Hey all! Ms. Mandi here to let you guys know we have a new addition to our writing staff. Her name is Tsunadestwin and she is one awesome chick. She’s has worked for other blogs and we look forward to her contribution….

Edit: I’d also like to welcome Don to the writing staff as well. He will be doing our Bleach anime reviews….

As a side note, i’d also like to welcome all of you who come to us from IRA. I hope you guys feel at home with us and are able to contribute the same energy and love as you did over there. If you are a writer please feel free to let either I or Broken1 know. We’d love to have you!



~ by Miranda on June 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Beinvenido!”

  1. Hey everyone! I am so excited to be here. 😀

    My name is Penny but I will be going under TsunadesTwin. I will be working on the Naruto anime reviews and anything else Mandi and broken1 want me to do. I will love to hear from all of you on my first posting!

  2. It looks like the Word on Mars family is getting larger. That is awesome news !! I cannt wait to see yor first posts.

  3. How exactly do you get to become a writer ?
    I’m pretty funny. =D

  4. well why don’t you hop into the chat over on the right and we’ll have a talk

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