Bleach Manga 361: I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me

Hey ya’ll, MsMandi here filling in for Underscore with this weeks Bleach breakdown. So here we go!


So we finally get to see Soi Fons Bankai, her trump card. And it’s a rocket launcher… that I think even the US Military would envy. And apparently it packs a punch, Omaeda gets slammed into the wall just by the force of it and Soi Fon, whose steel sash is wrapped around a building is shredded to ribbons.


As the dust starts to settle it appears that Soi Fon succeeded in destroying Barragan. Then we jump over to Kyouraku and Stark who are just kinda staring at what Hitsugaya did to Halibel. Stark asks Kyouraku if all Bankai are that powerful, and the laid back captain is all like well they are our secret weapons..duh. Then Stark wants to know who has a more powerful Bankai, Hitsugaya or Kyouraku. Kyouraku says that while Hitsugaya is a genius, it’s still gonna take the young captain a hundred years to catch up with him.


With that Kyouraku whips off his flowery robe, and throws it at Ukitake and tells him to hold it a minute. Apparently Kyouraku and Stark are finally going to get serious..(about time.) Starks tells them that he wants to see their Bankai, then sheathes his sword. Ukitake looks a little more than shocked as Stark calls Lillynette over. Kyouraku looks at him in confusion, wanting to know what he’s going to do with her.  Stark goes on to explain how he and Lillynette are one…and well, i’ll let him explain it to ya.



So Stark puts his hand on Lillynettes head and utters his release name and it reaveals a brand new Stark, who looks like some weird cross between a cowboy and a hippie with furry boots and all….


So next week should be an interesting battle between the dynamic duo and the Rico Suave version of Stark. Tune in next week for Underscores breakdown and see what happens next!



~ by Miranda on June 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Bleach Manga 361: I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me”

  1. FIRST RAWR! 😀

  2. Second, mm. 😀

  3. third … better late than never 😀

    Its awsome that Stark finaly showed his release form. I’ve been waiting for quite a bit for this. I’m looking forward to see Stark shoot up a storm and see Kyouraku smack those energy bullets away with both of his swords.

  4. nice breakdown mandi i cant wait for next week, it going to blow my mind lol. i still think barragan my be alive, i get this bad feeling.

  5. you should get on yahoo…I need my shrink

  6. There is something cowboy-like. “The Wolves” might be pistols.

    But I bet Hitsugaya’s and Soi Fon’s combats aren’t over yet.

  7. oh I’m sure they aren’t…i’m sure Kubo is going to drag it out as long as humanly possible…

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