Bleach Anime 224: 3 vs. 1 Battle! Rangiku’s Crisis

This week the new action starts (5 minutes in) with Matsumoto taking on three women, just so everyone knows those words also describes my favorite wet dream.


From left to right-Mila Rose,  Sun-Sun and Apache
From left to right-Mila Rose, Sun-Sun and Apache

Matsumoto seems to be doing alright at first but it is soon clear she is going to get spanked.  Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun start to over power matsumoto throwing her around the way we know she likes it. Just when it is getting good we cut away and see Tia Harribel and Tōshirō “*yelling from his battle with harribel* Captain Hitsugaya!” Fighting.

Harribel-"I'm going to rape you." Hitsugaya- *gulp*
Harribel-“I’m going to rape you.” Hitsugaya- *gulp*

Harrible proves to our young captain he doesn’t have time to care about Matsumoto, or her huge beautiful… eyes. Yet again right as this fight starts to get good, we switch to Stark and Shunsui.  This is the battle we are all waiting for, well if your reading the manga your waiting for it (crap like me check if its out yet…1:55am  nope not out yet) I love the build up of these two, Shunsui keeps coming at Stark who keeps blocking and/or Dodging all of the attacks, which Shunsui has to compliment him about. Fighting, followed up with friendly banter throw in a little foreshadowing, and there you have Shunsui vs. Stark. The  epicness of it is almost to much for me .  But back to the Hentia waiting to happen that is Matsumoto’s fight. Sun sun asks for a timeout and encourages Matsumoto to get some help, leading to one on one with the two of them.  Just when sun sun is about to do some damage she gets hit with a flaming ball.

Flaming tea bag... haha reminds me of this one time in highschool
Flaming tea bag… haha reminds me of this one time in high school

Someone with huge flaming balls… who could this be My little brother when his gonorrhoea acts up (haha he will never read this don’t worry)


We haven’t really seen Hiamori since Aizen left her for dead, but here she is back in a kick ass way.  Not only does she stop Sun sun’s attack but has everyone take notice, even the flame imprisoned d-bag who almost killed her Aizen.  Of course Whitey-kun can’t help but get a little worked up as well.

she makes him as hard as ice... she loves the cold
she makes him as hard as ice… she loves the cold

Hinamori is set in her mind, body, and flaming balls to fight against her once beloved captain, to protect soul society. She is my kind of girl she uses her brains to fight against the three dumb ho- arrancar.  She uses  a kidou net and manages to trap all three in it. (i gotta get me a slut catching net!)


It's funny because in my dream they are all tied up too.
It’s funny because in my dream they are all tied up too.

With All three arrancar stopped and wide open, Hinamori sends a flame burst through the kidou net and it is, words can’t describe

Burn baby burn disco inferno...
Burn baby burn disco inferno…
Someone needs to tell Harry thats, how you make a ring of fire to keep inferi away, go disarm another death eater
Someone needs to tell Harry that’s, how you make a ring of fire to keep inferi away, go disarm another death eater

Back to stark and shunsui still the same pretty much but now we know Stark isn’t falling for the one sword only BS, which we all knew since the start, this is only just starting neither of them is close to 9000 yet. (which for them its possible to go over way over).  Now to Ukitake and Lilynette, basically Lilynette a kid in ukitake’s eyes and he wont fight her which of course leads to them fighting, well soon.

I said i dont want any candy
I said i don’t want any candy
Then sit on santa's lap and tell me what you want...
Then sit on Santa’s lap and tell me what you want…
Thats it pedaphillia, it's go time!
That’s it pedophile, it’s go time!

Back to the cat fight, we are all done here right matsumoto and Hinamori win flaming arranca-hoes…

vlcsnap-00017vlcsnap-00019vlcsnap-00018…Guess i was wrong, so now we get to deal with three pissed off animal-women, three arrancar at full power fighting at the same time going to be so super wicked awesomeness (aw moment of silence) right?


Wrong Man i am not doing to well today, so instead of a three on two they all sacrifice an arm and out comes this crazy looking monster.

I am the only this that can please all five of you at once
I am the only thing that can please all five of you at once

Here is the link for the video, def watch it is very good

Oh and since i thought it sounded really cool from WRA’s naruto breakdown of 451 done by the very talented Gavin, i thought i would let you guys give it a whirl for mine too. If you have come up with a better caption for any of my pics post them in the comments, i don’t have a prize besides putting you name and user pic up next week or something anything goes just be funny and keep watching and reading i really will get better at putting these out on time.


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One Response to “Bleach Anime 224: 3 vs. 1 Battle! Rangiku’s Crisis”

  1. This breakdown was excellent .
    Lots of pics. And the Lilynette/Ukitake candy caption was hilarious !
    At the top, you switched Apache and Sun-Sun … the former is in the middle and the latter is on the right.

    *Oh, and Apache’s the hottest out of those three.*

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