AMV Corner

Hiyo boys and girls, welcome to this weeks edition of AMV Corner. I’ve decided to stick with the two AMV’s one Bleach and One Naruto plus i’m adding a little something extra. I found this guy who does great Bleach dubs, so i’m gonna be posting some of his vids too… Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Hichigo Tribute- The Dark Side by Dark Phoenix Slash

Tears of Friendship by AkatsukiChronicles

and here we go with the funnies by Sehanort, i’m starting with his older stuff first….

Soul Society Spoof

Soul Society Spoof: What you don’t want for a pet

Soul Society Spoof: Byakuya Knows Best

And last but not least..

Bleachers: ShinigamiQuincy

Well there ya go, remember to vote and comment. See ya next week!




~ by Miranda on June 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. I liked the Soul Society Spoof: Byakuya Knows Best from the funnies section it was hilarious 😀

  2. how does this AMV corner work? how do you chose the amv each time?

  3. I spend lots of time on youtube browsing for AMV’s. I’m very picky about the ones I use. If they don’t catch my attention within the first 20 seconds I don’t use em.

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