Naruto Shippuuden Movie: Bonds Part 1


Naruto Shippuuden Movie: Bonds

Hey all, MsMandi here to give you my review for the new Shippuuden movie; Bonds. I hope you enjoy it.

Ok, we start off with a waterfall, and Sauske who is now turned into a beefcake emo instead of a prepubesant emo is standing under the waterfall. Then he busts out a Chidori, electrifying all of the water. Now question….how did he not electrocute himself as well? I mean, water conducts lightning so how is it that Sauske who has water running down his body and lightning coming out of his hand not get electrocuted?  Hmmmmm Then we get Sauske standing on a cliff looking at mountains, and then the title shot.

We fly thru the clouds and end up at the ocean, where there are some weird ass boats that look like crosses between Buddha and a Sphinx chugg along at a steady pace.  Inside are a bunch of ninjas running around preparing for something.  Suddenly they all run to the decks of the boats strapped into some weird wing looking things and jump on some huge ass escalators. They stand on these platforms that slide. Now somehow it reminds me of Top Gun.  You know when they’re on the deck and the fighter planes take off….that’s how these dudes looked, except they looked like the kid who made his own wings and tried to jump off the barn. So they fly thru the air, using their chakra I assume; which I don’t know how chakra could make you fly…but that’s beside the point.  So they fly over the ocean, fly over the land with people staring up going OMGWTFBBQ!?! Then they fly into Konoha and BAM!! Chaos ensues.  We see Tsunade staring out her window trembling in anger when she declares a level three emergency, then we see ninjas getting killed left and right.

Ok quick question here…How many times must Konoha be completely destroyed? It’s happened what, three times so far? Must we always destroy the village? I mean those people have got to be tired of rebuilding. At this point I’d be like, ok screw it. I’m leaving. Sorry, I’m done now…

Choji gets knocked to the ground and asks if they are wind element users. Neji, who is getting really good looking as he grows up…ehem, sorry, sees with his byakugan that it is actually chakra molded into the wings…..Score for Mandi. I called it!  Shikamaru, another one that’s growing up quite nicely, declares that they are the Sky Ninja.  Tsunade and Shizune are standing in the office while Tsunade goes on about the Sky Country and how they can manipulate chakra to fly. Shizune freaks, wants to know if it’s a preemptive strike for an ally to come in and destroy Konoha (again.) Tsunade says no matter who it is, they will get the revenge of the entire fire country.  Then one of the flyers opens up and a guy wearing a mask busts out some wicked chakra and shoots it down into the city ala Independence Day. Blowing a crater into the city and leaving a mushroom cloud reminiscent of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One flyer decides to take a couple shots at the Hokage, and THANK GOD for bullet proof glass or Tsunade and Shizune would have been goners…wait, how the hell do they have bullet proof glass?!  Tsunade just stands there, with a look of anger and shock while Shizune falls on her ass.

Then Naruto shows up. It seems to me that Naruto always shows up after the village gets destroyed…why is that? He is called by an old man who is trying to lift a beam off some dude. Naruto pulls the beam off all by himself; guess someone has been eating their spinach.  Naruto wants to rush the guy to the hospital but the old dude says he has a punctured lung and won’t make it. The old man takes a glass tube, rams it into the injured guys chest and air leaks out. Then he is cleared to go to the hospital. Naruto says that the sky ninja are still there and he can’t take the guy. Old dude says that he can’t do it because he has other injured to help. Then he surprises Naruto by calling him by his name as he disappears to look for other injured….

And this whole scene reminds me of when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor; sneaking in during the day, bombing the shit out of everyone, and then going home. Actually while watching this I kept getting scenes from the movie Pearl Harbor flashing thru my mind….Odd.

The flyers leave to return to their boats while Shikamaru and Neji discuss putting surveillance on them.  Shikamaru thinks that they can find where the flyers are headed by how much chakra they have left. Kakashi *sigh* and Yamato run to Tsunades office and she tells them to tend to the villagers. We cut to the hospital where people are being brought in. Hinata and Sakura notice that most of the people being brought in are already bandaged up. Sakura asks whose doing it, and just as Naruto is about to answer some kid jumps thru the window and said it was Shinnou. The kid wants to know where Shinnou is and pushes Naruto against the wall to get him to talk. Then the kid passes out. We cut to later in the evening with Naruto and Shinnou standing next to the kids’ bed. Shinnou says something about Naruto being grown and we also find out the kids name is Amaru.  Shinnou talks about Amarus’ village called “navan.”  The kid wakes up, Naruto gets in his face, and he goes flying out the window.

