Naruto Shippuuden 113: The Cycle of Betrayal Continues…

The Sannin are now by one...what do you call them now?

The Sannin will shortly be down by one…what will we call them now (if I knew Japanese, that would be a BIG help, huh)?

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with the weekly anime breakdown for episode 113, The Great Snake’s Pupil.  It’s my first one for Word on Mars so I’m a bit nervous…does this layout look right to you?  Did I spell everything right? Ack!!!  Oh well. While I know you want to get to the action (Yeah, yeah.  Keep your shirts on…) , I am going to write just a tiny bit Orochimaru.  Yes, I am going to talk about that slime that has been compared to – OMG – Michael Jackson (why, I have no idea, other than his skin tone).  If you think about it, this episode will mark the beginning of the end, at least in human form, of Orochimaru.  He, as a character (for us manga geeks, we know what actually happens) will be is a part of history in both the manga and the anime.    Yeah, that’s why I’m going to write about him first.

As many know, when Kishi was designing characters for Naruto, he borrowed from Japanese mythology, which includes for both the name Orochimaru and his summoning, the Great Snake, Manta.  In Naruto, he became one of the most vilified, feared, and despised villains.  As all ninja were at one time, Oro was a Genin graduate from the Konoha Academy, paired with Jiraiya and Tsunade, his fellow Sannin.  In a move he later came to regret, the Sandaime Hokage, began to focus his attention on him (sound familiar…?) – only to be betrayed by him many years later.  In his invasion of Konoha, Oro killed Sandaime Hokage, his Sensei.   As irony tends to go, Oro would discover that it would be his student, Sasuke Uchiha, that wonderful emo that so many have grown to love (sarcasm intended), who would be his “killer.”

The cycle of betrayal continues…

Another thing, there’s the Master/Pupil relationship.  Who do you think of when you hear that?  Naruto and Jiraiya, Sakura and Tsunade.  Two of the three Sannin had excellent relationships with their students (personally, my favorite is “Ero Sennin” and Naruto).  This episode is all about Oro and Sasuke’s relationship.  And, it is an interesting one.

Now, for the episode…

My first impressions of “The Serpent’s Pupil” were:  NO WAY!  He didn’t kill off Oro’s current body?!? Yeah, I’m sure many of you felt the same way.  You get to that good part of a TV movie, only to have the cable go out- that feeling.  It is the feeling that you missed out and have no idea as to what it was.  Maybe there is another part to the movie to explain everything you missed.   What’s worse, the station won’t air that first part again.  Grrrrr!  Well, what Kishi does very well is drawing things out – way out (think “filler arc”) and then, when you least expect it, he leaves you wanting more.  He’s like the cable company who refuses to air what was missed because of that cable outage.  He won’t give you what you want right away, despite your begging and pleading…oh, did I really want to say that?!?

Initially, I was not happy to see the historical diatribe given by Oro, who is hacking like he has black lung disease, and Kabuto, who is faithfully trying to keep this, uh, creature alive just a bit longer (you hear that phrase a lot in this episode…).  Why?  Well he has to be in tip top, buff form to satisfy that urge to merge with Sasuke.  He can’t really pump iron – at least in his current condition.  All I have to say is:  Kabuto, I seriously hope that the drugs you are pumping into that snake is worth the effort.  I’m surprised your patient didn’t wince at the taste!

Let's hope that ISN'T tainted Kool-Aid...Let’s hope that ISN’T tainted Kool-Aid…

However, after watching the episode a second time, I began to see what Kishi was doing and it made sense – it’s part of his style.   Think about it, who do you first see in the opening credits?  Yeah, Naruto.  Sasuke?  He’s only a reflection in the lake.  Who is usually front and center?  If you guessed Naruto, you’d be right again.  Sasuke has been shoved to the side for all this time – until now. We haven’t seen much what he has been through the past three years to get to where he is now.  So, of course, more flashbacks.  If you think one flashback is bad, how half of the episode being one big flashback.   Yeah, one big LSD – inspired “bum trip.”  That diatribe begins in some of the key points from where Oro discovered some emo kid with  red eyes with the funky pupils and gave him that nasty hickey on his shoulder (the Chuunin Exam), through Sasuke’s final match with Gaara that got interrupted by the invasion, through his escape from Konoha with those weird-ass jerks with bizarre jutsu (and one rude and seriously foul-mouthed Tayuya).  The flashback sequence goes up to the present (the beginning of the last arc).   Remember Yuukimaru?  I’ll bet you want to forget that kid…

