broken1i’s Naruto review chapter 446: I Just Wanted to Protect Them

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Hey everyone,

Word On Mars is back and better than ever!  First things first, check out chapter 446, click here to read it prior to the review. (Credit to OM)  Golden week was  a great chance for us to organize the blog’s structure so expect reviews every Friday.  And don’t forget to spread the word. :]  On to the review.  Just as a reminder, click the orange text to reveal links that are informative for the most part.

Countless theories towards Yahiko’s death were made, but who expected Danzo to be involved?  My thirst to know about his death goes back to when Jiraiya went to Amegakure and made it clear that he was a mere puppet.  Anyhow, Yahiko’s death spurred the development of Nagato’s power and goal for peace.  This chapter definitely brought a lot of things into perspective.  Let’s discuss.


Being the chancy character Yahiko is, he suggests asking the sannin for food.  Of course, Nagato keeps his distance hence his hate for the Konoha ninjas that killed his parents.  Had it not been for Jiraiya, they would of been killed because Tsunade and Orochimaru wanted no part in taking them in as pupils.

If you check out page 14 of this chapter and page 11 of chapter 372, the panels that match show significant differences in dialogue.  Orochimaru almost comes off as a logical guy in this chapter.  On a side note, not that it matters but if you look closely, Nagato’s apparel changes upon asking the Sannin for food.  The raincoats they wore on the nearby plain were different.


Jiraiya took them in and nurtured them.  We learn that he didn’t teach the three orphans ninja techniques until he witnessed Nagato’s rinnegan.  Why?  Because he felt the rinnegan had the potential to bring peace to the world.  Poor Jiraiya taught them techniques and died by their hand.  How cruel is that?  Prior to releasing his pupils, Jiraiya brought Nagato aside and told him the story of the Sage of the Six Paths.  Before you go on, I pose this question.

I bring up this question because up this point, I really believe the rinnegan is either overrated or hasn’t been used effectively.  The fact that Naruto turned into a god overnight and defeated it’s power had something to do with it, but I never felt Nagato used the rinnegan’s full potential.  I’ll touch upon this in my final notes.


After being released from Jiraiya camp, the three orphans gathered a group that relied on peaceful tactics to promote the end of war.  It seems they were fairly successful given the group that followed them.  Hanzo became aware of their group  and saw them as a threat to his throne so he devised a plan to deceive them into thinking they were starting peace negotiations between the three great countries.  Keep in mind they were about Naruto’s age, maybe older.  Time for another poll.

The fact that they were young and  attracted a large group made me question the level of their power.  This is going to sound a little complicated so listen closely.  The Animal Realm Jiraiya fought and killed way back was replaced by a girl.  The fact that they were able to perform the same summon suggests that they where previously able to perform the summon or Nagato simply enhanced their power.  Similar to Yahiko and his gravitational powers.  Did he learn the Chibaku Tensei on his own or did Nagato amplify the power within him?  It’s confusing I know.


Hanzo teams up with Danzo for similar purposes.  Hanzo to maintain his position in Amegakure and Danzo to promote his efforts in becoming Hokage.  History says Sarutobi was chosen over him and Danzo went on to develop his own line of ANBU ninjas known as the black ops.  This brings up the following question.   If Nagato killed Hanzo, why didn’t he kill Danzo? How poetic was that?


Final notes:

Personally, the way Yahiko dies is possibly the worst way to die given his fierce demeanor.  Did he mature so much that he forgot how to use the ninja techniques Jiraiya equipped him with?  I get the whole advocating peace notion, but what happened to becoming a god?  I’m saddened that we didn’t get to witness him in action.  That’s why I questioned the extent of his power in the last poll.

So Yahiko dies.  What happens next?  Expect Nagato to collect Yahiko’s corpse and experiment with chakra receivers.  I doubt Madara will make an appearance because Nagato and Konan weren’t around when the nine-tails terrorized Konoha.  He was doing his own thing.  He’ll come later down the line when Orochimaru turns evil and joins Akatsuki.  That’s going to be interesting since Orochimaru wanted to kill the orphans at first.

