A Naruto Manga 453 and 454 Double Feature: Sasuke is Comin’ To Town, Naruto’s Failed Negotiations and Meet the Five Kages

Yeah, Yamato.  I'm beginning to agree with you...Yeah, Yamato. With this write up, I’m beginning to agree with you…

Well, we had some communication issues on our part.  Broken1 got SO into FMA, it was hard to know who was writing Naruto manga and who was writing anime this past week.  So, I decided to take the initiative and write about two chapters of manga and one of anime.  You can tell me what you think.  You won’t hurt my feelings – much (sob! *sniffles*).

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is TsunadesTwin who is now the dictator of the Naruto medium on WOM.  Muahhaha ha ha.  Since I’ve succeeded in my bloodless coup, I’m going to ask for your assistance.  If you want to see anything on either the Naruto manga or the Naruto anime breakdowns – I am open to all ideas – please let me know at tsunadestwin@gmail.com.  I would LOVE to hear from you!

So…I am going to attempt the very difficult task of reviewing two manga chapters – Naruto manga 453 and 454.  Personally, I think Manga 454 was a lot of  background and no action but we’ll get to that in a moment.  First…

Sasuke’s on his way to Konoha – or so he thinks.  Sasuke’s team thinks its all done with Akatsuki and has no more need for them.  However, Tobi/Madara has other ideas on the subject.

Um...correct me if I'm wrong but I think Sasuke is messing with the wrong UchihaUm…correct me if I’m wrong but I think Sasuke is messing with the wrong Uchiha

Yeah,  Sasuke.  YOU FAILED!!!!  That eight-tailed Jinchuurki you were supposed to capture well…he kind of, ahem, got away.  Geez, Sasuke.  This wasn’t a walleye pike you were trying to catch.  This was the eight tailed bijuu that Madara needs to complete his ninja world domination plan.   Because of that, you pissed off the wrong Uchiha.  We all know what happens to those who piss off Madara – just ask Shodaime Hokage.  Oh, yeah.  He’s kind of dead, isn’t he?

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he now hears about how Konoha recently suffered an unplanned demolition project thanks to Pain.  He also hears about this guy Naruto and how he single-handedly defeated that same guy that brought havoc and destruction to Konoha.  All we get from Sasuke is a “Heh.”  Ok, so he still thinks Naruto is a “loser,” but Suigetsu sure doesn’t dismiss this Naruto guy.  As we all know, Suigetsu is a lot smarter than he looks.

Suigetsu Gets ItUh, Sasuke?  I think we need to pay attention to this Naruto dude.

Regardless of what Sasuke’s opinion of Naruto, he finds out that one of the people responsible for Itachi offing the clan is the new Hokage – yup, Danzo.  Well, that sure blows Sasuke’s little mind!  It blows his mind so much he decides that Konoha is no longer the final destination.  It will be wherever the Kages meet – which we still don’t know about yet.  Our fearless leader determines to take out all the Kage.  ALL the Kage?  Sasuke?  News flash for ya:  that’s just a tad ambitious.   Hmmmm…I’d personally love to see Sasuke attempt to take down Gaara.  He couldn’t handle him the last time they met.  I don’t think Sasuke can still handle him despite all of the snake-derived steroids pumped into him by the mad scientists Oro and Kabuto.

Sasukes Stunning NewsYeah, Sasuke.  We’re dead serious.  Because you failed at your mission, you lose the chance to visit the newly redesigned village of Konoha.

So, off Sasuke and company go to see the wizards – aka the Kages – with the assistance of a disgusting form of Zetsu.  There are days I wish I could split into two and be in two places at the same time.  However, I hope it wouldn’t look as bad as this:

Um, yeah.  What is it with these damn Akatsuki?  Why is it that they all have some kind of disgusting traits - Hidan and his immortality, Pain and his anorexia, Kakuzu and his spaghetti ropes...you get the idea.Um, yeah. That looks painful, Zetsu. Why is it that most, if not all, Akatsuki have such disgusting abilities. It’s bad enough this Aloe Vera plant is a carnivore but for him to split in half? Ewwwww!

Meanwhile, back in what remains of Konoha, Naruto, Sakura and Sai are having a helluva time with the persistent Cloud Ninja known as Sakura II and Mayonnaise Boy (Boobie Girl is on a leave of absence for the time being; probably off enticing Root ninja).  Sakura is having a helluva time accepting the fact that Sasuke was a member of Akatsuki (even if it was only for one failed mission).

God Sakura You are SOOOO annoyingThe more things change…Sakura, you still don’t get it, do ya?  Sasuke is NOT your honey anymore.

I’ve never fully understood Sakura’s attraction to emo-boy (Sasuke).  Is her reaction due to love?  Loyalty?  Friendship?  Concern for Sasuke’s well-being?  What’s the deal here?

