broken1i’s Naruto review 449: The Flower of Hope

Here’s the true spoiler vid from Fahim. Enjoy!

Naruto_449_by_ufh2Hey everyone,

Did this chapter deserve a review or what?  Possibly the best chapter released so far this year.  From Nagato’s technique to the revival of all the people killed during Konoha’s invasion.  Kishi’s brilliant message prevailed after the suspense buildup of Nagato’s story and Naruto’s decision.  In the end nothing really mattered to me more than the awakening of the man you see above. Kakashi is back in the house!

I’d like to apologize for being inconsistent with the Naruto reviews and can only hope that I’ll complete them early on Fridays now that finals are over.   Thanks to those who tuned in while I was gone and a special thanks goes out to my co-writers for holding up the tent during my temporary leave of absence.  Boy have we got a load to discuss.  Let’s get to it!  Remember to click colored text for links.


The all mysterious Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu.  Possibly the most epic jutsu used in the entire manga.  Many speculated this jutsu would turn Oscar the Grouch into Richard Simmons or even enhance Naruto’s powers but that wasn’t the case as Nagato summoned Naraka Path’s King of Hell.  I honestly thought he was going to own Naruto royally by capturing him and feeding the nine-tails’ power to the Demonic Statue of Heretical Doctrine.  This was inspired by its appearance in chapter 447 when Nagato used it against Hanzo’s soldiers.  This begs the question of its completion.

Nagato was so bent on capturing Naruto up until he heard Naruto’s answer and sacrificed himself.  Still, with Madara still around, you can almost taste the statue’s completion.  Perhaps not in the near future, now that Konoha has to reconstruct, but rest assure that it’ll likely happen later down the road.  On a whole other note, as Nagato performed his omnipotent technique, Konan managed to make me giggle with her sudden reaction.  She went from being a concerned wretch to a lifeless puppet that informed Naruto of the power of Nagato’s rinnegan.  She never fails to amaze me.


The King of Hell suddenly rose from the huge crater that covered much of Konoha.  This appeared to be its full form as we only witnessed its head pop out the few times it pulled out souls from Konoha soldiers and revived those two annoying pains.  We also have to take into account that Nagato wasn’t dividing his chakra amongst other pains when performing this summon.  Anyhow the King of Hell barfs out the souls of countless souls Nagato and his crew killed.

Although these panels illustrate the true power of the rinnegan, I still feel that its origins are unclear.  I’ve concluded that Nagato used the rinnegan’s ability to learn the jutsus from opponents that eventually turned into puppets thus meritting his ability to perform them at will using any body of his choosing.  Capish?  Otherwise, he would be limited to the techniques Jiraiya taught him which would render him super uncool.


So everyone’s happy.  Most notably, of the souls restored, are Shizune, Fukasaku, and drumroll please…dun, dun, dunnnn…the most loved ninja in the Naruto series’ history:  the man, the myth, the legend, your boy KAKASHI!!!  I’ll get to him soon don’t worry. Yeah, so that Nagato guy didn’t turn out to be so evil.  Yes maniacal on some level, but he’s alright.  What do you guys think?

In my eyes Nagato did three great things:  1) He advocated the notion of ending hatred through his paradoxical methods of bringing about fear through death — i.e. killing Konoha ninjas and reviving them — and restoration of life. 2) He was sincere in his final moments and spurred Naruto’s character development.  An experience he’ll never forget.  3) He brought back Kakashi c’mon.  This means we’ll find out more about his past and Rin yay! =^)

At some point Nagato was probably the most hated character in the series when he added insult — Kakashi of course — to injury by killing* Hinata.  Then we find out that he didn’t quite kill her so it was ok.  Kakashi’s status was still in question.  Ever since we saw him talking to his Dad over the campfire, most of us assumed he was either dead or unconcious.  Kishi strategically made us think that he was hanging in the balance for the sake of his own safety.  No seriously, how many readers would have stopped reading if they knew Kakashi was out for good?  Tons of course.  As far as his physical safety, I’m sure he has Kishi clones scattered across the world.


Turns out both Nagato and Naruto were the children of prophecy as revealed by the Great Toad Sage.  Gamabunta was being treated as the Great Toad explained that Jiraiya’s book was, “the  key to changing the world.”  This holds true as we found last chapter that Jiraiya’s tale was based on Nagato.  From their names — Nagato / Naruto — to the overwhelming power and will to change the world.  A book that will forever link Jiraiya’s prized pupils.