It would of been great to witness Nagato fight head to head  but unfortunately we didn’t.  Don’t lose hope quite yet.  Nagato can very well come across the ninjas he used as puppets.  That Naraku path guy didn’t look friendly at all.  He either fought or befriended him somewhere down the line.  Below is a poll I took for my 443 review.


The first two answers hit the nail on the head.  Thanks to those that voted.  Anyhow, expect Nagato to develop the rinnegan and take revenge on Hanzo for the death of  his friend.  History says he killed Hanzo, his parents, wife, kids, relatives and friends.   I said this in my previous review, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again.

untitled-4 copy

I don’t have a priceless picture award this week, but check this out.  I made this for my 439 review.  It makes me wonder if Yahiko aged over time.  But he’s a corpse?!  Must be a rinnegan thing. Nagato had to have developed chakra receivers not too long after his death because we know what happens to corpses after a while.  They rot and turn into dust eventually.   It was weird seeing Yahiko smile after seeing the same expression on him from above.  Well that’s it for this review. Thanks to Manny for putting up spoilers.  Mars is back and ready to be consistent so check us out from time to time.  Be sure to check out Underscore’s awesome Bleach review.  On another note, you can now post youtube videos in your comments! Later mars tards.

-ron “broken1i”

Top 10 Comments

This section includes the top ten informative comments from the comments section.  Will update upon reading each comment.  Don’t feel inclined to write essays worth of comments.  This is more so people can hear what you have to say.

7. Nasuke Says:
May 11, 2009 at 8:15 AM

Hey broken1i

I must thank you for doing your review. I really liked the way you styled the review and the content.

Unfortunately I have to say that I disagree with a lot of the points you make even though they are opinion. I thought I would share my own views:

1) We only have a glimpse of the Rinnegan’s abiity. Sure we have seen all of Pain’s arsenal, however we do not know how these abilities are related to the Rinnegan. So far, all we know is that Nagato transmits his chakra using these black rods to the different bodies and that they each have one. I think an explanation of these are upon us and will be explained soon enough (hopefully in a chapter or two).

2) With this in mind, I would say that Nagato has maken excellent use of it so far. I mean for crying out loud he was controlling six bodies simultaneously and had excellent co-ordination between them from such a long distance, and he was able to defeat Kakashi. This goes without question how formidable he is and how skilled he is as a shinobi and at controlling his abilities.

3) Yahiko’s death. You are right in that the death by kunai is as lame as Kakashi supposedly dying from chakra exhaustion. However the point of doing it this way is that technically Nagato was the one who killed him. This way Hanzou would have kept his word as it appeared that Nagato stabbed Yahiko. I think the death at Nagato’s hands was a brilliant execution and I could not have expected anything less form kishi.

I agree with you that I believe that the real prize will be in the next few chapters. This chapter can be thought of as nothing more but the awakening of Pain. The Pain that we have come to like will most certainly be explained in the next few chapters. I have been itching for these coming chapters for quite a while now and I am glad that we are upon them.

Thats it from me! Hope you liked the feedback and I hope you continue doing these reviews as it is very nice to see this chapter from a different perspective. Keep up the great work!

8. kakuro Says:
May 11, 2009 at 1:29 AM

well I was partly right about yahiko dying by hanzo’s hand….except in this case it was suicide and danzo was involved. while I was disappointed that yahiko and nagato didn’t just fight their way to konan or that konan didn’t just Kawarimi out of least this chapter bothered to explain his motivations further than last weeks. as for the paths abilities I think it’s a mixture of him giving some of the bodies his abilities as individual Jutsu and the corpse’s original talent/bloodline limit. how else would you justify the multiple summonings or the lasers. hopefully like you said they will show him building his collection next chapter or going on a hunt for hanzo and danzo heh I rhymed . awesome review man

