The Most Common Items in Manga/Anime Part 3

Hey guys. It’s blossom again. We’re at the third leg of our list. My next post will discuss another topic, and let’s all hope that I’ll post in on time (sorry for the delay, everyone T__T). Anyway, here is the continuation of our list.


15. Talking animals. Similar to cute pets, but these guys have extraordinary talents. Yes, they are special because they can talk. And it’s not just animal talk…. They can utter human language and are quite impeccable in it. How they adopt such skill remains a mystery…. How Meowth can speak properly when all the darn Pokemons can only utter their names will always remain a mystery.


16. Katana. The way of the samurai. Just like what Manny said. Perhaps this is a tribute of the mangakas/animators to their ancestors who have shed their blood and soul to protect their masters. This item will be perpetually showcased in manga/anime – whatever the genre may be. Some of the names of the characters’ katana are derived from the actual ones while the others come from the creative juices of their creators. The design also varies, depending on its impact to the story: One Piece has established a wide variety of katana, seamlessly designed to emphasize Zoro’s path to become the Greatest Swordsman in OP. Rurouni Kenshin has little focus on the katana themselves, because the story is about Himura Kenshin’s life as a repenting rurouni. However, Watsuki was able to synergize the main plot with a stupendous array of sword skills. His Sakabato is unique, though.


17. Gun. The second most-used weapon in the world of manga/anime. Though these toys are not shown in every series there is, there are stories that are especially devoted to them like Gunslinger Girl and Trigun. The other mangas/animes that feature guns do not pay much attention to its detail. But for those who are more fanatic of this weapin than the traditionally bad-ass katanas, I suggest you watch those two animes. The creators make an exceptional detail to every gun featured there with characteristics so unique that you won’t find even a resemblance with others.


18. School uniforms. I give a special credit to Manny for this. There are mangas/animes that do not introduce cute, crispy, cotton-clothed tops, short flowing skirts, knee-high socks, and well-pressed polo shirts. However, most of the animes that we see are set in the present – the characters go to schools and they usually wear uniforms when they interact.


19. Red Eyes. Sharingan. The Kuruta Eyes. Alucard’s eyes. Eyes that are red in color undeniably create a mark of distinction to a character. He already establishes himself as exceptional – Sasuke is a genius, Kurapika is very intelligent, Alucard is invincible, but there are something about their eyes that give them an additional radiance and peculiarity. I don’t know why the mangakas choose red…. I mean there are other strong tones there but they usually pick this conspicuous color.


20. Technique’s name. And it’s absolutely a mouthful one. You have Kenshin’s Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki, Sanosuke’s Futae no Kawami, Gon’s Jajanken (he spits Jan-Ken-Pon first then utters his specific attack), etc. These techniques took me several minutes in order to get into my vocabulary. It never ceases to amaze me how these guys are able to chant their mouthful skill and land that attack to their opponent’s flesh when the latter has enough time to dodge it. I mean these techniques will take five seconds of their lives. In manga/anime that five-second chanting is enough to deflect it and even make an escape. Why can’t it just be as simple as Chidori or Rasengan?


21. Shadowed Eyes. When a character gets quite pissed at someone…. When a character gets distressed at a situation…. When a character says something that opposes his true feelings…. A thick shadow appears in his eyes to portray his anger/loneliness that flows within.

So, that’s it guys. Thanks for following the list of the most common items in manga/anime. My next two posts (aside from One Piece articles of course) will discuss the most common events and the most typical manga/anime character. I hope you share your own insights. Special shout-outs to those who contributed a part on their list…. ^__^


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One Response to “The Most Common Items in Manga/Anime Part 3”

  1. I guess school girl’s uniforms are strong fetish between man in Japan. That must be it. That and a huge hair. Any girl with a hair that long in real life would be in a big trouble to take care of it.

    Gunslinger Girl is an awesome anime.

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