09 copy

On to Kakashi’s conversation with the White Fang.  It seems his father dreaded the thought of being disowned by the people of Konoha and most importantly his own son Kakashi.  Be sure to check out Blossom’s Kakashi character analysis upon reading the review.   It was written a while back but definitely check it out.  Here’s a short excerpt from her super informative article:

The mask is the proof of his ongoing personal battle. (It’s similar to how we use this item as a metaphor for the people who hides his true self and puts off a different personality instead). I don’t think he wears it to look cooler and more enigmatic. His mask symbolizes his inner struggles against his dad’s mark. The notorious “White Fang” has broken the orthodox way of ninja and sadly, it wasn’t accepted then. This led to his suicide, and eventually, to Kakashi’s shame. To avoid being identified as the White Fang’s son, he has worn that mask and never seemed to remove it except on necessary scenarios. This scar has been embellished in his character so greatly that it affected his “way of ninja” and even his social life. Fortunately, he had Obito, Rin, and the 4th Hokage to support and take care of him in spite of his spiteful/arrogant behavior.

If you love Kakashi, you will definitely appreciate this article.  Also, Blossom’s still around so drop her a comment if you’d like a response.  She’s been super busy as of late but I’m sure she’ll respond whenever she can.  Anyhow it appears as though Kakashi’s opinion held the key to his father being able to move on.  Coincidentally he moved on just as Kakashi was being revived.  They only had about 20+ chapters worth of time to catch up ;D.  The White Fang can rest in peace and see his wife again.


In the end, Nagato got his message across and died for what he believed in.  His weakening state led to the passing of the torch.  From now on, Naruto’s mission will be to end the hatred that exists in the ninja world and restore peace.  Although he rightfully deserves the title of Hokage, I doubt he’ll receive it until he completes Jiraiya’s task.  The tale of the gutsy ninja is far from over.


A new development arises as Sasuke prepares to head to Konoha.  For some reason I don’t think he’ll go without Madara’s approval.  Why head to Konoha when its basically gone?  Ah yes, the elders and Danzo.  The ones who did Itachi wrong and forced him to kill the entire Uchiha clan.  Let’s go straight into the final notes.

Final notes:

Now I know I blatantly skipped over a few panels but with reason my friends.  Konan simply did not deserve any attention.  She’s a block head with no direction.  Now that Yahiko AND Nagato are gone she doesn’t know what to do.  Because Nagato believes in Naruto, she will do the same.  Because he joined Akatsuki, she did the same and now that he’s out of it granted he’s dead, she’s also out.  It seems she dedicated her life to being Nagato’s slave after he saved her life.  Is this the last we’ll ever see of her?  Possibly not.  Madara could kill her if he wanted to but why?  She’s beyond killing it seems.  Don’t even waste your time Madara.

As far as Sasuke goes, I don’t think he’ll get to Konoha anytime soon.  While he travels back home, IF he does, expect Naruto to return to the village and help those in need.  Tsunade’s still around so we might see her as well.  I really don’t know how this is gonna work out with all the reconstruction that will need to go on.  Plus you have Sasuke possibly coming over so that prolongs a timeskip.  The funniest part about this whole thing is Danzo.  I was hoping he’d meet face to face with Nagato, but he refuses to show himself.  He was set on becoming Hokage yet he doesn’t want to show himself.

Yamato’s on his way back.  His purpose was to supress the nine-tails but as we know, the fouth came and did it himself.  Perhaps they’ll reveal some info on Kabutomaru’s location who knows.  The eight-tails is wandering off somewhere.  Who knows what Madara and Zetsu are up to.  In the end all is good now that Kakashi’s back!  I’m completely brain dead so this marks the end of my review.  I hope you enjoyed the concise part of it at least.  Tune in for my next post and be sure to check out the underscore’s recent bleach review.  Until next time my fellow readers.

-ron “broken1i”

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~ by broken1i on June 3, 2009.

40 Responses to “broken1i’s Naruto review 449: The Flower of Hope”

  1. Great chapter and review,i wish nagato wouldn’t die so soon after becoming
    a good guy 🙂

  2. I hope if Sasuke heads to konoha Kishi avoids a fight between sasuke and naruto
    caz it wouldnt be fun after a long Nagato-Naruto fight.The manga needs to settle down for a few weeks in my opinion

  3. Ok so YAY!!!! *Mandi does her happy dance* Kakashi is not dead, and this makes me very happy… a question. Kakashi hid his face because he was ashamed of his father and looked like him. Now that he’s forgiven White Fang…does this mean we will finally get to see Kakashi’s face? Will he finally take off that god forsaken mask and show himself proudly?!?!? If that happened, I would wet my pants and die. Konan is a putz, she should die. And Sauske is a hemo….(homo + emo = hemo) I’m excited for the next chapter!!!