Naruto has an answer – is this guy a Jinchuurki?   So, he steps forward and informs Sakura II and Mayonnaise Boy, hellbent on revenge, that if they get their arses in gear they could still save their Master and Sensei.  Apparently, the message doesn’t quite make it to the subconscious of their brains.

Save your sensei first dopesGuys?  Naruto just may be on to something here…

This particular exchange, to me, shows me two things.  First, it shows me that Naruto is truly understanding how difficult it is to reach a level of peace without exacting vengeance.  Second, Naruto’s emotional development has grown by leaps and bounds since he met and defeated Pain.  He’s the only one out of everyone present that comprehends one simple fact:  it ain’t about Sasuke; it’s Akatsuki that’s the real problem.  He’s trying in vain to convince these ninja that Sasuke is “small potatoes” in the scheme of things; that there are larger issues at stake.  I’m not even sure that Sai and Sakura understand this either.

Meanwhile, Madara is one pissed off Akatsuki.  Pain betrayed him as did just about everyone else in that now rapidly dying group of S-ranked bandits.  Our friend and hero Naruto is really mucking things up for him, which is exactly what Yondaime Hokage wanted.  So, he’s got this “Moons Eye Plan” ready to go.  Dun, dun, duuuunnnnn!   Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what this thing is, now, don’t we?

Madara is Pissed OffI think this sums up Madara’s sentiments…

Meanwhile, in four other locations throughout the continent, the Kages begin to move towards an as yet to be announced location.  First off, Sunagakure…

Gaara Sets OffThe Kazekage of the Sand (Gaara…YES!!!).  Note that Kankuro doesn’t seem to think Gaara needs protection – wait, that’s NOT what I meant.

Then Kirigakure…

Mizukage Sets OutMan! Isn’t SHE gorgeous? Our newest Mizukage.  And, no Transformation Jutsu needed here to keep her young…


Tsuchkage and his hip problemOk, we have a midget and a huge nose and a hip problem. Ya think the size of the nose has anything to do with the hip problem on this guy?

Then, our host, Kumogakure…

Raikage Sets OutSo, what about Konohagakure?  Well, we’ll get there.  Danzo has some issues other than this rather bothersome meeting…

Meanwhile, Naruto’s negotiations take a rather drastic turn for the worse.  It seems that Sakura II and Mayonnaise Boy just don’t get it yet.  Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.  That’s all they want.  They want his head on a platter.  Naruto’s response is not the “How do you like it?  Medium or Well Done?” that our visiting ninja want.  So, Naruto reaches an impass prompting a rather nasty interrogation session to take place.  However, Naruto has some flashbacks that, to me, also show just how much he’s grown.

Man, what a pain!  Just when you think you get somewhere, you find the only place you end up is with your back against the wall.
Man, what a pain! Just when you think you get somewhere, you find the only place you end up is with your back against the wall.

Then there are some flashbacks from his most recent past – from Pain and from his father, Yondaime Hokage…

Again, this just shows you how much Naruto has grown.  Too bad those Cloud Ninja can't do the same.
Again, this just shows you how much Naruto has grown. Too bad those Sakura II and Mayonnaise Boy can’t do the same.

In the end, Naruto, despite all of the pain he’s gone through on behalf of his friend and missing-nin, Sasuke, cannot reveal jack.  This just makes life really suck for our hero.  The negotiations irretrievably break down with no solution in sight.

Ok, Sakura II and Mayonnaise Boy.  What'cha gonna do now?  You aren't getting anywhere with this witness...
Ok, Sakura II and Mayonnaise Boy. What’cha gonna do now? You aren’t getting anywhere with this witness…

Naruto then says he understands how they wish to obtain revenge.  Then he explains that once they start down this path, the cycle will continue until the nations are at war; thus spreading hatred all around.  Well, our visitors Mayonnaise Boy and Sakura II then say, “Yeah, but…”  Without wanting to let things go Naruto gives them the only thing he can offer them – himself.  He tells them to take their best shots at his head.

C'mon, Sakura II.  Take your best shot.  Ouch!  That has GOT to hurt.
C’mon, Sakura II. Take your best shot. Ouch! That has GOT to hurt.

However, Naruto taking a few shots to the head seems crazy to our visiting ninja.  They are still hellbent on having Sasuke’s head for dinner.   But, Naruto continues to insist that he won’t budge nor will he squeal.  So, the hits continue.

Sai is watching.  Question is, what are his motives?
Sai is watching. Question is, what are his motives?

Little does this group of three realize, they are being watched by Sai.  Problem is, why is Sai watching?

