broken1i’s Naruto Review 447: Believe


Hey everyone,

Woah, awesome chapter this week.  So last time we left off, Konan was being held hostage by Hanzo and Yahiko was forced to commit suicide in order to save her.  Nagato, however, was led to believe that he killed Yahiko given that he held the kunai that Yahiko plunged his abdomen into.  The story gets better by the week but it seems we’ve reached its end or so this chapter entails.  Let’s discuss.


Yahiko’s death drives Nagato into an unbalanced state.  That’s two sources to his pain, the first one being his parents’ death.  What do both sources have  in common?  They involved Konoha soldiers.  With each panel you can almost see the fluctuating pain in Nagato’s face.  Soon after Yahiko died, Hanzo sends Amegakure and Konoha soldiers to kill Nagato.  Turns out he was lying the whole time and planned to kill them whether Yahiko died or not.


“If war is going to continue, I will become the God of the world!”  Said by Yahiko, these were words running through Nagato’s mind as he repelled dozens of Kunais.  This clarifies the question I had about Yahiko possessing gravitational powers.  They stemmed from Nagato and he simply amplified Yahiko’s body.

This brings Nagato’s powers into question.  Did he possess these powers prior to this encounter?  Did Yahiko’s death spur the rinnegan’s development?  I personally believe he developed  these techniques beforehand.  Why?  Yahiko called him the “Messiah” in his last breaths which almost suggests that he knew Nagato had a unique power that could rid world of pain.  An omnipotent power known as the shinra tensei which he demonstrated above.  This still doesn’t merit when and where he developed his techniques but its just a thought.


After repelling all those kunais, Nagato leaps to Hanzo’s location in order to save Konan.  Hanzo drops back and places his hand on the floor, revealing a technique that involves seals latching onto the user’s target thus crumbling it.  So aside from summoning a giant salamander we learn that Hanzo can perform a “fire attack”…sweet.  If you look closely at the panel above, Nagato attempts to pull Konan out of the way as the seals latched onto his legs.

Despite the explosion that burned the hell out of his legs, Nagato was able to rescue Konan and escape to his original location near Yahiko’s dead body.  Hanzo wastes no time and reorders the soldiers to attack them not realizing what Nagato had in store.

09 (2) copy

My thoughts exactly Hanzo.  Why if it isn’t the Demonic Statue of Heretical Doctrine.  Look familiar?  It’s the same statue Akatsuki’s been using to seal the nine tailed beasts with the exception of the eyeless blindfold and the shackles on its arms.   The statue releases multiple chakra bars from its abdomen and launches them at Nagato thus piercing his back.  “I just want to protect them, no matter how much pain it causes,”this holds true as he endures the pain that followed.


Unless Nagato’s been pierced by this statue before, this technique seems to be a  one time wonder.  The statue spews a dragon like creature that instantly removes the souls of any person it comes in contact with.  Personally, those were probably one of the coolest set of panels I’ve ever seen.  It reminded me of how Shizune’s soul was pulled from her physical body.

14 copy

Anyhow, the dragon reaped the souls of almost all the soldiers except Hanzo who ninja vanished.  I guess Danzo didn’t make an appearance in the last chapter since he didn’t appear in this one either.  Perhaps he sent his black-ops line of ANBU soldiers to aid Hanzo as backup.  Too bad they all died.  After serving its purpose, the statue broke off the chakra bars off its chest which remained embedded in Nagato’s back.  It appears they remained there hence his present appearance.  So this marks the end of the story.  Nagato takes Yahiko’s place as leader of his gang and we find out were the dash across the headband comes from.

17 copy

This basically marks the end of Nagato’s story.  Naruto pulls out the “The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja” as a reminder of  Jiraiya’s morals and utters the verdict.  I’m sure most of us saw this coming a few chapters back seeing as killing Nagato wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Final Notes:

This is a hard one to decipher given all the curve balls Kishi included.  And its hard to make a prediction since nothing really forshadows to the next chapter.  Feel free to prove me wrong and enlighten me if I missed something.   Nagato’s story is over and we really didn’t get anything to work with.  Actually I take that back, the statue that came up was very significant.  This chapter almost suggests that it will complete itself.  Let’s see, you have an 8-tails and a 9-tails left, why wouldn’t it complete itself and what will happen after it does?  This is thinking several chapters into the future of course.

I truly hope Kishi releases a gaiden dedicated to the rinnegan because there’s still so much that we don’t know.  With the exception of Jiraiya’s encounter with the paths, we still don’t know where they came from.  Did Nagato abduct them?  Did he find their corpses just lying around.  We get where the rods on his back came from and why he’s living off a machine, but nothing from his story suggests how he built it or where it came from.