  4. Btw Sasuke really pisses me off 🙂

  5. Konan deserves a bit of a break think about it they were 3 kids by themselves for a long time so of couse they would stick together like that since none of them have no where to go

  6. Yea she did a nice gesture for naruto at the end even after her lifelong friend died.

  7. @shosho: Naruto and Sasuke will probably fight towards the end of the series. Dude get a gravatar 😉

    @mandi: Kakashi would look like a straight up stud if he took that mask off. Hey be online late tonight.

    @semeoneor: I didn’t mean to be harsh on Konan but she’s been a sitting duck for quite a few chapters. :/ Get a gravatar for a cool icon. ^__^

    @everyone: Thanks for responding. I’m actually on my mobile device so I’ll give more in-depth responses when I get home. Go to to get a cool avatar like mine 😀

  8. Great as always Broken1i

    It kinda of sucks to see him die like that he should of been exhausted from gedo tensei and later he comes back to team up with naruto to take madara down. but other than that this was the perfect ending for this arc i think a time skip may occur because the destruction of the leaf they need to rebuild and it wouldn’t make any sense to bring sasuke in just yet oh and we can’t forget about the rain ninjas that coming to bring all the kages together.

  9. I’ll base my next avatar on what i think the next arc is

  10. hey I know this isnt off subject. but after hinata tells naruto that she loves him do they go out?

  11. I wonder how Sakura’s gonna react when Hinata and Naruto meet.)
    May be we an see finally her true feelings towards him.who knows…

  12. Here in Brazil, the winter is coming and I’m already going thru a long winter of silence of commentaries. So sorry.

    So, everyone saw Nagato’s death but nobody saw him dying to raise the dead. It was also true that Kakashi did died. As I said before, I liked Kakashi, but it was OK, for me to see him passing away. I really didn’t care about it. But one question arises: If Nagato revived Kakashi and Fukasaku, who weren’t killed by that soul eater god, but died during combat, what are the odds to see Jiraya back to the game? It turns out that he is the only Sanin killed in action. I doubt it, but not much since we already know what Kishi is able of.

    An odd thing to *not* see was an outside interference. We were expecting anybody to stop that dialog and nobody shown up. That was really frustrating.

    You touch in one of my greatest concerns: Yamato’s role. Yamato was crucial to Naruto’s development since Jiraya’s mess: but now that the 4th fix the crack I guess we won’t see tails coming out so easily. Do we still need him? Do we need Sai too?

    For future events:
    – Can Mandara control that statue or will we see a Frankenstein’s Monster walking around?
    – Sasuke is a lost soul. Poor kid. If his daddy was around, the combo belt+butt would fix his character. I never felt hate for Nagato, he was annoying, but not even half of what Sasuke is today. He’s all yours, Sakura. 😛 I think will die for Konoha in the end. His death is sure.
    – I have no solution for Danzo. But I think he and Mandara can be allies since we saw no action of them during this epic battles.

    PS: Ron, we both know that if Kakashi didn’t come back you wouldn’t resist. I bet you’ll still read Naruto until the end. 😀

  13. After on what Naruto learn from his fellow pupil Nagato. I believe Naruto will come back to the village and he will tell Tsunade and everybody about what happened. Then Naruto will hunt Danzou. The ANBU Root might protect Danzou or fight back, that we don’t know yet. I learned that there are some Manga fans who are upset about bringing Kakashi and Gaara back to life. First, that was Nagato’s real power. He’s the 7th Pain. That do make sense because the six Pains are really powerful. Even though Nagato’s disabled for using that Forbidden Summoning in the first place, Nagato should be stronger than them because he created them. Bringing them back to life with just chakra receivers. I know if Jiraiya was brought back to life, it will be a different story and different response. But who knows… Jiraiya’s body is not in Konoha. It’s somewhere in a lake and he might be drowning right now if he also was brought back to life. That would be funny.

    Tania @ My Naruto Blog

  14. @ Mythus: Here are three different translation of Nagato’s line prior to reviving the Konoha villagers:

    From cnet: The people I killed since arriving in Konoha can still be saved… / This is the least I can do to atone.

    From Hisshou: I have enough time to save the people I killed in the Leaf Village
    It’s the least I can do to make up for all this.

    From SFans: There’s still time to save those that I killed when I came to Konoha.

    This suggests that there’s a time limit to using that jutsu. Jiraiya was beyond saving because he died way way back. These people died recently so he was able to save them. It also makes you wonder about the stages of death.