Sakon!  Just what is it with that necklace? Yuck! Somehow, that just doesn't scream "menacing."Sakon! Just what is it with that necklace? Yuck! Somehow, that just doesn’t scream “menacing.”

One thing I will add here.  As I watched the final battle, and Oro’s take on it, I realized something.  That something was that Kakashi, in his training of Sasuke in the Chidori, pretty much assured that Sasuke would turn to Orochimaru (Nice one, Kakashi!  Brilliant!).  In the initial rounds, he did not have that ability – when Oro noticed him in those first matches. By that final round, he had that power (Thanks again, Kakashi-sensei).   Made Oro drool for him even more.  Oro drool? That’s disgusting.

Ewwwwwwwww!  *shudders*Ewwwwwwwww! *shudders*

Of course, Oro tries to take the spotlight away from his pupil with a few shots of his favorite parts of the last three years –  NOT:  his defeat at the hands of his soon-to-die Sensei with the “No hand signs” no jutsu,” his defeat in the battle against Jiraiya and Tsunade – he survived despite getting his a** handed to him by Tsunade and his training sessions with Sasuke.  We even see perform one or two rather disturbing experiments – lots of blood.  Speaking of that, why do they always show blood splattered on the face and the character makes no effort to wipe it off?  I’ve never understood that.

Ya think he'd, at the very least, wash his hair!Ya think he’d, at the very least, wash his hair!

After a boatload of talking, and for Oro – hacking up a lung, Kabuto finally makes his exit.  Ta da!  He’s outta there!  Hey, Kabuto!  I’d pick up the pace down that hall, if I were you… If this scene looked familiar to you, it should.  It comes straight from the gospel of the Naruto Manga.  Yes, this is “canon,” as we manga nerds say.  And, after a very looooong arc with a kid speaking like Yoda and wanting to know where his home was, seeing something straight from the manga is very refreshing.

Oro?  Still hacking up one lung and working on the other.  This is where the action finally starts.  Sasuke shows some flashbacks as well – all surrounding his training and interactions with his favorite brother, Itachi (“bum trip” no jutsu still in effect).   But, he eventually arrives in rather bold and dramatic fashion by pinning his master’s hands and using that Sword of Kusangi to obliterate the door.   Like Yamato said, in the Reunion episode, this guy is dangerous.

Oro, you know that body merge thing?  Well, the deal's off.  I'm SO not into you!Oro, you know that body merge thing? Well, the deal’s off. I’m SO not into you!

Meanwhile, Tsunade is still stuck in the last arc – yeah, more arc footage (Yeah, that bum trip hasn’t quite worn off yet).  A few details like the location of  her ANBU need to be tied up.  So, she finds out they’ve disappeared and so has the Sanbi.  Now, what do you think happened to them, eh Tsunade?  Come on!  You are the Hokage – strong and wise (supposedly).  Apparently, you’ve lost your street smarts.  Who else could to this?  Use your noggin!

Think, Tsunade.  Think REAL hard:  who is your other enemy?  Do black robes with red clouds ring a bell?Think, Tsunade. Think REAL hard: who is your other enemy? Do black robes with red clouds ring a bell?

The rest of the episode is pure canon from the manga, just in case I haven’t told you before.  Then, there is the discovery of Oro’s “true” form:  that snake creature.  Ugh!  I HATE snakes – and he has tons of them.  Ewwww!  Then that wonderful dialog between pupil and master.  Having your pupil tell you that he is stronger and more capable than you are…Man!that’s gotta hurt.  Then there’s the arrogance of the Uchiha clan again.  OMG, here we go again!  If they were so great, how come your clan got obliterated by your big brother?

