The Underscore’s Bleach review 359: The Frozen Obelisk

The first vid shows a spoiler pic.  The second is all script.  Enjoy!

The Underscore’s

Bleach Review

359 The Frozen Obelisk

Hey there, welcome to yet another review for Bleach with chapter 359 being the one in the spotlight. But before I get to this week’s review I’ll have to say a few things concerning the upcoming reviews. As some of you may have noticed I haven’t had the time to reply on a regular basis the last few weeks and this won’t change until July. On that note, you should know that I do read all the comments and that I try to reply if I can find the time to do so. Also, I will not give replies on comments based on previous reviews unless the new chapter/review does not answer the reply. I will be adding something new starting next week for those comments. I will also start using the “thanks” button for your replies so you know that I’ve read them and you could expect an answer either before Friday or at the end of the new review. So with that said I can get to this week’s review using the SleepyFans scanlation once more, after going over last week’s poll of course.


Poll Results

So last week I wanted to see how many of you would agree with the following: “Harribel was better before her Ressurección”. So after looking at the polls on Mangahelpers ( and  Wordonmars ( there were 55 people who voted. The funny thing about these results is the fact that the readers at Mangahelpers have an opposed view to those at Wordonmars. While most people at Wordonmars believe Harribel did improve after releasing, the majority at Mangahelpers thought she was better before she released. But with 19 people saying Harribel was better before her release it would seem that she has to prove herself to the readers. Of course, with 17 readers not caring about her status as long as she wins Harribel probably won’t have to do too much. Then there were 16 people who did see an improvement in Harribel’s powers after her release, perhaps due to the increase in abilities and the hints given through Hitsugaya’s comments. But even though it would seem that most people are rooting for Harribel there’s still a group of three readers that don’t care about Harribel’s ressurección as long as he wins. And ironically, it would seem that the latter group gets what they wanted…

Snowfall with the occasional Cero

Kids these days, just standing around firing Ceros with Cero effort

With Hitsugaya and Soi Fon hogging the spotlight for the last few chapters, Kyouraku gets his time to shine while fighting the primera Espada. Where the two seemed to be similar in character, it would seem that Stark isn’t as patient as he seems. Kyouraku apparently has been dodging all of Stark’s attacks. While both fighters seem to be taking it easily, with neither having used any form of release, it is Stark who turns up the fight once more. Saying that Kyouraku’s avoiding of his attacks is pathetic, Stark fires off a Cero with one hand in his pocket and one hand holding his sword. With this, Stark is the next to increase the intensity of the battle as Kyouraku was the first to draw both his swords. So while Kyouraku is wielding two swords, Stark decides to do something similar by using a cero with zero effort. While this casual Cero surprises Kyouraku -and not only Kyouraku- as he states that it is fired without a fighting pose, he easily dodges the attack. Stark then gets annoyed by the fact that Kyouraku won’t stop dodging as he tells him to stop dodging. This shows that Kubo plans on showing us everything that will happen between Kyouraku and Stark, as the most eventful parts of the current fight have been shown one step at a time. My guess would be that he is planning to finish the fights of Harribel and Barragan before he goes into this fight, which I wouldn’t mind to be honest.

As Stark seems to get ready to step it up once more after telling Kyouraku to stop dodging, he gets distracted by the forming of clouds. The vast amount of energy that’s inside these clouds is able to even surprise Stark, one of the most powerful of the Espada -Yammy in his released state possibly being more powerful- as he is stumbled by this surprising change in the weather.

Clouded Judgement

He’s snowing on Stark’s parade!

With the clouds forming in the sky, Harribel is left to wonder what the small captain has up his sleeve. As she asks what this is, Hitsugaya answers by telling us the name of this technique: “Tenso Jurin”. This ability is one of Hyourinmaru’s most basic and strongest powers according to Hitsugaya, so it could probably be considered the same as Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshou as an ability. Reminding us once more that his powers are still immature, he suggests that this prevents him from using the maximum of his abilities as he shouldn’t use this technique in his Bankai state. We see a two frame flashback where Hitsugaya is saying that he isn’t sure that he can keep from killing everyone around, which makes me wonder if Kubo is planning on doing something with this flashback in the Anime, Manga, or even in another movie. The look on Hitsugaya’s face is also very interesting in the flashback as it almost seems as if he’s angry at someone while responding to someone’s suggestion to use this Tenso Jurin. But then again, Hitsugaya knows that it’s all or nothing in this battle as he knows he’s used up more than half of his Bankai time.


You should introduce yourself to auntie Harribel

As Hitsugaya is confident about this being his final attack he decides to exchange formalities with Harribel. Harribel then introduces herself as the tercera Espada Tia Harribel -tres Espada Tia Halibel in the Sleepyfans scanlation, but they’re probably a bit sleepy :amuse- which practically translates to Aunt Harribel -tia is Spanish for aunt. So with Harribel having introduced herself, shown her Ressurección, face, and fun bags -:p- it would seem that she has fulfilled her duties in the story as was the case with all Espada before her. Even the rest of the chapter suggests her fate is sealed as Tenso Jurin goes over into the Hyoten Hyakkaso.