    I thought about Yamato and it’s actually convenient that he’s coming back. His techniques are great for reconstruction if you think about it. He can rebuilt a lot buildings and whatnot. Sai not so much of a big help but he tell us what he knows about Kabuto.

    Madara will most like take control of the Demonic statue. I’m with ya on Danzo joining Madara, but it seems to obvious. He’s up to something. Sasuke is alright I guess. He very much needed to recover and do something with his manga life.

    P.S. You’re right, I would of kept writing reviews on this series. Kakashi was a big part of it 😉

  15. @ Tania: I can totally picture Naruto heading back to the village but Idk if he’ll do it right away. He might meet up with Neji who’s on the way and use him to detect Danzo. Let’s not forget that he’s still in Sage mode and ready to fight. To the manga fans who felt Kakashi should of stayed dead, shame on them. Kakashi’s story is far from over. Poor Jiraiya isn’t coming back sadly. There was speculation of Nagato using his body, but how wrong would that be? I still feel Kishi just wanted to end the arc because not much of the rinnegan was revealed. Hey thanks for responding hope to hear from ya again. I’ve been your blog quite a few times. ^__^

  16. thnx shosho. Ive been really confused about that. XD

  17. Plus, if Kishi brought J-man back, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of team seven “growing up”? I’m still waiting for Tsunade to die…

  18. Don’t get me wrong, guys. I won’t wait for Jiraya to come back as well as I wasn’t looking for Kakashi’s resurrection. I don’t mind who dies nor who lives as long as the story goes with some sense. I can perfectly accept Neiji grown up to the point of dying for Hinata or Naruto pushing Sakura to Sasuke.

    The counselors and actual leaders will pass away and even rockies may become martyrs. The story may find an end when Naruto’s son hear what his father when trough to change the ninja world, with all the countless deaths and sacrifices everybody did to seek that. Even Naruto is able to die, following his father footsteps at the very end.

  19. Thie spoiler is out and its really ridiculous i can’t belive it !!!

    Naruto 450
    English Script via narutocentral
    Status: Confirmed

    Naruto walks back to the village, then Kakashi shows up and lends him the shoulder. (Kakashi’s mind praises Naruto.)
    Many people welcome to Naruto.
    Hinata cries after she knows that Naruto is fine.
    Iruka remembers that Naruto is lonely when he is a child, he cries that now many people acknowledges Naruto.
    Sakaru comes close to Naruto. She hugs him and says thank you.
    Because there is an important meeting, Shikamaru and his Dad are out.
    Zetsu witnesses all this incident.
    Pain is being defeated…have to tell Tobi…

    Scene changes to Akatsuki
    Zetsu: Pain lose. Konan wouldn’t come back here.
    Madara: Kisame, you go after the eight-tailed beast. I have somethings to do.
    [Added] Madara is going to see if he can make a link with Gedou Demon Statue even with two less people.

    Scene changes to Konoha
    The messenger of Rai country arrives Konoha finally.
    Tsunade is exhausted so she shows up like granny and falls asleep.
    Sakaru have no treatment on her.

    The meeting is about nomination of the next hokage. Before Danzou nominates himself, Shikaku nominates Kakashi.
    It seems that Danzou is not happy when everyone agrees. Danzou shouts that Jiraiya’s apprentice destroyed the village, Sand country is the betrayal of our allies, Orochimaru brings destruction to Konoha and Uchiha Sasuke is missing ninja of Konoha, all of these are the fault of third hokage.
    Then he nominates himself. The fire country announces the six hokage is Danzou.
    Danzou smiles.
    The end.

    Side cover is Manda.

  20. This seriously blows…I wanted Kakashi to become Hokage 😦

  21. @ Manny814: Wicked job wow i thought tsunade was done for i wonder how Danzou acquire the 6hokage position was it a rule to the elders or was it by force of root.

  22. Sam : It seems that in the meeting he simply uses the failure of tsunade as hokage to his advantage.

    I wonder what is going to happen now because of this. how will naruto and all the villegers will take it.


    *cries* I wanted Kakashi goddammit!!!! FUCK DANZO!!

    *Mandi goes into a rage and throws her chocolate milk all over the tv*


  24. Do you think it’s possible that Naruto may become a rouge ninja like sasuke and together they will try to take down Danzou? It seems like that’s a possibility who knows what crazy surprise Kish will throw at us next but on another note this seems to set up Sasuke’s return to the hidden leaf to take down Danzou and the elders, this does seems a lot reasonable. Does anyone think a time skip could occur?

