The Underscore’s Bleach review 358: King of the Clouds

The Underscore’s

Bleach Review

358 King of the Clouds

Hey there, welcome to another Bleach review. This week’s chapter had some interesting things going on, though it also raised some questions about the power of the Espada. But I’ll go over this chapter using pictures from the SleepyFans scanlation right after going over the results of last week’s poll.


Poll Results

In last week’s review I asked you the following question: Which of the Espada do you think are Vasto Lorde? So within one week’s time there were 69 people in total who voted in this poll, which coincides with the amount of people who voted last week, though there were more voters on wordonmars rather than Mangahelpers this week. Nonetheless, the results show that a majority of the voters (47.8%) believes that the Espada ranked 1 to 4 are all Vasto Lorde. Whether this has anything to do with the performances of these Espada, the slight hints towards their abilities through Aizen’s confidence and release rules, or just plain fandom would then be the next question I suppose.

The option that then received most votes is the other side of the spectrum, where there are NO Vasto Lordes in the current Espada. Perhaps this option was chosen because of the fact that the Espada have yet to show the overpowering sensation that was to be expected from Vasto Lordes and the prospect of the Vaizards having to join this battle. For without plenty Vasto Lorde level Arrancar on Aizen’s side, Soul Society would have to big of an advantage when the Vaizards join their ranks. The prospect of 10 Escudos would be pretty cool to see as well in my opinion, though I wonder how they could be introduced in the story without making it look last minute. Perhaps Wonderweiss is the answer to this.

After these possibilities it would seem that if there is a Vasto Lorde amongst the Espada, Stark would be the one (13%) though according to some others Barragan could also be amongst the Vasto Lorde (10%). The peculiar thing in this poll, however, is the fact that few people believe that Harribel -new spelling of her name revealed in this chapter, I’ll get back to this- is the line to draw for the Vasto Lorde level, as only 2 people voted for the top 3 to be Vasto Lorde. The majority seems to believe that if Harribel is a Vasto Lorde, Ulquiorra has to be one as well. Of course there are people who don’t care about Vasto Lorde and just want to see some action (8.6%). So let’s get to the action!!



How often did I think this when my teachers started to lecture me…

So this week Kubo surprised us all by having one of my predictions come true. Harribel’s attack could have crushed many foes under the severe water pressure, but Hitsugaya froze the water in front of him to shield himself from the attack. As he cuts through his shield to confront Harribel once more, he points out that he isn’t some brat who knows nothing of battle. While I saw this coming, I must admit I’m somewhat annoyed by the fact that Harribel’s release only seems to have revealed more of her without seemingly increasing her abilities. She almost seemed to be doing better before she released than after releasing. I guess I’d like to have your opinion on this matter, hence this week’s poll


Hitsugaya then once more tries to take advantage of his element by firing off shards of ice using his Guncho Tsurara. Harribel, however, doesn’t seem to worry about these developments as she says that any attack will result in the same.

Trying to melt the ice


If only this would work on social occasions

Using her Hirviendo as she did last week, Harribel melts the ice to stop Hitsugaya’s attack. But unlike last week, Hitsugaya doesn’t stop there as he suddenly appears behind Harribel using some captain level Shunpo. He then fires off what seems to be a freezing version of the Getsuga Tenshou, almost trapping Harribel. Harribel, however, was able to use her Tiburon to escape the wave of ice. Hitsugaya then thanks her for her lecture about advantages by giving his own, stating that “one faces most danger during ones best attack”. This would seem to imply that Hirviendo is Harribel’s best attack according to Hitsugaya, though it probably refers to the fact that it is Harribel’s best attack for Hitsugaya’s ice attacks.

Tercera Espada Harribel


The hottest of the Espada, in spite of her peculiar name

So Kubo decided to enlighten us on Harribel’s name, giving us the proper spelling to be used when referring to the third Espada. So what can we say about Harribel up to this point. While she started out as one of the Espada that was speculated to be the first, to break the cycle of women not being able to be ranked first, she turned out to be the third Espada -something I also managed to predict. She seems to have a cold and calculating personality, the same as her current opponent. After releasing her Tiburon she revealed, well practically everything, though amongst that her face, which was hidden underneath a fear instilling mask. But while she revealed almost everything with her Resurreccion, we are left to ponder as to where her Hollow Hole is. Her performances during the story up to this point have been somewhat mediocre. While she seemed to have the upper hand during her entire fight with Hitsugaya, she somehow isn’t finishing him off. Could it be that she is toying with Hitsugaya as if she were a Siren of some sort? Is she trying to endure all of Hitsugaya’s attacks until his Bankai runs out, just to prove her point that Shinigami aren’t worth her time? Or is she going to live up to her death aspect of sacrifice?