Ok, it's official:  I am DEFINITELY grossed out.  I think I'll stick with the usual anti-aging products.Ok, it’s official: I am DEFINITELY grossed out. I think I’ll stick with Clinique or Mary Kay anti-aging products.

Of course, we have to see Sasuke’s second, uh THIRD state form (sorry, my bad):  the hawk (Taka in Japanese).  And, we’re left with that image, plus broken snake parts (what parts there are of them) all over the place.  It will definitely be tough to clean THAT mess up!  By the way, we won’t see the best part of the fight – that ceremonious ritual – until next week!   AARRGGHH!

Now, I gotta admit that's "bad ass."  Snake vs. Hawk.  I think it's obvious who is going to win here...Now, I gotta admit that’s “bad ass.” Snake vs. Hawk. I think it’s obvious who is going to win here…

Well, that’s all kiddos.  Here are the upcoming episodes for this canon arc:

  • Episode 114:  “The Eye of the Hawk” (Daija no dōkō; yeah, finally Oro meets his “maker”) – June 18, 2009
  • Episode 115: “Zabuza’s Sword” (Taka no hitomi; Team Taka #1, Suigetsu) – June 25, 2009
  • Episode 116: “The Keeper of the Iron Prison” (Zabuza daitō; here’s that babe, Karin) – July 2, 2009
  • Episode 117: “Jugo of the North Hideout” (Teppeki no bannin; it should be obvious as to who THIS is – our Team Taka 2nd in command) –July 9, 2009.

Hope to see you next week – coming live from the Snake’s den.




~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on June 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 113: The Cycle of Betrayal Continues…”

  1. first!!!XD

  2. second! And great breakdown Penny! I love you the way you did! Awesome.

  3. Thirrrd. Hi Penny, switching back & forth between WRA and WOM. 😀

    Orochimaru broke his promise … he said that they’d kill Itachi before anything.

    Does anyone know what those black markings on Orochimaru’s arms are ?
    And err, I kinda got the impression that Suigetsu was 2nd in command.

  4. Nagashikage – review Narutopedia. Jugo is marked as second in command of Taka. I’m sure it has to do with Sasuke having to keep him under control. His abilities don’t hurt.

    The markings on the arms are the effects of his reanimation jutsu.

  5. My firrrrrrstttt post on WOM ^_^
    @penny: great breakdown! I’ve always loved your breakdowns on IRA and it’s great to see you havent stopped writing, i was worried.


    I think there was an episode where orochimaru used the markings on his hands. I can’t quite remember, but i found this explanation online:

    “Orochimaru wears this snake-like tattoo on his left arm. The tattoo itself runs fully around the length of his forearm. When Orochimaru needs to summon Manda or another great snake, he will draw blood and run it along the length of the tattoo, terminating the wipe at the head portion.”

    oh yeah and i found the chapter where he used it in the manga:

    I hope that answered your question ;P

  6. Oh, I see, thanks guys. Errr, girls.

  7. @ nagashikage:

    no problem! ^_^

  8. …i cant believe i forgot to tell you GREAT POST!! WOOO !!OVER HERE *waves flag with mars on it* *nice guy pose with sparkly teeth* *gives thumps up* OH OH THANKS FOR THE HELP xD

  9. 114 is out

  10. @ Penny – congrats on the new gig!

    113 is a flashback filled prelude to the payoff of 114. The end being near for the Great Sannin known as Orochimaru.

    You have to feel a bit melancholy with the battle between Sasuke and Orochimaru since it signals a beginning where the new generation fights to take over. The never endless chain of change where the younger generation is destined to surpass the older generation.

    Orochimaru’s ambitions were well placed. He understood that true learnings are destined to end with death unless something can be done to continue the chain. Unfortunately for Orochimaru, he thought his endless array of jutsu could overcome any adversary…even that of the Uchiha clan. If he would have been satistfied with just studying and gaining power without Sasuke he would probably still be around.

    Just goes to show you… absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great breakdown!

  11. lol :} solja boi :}

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