Aunty Harribel popsicles

You know you want to lick it

A white circle made of snow starts to form above Harribel, turning into what appears to be something of an avalanche. Harribel tries to defend herself from the attack by using her Hirviendo, only to stop as a snowflake falls on her Tiburon. A flower shaped icicle starts to form on the place the snowflake fell, as Harribel is hit by even more snowflakes freezing not only her Zanpakutou, but her body as well. Surprised by this attack she can’t help but show her surprise. Hitsugaya then explains how the technique works using snow to cause high speed freezing of all it touches. He then tells her that once the last of 100 petals falls, her life will be over. He then apologizes to her, as she will no longer be able to avenge her subordinates as he turns away from her. The fact that Harribel is unharmed -other than being completely frozen that is- makes me think that she isn’t down for the count. Besides, if Hitsugaya gets a free out of jail card, so should Harribel right? About the technique itself, it nicely fits with the flower petals we see during Hitsugaya’s Bankai state. Not only that, it is only logical that he was afraid to use this technique in his flashback as can be seen by these devastating results. Nonetheless we now have a pretty tasty looking popsicle in the middle of town, which of course grabs the attention of…

Life or Ice cream

Haven’t we all been in this type of situation at least once in our lives?

Omaeda notices the Hyoten Hyakkaso while he is defending himself from Barragan. Distracted by this display he almost trips over a steel fence on a rooftop -seriously, how did this guy become a lieutenant?- only to start fleeing once more. Slightly amused by this, Barragan lets out another breath, or Respira in this case, targeting Omaeda. Omaeda recognizes the attack as the one that got his captain and tries to outrun it. Nonetheless his badge gets hit by the Respira, to which he immediately responds by swinging his Zanpakutou like craze to lose it. Barragan then is left to regret this opponent who isn’t even capable of outrunning the slowest of his attacks as he once more pursuits his prey.

Fat Egocentrics do Always Run

Good luck making him uglier than he is now

Leaping over the buildings while fleeing from Barragan, Omaeda cries out to his captain for help. While screaming for help he jumps over a small alley where we find Soi Fon reacting to Omaeda’s cry for help. The fact that she talks about a pathetic cry and her beating him up after the battle to make him look even uglier -hehe- it would almost seem as if it was planned out to go like this. Perhaps there is more to Omaeda than meets the eye as it seems like he deliberately is luring Barragan towards his captain. Especially if you look at the preparations Soi Fon made.


I will bind myself to this building to make you stop destroying this city!

Soi Fon bound herself to the building where she was standing next to, using what appears to be a piece of cloth. So with the time she bought with using Omaeda as a scapegoat, she went circles around a building only to tie herself to it, yet this somehow is part of her plan which involves… Bankai! I must admit that I’m intrigued by this set up as I don’t see how her Bankai would require a building to be wrapped with a cloth tied to her. But with no new Bankai having appeared since chapter 205 where we were shown Ikkaku’s Bankai -I think- I am looking forward to seeing how this plan and Bankai will work out.



So with Stark getting annoyed by Kyouraku’s playing, Tia Harribel being frozen by Hitsugaya, and Barragan seemingly falling for a trap set by Soi Fon we have had a pretty eventful chapter. While Harribel’s apparent defeat is something I didn’t want to see, I still have my doubts on whether she is actually defeated. But with this week’s poll I would like to know what you think about Harribel’s situation. As for Stark and Kyouraku, I am glad to see that Kyouraku is playing around as he usually does while revealing part of Starks true nature. Starks casual use of the Cero also clearly shows that he is fitting of the first place amongst the Espada as he has mastered it to that extend. Finally with Soi Fon being ready with her preparations and calling forth her Bankai I can consider this as a great transitional chapter to allow the appearance of Soi Fon’s Bankai. So what do I think will happen next?



Well, with Soi Fon calling her Bankai I am expecting to see it in the next chapter along with the purpose of the cloth. Something tells me that Suzumebachi may become something sentient or something along the lines as it goes into its Bankai form. It will cover her right arm and come out like some sort of bee on a leash, where being bound to the building serves to make sure she won’t be dragged away. Or maybe the cloth is used to transform the building into the Bankai, or part of the Bankai. Nonetheless I expect next chapter to be all about Soi Fon’s Bankai, with a reaction from Barragan on the use of the Bankai.

For later chapters I’m expecting Harribel to break free from Hitsugaya’s Hyoten Hyakkaso, probably right after Barragan shows off how he can resist Soi Fon’s Bankai. The fight between Stark and Kyouraku will probably be shown a few times in between as was done in this chapter. So Harribel will return, Soi Fon’s plan may fail, and Kyouraku will keep on provoking Stark.

