FanFic Nation

I sit in the trees outside of Konoha; the warm breeze makes me smile

I feel warm and happy; I enjoy this feeling for a little while

My mind begins to wander to a place and time

A time so simple; one that will never be again

A little boy with family and friends so dear

Until I find myself in darkness; my loved ones disappear

I’m surrounded by beds filled with other boys just like me

Who are we?  Where are we?  We just don’t understand

Until one by one the boys disappear; never to be seen again

I see the face of a madman; laughter that brings fear

I feel sick, so very sick.  Is this what it means to die?

Please, oh please, I don’t wish to die alone

A loud crash of a door; light so bright I can’t see

I’m the only survivor; Why me?  Why me?

My family and friends are happy until they see

My abilities; I am shunned out of fear

ANBU and the Hokage want and need me

For my abilities; abilities that protect and defend Konoha

My mind returns to the present; I am happy for who I am

A man who loves his village, his country; will fight for all

My name is Tenzo, now Yamato; there is none like me

A man with special abilities; water and earth make wood.


~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on June 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “FanFic Nation”

  1. Great Penny! Thank you so much for covering for me, you’re the best!!

  2. This is great, it very poetic. Does any one know what his name means?

    Yamato is either a political subdivision (like a county) or actually one of the islands (Japan is a group of islands) in Japan. Tenzo, I have no idea…-Penny

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