I can almost sense Danzo’s presense behind that “tree’ or is it a mountain?  It’s been so long that I forgot.  My apologies.  Anyhow I’m sure he’s lurking around possibly seeking revenge for the black-ops he killed way back when.  If not, expect another curve ball.  Perhaps Konan will do something or smile at least.  I’m cutting this one short since its finals week for me.  I’m hoping other reviewers will come to my aid haha.  Until next time my fellow readers.

-ron “broken1i”

I couldn’t really find a priceless picture so I googled and came across this one.  Enjoy!



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38 Responses to “broken1i’s Naruto Review 447: Believe”

  1. yay! finaly i sorta been looking foward to it,
    im glad the story telling is partially over for now. – c’mon how much longer are we supposed to be waiting?
    if naruto isnt going to kill nagato then whoooo…O_O I’m sure some random person will pop out going ” ayahh! ” any time soon now stabbing pain in the chest or sumthin… then naruto will let out a fountain of tears ( is it just me or does he cry for no freakin reason) seriously ninjas dont cry be man naruto! *sighs* fuck the finals well tiring, —- anyhooo im curious what kishi has in store for us……

  2. Broken1 thanks for the review and good luck with the finals

  3. is there a way like to sign up or do u just leave comments?

  4. >>
    no one is here
    I guess its just leave comments.

  5. You can sign up for a gravatar @ to get a cool icon, then upload a cool picture like mine and drop a comment ^__^. I’ll get to everyone’s comments as soon as I can. We’re trying to maintain consistent fanbase by posting weekly reviews as soon as possible.

  6. thnx broken1i =D
    oh and im going to try and catch up on this stuff. I have missed alot. XD

  7. oh and whats with this eye that nagato has. Is it a specail type of eye?

  8. Here’s a link to catch up on Nagato and everything about him.

  9. A spoiler is going around it seems kinda short . I hope a little more than this happens. But here it is if you guys want to check it out.

    source : nja @ 2ch
    タイトル 形見
    Title: “Memento”

    Spine of book is Orochimaru.

    In the chapter can be seen the speech of Naruto.
    Nagato responds to this speech.
    That is what teacher talked about. (Translator’s NOTE: Not quite sure about this. ).
    A hint was given to me, written in the end of the story in a book. Naruto tells Nagato that he’s thankful. (Translator’s NOTE: Something along Naruto being thankful to Nagato of reminding him of the ending of the book.)
    And then, to the story…
    The protagonist in the story becomes Nagato. He is portraying the lead role. The story begins. (Translator’s Note… Yes, I know, it doesn’t make any sense. The translation should be pretty close, though.).
    This time they’re talking about his name.
    ナルトが 「ナルトだ」
    Naruto “It’s Naruto”.
    Upon that being said, Nagato returns to himself.

    Studying under the same teacher… You and I understand each other.
    You must be joking…

    From the wheelchair, without hands, Nagato’s starting a seal
    “You… I tried to believe in you…. Uzumaki Naruto!”

    The End.

    That’s it, simply.

  10. The gigant statue seems to be the source of the six paths of pain. They were indeed the source of his abilities other than the powers controlled by God realm (shinra tensei ect.) this helps to clarify how Nagato’s powers work however the summoning of the gigant statue doesnt explain how he learned how to summon it and how he knew what would happen and how to use these powers. I really do agree that we need more of an explanation on Nagato’s powers but we will probably never get the explanation. If kishi doesn’t come up with a section explaining this it would be nice to see it in the anime even if it would be much better than the usual filler that we get in the anime XD

  11. thnx. now I might be able to spread the word of this stuff

  12. There is not many spoiler pics this week. We’ll just have to wait till next week

  13. we’ll just have to wait till Friday *** 😀

  14. I found a different ending to the magna that may suggest a different ending

    Nagato pulls his arms out of the wheelchair sockets and begins to make a seal.
    “I truly feel like taking a chance on you…Uzumaki Naruto!”

  15. Well that could be danzo talking about naruto and the decision he mad for not killing nagato.

  16. Well that could be danzo talking about naruto and the decision he made for not killing nagato.

  17. new chapter rocks! Great work Kishi

  18. 448 is out 🙂

  19. What do you think is behind the Nagato hand seal technique that he is about to use ?

    1.) I think that one possibility is that he will summon the statue and destroy it in front of Naruto. (very possible) If Nagato now understands Naruto maybe he will destroy his plans and the wepon that he has been working on.

    2.) Could Nagato be about to give Naruto the Rinngeran. (not likely) Naruto doesn’t really need another power, it would be better to see continuous development from Naruto’s techniques that he currently posseses.