Next morning we find out Shinnou and Amaru are in Konoha to set up an office and that Naruto has been paired up with both Hinata and Sakura….hmmmm I smell a porn coming on.  Naruto stutters and struggles and Sakura hands him a charm from Jiraiya. Then they head off on their mission.

Screen cuts to the Sky nin landing back on their boats, with Sai looking thru a pair of binoculars. He draws a bird and it pops out of the scroll. He jumps on it and flies towards the ninjas. They laugh about only one person and sends off an 8 person squad to take care of it. They start shooting at him, the bird disappears and Sai lands on one of the dudes wings ripping it off. Meanwhile back on land Kakashi and Shikamaru analyze the way the Sky ninja react.

Then we cut back to Sauske going to see Orochimaru who is in bed with Kabuto at his side….Another perfect setup for a porn….They tell him of Konoha being attacked; Sauske gets all douche-y and says he doesn’t care about Konoha. Orochimaru says he doesn’t care either, but there is this guy I want you to bring to me.  Apparently this guy is a doctor and has a reincarnation jutsu that Snake Boy wants….

Meanwhile, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Shinnou and Amaru are making their way thru the jungle to get to their village in boats. Naruto says we could do this fast on foot, and Sakura is all like yeah, but do you wanna hang out with the nasty beasties? Ok, she doesn’t say it like that…but you get the drift.  They all freak Naruto out about the bugs, and animals. Naruto and Amaru get into it about how Amaru would protect Naruto with a scalpel…typical Naruto fighting with other people crap. And Sakura slaps Naruto upside the head with an oar. Naruto asks why she did it and she says be quiet for a minute. They all stand in silence, Hinata busts out her Byakugan and she sees the flyer on patrol. Shinnou orders everyone to get under cover. Naruto tackles Amaru and they hide under the boat as the flyer goes over. Naruto goes to pull Amaru up and find only his jacket. The scalpel that Amaru apparently cherishes sank to the bottom of the river and he swam after it.

Ok kids, that’s it for this part. I’ll have the second part soon. Til then!



~ by Miranda on May 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden Movie: Bonds Part 1”

  1. I loved the openning scene with the planes destroying Konohana. I found alot of similarities to WW II as well, to me it was completly reminecent of the Blitz bombing on London by Germany during WW II. You could tell this was intentional because of the scale of the buildings, the bridge, and the tower structures that were definetly inspired by London’s Architecture and not typicaly used structures of konohana in the magna or anime. I guess that the writters could find no better iconic bombing of a city than the Blitz example. I really enjoyed it.

    The scene with Sasuske although looks cool has its problems like you mentioned. The only explanation for this would be that sasuke is training to be strong against someone who would be strong against him: a water type. Through this training near water he has developed a way through chidori to control the flow of electricity through his body. Bogus? probably, but it sounds good doesn’t it 😀

    The thing with Sai was kinda silly as well. If one person was able to take on 8 peole with no problem why was the whole village so unprepared and unable to fight against the army. It just doesn’t make sense !! does it? no not really

    There is always things that are left unanswared in Naruto Movies and filler which always leaves me with a feeling of suckyness. For one thing Konohana got destroyed once more (blah!) and we never saw any rebuilding take place. And most of the characters that we meet and begin to enjoy in these movies disapear with the end of the movie. Its a reality we have to accept with all of the Naruto movies which i really don’t like.

  2. I don’t know, while the opening scene reminds you of the Blitz bombing it really more reminds me of Pearl Harbor….I mean it was the Japanese that attacked us then and the way it was done. During the day when it was least expected, taking out alot of fucking people along the way…..and that mushroom cloud was totally Hiroshima and Nagasaki….which was also Japan….

    But, to each their own opinion.

    And the Sauske thing is just a bit ridiculous….I would have loved to see Sauske get electrocuted…that would have made my freaking day. But alas no luck.

  3. I read somewhere that this movie made about 95 millon $ in Japan.
    Why are they making so long fillers where they can earn like this instead of shitty filler episodes.And the manga is way ahead of anime.
    I think the Naruto brand is losing in quality with these fillers and so

  4. When you asked how he didn’t get electrocuted, at the beginning;
    You have to remember, it’s not ordinary lightning, it’s actually just his own chakra.
    Maybe electricity produced by Raiton Style doesn’t have the same properties that true lightning does.

  5. That could be the case…thanks for pointing that out!

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