So that’s it for this week’s review as I have to get back to business once more. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll as well. I’ll make sure to read your comments and to find the time to reply. See you again next week!


~ by The Underscore on May 29, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 359: The Frozen Obelisk”

  1. Really suprising to see such a powerful attack from Hitsugaya,but i don’t think
    that was all to Harribel’s power.We have seen nothing yet from her.She shouldnt
    die just like that.That would be a waste!

  2. @ Shosho: your always first to respond lol

    @ Underscore: Another great review.

    I Refer to Espadas as there numbers it’s easier:

    My Thoughts: #3 espada won’t be beaten so easily she hasn’t show us a cero in that form and if you notice all of the espadas cero drastically increases when the release there zanpakuto, as for Soi Fon’s bankai i think it has something to do with replacing her arm with a special spear or sword that can’t be rot away from #2 powers or it could make hear regenerate and never die out.

  3. There are 8 Vizards,i wonder what will happen when they arrive.Caz there
    aint much espada left to fight,everyone is occupied lol 🙂
    Shinji could possibly fight his former assisnt Tousen.But still what will the other 7 vizards do?

  4. Hoops his former Assistant was Aizen:p

  5. @Shosho7: I’m also looking for the Vizards’ arrival but, my guess, it won’t happen anything soon. Maybe after Aizen comes to the city.

    This chapter, in my view, had less action then the last 3 or 4. It takes too much time to show each battle on earth (forgetting about Yamamoto who is sitting and watching — perhaps eating popcorn too).

    I really don’t get why Yammi is so much stronger after a release in order to be the #0 espada. Another number that doesn’t shows up very well is Harribel and Ulquiorra: #3 seems to be weaker than #4. Maybe the numbers aren’t that accurate.

    Very good review.

  6. PS I want to see Aizen in action!

  7. @ Shosho, Harribel is most certain to come back from what we can see here. She was just surprised by the attack I think, but as long as she hasn’t vanished I doubt that she’s done for. Maybe she’ll sacrifice a limb or two in order to break the ice…

    @sam_i_am, thanks :). Though Harribel isn’t out yet, she has already used a Cero in last week’s chapter. Unless you’re referring to the Cero Oscuras, which she hasn’t used up to this point.

    @Shosho7, I have three theories which aren’t all to likely to happen -with exception of the last one-, but are the only way I can think of that the Vaizards will still be useful. The first is that some of the Zero members are on Aizen’s side, maybe three or four, which join Aizen and the ex-captains with at least Stark to force the Vaizards to step in. The second is that the Vaizards become the third party in this battle which will take the Hougyouku from Aizen after finishing off his Espada only to fight Soul Society for some personal reason. And the third one is the appearance of 10 Espada of Vasto Lorde level named the Escudo -shield- who force some teamwork from the Vaizards, Soul Society, and the Urahara shop.

    @Mythus, thanks. The Vaizards may show up after Aizen escapes from the flame prison, it would fit with the drama of the moment if it does happen.
    This chapter did have little action to speak of, which is why I think it’s more of a transitional chapter than anything else. All in order to show off Soi Fon’s Bankai next week.
    As for Yammy, his massive increase in power isn’t even all that strange as there are plenty of reasons given throughout the story which explain how he can do this. Like how Hollow become Menos by piling up, Yammy powers up by sucking up souls/reiatsu and storing it inside himself. Then he releases -which often causes exponential increases of power- and that results in an overpowered Adjuchas. As for Harribel and Ulquiorra, I don’t think the ranking can be seen as misplaced for now, as Harribel is far from over if you ask me. Most of all, I doubt Aizen is someone who misjudges the situation to much. And I also wouldn’t mind seeing what Aizen has in store to turn the tables around.

  8. Do you ever think we will see all of the captains bankai’s I personally would like to see them but there are so many to be release and what about that picture of Stark when he was fighting? This is it ( could the be Kyouraku bankai or was this part of Hitsugaya technique? I don’t think Stark The #1 could of be affected by the change of weather so easily it also didn’t look like whatever that thing is was a part of the clouds it look more like a giant black cloak.

  9. Spoiler 360 is out !!

    Source: FLOL
    Verification: Confirmed
    Credits: sheetz

    Starts with Ukitake
    He takes away Lilinette’s sword
    He nimbly avoids Lilinette as she tries to take it back.
    Lilinette cries and challenges him: “I’m definitely going to catch you and kill you!”

    Ukitake: “You don’t put your hips into it!”

    Ukitake scolds for two pages.
    On the 3rd page it’s a cover page of Lillinette.
    Then several pages of Oomaeda being a decoy.

    Soi Fon’s ban kai.

    Her right arm becomes a gigantic bee stinger-like weapon.

    She has a monologue about why she didn’t want to use it.

    It makes her stand out and hinders her duties as an assassin.
    (I think the sash wrapped around the building is so that she doesn’t get blow away by the attack’s recoil.)

    She fires a huge beam at Barragan and there’s an explosion

  10. Bleach 360 is out !!

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