Fat Egocentrics Always Rant… yeah I’ve got nothing for this picture

So the scene changes back to Barragan, Soi Fon, and Omaeda. Omaeda, seemingly out of place in this battle, starts to realize this for himself as he looks at the situation. Looking at Barragan, he believes him to be more dangerous than even Aizen. While this is something that couldn’t possibly be more wrong, the rest of Omaeda’s thoughts do seem to hold true to a certain extend. He notes that Barragan’s age attribute makes him somewhat invincible to all attacks, as those who come close or touch him turn to bones. This is an issue I tried to address as well, though I was honestly hoping to get a hint to whether Barragan’s ability would work on long range attacks such as Kidou as well. Another thing where Omaeda may not be too far off with is the fact that Soi Fon wasn’t able to evade the attack. While she didn’t use her Shunpo to escape Barragan’s Respira, she could still be considered as one of the fastest captains in Soul Society, so her not being able to avoid this attack may be a sign of Barragan’s abilities. Though Omaeda does seem to idolize his captain, which gives him the idea that his captain is the strongest around if you ask me. But that doesn’t mean that Soi Fon is one to be underestimated, for she has already come up with a plan.



That’s right… Fat Egocentrics Always Run.

Soi Fon asks Omaeda to serve as a decoy while she makes preparations to take down Barragan. Omaeda, however, believes himself to be incapable of serving as a distraction as he tries to convince his captain to flee together. The funny thing of all this is the fact that Barragan seems to go along with Soi Fon’s plan. He tells Omaeda that if he doesn’t come to him, he has to go to Omaeda. With Omaeda seemingly wetting his pants, he tries to beg his captain to not use him as a decoy. Soi Fon then does what any good captain would do and tells her lieutenant to keep his right arm to cut off anything that may turn to bones. The way in which she said this, along with the look on her face, makes me think that she actually has faith in Omaeda being able to pull this off. Something also tells me that she isn’t talking about Omaeda having to cut off his own limbs as much as her own. So as Soi Fon disappears, telling Omaeda that she is counting on him, I’m becoming very curious of what Soi Fon intends to do. Kubo, however, decides to show us how Omaeda distracts Barragan, which to my shame made me laugh in spite of the fact that Barragan seems to be ridiculed at first. Though in my opinion, Barragan is so arrogant that he believes that he can take on anything that Soul Society can throw at him. This is probably why he is playing along with Soi Fon’s plan, so that he can see what she thinks she can do against him. So as Omaeda flees from the Espada, we go back to Hitsugaya and Harribel.



She can both play tag with the kids and assassinate them at the same time!

Harribel fires off attacks that seem similar to the one that one-shot Hitsugaya a few chapters back.  Named La Gota -Spanish for drop if I’m correct- these attacks seem to do a lot more damage than any average drop of water could do. Hitsugaya on the other hand seems to be evading these attacks with ease while gliding through the fake Karakura town. Harribel suddenly charges towards Hitsugaya, firing a Cero to shatter a big chunk of Hitsugaya’s left wing. Her Cero was not only a plain one; it has the closest resemblance to the Getsuga Tenshou we have seen up to this point as it is fired from her blade in a cutting movement. This seems to confirm Ulquiorra’s statement of Ichigo’s Getsuga being most similar to a Hollow’s Cero, though he was making the link with the Cero Oscuras and the Bankai version of the Getsuga.

Hitsugaya seems to have noticed the fact that the Cero isn’t the best one Harribel can fire, as he has picked up on Harribel’s strategy. For the same reason that she missed her Gota’s, she is trying to condense the battlefield in order to finish Hitsugaya off. Perhaps she did this not only to fight Hitsugaya, but the other captains as well, though it seems that she didn’t expect Hitsugaya to notice her plan.

Tenth captain Hitsugaya Toushiro


All of our attention is now also under your command

While restoring the ice wing from his Bankai, Hitsugaya reveals to us that he was trying to condense the battlefield as well. He then starts to talk about an attack he hasn’t used in his Bankai state and that he will try it now because it is no use to wait until both sides achieve the same goal. Intrigued by this confidence, Harribel wants to know what Hitsugaya is talking about. Hitsugaya then explains that he doesn’t need to make more water in order to finish the fight as he can control all water with the strongest of all ice type Zanpakutou. Even causing surprise in Harribel, Hitsugaya claims that all of heaven is under his command thanks to his Hyoten Hyakkaso. So with the promise of a never before seen power from Hitsugaya, we’ll have to see what will happen to Harribel for once instead of Hitsugaya.