9. sam_i_am:)24 Says:
May 10, 2009 at 2:57 PM

One month ago i said: what if Danzo killed Pain. or if Nagato is explaining something and then Danzo stabs him before he could finish. i though the same thing it is a good question/prediction

Prediction: Naruto decision is to spare Nagato after this naruto tells Nagato that Danzo is one of the elders Nagato tells Naruto to watch out for Danzo and all of a sudden Danzo kills Nagato!!! or when Naruto tells him Nagato spot an exploding kunei and Nagato uses shinra tensin it pushes naruto out of the way and hits both Nagato + Konan and naruto sees Danzo throws before he passes out.

Another prediction: Naruto decision is to kill nagato and he completes his task and Danzo appears and tell Naruto that he did exactly what he wanted naruto becomes enraged. could happen ( and sasuke appears and tries to attack Danzo but Danzo teleports and sasuke figures out who Danzo is) could explain the Madara/Danzo thing.

I also said this 1 month ago: Next Chapter Pred: I wouldn’t be to surprise that naruto kill his last body and forgive him. Mid Chap: Nagato will ponders over something like this (if a person like naruto exists then peace may be able to achieve) during his thoughts he notices konan is no where in sight he looks down and sees Konan knock out. The last panel on the right: Nagato will cry out Konan’s name then he feels a presence he looks up and say’s (you!!). Last panel: A faded out picture of a person wearing an akatsuki coat and has the sharigan.
( What if this is Madara/Danzo) could be.

10. manny814 Says:
May 9, 2009 at 2:04 PM


It was interesting to see Nagato’s perspective on what happened during the time that they met Jiraya and during Nagato’s Second pain.

Like I said before I really wanted a character with many mysteries up his sleeve to casually come up during Nagato’s storytelling. The use of Hanzo and Danzo together has very surprising for everyone. Although it further clarified Nagato’s hate for Hanzo it left us with further questions of what is Danzo’s final plan. Seriously where in the world is Danzo in all of this chaos and is he plotting against Konohana’s current Hokage. (I knew I couldn’t trust Danzo from the beginning).

It was weird to see the human side of Yahiko. To see him smile and sacrifice himself for his friends has strange after seeing a zombie like version of him as Pain fight Naruto. And although it was terrible for him to die without a fight we also have to consider that Hanzo had the upper hand : 1.) he had Konan hostage 2.) he had the high ground 3.) He was considered the strongest ninja of his village and maybe even the strongest of his time. Yahiko analyzed the situation and decided to protect Konan with his life. A heroic but terrible way to die.

The way Nagato was able to use different bodies to perform the same power makes you wonder if Nagato could use just anyone as a body of Pain. In addition to that we know that the powers that Yahiko’s body used as pain were not originated from him but from the sage of six paths which in this case would be Nagato. This would lead me to believe that Nagato could use any body that he wants . It would make sense though that the other pain bodies had those powers before or the possibilities for those powers within their bodies but Nagato was able to amplify them through the rod techniques.

I expect at least one or two more chapters that will hopefully explain the source of Pain’s powers and how he learned them. He had to learn them through either experimentation and training that attempted to achieve folklore stories of the original Sage of the Six Paths, or like Mythus said(without ruling anything out ) by meeting the original Sage of the Six Paths :)

Even though we didn’t get to see any of these past characters fight like Hanzo and Yahiko, we have to remember that what we really want to see is Naruto’s final decision and the end of the Nagato arc.


~ by broken1i on May 8, 2009.

14 Responses to “broken1i’s Naruto review chapter 446: I Just Wanted to Protect Them”

  1. Top Comment #1 (moderated by author)

  2. @ manny: First off, great analysis. Perhaps Madara helped teach Nagato the power of those pains? It’s definitely a possibility and I liked that you mentioned we shouldn’t get sidetracked in this story. What matters most is Naruto’s decision. I expect Danzo to make an appearance in the near future because it’s almost fitting these two meet again. Good job Manny.

