WOM Chat: It’s a Fun Place to Be: Part II

Hey everyone:

Ok…here’s the deal.  There have been a few occasions where we have had to inform people in chat of our rules of late.  Well, it turns out I forgot one big one – “spamming.”  First, let me define what spamming is.

“Spamming” in chat is where you are sending multiple comments that, when put together, make up one thought.  (i.e. Line 1 = I; line 2 = love; line 3 = manga ).  You can also be sending messages to more than one person that may comprise of multiple lines.   “Spam” can also consist of sending links in a chat session that may not be wanted or do not pertain to a conversation (i.e.  competing blog sites).  A good way to check is to see if you are the one sending a large number of messages in a chat session or are sending in a large number of links that don’t necessarily pertain to the conversation.  If you see your icon is the predominant one in the chat window, it is a good bet that you are “spamming.”  If you have any questions during chat, ask any of the admins who are listed off to the side on the main window.  That’s what we are here for.

Since “spamming” is so annoying for everyone, again, you will  get one warning of you being a “spammer.”  Typically the admins will see it right away so you will be warned on the spot.  If, after one comment from an admin, you still continue to send spam, you will be banned – no exceptions.

After re-vamping, here are the rules:

  • Play nice, play fair – no racial slurs, offensive comments (fatso, skinny, SOB, etc.).  Innuendos are fine – but let the person you are chatting with know in some way that it is an innuendo (a wink, a smile, etc.). Common sense…
  • Please…Keep your personal drama out of chat.  If you have a gripe against someone, take it up with them outside of chat (get an email addy, whatever).  If you are griping in general, we all have down days and it’s fine to do – we’re friends here.  🙂  For anyone who is having an issue with a particular person and you have tried to work it out reasonably, contact either myself, MsMandi or Broken1i and we’ll work with you on it.
  • Gossip and rumor that is destructive against someone else not present in chat should be kept out as much as possible. It is humanly impossible to keep out all gossip, but try to do your best.
  • Keep the chat fun.  This is not the place to discuss politics, religion or other potentially “flammable” issues.  If you want to discuss those things, find a chat that does so.  We do manga/anime and general fun conversations.
  • No predatory behavior (stalking, etc.) will be tolerated – no ifs ands or buts.  If you are sensing that this is occurring, please contact me, MsMandi or broken1 immediately.
  • No spamming under ANY circumstances.

In general:  you will get one warning.  If the admins see anything that is a second time item or begins to become a recurrence, you will be subject to a complete ban from chat, and I will add that these are the same rules and reprocussions here on the site. Sorry guys, but we want to be fair to everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns about chat or anything else on the blog, contact either myself, MissMandi or broken1.  My email is tsunadestwin@gmail.com and MsMandi’s is mandikw99@hotmail.com


~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on June 24, 2009.

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