Naruto Manga 451: Dealing with Sasuke


Hey everyone,

When I started this blog a while back I didn’t really expect it to get much attention but it did and this became the product:  a multitude of talented and informative writers in their field of manga/anime.  Am I done kissing ass Mandi?  Seriously though, I’d like to welcome Penny and Don to the Mars’ crew.

To be blunt, the last two chapters can be deemed “wtf” chapters given the elders’ decision to appoint Danzo as Hokage.  This chapter was short and pretty straightforward.  Let’s discuss.


So first things first, the village needs some reconstruction.  Who better to help them than Yamato with his wood element techniques, although it took its toll on him.  Makes you wonder how long he’s been in the village.  He was supposedly coming by to suppress the nine-tails within Naruto.  My take?  He probably came through, found nothing, and got the scoop from one of the villagers.  Konoha will be rebuilt in no time.


Some familiar faces came through.  Inari and Tazuna!  You may recall them from the Zabuza arc.  Remember the bridge and Haku?  Great times indeed.  Inari is all grown up and stacked up on hormones.  Did you catch him calling Sakura pretty?  A clear sign of his maturing process.  Anyhow,  he became a carpenter and came along with Tazuna to help rebuild the village.

Not aware of what happened a few years back, Tazuna asks for Sasuke.  Naruto covers it by saying that they had a feud and he left the village (temporarily).


It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out with Sasuke actually coming to the village.

So Sasuke’s on his way to the village and makes it clear that he’ll avenge his brother Itachi.  Who’s he after?  The elders and Mr. Danzo.  Learning that Danzo’s Hokage will give Sasuke more incentive to take him down.  History says the third Hokage wasn’t for Itachi’s mission.  The elders had more input on the decision than anyone.  In fact, Sarutobi vouched for Itachi to keep Sasuke alive.

10 copy

Naruto notes that he knows revenge in reference to Sasuke’s condition.

Does Naruto really know what revenge is?  In my opinion, he didn’t exactly get revenge on Nagato for killing Jiraiya.  He gets the sense of what revenge is with the hatred he felt but he never quite pulled the trigger.  He befriended Nagato in their final encounter which probably made Jiraiya roll over in his grave but at least his prophecy came through.



Team Samui finally makes it to the village to deliver the Raikage’s message.  Samui immediately asks for the Hokage and Shizune tells her that Tsunade’s out indefinitely.  Samui grows impatient just when…Danzo appears.  So apparently now that he’s hokage, Tsunade’s been demoted.  Wtf is that?


Does this mean her face will be taken off the Hokage rushmore?  I’m not exactly sure but I’d be very disappointed.  I was thinking there’d be a multiple hokage term like Sarutobi and Minato but apparently not. So anyhow, Danzo takes the letter and we know what happens next…


Kiba informs Naruto of Danzo’s new position and decision to “dispose of Sasuke as a missing-nin”.   Dun-dun-dun and this concludes the shortest review ever.  Time for final notes.

Final Notes:

So a few things we found out this chapter.  Tsunade is no longer Hokage or at least that’s what Danzo said.  How will she react when she awakens and finds out that she’s been demoted?  She’s unconcious right now and who knows when she’ll regain conciousness.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I give her 4-5 more chapters until she does.  She’ll most likely be furious and lash out on Danzo.

Sasuke’s coming to town and Team Samui has been given permission to dispose of him.  Expect Team Hawk to go up against Team Samui in the upcoming chapters.  That’ll actually be an interesting matchup since Sasuke now carries the Mangekyo.   Oh but wait just a second…let’s not forget the next chapter.

Naruto’s obviously not gonna let this slide.   He’s going to fight this and follow Team Samui, which will most likely leave to find Sasuke unless he makes it to the village before they leave.  If he goes to anyone, it’ll most likely be the elders who should take all he’s done into account.  That wraps up this week’s review.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.  Until next time my fellow readers, adios.



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15 Responses to “Naruto Manga 451: Dealing with Sasuke”

  1. First !! =D
    They do “first” here, right ??

  2. Why would they take Tsunade’s face off the mountain ?
    The mountain is a large symbol remembering those who’ve served as Hokage.
    And besides, if one face was destroyed, the whole mountain would probably come down. D=

  3. i think J-dude would’ve wanted naruto to handle things exactly like he did with Nagato. i would say he’s proud. Jiraiya would never want naruto to kill a fallen ninja like that, not counting the fact that he is still a former student. he was pro peace.

