Bleach Anime 223: A Miraculous Body! Ggio Releases

Ohayou my fellow anime nerds, this is Donald with the Bleach anime breakdown for Word on Mars.  Before I start I just want to say I, like many of you are very sad about IRA but we must go forward, fondly remember all the good times, but look to the future.  Well, now that thats out of the way lets get into this weeks breakdown.

I said your on the Bottom...
I said your on the Bottom…

We start off this episode where the last one left off, Omaeda shedding his goofy, weak, fat boy routine to show how bad ass he can be, (not that bad ass, but more than we first thought). He uses Flash step to get behind Nirgge, (had to make sure to spell that right or I could have been in big trouble), and then using his released form for the first time Gegetsuburi, a gaint throwing Flail, (or spiked ball and chain).

So many balls in naruto they are spilling into bleach

HAHA You just got teabagged bitch!

So Omaeda “wins” and goes back to being goofy, kicking Nirgge when he is down and insulting him, and then gets caught by Nirgge gaint, um trunk.  He gets beat up a bit and runs away a lot, which Ggios points out to the cold hearted bitch Soi Fon who gets thrown to the ground,  and in the process hits Nirgge thus saving Omeada by chance.  Omaeda comes to her aid only to get a brick thrown at him, and a lesson about turning his back on enemies, (and I would guess pissed off captains as well). She scolds him for doubting her then goes back into battle.  Omaeda watches the battle and comments that she seems to be losing.  Then Nirgge comes back and Trunk whips Omaeda into a building.  Soi Fon shows a moment of caring, but quickly goes back to her normal self.


SHIT!?! I mean i dont care... *she's faking it, trust me i know a thing or two about girls faking it*
SHIT!?! I mean i dont care… *she’s faking it, trust me I know a thing or two about girls faking it*

Omeada proves rich people are tough but stupid  after having a building fall on him, and coming out of it without a scratch.  He falls for the trunk grab again and is about to get cero’ed in the face.  While Soi Fon looks like a goner as well pinned to a building as Ggios goes in for the killing blow. What will the 2nd squad do!? Who will save them… David Carradine?… aw too soon? RIP

Damn it this is how i lost my other ball
Damn it this is how I lost my other ball

Omeada using his head, and some phyics, takes advatage of Nirgge’s momentum kicks him in the face and saves the day only to well here take a look for yourselves.

Mandi knows i like a little pain with pleasure, but this is just to far
MsMandi knows I like a little pain with pleasure, but this is just too far

We find out Soi Fon has been playing possum, and wating to see what an Arrancar can to, as to judge how powerful an Espada would be.  Good idea but is it that hard to tell your LT that beforehand… all im saying.  She also tells Omeada to join her after he kills Nirgge, foreshadowing what is happening in the manga as we speak.

Why is it pink?!?!!?
Why is it pink?!?!!?

Omeada makes an opening by getting hit and pretending he can’t move only to flesh step, glow pink and crush Nirgge like the over size walking moss he is. This leads us back to Ggios and Soi Fon, she lets him in on the secret of not fighing at 100% and mocks him saying he wont even see his own death.  Pissed he bulks up to crush something…

*claping* hercules hercules
*clapping* Hercules Hercules

Before he even finishes his releases name

he's nothing more than a symbol
He’s nothing more than a symbol

Now with all of his Fraccion killed Barragan Luisenbarn prepairs to fight, and thus we wait for the main event (in like 15 episodes because one whole show will be Inoue screaming Kurosaki) But I’m sure everyone (with a penis) is looking forward to next week’s episode… CAT FIGHT!!!!

PS sorry its a little late 🙂 im new at this, hope you enjoyed it


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10 Responses to “Bleach Anime 223: A Miraculous Body! Ggio Releases”

  1. do people do “first” on here?

  2. yes and that honor goes to you this time, thanks for reading flex

  3. Awesome job Don! You are a funny man…David Carradine *snicker*

  4. And if there is an episode with Inoue screaming i’m gonna throw shit….she still pisses me off

  5. oh and I wouldn’t freely admit about know about girls faking it….don’t sound very positive for you. 😛

  6. Mm, I love Soifon’s face in the pic where she smashes Omaeda’s face in.
    So cute. X]

    I hope they manage the anime and manga without placing another filler in the mix …

  7. it’s already dragging balls as it is…please don’t throw another filler in…that would make baby jesus cry.

  8. Lm@o.

  9. yeah i dont think i can handle another filler, i wish they would have just made the turn back, arc longer or done a filler arc in that time so we get to see them a little bit more. Yeah soifon’s face is classic in that pic, just annoyed and barely hitting him, but he goes flying which makes it so good lol. Thank you mandi you a funny woman, and i know from hearing my friends girl friend fake with him, me and my g/f of the time we in one room they were in another and she just goes listen, and point out the pattern to me and i died laughing, girls dont need to fake with me, you should know 😉 lol

  10. I don’t know what you’re talking about *whistles and walks away*

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