Naruto Shippuuden Bonds: Part Two

Hello ladies and germs, MsMandi back again with part two of my review for the new Naruto movie. So here we go…..

We left off with Amaru swimming after his sacred scalpel after Naruto forced him into the water. He gets it and tries to swim up by finds himself stuck he passes out and we see a flashback of him and Shinnou discussing Amarus’ wish to be a ninja.  Shinnou says he abandoned the way of the ninja because saving peoples’ lives are more important than taking them and gives Amaru the scalpel. End of flashback. Naruto pulls Amaru to the surface, and into the boat. Naruto fights with some gnarly looking fishes, climbs in the boat. Naruto stands there looking like a drunken hobo til we see the poisonous fish mowing on his leg. Then he passes out. Amaru cuts Naruto open and sucks the poison out of the wound and wraps him up all purty. Sakura does her med thing and sees that the kid did it perfect. Shinnou tells Amaru he did a good job and they have a weird father/son type moment.

Next they start fighting their way thru the jungle with Shinnou in the lead. Naruto and Amaru are talking when Naruto stumbles into the question if Amaru is a girl. Amaru gets all sullen and Naruto goes OMG!! Naruto accuses Amaru of being in love with Shinnou to which SHE (I could go into a complete rant about the asexualness of many Naruto characters…but we’d be here all day.) slaps the shit out of Naruto for.  They get called by one of the girls and they run after them.  They catch up and see smoke billowing thru the trees, apparently where Amarus’ village is. Amaru takes off, Shinnou and Naruto both yell for her to stop but she doesn’t.  They chase after her and they run into the ruins of what used to be her home. Amaru walks thru the village where everything is aflame yelling for any survivors. Of course there is none. She takes a step forward and breaks a tripwire and a bunch of kunai fly at her. But Shinnou pushes her out of the way and takes the brunt of the damage. Barely able to talk he asks Amaru is she’s ok, and then he collapses and falls down the stairs. Amaru asks why he saved her, and he said because you are my student. Sakura tries to heal him but no luck…so sad. Amaru cries and Naruto gets pissed.  They bury Shinnous’ body and we get the back story on how Shinnou and Amaru met. Which I’m not giving you…you want it watch the damn movie. She cries at his grave and cries into the bandana thingy he gave her.  Hinata is out in the forest with her Byakugan when she notices a strange chakra and she takes off after it.

Naruto shows Sakura the ruins that Shinnou had been talking about and they decide to investigate.  Amaru comes walking out of the fog, but she appears to be possessed…given the glowing red eyes and such.  Naruto asks what she’s doing there, to which the not Amaru explains that she is Reibi-a zero tailed beast….aka a bijou who basically took over Amaru in her despair so it can conquer the world.

Meanwhile, back at the ocean Sai is still kicking some flyer ass. Kakashi notices that Sai is at his limit and goes to help, but Shikamaru stops him saying he will go draw their attention and he takes off. Shikamaru signals Sai that his part is over and Sai heads off.  Shikamaru takes out the last flyer with his shadow stuff and then says the counter attack is up to the fourth person.

Back to the jungle, however we meet Sauske who just got done slicing up a yummy snake!! He feels the weird chakra, then the screen cuts back to Naruto and Sakura trying to fight the bijou, and they are getting their asses handed to them.  Naruto is wrapped up in the bijous’ weird tentacle things when he feels the Nine Tails, and so does the Reibi who asks Naruto why he doesn’t use that power.  Then says he wants it. Naruto says he won’t use it because it just hurts people. The bijou eggs Naruto on, trying to get him to use it. Then Reibi brings up Sauske and say that Naruto can’t rescue anyone without the power of the kyubbi. Reibi knocks Naruto into a boulder and he goes all three tails, which excites the bijou who continues to egg Naruto on. Naruto starts kicking ass til the bijou stabs him with a bunch of his tentacles. Then Naruto busts out five tails and goes to town, he rips off his dead which slithers back to the body and reconnects. And a little gold orb pops out of Narutos’ chest and it reveals a seal which makes Naruto go back to normal…*sigh* I really wanted to see Naruto go all bad ass with at least like 7 tails….Anyways, he’s reminded that he needs to save Amaru on his own and he tries to appeal to the Amaru that is apparently asleep inside. Amaru wakes up and the bijou disappears. Reibi pouts in his little corner about losing not only Naruto but Amaru as well.

We cut to some place we’ve never seen before, and apparently Shinnou isn’t dead….what a bastard. And he starts talking about dragging the world into war and all that nonsense. Then he draws a seal in blood on this golden metal thingy which lights up and he summons something to destroy the 5 countries and resurrect the Sky Country…..hmmmmmmmm what a nasty bastard.

We cut back to Amaru on her knees crying while Naruto holds Sakura and tells her what a good job she did by coming back. Sakura awakens and Naruto asks if she’s ok, she freaks out and punches Naruto in the head…again. They start discussing what happened then all the sudden the ground starts to shake and Naruto tells Sakura to take Amaru back to town that he will rescue Hinata and the villagers. Sakura says ok, I’ll bring back reinforcements but Amaru refuses to go saying she wants to help rescue everyone. Sakura says she won’t make any difference but Naruto says ok and they take off leaving Sakura to go back to town.

That’s the end of today’s part. Hope you enjoyed it!



~ by Miranda on May 27, 2009.

One Response to “Naruto Shippuuden Bonds: Part Two”

  1. Great breakdown though! I always visit this website because it’s fun to read and I am learning a lot about naruto.

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