Bleach Anime 225: Vice-Captains Annihilated! The Terrifying Demonic Beast


Ohayou! Lets get right into the action, i wish the anime would get right to the action, new action anyways.  We got a glimpse at some about four minutes in, but we were still seeing old footage 8 Minutes in when we go back to Matsumoto’s fight! Gah sorry just a little annoyed, I know it’s for the sake of no filler but still, make fights longer instead, don’t go all DBZ on us.



Good for you Lilynette, you get that pedo.  Lilynette attacks Ukitake and he repels her with some simple kiduo.  We then see Shunsui and Starrk (sry 4 last week ^_^)  We see these two giants of power have a…

eye battle small
…epic stare off

Things then get interesting with Lilynette and Ukitake she fires a huge cero, but Ukitake is just to much for this little girl to Handle.  He bats the cero with easy and does some old guy trash talk, about beating her with his bare hands, someone really should call child services.

Ukitake FTW or : How Lilynette stopped worrying about being PWNED.
Ukitake FTW or : How Lilynette stopped worrying about being PWNED.

We get back to the cat-fight from last week and we get an explanation on what the bloody hell is going on simple put

3left arms= Chimera  someone should tell the Elric Brothers the formula.

We call him Allon because we can.. well you get the joke
We call him Allon because Allgetoffon was to long.

Nagashikage was right i did have the names wrong sorry folks I’m messing up Appache has blue hair, sun sun is the snake girl sorry folks, and thanks Naga keep me on my toes this weeks should all be right 😉 This episode is all about Allon for me he crushes both Matsumoto and Hinamori in no time flat.

Bloodied by killings Allon reminds me of Lennie from Of Mice and Men “I just wanted to pet the pretty girls George”

But in the beat dowenprocess Hinamori uses some quick Kiduo and saves Matsumoto from crash landing, then Kiba saves her with the very same move. Kira and Hisagi are here to save the day, YEAH our heroes… right?

Want to touch
…Want to touch

Kira makes a Kiduo Pyramid and starts to heal Matsumoto all the while trying not to cop a feel…

Giant Tossing is what REAL men do
Giant Tossing is what REAL men do

On the other side Hisagi take on Allon and for a little bit it looks like he might win.

This does not last long Allon starts to show Hisagi how lonely he has been by crushing Hisagi with his fist. Iba jumps in at a point and does nothing, well gets blown up by a cero but i don’t feel that helps much.  This wasn’t called Vice-Captains do ok, for a reason.  The remaining Vice-captains are down for the count, until who should save them but, Ed Mcmahon Captain-Commander Yamamoto when he steps in and makes a lasting impression on Allon.

Swiss Allon
Swiss Allon

One last look at how bad-ass Yamamoto is

"Oh the red stuff around me, don't worry thats just your blood, a little club soda will take that right out."
“Oh the red stuff around me, don’t worry that’s just your blood, a little club-soda will take that right out.”

Well hope you liked the breakdown for a little comment candy lets try to guess how many minutes it going to take next week to see new footage, my guess is  seven, and we are playing by price is right rules so if you go over the real time, you lose even if you are closest.  I think the the last half of next weeks episode is going to go into the Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight and by think i mean they previewed it after the end credits lol.  Thanks for reading and cya next week.


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3 Responses to “Bleach Anime 225: Vice-Captains Annihilated! The Terrifying Demonic Beast”

  1. The captain is going to kick some monster Ass ^ _ ^

  2. lol they ccensored a lot of stuff in this episode, mostly rangikus wound is suposed to be a huge thing and they make it look lie its a bruise! on another note, cant wait to see ulquiorra again next week

  3. YEAH i figured out what was wrong for anyone who wants to know any GIF has to be no bigger than 450 px otherwise it will be resized and then it will not work i haven’t watched the new one yet i have it downloaded and will watch and write the breakdown wensday um today lol i’ve got to get to bed tho and @ manny yes the captain is going to kick some ass, and @ twilight i hate all the censoring i remember thinking her left boob got ripped off not that he crushed her insides

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