  3. I think that Danzo could be Madara disguised which would explain the reasons behind how hes there with Hanzo to spur Nagato’s resolve.

  4. If this continues and Naruto pities Nagato more and more,may be there could be a possibility that we can see an union between them.I dont think after all these story Naruto can kill him now despite all the loss he suffered too.We can also expect Madara to kill Nagato if there will be a possible union with Naruto.But i can’t think of an idea what Sasuke will do after seeing Konoha crushed.May be if Danzo knew that Sasuke came to Konoha he would try to kill Sasuke himself caz the misson with Sai was a fail.Who knows..

  5. @ Turmiel: I’ve heard that one before and it could very well be true with Madara’s teleportation techniques. The patched eye is on the same side as Madara’s sharingan. Madara has bolts on the same arm that Danzo has covered up. Similar hair styles. Not only that, he and Madara share the same hate for the First, Second, and Third Hokage’s Teachings and Philosophy. Plus Madara hates the Senju clan, and the first and second were both Senju. Danzo also despises Tsunade for being the Grand-daughter of the First. There are a lot of things that point to him being Madara, but I just don’t see it because Kishi doesn’t make anything obvious.

    @Shosho: I get that same vibe. I’m almost certain Naruto won’t kill him. It wouldn’t be right after hearing his story anyway. Nagato’s death is inevitable though. I don’t think Sasuke will sympathize for the villagers if he ever shows up to konoha. His priority is to avenge his brother by targeting the elders including Danzo. His days are numbered. I predict the deaths of Nagato and Danzo.

  6. Top Comment #2 (moderated by author)

  7. @ sam: Sick predictions 😀 I can totally see Danzo killing Nagato. If that happens I can totally see Naruto fighting Danzo, but then again we just witnessed this epic battle that last like 20 chapters so it wouldn’t make sense unless it’s bleach haha. Kishi has something up sleeve. My review for this chapter was so hard to write because nothing really stood out except for Hanzo, Danzo, and Yahiko’s death. I’m intrigued by Nagato’s story though. GJ sam.

  8. @broken1i: thanks for being #2 i will never pass Manny though lol. i didn’t know that my gravatar fit the last two chapters lol.

  9. There’s no particular order sam. Both were exceptional. Good job 😉

  10. @sam : I like your predictions, I have a hard time picturing Danzo jumping and actually fighting. So far he seems like hes just a powerful lord that gives orders that root follows to the Q. Can Danzo be Madara? hmmm Your prediction and the reasons that broken1i made me want to look around and see if it was actually a possibility. Some of the reasons that i could think of why Danzo could not be Madara would be :

    1.) Danzo lived in the time of the third hokage and competed with him for the title of hokage. This would suggest that they might have grown up together and therefore rule out the possibility that he was older than the third Hokage.

    2.) It would be really weird for the village elders to allow someone like Danzo gain so much power without knowing where he came from.

    3.) If Danzo were Madara than Nagato would probably never work alongside someone who he holds responsible for Yahiko’s death (I’m assuming that pain knows Madara’s face because they founded akatski together)

    4.) Madara was once Mizukage and proved it by revealing his face to Kisame who instantly recognized him as a past Mizukage and as Madara and no one else.

    With that said I think that it would be really tough for Danzo to be Madara and Tobi. However I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Danzo might try to work alongside Madara and later betray him for his own personal gain.

  11. Thanks for the spoiler broken1i It seems that we wont get to find out what the origins of how he learned these techniques really were. It seems that he will just have them with no explanation behind it. However the thought of finally hearing Naruto’s answer is great !!!

    @sam: you are actually number 9 and I am number 10 so that would mean that yours was better than mine LOL 😀

  12. I wish Kishi would release a gaiden or something of the sort just to fully explain the rinnegan. I doubt he’ll do it during Nagato’s story.

  13. pff again no naruto release

  14. who is medara? is it tobi? man i”m so counfuse

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