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot about Danzo, from Konohagakure; our Hokage.  So, what’s with him?  Oh, he’s ready to leave for this meeting all right.  However, he’s more concerned about something else.  Would you believe that he had more interest in Orochimaru than just in being able to assassinate Sasuke?

Gee, ya think there was something else going on between Oro and Danzo?  I don't blame the guy, really.  That arm sling and eye bandage don't exactly scream, "I'm the one in charge here!"
Gee, ya think there was something else going on between Oro and Danzo? I don’t blame the guy, really. That arm sling and eye bandage don’t exactly scream, “I’m the one in charge here!”

Well, there y’all have it.  Two manga chapters in one write up – and, boy, am I glad it’s done.  I hope you enjoyed this madness as much as I did in putting this together.  Until next week, boys and girls…


綱手-Penny (For the record, that is Kanji for “Tsunade”)


~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on July 3, 2009.

16 Responses to “A Naruto Manga 453 and 454 Double Feature: Sasuke is Comin’ To Town, Naruto’s Failed Negotiations and Meet the Five Kages”

  1. The chapter was not amazing in any way, I was only amazed at how creative Kishi was in the creation of the Kages. Naruto took one hell of a beating. I wonder why Danzo would want to assassinate former ANBU, Anko? Also, what exactly happened to his left eye/arm (or was it his right?) Danzo reminds me of Wrath from FMA haha

  2. I think I stated it earlier in the chat but….Mizukage…mmmm….so hot.

  3. Good work Penny!!!

    The nose of the Tsuchikage (Iwagakure) look just like jiraiya nose went he was in sage mode, maybe this old midget really have something up it sleeve.

  4. Nice breakdowns.
    I think you need to watch Sasuke and Gaara’s fight again … Sasuke could definitely handle him. He had Gaara on the ropes for pretty much the whole match.

  5. Ehmm isn’t it already common knowledge that that was a mistranslation by sleepyfans. It says he is going to take the kage’s head (danzo) at the meeting of the five kages… (would be good riddance imo, though the right arm/eye thing is interesting.. isn’t that the part of obito that got crushed?? although I still really doubt that obito=danzo)
    Also Sasuke never really cared about Naruto’s strength because of Naruto, but because if he couldn’t defeat Naruto he could never defeat Itachi, hence never avenge his clan. The ENTIRE clan Konoha ordered killed, without regard of innocents (you can’t tell me the ENTIRE clan planned that vile coup).

  6. @ymenomiko: the original reason Sasuke left Konoha was that he couldn’t get as strong as he wanted to under their system. Naruto’s abilities were a major factor in that decision – the fight on the hospital rooftop. Yes, he had plans about Itachi but in the end, his feeling of incompetence is what drove him “to the dark side.”

  7. @nashikage: If Sasuke could handle Gaara, why did it take for him to try to overwork himself by doing one too many Chidoris while under the cursemark to even get Gaara to merely blink? Sasuke couldn’t protect himself nor could he protect Sakura who was pinned to a tree at that time. He had to ask Naruto for help.

    Naruto fought and defeated Gaara under his own power – and with the aid of his summoning Bunta. He saved himself, Pakkun, Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke was only strong enough to render aid to Naruto after the fight was over.

  8. @ Penny very nice breakdown, i’me glad somebody did have the time to do them. Grat job.

    About this Sasuke vs Gaara fight, i think that even now sasuke won’t stand that much of a chance agaist gaara at full power, i say this because Sasuke lost something very very important to him, while gaining the MS from big bro and thus amaterasu and probably some more tricks, he lost the curse mark, if u stop to think about it that curse mark was the only thing Sasuke depended on from protection agaist close atacks, just take a look at all the fights sasuke went trough since he had control of the cures mark, all the direct hits he was soposed to take were useless against his cures mark winkg and the stronger body, but ever since he lost it he had to re-make his style of fighting.

    Just look to the hachibi fight, i mean he almost died 2 times if it wasn’t for team hawk he would have been gone long ago.

    So that makes me think that a one-on-one fight against gaara is a perfect test for sasuke and for us to see just how much he improved his skill

  9. One question, wtf happened to naruto’s sage coat? Lol

  10. @jdizzlex212: For some reason, the jacket tore when he fought Pain as the six tails…but I can’t tell you why his jumpsuit survived. Personally, I thought the jacket was so cool.

  11. @Penny yeah I did too that why I was wondering but hopefuly he will get a new one, btw great breakdown!!

  12. good work penny!

  13. Penny the breakdowns are pure awesomeness…Gokuro sama desu ❤ 🙂

  14. Great breakdown as always!

    p.s. is anyone else wondering what’s up with danzo’s chest in the last panel?

  15. lmao a divorse tho? zetsus split ability ? aloe vera ?clever

  16. The breakdowns are great! This website is really helpful. I will tell my friends to check out your website as well.

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