    3.) Another possibility is that Nagato will commit suicide with sometype of self destruct jutsu.(possible maybe) If Naruto doesn’t destroy the person that destroyed the Village than there might be alot of recentment against Naruto in the village after Nagato leaves.

    4.) Would it be a technique or a seal that would UNDO everything that he did to Konoha (far out but possible i guess ) the only way i see this happening is if Nagato would self sacrifice in the process.

  20. What if Nagato just retreats with a reverse summon followed by team Guy arriving to see that Nagato has dessapeared :p

  21. one thing is certain!
    Next week Kishi will suprise us all again..The idea of summoning the statue and destroy it is too much hardcore and not necesarry in my opinion

  22. @ Shosho : I agree that most probably Kishi will pull something completly unexpected out of a hat like he always does.

    @ Chi Chi: I guess that if Nagato just retreats the question then would be what he will do afterwards will he try to stop akatski himself or will he return at a later time to fight alongside Naruto.

  23. Yay I’m finally freee!! No more finals. I apologize to everyone that wrote comments. I’ll try to get my review in as soon as I can. Manny I owe you a million. -__-

  24. great review

    @manny814 the Rinngeran was my one of my first thoughts as well. Lets see if we can combine your #1,3,4 He could be giving naruto his powers but naruto declines and tells him he does not want anything from him and nagato says what if i could restore your village and naruto says yes and he creates a seal and naruto looks at hes village and he turns around to say thank you and (Nagato is smiling while dead) or (Nagato and Konan just disappear) or ( Nagato and konan have were killed by Neji) last one possible lol

  25. i don’t what i was thinking i won’t do that again sorry for the double post i had to apologize to everyone

  26. @ Sam : I always like your crazy predictions ^__^ i do agree with you that if Naruto is given the choice to adquire the ringeran he would indeed deny this opportunity.

    1.) What if Nagato summos the statue and asks Naruto to destroy it for him. Naruto then goes into sage mode and destroys the statue with a Fuuton Rasen Shuriken to destroy the statue and release all of the tailed beasts stoping Akatki’s plans altogether.
    1b.)As the statue is destroyed Nagato dies because he and the statue are one in the same.
    1c.) The statue is destroyed and Nagato regains his health and he joins Naruto in the fight against Akatski as a former member.
    1.d) As Naruto is about to destroy the statue Madara teleports to the scene and stops Naruto from destroying the statue.
    1.e) Madara witneses the destruction and kills Nagato as punishment for betrayal.

    @ broken1i: welcome back i hope your finals went well ^_^

  27. The creator has finally return welcome back Broken1i.

    @ manny814 thanks for the complement and as for the new predictions all seem at least 90% it could happen i know for a fact that madara won’t let those tail beast get away from him that easily. he could be lurking in the shadows watching nagato’s hands sign to form the seal of the tail beast and after wards he kills him. this is another possibility.

  28. No review this week?

  29. The spoiler for 449 is freaking me out it is AWESOME !!!

    Shizune, Pa frog and Kakashi.
    They survive!
    Only Nagato and Jiraiya died in the end of the fight.
    Nagato revives all people in Konoha and entrusts to Naruto and then died.
    Konan leaves akatsuki and bring the corpses of Nagato and Yahiko back to Hidden Rain. She prays for Naruto’s success and says that both Nagato and Naruto have the same dream. She gives him a bunch of paper flowers.

    The dialogue between Kakashi and his dad
    Kakashi: I’m proud of my father.
    Dad: Thanks.
    An arrow shining with light spots on Kakashi.
    Dad: This is the place where it is too early for you.
    Finally I can see your mom.
    Then Kakashi wakes up.

    The last panel which Sasuke is heading to Konoha.
    Side cover is Kabuto.

  30. Pics available here

  31. @ manny 814: Sweeeeet Sopiler wow im lost for words who would guess this would happen thanks alot so was this all a genjustu or a ninjustu

  32. Review coming Friday morning. No later than 10EST. Believe it! lol..

  33. YAY KAKASHI ISN’T DEAD!! *Jumps up and down squeeing like a school girl*

    Sauske you still suck

  34. @ Sam : I don’t think it was a genjutsu or genjutsu it was more similar to grandma chji’s self sacrificing technique.
    Nagato’s technique is called Gedou Rinne Tenshou wich acording to a spoiler translates to “Heretical Justice Reincarnation” along with the explanation that the Ringeran are supposed to be the eyes of the reincarnations.
    from that i can conclude that it is a self sacrificing techniquee that only someone with the Ringeran can do.

    @ Ms. Mandi : I can’t belive kakashi isn’t deead !! WOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

  35. Naruto 449 is out !!! 😀

  36. writing the review 😉

  37. man he got me!!!

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