  25. I found these words for a possible change in the translation:

    * The word used could also mean “nominate”. I’m unsure if Danzou is officially Hokage, especially considering that everyone backed Kakashi.

    so it is possible that the final decision has not taken place yet. Hopefuly

  26. a third translation just adding to the possibility and probably reality of Danzou becoming the 6th :

    The Lord of Fire Country then says “Well then, I hereby designate Danzou as the Sixth Hokage!”

    I’m still in denial i refuse to belive until the chapter comes out !

  27. I too am in denail…if Danzo really is the Hokage…pissed offness will insue and I will probably throw things.

  28. Hokage are said to be the strongest ninja in their village i wounder just how strong Danzou really is.

  29. Hokage are said to be the strongest ninja in their village i wounder just how strong Danzou really is.

  30. Naruto 450 is out !!!

  31. The release of this chapter actually messed around with my schedule so the review will come late today. The same is true for the Underscore. We usually write our reviews early in the morning and resume with our hectic schedule T_T. Thanks for the update Manny.

  32. Naruto 451 spoiler is out not much going on =/

    Naruto Chapter 451
    Verification: Confirmed

    naruto 451 spoiler pics will be added here soon.

    Sakura tells him he should rest, but Naruto says that it’s his fault the village ended up in this state

    Ino, Chouji , Guy’s team, Shino’s family etc. meet up with Naruto.

    They encouter Hinata and Kiba too. Naruto expresses his thanks to Hinata, but she doesn’t seem to remember much about what happened (NOTE: not entirely sure here. Could be the other way round.) Naruto heads off to see more of the village.

    Kiba wants to say something to Hinata naruto 451 raw

    Hinato says “yeah” and there’s a flashback to the scene from the previous chapter, where Hinata smiles. She blushes? (not at all sure about this, might actually be Kiba who blushes?!) [in brackets: “Might be wwww.” (no idea what that’s supposed to mean.)]

    When they get back to the tent, Shikamaru and his dad are there. An agitated Sakura tells everyone that Danzou is now Hokage. naruto chapter 451

    Tobi is looking for Kabuto. Now he’s fused with Orochimaru, he can make up for two lost men (presumably referring to Nagato and Konan?).

    The Raikage’s messengers arrive before Danzou.

    Manda and Katsuyu are on the spine.

  33. There is another spoiler. It looks more belivable than the last.

    Naruto 451 Spoiler | Naruto 451 raw
    Verification: Confirmed

    Naruto 451 Chapter: Sasuke’s punishment

    Genma and the others looks for trees.
    Yamato : Mokuton Renchuuka no jutsu
    Yamato build a wood house.
    Everyone cheers !

    before Naruto and Sakura, comes Inari and Tazuna !

    Tazuna : Where’s Sasuke ? I need to talk to him too.
    Naruto has been deceived.
    Naruto think : “Where the hell are you Sasuke ?”

    Omoi and Karui : Now I understand. The ones who should understand Sasuke’s revenge goals more than anyone, doesn’t understand anything about it.

    Comes a Byakugan user : “Kou” ?

    Then secret talk probably from some messenger (Hishou) : “Please, give our message to Lord Hokage. We have a letter for him, from the Raikage.”

    Then we see Shizune talk with Hishou

    Hishou : “Hokage’s messenger ? I would like an answer to my letter.”
    Shizune : “As the Hokage’s assistand, I’ll take it.”

    Then Danzou comes.

    Danzou : “I’m the new 6th Hokage ! I’ll take that letter.” He reads. “Sasuke huh ? I knew this day would come sooner or later.”

    Kiba comes to Naruto.

    Kiba : “The 6th gave the order to kill Sasuke !”
    Pain : Now you understand Pain. There’s no understanding of eachother before feeling Pain.

    Samui : Anyway, please give our line up to Lord Hokage.

    Tazuna : Where’s Sasuke ?

    Yamato : It sounds so easy when you say it.

    Kiba : Listen, Lady Tsunade is no longer Hokage !
    Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi : What ?

    I don’t know everything but the new guy is named Danzou.

    Sakura : What ? Danzou ?
    Naruto : No !

    Kiba : I have a baaaad feeling about this.
    Kiba : This 6th Hokage guy gave the order to kill Sasuke.

  34. Here are some spoiler pics

  35. Here is a spoiler pic of the reaction of the new Hokage

  36. They still failed to explain how Nagato created the Six Paths of Pain, how he got the wheelchair, or how each Path of Pain was related to the people Jiraiya fought.

  37. vrili cool

  38. Cpikacpcpcppcp

  39. jsahcj

  40. uu esta re cheto me encanto aunqueeeee no entendia algunas cosas besos soy de argentina

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