  4. nice breakdown and agree i think naruto will go with samui and while they fight hawk he will fight sasuke, hell he just said how he would like to fight him for real again so i think that was forshadowing. I hope naurto stops him but allows him to come to the village and tell the fire lord and the consul what the elders and danzo have done (including the stuff with danzo and pain)

  5. Things are looking good on Mars broken1i. It was good to see so many new posts in so little time. The larger team is working great.

    3 main points
    1.) I’m guessing that the latest appointed Hokage is the one that is in charge. In addition to that Tsunade is in a coma so even if it was a joint partnership between the two Hokage she cant really contribute. @nagashikage : you are right about the statues there is no need to have them removed.

    2.) I do think that Naruto knows what the need and want for revenge is. After all he did want to kill Nagato but he decided not to because Jiraya’s wishes were to stop the endless cycle of war and revenge in the Ninja World. Jiraya would have been proud.

    3.) Itachi predicted that Sasuske would attack Konahana one day, because of the information that Madara knew about the elders and Danzo

    Itachi told Naruto that he would have to choose between Sasuske’s life from Konohana’s Safety. Naruto simply stated that he wouldn’t choose and that he would save both.

    Now we get to a different dilemma where Danzo is Hokage and therefore his protection may symbolize Konohana’s protection. Will Naruto choose to protect Danzo/Konohana and the elders after finding out what they did to Sasuke? Will Naruto choose to protect the new Hokage even though he doesn’t agree with his orders ? And how would Naruto ever hope to convince Sasuske to forgive Danzo and the elders for what they did to the Uchia?

    Naruto’s habits to not listen may even get him in enough trouble to be expelled from the village by the 6th Hokage. Danzo simply wont allow Naruto to simply leave the village and try to “save” Sasuske. What will Naruto do now that the orders from the Hokage are to exterminate Sasuske?

    These last two chapters where a real WTF

  6. I am very excited to see what’s gonna go down with Sauske. Personally I think that he might redeem himself in these upcoming chapters. I really hope he takes Danzo out, becuase that would fucking sweet!!

  7. I think what the break down is saying about how naruto will chase team Samui, then they will all fight team hawk and hopfully naruto and sauske fight. It would be the battle of a life time!

    and idk who will even win but Naruto seems like he has more up his sleave, but who knows?

  8. Sasuke will take Danzo out; add the two elders. Revenge solved. However, I will add, that’s too easy. Kishi doesn’t like easy.

    I believe Naruto will start a “hell no, we won’t kill” thing – he’s a hero now. He can do that. Danzo would be foolish to do anything to Naruto; the masses will rise up against him (never mind what the Kyuubi thinks).

  9. You’re so right Penny >._> I think Nagashikage pointed out that Tsunade’s face won’t be wiped off Hokage Rushmore. I mentioned that because I’ve never seen a hokage demoted. Perhaps Danzo was just being a dick. Manny you’ve outdone yourself. Those links suggest that Naruto will use the power Itachi gave him. I thought the same thing about Naruto getting expelled, but I mean he just saved the village, that’d be ridiculous. NARUTO THE MISSING NIN…doubtful

  10. What kind of power do you think itachi gave naruto could it be the power to surpress his shriangan.

  11. if naruto becomes a missing nin, it would be of his choosing. there’s no way danzo would allow him to leave the village when he has the fox sealed in him. might even wanna take him prisoner. but naruto’s not just gonna sit by and let danzo have sasuke executed.

    to complicated matters, the kirabi’s team are gonna be in konoha when sasuke gets there. what will they do when naruto chooses to fight sasuke by himself? to do that, he might even fight of other ninja, including the anbu black ops. interesting turn of events…

  12. I\’ve been a long time IRA reader but never a \”poster\”. I\’m new in this wordpress thing so when penny said she was going to write her anime breakdown in this blog i decided to come and look at it (since i pretty much worship penny\’s breakdown) . Kudos to whoever created this blog cuz for my surprise i really liked it.

  13. btw, whats with that wierd slash before every apostrophe?

  14. Welcome Supa! We’re glad you came, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

  15. Great episode! I am looking forward to the next episode where Naruto found about Danzo’s new position. 🙂

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