Inazuma, and the Okamas assisting Luffy to beat everyone and get Ace back. The potential of these Okamas is purported with mystery, but we can all bask at the thought of them having all the necessary weapons to damage the battleships, impale the soldiers, and destroy the convoy. But…. I wonder how the Vice Chief will participate in this madness.


So, the team gaolers reaches the finish line first,unaware of the mad dash heading to the goal. Team intruder on the other hand are still on their way to Ace’s prison cell; they may either miss this group or meet them whilst Ace is being “taken into custody.” The first idea implies that Luffy, Iva-sama, and Inazuma get interrupted by a series of traps and fights, giving them painful delays. The second idea however suggests that the three reach them quite fast: Chief Magellan getting surprised not only by Iva-sama and Inzauma’s resurrection, but by Luffy’s miraculous recovery as well; Ace meeting Luffy and seeing him safe; Luffy bursting out from gladness and determination to save him who is just few steps away…. But they will then be blocked by a time-consuming battle as they meet Sadie-chan and demon guards along the way. This even pursues the notion that the ultimate battle will take place outside the premises of Impel Down. It’ll be most likely a naval type of battle which will begin at Level 6 and be extended at the entrance – the place where richer flavors of greatness and tension are added as the Whitebeards and even Dragon participate in this epic mix-up. So the fight will go like this: The intruders (Luffy, Iva-sama, Inazuma, and the Okamas), Whitebeards, and the Revolutionaries vs. Impel Down officials and Marine soldiers. The first group is apparently aiming for Ace’s safety whilst the second one strives to keep him away from them.


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