So what can be said about this chapter? It was a good chapter as usual, though there were some things that just didn’t work out for me. My main concerns are the facts that Harribel seems to be taking too much time in finishing Hitsugaya and even looks weaker than she seemed before her release. My other concern is that I’m starting to believe that Hitsugaya may actually be able to pull this off somehow, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but is one for now. If Hitsugaya beats Harribel without any damage taken, it would make it almost impossible for Aizen to win unless he has something up his sleeve. Other than that, it seems that Harribel and Barragan both are willing to take on the best the Shinigami can throw at them. Whether this is arrogance based on overconfidence or not is something we’ll find out in the upcoming chapters I suppose. As for the Soi Fon and Omaeda interaction, I found it to be interesting enough for this chapter and showing us a different side to Soi Fon. The revelation of Harribel’s name in the Kubo spelling was also something that I was expecting, though I would have thought he’d use her pre resurrected state in the picture. At least Harribel’s name didn’t turn out as strange as some of the other Espada. So what do I predict for the upcoming chapters?



With Hitsugaya taking out what seems to be his trump card and Soi Fon making preparations we can expect several outcomes. The first outcome would obviously be that both captains use attacks that defeat their opponents at the expense of their energy and perhaps a limb or two in Soi Fon’s case. The other outcome is that one of them succeeds while the other fails, or that both captains fail. So how could this happen?

In the fight between Hitsugaya and Harribel, Hitsugaya will use his Hyoten Hyakkaso, only to fail based on the rules that were pointed out in this chapter. Hitsugaya’s advantage will be used against him because he was open due to the size of his attack, or Hitsugaya will be able to rain down lightning on Harribel. Personally I’d prefer to see Harribel to stay alive long enough to face other opponents, so it would have to be at the expense of Hitsugaya. The fact that the last pages show one of Hitsugaya’s petals disappear makes me think that Harribel may even go as far as to wait until Hitsugaya’s Bankai disappears. Maybe he’ll be saved after this by one of the Vaizards or other captains.

The fight between Barragan and Soi Fon will most likely end in Soi Fon’s plan failing due to Barragan’s level of skills. She may be able to do some minor damage at best, only for Barragan to come back with even more arrogance for surviving the best she had to offer. Omaeda will somehow manage to come out of this all relatively unscathed.

So this is it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll as well. See you again next week!


~ by The Underscore on May 22, 2009.

11 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 358: King of the Clouds”

  1. UNO

    Wow underscore you are really fast with your reviews 🙂 AWESOME

    I do think that the power of Hitsugaya’s attack might be used against him. If Harribel is able to dodge most of the ice power of Hitsugaya’s new power and allow it to fill the battlefield with condensation Harribel will very easily be able to use the ice as her own wepon.

    I expect this power to be something like either ice rain or ice arrows or spears comming from any dirrection of the sky it should be very impressive to witness.

    In the case of Soi Fon I think that any close range type fighter should know that if they don’t develop a long range attack they will have a weakness. So maybe Soi Fon will reveal a long range attack after restraining Barragan.

    Personaly i think that Soi fon will be able to somehow defeat Barragan simply because no one (at least not me) wants to see a Captain be reduced to nothing but bones. Its just a very sucky death.

  2. If its green eggs and ham, it must be sam i am!

    Nice Review and sweet predictions, I think that soi fon will lose to the point where she almost loses her life and then it will switch over to Hitsugayaafter his attack fail with the loss of his bankai Harribel tries to finish him Urahara comes with his blood mist shield protecting him and show him falling out the air and then Barragan tries to delivers the death blow and Yoruichi comes and saves Soi Fon.

    I think the next arc will be about the Aizen becoming soul king and the name would be Path to the king.

    Could ichigo second mask transformation be a vasto lord if not what would we count it as? Do you think that Aizen has a vizard form? (i ask this because the reason he left the soul society was because he wanted to break that chain of limits and to think he left for nothing would be point less.) Finally last question do you think Espadas 1-4 in there release forms could defeat Aizen?

  3. What If Yammato tells Aizen that central 46 position 3 new captains and they are on there way and one is a former member of the zero squad it would be amazing no the less.

  4. @ Manny
    My reviews do come out pretty fast I guess, but it’s just plain luck that I have no classes on Friday which allows me to release them so early ;D. I’m afraid this will change in July, though that’s still far off I suppose :).

    And I think Harribel will use Hitsugaya’s attack against him because of what he said this chapter. It probably wouldn’t have happened if Hitsugaya just kept quiet :P. As for the form of his attack, I expect him to perhaps freeze the area up to zero Kelvin -or down to zero if you wanna get technical :P- because it would fit the strongest Ice-type Zanpakutou idea.

    As for Soi Fon, I do expect her to show us something interesting, though I somehow feel that she may fail in her attempts to take out Barragan. But I do agree that it would be lame to have the captain turn to bones.

