Bonds Part Tres

Ok, so on to part three….

We left off with Naruto and Amaru rushing into the ruins while Sakura rushes back to the village for backup.  As she’s running the ground starts shaking and the ruins fly up into the sky. Sakura goes “oh the noez!” then screams for Naruto.  We go back to Shikamaru and company who are being stared at by the Sky ninja through binoculars. They decide they aren’t going to attack again, and carry on with their restocking.  Meanwhile the Konoha gang stand on the beach and discuss how hard they are about to get hit….until Shino shows up and basically says he’s the shit. Which is true, cause all Shino’s little bugs attack the Sky ninja’s ships and they collapse into the ocean. But this seems a little bit too easy to me…I mean really, bugs just ate everything and it’s all taken care of…sounds like a quick fix to me.

Meanwhile, back at the UFO ruins Naruto and Amaru are running around trying to dodge the Sky ninja patrol while looking for whoever is controlling the ruin. And then they find him…..Shinnou, the bastard. Amaru gets all teary and runs to Shinnou, declaring that she knew all along that he couldn’t be dead while Naruto looks on stunned.  He then wants to know wtf is going on.  Shinnou explains that the ruins are called “Antourupantiamu” which means “The stronghold of the King’s Capital.” and they aren’t actually ruins, but a weapon of destruction.  Naruto asks him why he’s in the stronghold after they tried to kill him, to which Shinnou says it’s easy to fake his death when there are amateurs like Sakura and Hinata around and rebuild his body with a resurrection jutsu. Naruto gets pissed and wants to know if he’s fighting the Sky. Shinnou says why should I fight my own people, then throws Amaru across the room. He then goes on to explain how 14 years ago to steal the Reibi he disguised himself as a doctor. It took him 13 years to find Reibi, in Konoha.  Amaru begs Naruto to try and bring Shinnou back because he’s not himself. Shinnou laughs and says there isn’t anything wrong with him. Then we get a flash back of Amaru and Shinnou when she first started training. Then Shinnou explains how Reibi takes over someone with darkness in their heart, and tells Naruto that he had the Sky ninja attack Konoha so that he could implant the Reibi into him.  Amaru begs for it all to be a lie, and once again Shinnou laughs at her….what a douche bag. He tells her that he used her all along and laughs like a mad man. I really don’t like this guy….he needs to be shot.

Amaru screams and cries and the Reibi tries to take over again. Then Naruto goes after Shinnou but he gets whopped. Shinnou then goes all Incredible Hulk, except not as green and not nearly as incredible. Naruto goes after him again, with his shadow clones and gets his ass handed to him…again. He goes after Hulkinnou and gets his ass kicked by some black chakra then from out of the smoke the real Naruto appears and gets him in the face….then proceeds to punch the hell out of him. Unfortunately it did no good, since Shinnou knows medical jutsus. He comes up behind Naruto and is about to deliver the death blow….and the screen cuts away to outside of the ruins. Then we go back to Naruto with his face planted in the “king’s throne.” He happens to look a lot like I did on my 21st birthday…with my head planted in a different throne. Shinnou is surprised that Naruto can still move, then goes to kick his ass some more. The throne worshipping Naruto was a clone, and Hulk knew it….so when Naruto came flying thru the air Shinnou was ready. And knocked the holy balls out of him…then started demanding that Naruto tap into the nine-tails chakra. Naruto gets up, says no way, goes to punch Hulk man in the head and gets his ass kicked some more… Shinnou asks why he holds back, he wants to be entertained. And Naruto says he won’t use it…Then he punches him in the face, and Shinnou just looks disappointed and says Naruto is at his limit and knocks him around some more. Then Shinnou goes on how love isn’t important and Naruto gets up and does his love is all you need bit…Shinnou basically calls him an idiot then has a go at Amaru. Naruto gets beat, and gets up again then gets beat again. Seems like a familiar theme for Naruto…Then Amaru busts out her trusty scalpel and Naruto says he can still fight. \

So basically part three is finding out that Shinnou is a dirty rat bastard, who turns into the Hulk when pissed and beats the shit out of Naruto repeatedly….Summing up 20 minutes of video is less than 30 words….go me

I’ll have the rest later…I’m now gonna go pout about the new Hokage…*sigh*


~ by Miranda on June 2, 2009.

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