    Thanks. Having Urahara and Yoruichi show up now would be a big surprise, even though it would raise questions about where the Vaizards are. It would be expected that Urahara is still in the Real Karakura Town due to his banishment I suppose, but the Vaizards just made it more obvious that they were coming.

    As for Aizen becoming the king, I admit that I don’t see it happening at first. But if I think about it, it may be possible that the King’s key is made allowing Aizen to be king. Ichigo then has to beat him and Karakura town can only be restored by Orihime using her event rejection -with a sacrifice from her part because she would be too overpowered otherwise I think.

    As for Ichigo’s second mask transformation, I’m guessing that he is at the VL level. But he can’t be a VL because all Menos Hollow are made up of several Hollows piled together. Aizen could have a Hollowfication up his sleeve, though I hope he hasn’t just so he can do it after the Hougyouku fully awakens. And I don’t think Aizen can be beaten by the released Espada. Stark may be the only one who is near Aizen’s level, but Barragan would probably take over if Aizen wasn’t powerful enough.

    And Finally, if the central 46 positions would all be filled out already it would probably cause problems for SS. Especially in the short amount of time that it would have happened and politics not being so quick ;P. As for the filling of the captains’ seats, it would be nice to see some Zero squad members taking over -even if temporarily. But if there were captains other than members of the Zero squad it would be too advantageous for SS. But I’m just curious as to what Kubo is planning for Aizen to go up against these odds even if the seats aren’t taken or the central 46 being completed.

  5. @ The Underscore 1,2 sentences 3 paragraph: Kubo could be deceiving us.

    Isn’t an arrancar a hollow that removes his mask? If so ichigo could technically be an arrancar and have a vasto lord level. Remember when ichigo was trying to regain his soul reaper powers and he escaped out the hole he had a hollow mask and a broken zanpakuto he hit himself with the sword and remove his mask. (The vizards clam this to be his inner hollow and this could mean he is a hollow that removed his mask or another name an arrancar). What about the incident when uliquorra put a hole in his stomach similar to grimmjow his dark spirit pressure started to pour back in him. He became more like a hollow then he ever was, (his appearance similar to uliquorra as well) he wasn’t in control, or aware of anything he was doing.(Could Explain what is he or what was that form) If anything i would think that if it was a vizard form they would have achieve it.

  6. The only thing that we know about Vasto Lorde is that they are the size of a human and their power is far greater than that of a Captain level Shinigami. The following is an explanation of Vasto grande by Hitsugaya

    So I was wondering if maybe the ability to have a second more powerful resureccion is what separates the espada that are Vasto Lorde and the ones that are Adjunchas. I think that Ulquiorra’s second release was deffinetly a step above a Captain level Shinigami.

    If a first resureccion creates a close battle between Ulquiorra and Ichigo (a shinigami that is almost at captain level that the Second resureccion is probably the ability of the Vasto Lorde that we may be looking for)

    Maybe we’ll have a close almost lost fights by the shinigami in what is left of the battles that the top three espada are fighting in. At which point when the battle seems to be turning in favor of the Shinigami the top three will reveal a power that Ulquiorra thought that only he had and maybe explain that this is the true power of the Vasto Lorde.

    If this happens then the existance of the Vasto Lorde will be confirmed and we will also know who is the only person that maybe able to deffeat them : Ichigo in his second mask hollow form which will be his own way of developing a Vasto Lorde form.

  7. Bleach spoiler is out !!!

    Source: FLOL
    Verification: Confirmed
    Credits: Sheetz

    First it’s Stark’s fight. He casually fires a cero.
    Shunsui avoids it. Stark notices something strange in the sky above and looks up.
    Switch to Hitsugaya.
    Tensoujuurin is the name of Hyourinmaru’s fundamental ability.
    The power is immature, so he doesn’t have confidence in his ability to control it in his bankai state. (There’s a flashback where he says something to that effect.)

    Hitsugaya asks her name. It’s Tia Harribel.

    Hitsugaya fires his ultimate attack (Ice Heaven Hundred Flower Interment, or something like that)

    Snow falls from the sky, and Harribel tries to use Irubiendo to melt it, but the instant it touches Ice flowers start to bloom.

    The flowers continue to bloom on her body and she gets covered in ice.

    Hitsugaya declares that when the flowers finish blooming her life will be extinguished. The end?

    Then it’s Oomaeda running from Barragan. Just when he cries for help Soi Fon calls out “Bankai!”. Until next week.

  8. @ manny 814: Sweeeeet Sopiler wow im lost for words To think the kid defeats # 3 im astonished

  9. @ Sam : It seems too quick for the third espada to have been defeated. I know that their battle has been going on for several episodes but for her to be defeated in one move seems to not be the real end. I’ll just have to check for the episode and see how it completely hapened maybe that will chage my mind.

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